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Peter King, SI: Pats have to "keep their good receivers"

Jan 24, 2014|

Peter King joins the show to discuss the Patriots loss to Denver, what they will do with Julian Edelman, and the Super Bowl.

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The man -- be there covers the NFL like a glove he's Peter King from the MM QB dot com Sports Illustrated Peter -- and Christian Fauria today how -- you. I'm doing great about Uga or to -- excellent I'll I'll start by gold backed at the last weekend because you you you came on in India had a -- the patriots and he predicted them to win and Lotta people that around these parts as you look back on my game Peter and expand out to you as surprising. It -- defensively or offensively in the patriots lost to Denver last Sunday in Denver. There's three things that really surprised he wanted. He helped Tom Brady overthrew two guys who wide open -- is that captured he knows that I'm sure each that we can sell by date later. On the overthrow Julian Edelman -- was probably probably cost and touched down. And so even though I believe the tender is better across the border he completes those two passes obviously totally different game. So it's rare. You know we've seen some clashes of Brady not playing that well. -- you know in the Super Bowl against the giants three years ago whatever was. You know -- under grow to gronkowski deep downfield the trees blackbird except that. But. Means you know work he's a great player I don't think it's. Target shoot him other than to say that. You know a rare occasion that he didn't play well on a big game. I think that I think that the offensive line really surprise -- at our brain went out -- is. Got its helmet -- two. By me out. By eighty Denver front particularly parents -- opera. From Windsor Connecticut Utah patriots being that it it. Was a sophomore in high school and Tom Brady won its first Super Bowl. You know. Credibility huge patriots threw her in any sex some important three to. That was basically the patriot -- accessing -- down -- -- really hurt. And I think the the last thing that has surprised me is the incredible. Currently that they had. After we Garret blunt. Five Kerry and in August -- it was. Silly maybe it wasn't his day. I don't know are you know then after by -- I appeal of all I wanna put something the rest. Going into the weekend. To leave Wes Welker hits was a dirty was -- not dirty was a personal -- and dirty and I and yeah I agree with you how about how about the intense. About. What Bill Belichick said at a press conference on Monday here. The way I look at. It. If there was something and I absolutely. Out of per cent share in the year that would -- would enact the law. Kurt Kurt got box or Adam gate. And -- Welker across the middle could do that coming off this concussion. It's concussion history. Would be absolutely. A thousand per cent unconscionable. And I think it's ridiculous. To suggest that it was in -- premeditated. Or he was sent in it -- that. I think it's also ridiculous to suggest that he did it -- -- -- I don't. You know Bill Belichick who say it one of the worst things yeah it is but rapidly. Says demeanor. -- cute things he's been in the game for about fifteen -- Or he's got something against where Welker or Egypt really ticked off that at the and it is believed being knocked out of the game. I gave it one other theory Peter on this and it's the developed late Tommy -- Comcast brought this up that. This is a tough year for -- check with the league you know -- -- Dino there was there is. The from the jets field goal issue early in the year to the non call on gronkowski in the end zone to that -- there on Sunday the idea that this year. Belichick felt like the league. It away screwed his team on two or three occasions that he knew this was his last chance -- -- -- of the league before the offseason -- It wouldn't be surprised if that was the case at all I I don't have any insight knowledge of that at all. But it wouldn't surprise me. But whatever reasons. Who what does it matter I mean. He you know effect is there. The official absolutely utterly political and Carolina. They're very -- call that an untouchable all. You know in the end zone whatever it is whatever you speak you know -- is was it was absurd. Saying -- volleys. You know I'm of the opinion -- two wrongs don't make a rate. If they get a couple of bad calls on them and look no one would be. The call against -- yet by a letter of the law. Should have been called. You on the show every week -- through so. You don't want serious except. If he was saying you've seen a call that in -- spot you know -- sign. The first time you call it can be such -- -- spot. -- -- -- -- -- Show me the rule book that says the only time the time you can call that he's in the third quarter of a pre season game. You call it you see it you've got a call. And the practice. It would appear to be seen out of practice also that they missed another one that day that everybody now. It just come there and it -- I do believe that the patriot. Got the job -- to really. Significant place so far this year you know the wonder -- it's inaccurate scheme in. The interference call. -- in the end zone against Carolina. But that doesn't mean then that afternoon. Eager -- Welker or cumulative senior colonel the -- whatever. For plays that as explained in become rational way with the correct. Call on the field. Our us talk about Julian -- he had a great year this year. But. Danny Amendola says there was a nice big -- contractors -- anyway. The patriots find a way to keep Julian element -- out in the open market. You know at some point the patriots. Have are keeping their good receivers. You know and I know they attempted to do that with a tight end position by. No receiver. Could not predicting. You know they would all go and so he and again they have an adequate starter in the position. But I think this is a case where. When you look at a guy who is so incredibly reliable. I hit Julian Edelman and again I don't know what the market is going to be weeks either period -- street and market. At once desirable positions. And you know somebody you can offer seven million a year and you probably let him go I think the patriot should aggressively trying to keep him. Because he's the guy who you know it gonna go out here week and you know it could go out here at the end in battle every week and and yet. This is nothing against Iranian though it should simply speeding back. That you don't know what he can make accuracy and because he so rarely done. So you'd have to do. You have insurance for that and so I mean if I were patriots right regretfully I. And -- just -- -- the other big creator we've all talked about Peter's Aqib Talib would you. Be all concern -- the patriots about back to back AFC championship games on him leaving those games or he would do whatever you can't resize them. -- I think that. You know as. -- great -- program. As Bill Belichick didn't and Bob Kraft and bill. You know over the last twelve or thirteen years and make no mistake about it. The you know they've built the crown jewel of the NFL. Over that period of our. But. You know it's it's so odd that they have had such a difficult time. Drafting and developing a really good quarterback that you haven't been able to do it. It would not be Emil and I totally agree with the decision made me see it yeah let it go. But now. You look at all the guys who they've drafted in -- to -- kind. You know in the last 63 years and all the guys who looks -- Or indoor -- marginally. Helpful for the cause. And then you look at key to -- you know he could top fifteen NFL quarter. And it I -- the patriot. You know I look. There's been a lot said about the key to leave off the field and rightfully so we've got a budget problems the field but I do -- It is attitude now is the right attitude to have and -- finally in the week I'm market scooter. In my opinion I would sign them before he got to market do everything I could to sign him before he got to market. And try to capitalize on the fact that he loved it in New England. And I'm sure he wants to end his career patriots need your theory very much I agree -- -- on the draft right now at the quarterback position. Even drafting into the teeth of a very good draft -- -- Just because you have to look at -- history and be realistic. That you haven't perfected the position well at all. I agree were talking to Peter King the MM QB dot com. I know it's relatively new news Peter but I wanna get your reaction to the report that nick is sorry always turned down multiple opportunities in the past that. Interviewed for GM jobs is in Miami today. Interviewing for their vacant posts is that a surprise that news in the last hour. It's not a surprise well I mean it's a surprise is because. You know what -- -- ship broke and I didn't know about it and so. Even in that way it surprised by the I don't know if you're a personnel guy hurt an NFL team why you wouldn't -- -- euphoric opt for a general managers out. In which are gonna have personal control. Good thing I think about the money any job even though it is. A real weird. You know situation as far as. You know who is who is. Who's doing interviews how well they're they're moving as they move at a fast pace and then at a glacial pace. You know and so. But I think this is what I think it is is yeah I think it's in the state. To eliminate it as a potentially good job because you're -- worried. About Steven -- for you see all of the mess that has gone down around here reading colored needle and Maarten. You know what although losing in an all the silly embarrassing things that happened here I think there. Ryan can't handle. -- -- -- To be a top ten quarterback for the next ten years. Is he right now he's borderline not be here right now but he's got a chance to be in the -- you know eight to twelve range. And I think he's so if you take over the job. You know you're gonna have the ability to build around the quarterback instead of being -- endless search. For quarterback. And so that the one thing that would lead me to believe right now it's a pretty good job. -- you've got an owner who you know it gonna spend money I think they spent money mistakenly elapsed time. You don't especially young guy like Taylor the right thing -- bet you'll say they really overpaid Mike Wallace. But I think you could come in there and really impact the team right now so I I don't think that's a bad job at all -- One obvious thing I would say. You ought to start at one coach in this division -- predicted so who -- leopard at the coach the patriots. This past summer on my training camp. Trip they intend to narrow it down by. A fairly accurate he said look Tom Brady's not playing forever Bill Belichick not coaching -- And so at some point patriots are gonna come down -- And you know look I don't know that that's going to be in the next two or three years. But -- is coming where the patriots are gonna have to find another quarterback and eventually you know the coach I have no idea when that's gonna be put. I would not be scared off by the fact Tom Brady and Bill Belichick in New England by reader -- jobs that there is. Are solid so I go to the bigger cities big game -- a New York next week. Any early indications are who you think has the edge in that game. Well I'm gonna pick Denver -- we have but. Narrowly because. A theater after being at that game the other day what really really impressed me is what Aaron titan. Did -- that defensive front. And what. What any Saturday in Hindu I mean not. There's no question that -- aren't coming back further hurt Seattle has which you know. To be a big factor in the game and I say that it's because. -- Seattle played eighteen games this year and and perky urban at 837 offensive -- So I'm not I have no idea whether he's -- play two -- -- six. I think and her great and play at linebacker sideline to sideline that he. Has been used -- -- really. An underrated player you hear about the great linebacker people talk about them. I mean I he would announce it being played last week you know -- plays. Many of them and I think the pot roast is. Is of course. And you know. Seattle has just an average senator Max Unger. And he had I looked at Seattle right now nicely they might have to put two guys or like a guy in chipper. You know not on -- night. And I think record and -- a big factor but. At the end of the day I really think it's gonna compare -- against that secondary. They forced three turnovers Spierkel in the game but because they meaning it's probably gonna have to be able to make enough plays. That it is it Denver defense played it it did against the patriot. I like Denver. Peter we're gonna hop on the Amtrak Lou I'll be down their next week before a speaking with you about the league issues and get your final thoughts. On this game enjoy the weekend and -- talking next week. Sounds great eight thanks for having me on -- he's the best Peter King joining us here on the program.

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