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Christian Fauria on Storm the Castle game show

Jan 24, 2014|

Mut and Fauria listen to audio from a young Christian Fauria as he and his family competed on what went down as one of the worst game shows of all time ever to be aired on television.

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We started the show today with a huge huge surprise. Christian Fauria who. That conference calls conversation about the show last two days. Never mentioned to us a -- he has. You didn't mention it he did not mention as you did not you you work. Hiding this from us the you were on a game show as a kid you were 1920 years old looking to make money in you your family decided to do the game show since. They're getting a job yet those that -- and again I did not always a pretty good I -- option if you can do days like five grant now the team and actually Chris -- that we legal we kind of figured out that you know like around 34000 dollars a game back then as labor is a wild -- the entire summer. Katie get that much money it to -- note that while we're at no point. Huge. With this but here. This -- storm the castle. We're back to storm the castle. Guillen -- and lean and Salazar -- tied for second followed by the -- and orient are gonna happen is for is plaza CIA uses. Fauria needs now last placed next shoppers should follow up -- that was early read we came close to -- as part six let's find out a lot of did they stormed back -- earth this is you and your family predicts this is you and your family on a game show their once stole called -- yeah. Needed to do you could just happy my brother and I were obviously we were we were you know we were beating the drum to try to get this done so we adapt my mom on there we had to have. My two cousins has had to be a family could have all league you know college football players yet to have a mix of a ages enough sizes that women's men out after so you're blaming your family. -- I actually blame myself it did two things that could've kept us in the game one was that the mushroom it's called the magic mushroom yet to kind of hold onto. I could do that and it falling right away it was really hard. And the other was sort of it did off screen where. They didn't have time to do all the all the little. The contest so they they they put a blocking it. Up on the shelf. And you had to shoot it from like a certain distance of like a free throw and I missed a shot in the bucket so they ago but I made I made the maze that made -- We are for Christian and I feel like there's got to be some more from Christian warriors here's humans. It's pretty good hard -- don't get the program. It is not taking nonsense and the remnants assorted things -- -- -- at all. Glory days. A lot to isolate that -- just forget big eggs you might not catch -- not listening closely enough you can see the video player. That's Christian young hot yeah baby is you screaming on some sort of inflatable. Ball pool toys because you made it through the maze -- the outlast the gremlin is one of. Mean one other person spoke castle that's -- or the Cassel got gremlins. That's your opening opening the best part were of it yet to come out there and saved to your game face on the corny. And you weren't a slate helmet. Absolutely critical audit type Alfred. Pretty good. This. Is undertaking about I don't know regardless of clinical public tank where Bhutto. Jerry Tang -- hosting this game show. That anger. Now because I actually read it back I was the guy at the hostname burger Michael Berg Michael Berger URGER I ran into him in Vegas well OK at random spot it was a -- -- playing blackjack. As a substitute -- storm the castle show -- ninety at this point -- -- and a today. How good your game show he was like hammered we have a clue why weren't they storm the castle spoke at the Kremlin not bad guys like. He acted like he knew what was obviously to have a clue. But. The nets of fundamental nice looking young ladies here we had some fun together in -- school money. You have rebounded better -- Michael Berger has. I don't ever remember. Berger as host some shows he hosted a show called personal and adult themed game show out there and it does seem -- -- that late night schedule till December 92. You later hosted the second season the family channel's daily challenge in 96. Your place -- Holmes who I think he did -- -- -- Colmes that committed suicide. Replace stimulate growth is syndicated nineties version of the match game which ran for one this season he -- city state of the live stage show the price is right. He's also the co host of Mike in Matty. A daytime talk she'll be currently arm that he's currently a warmup comedian. For the year for the original TV land sitcom hot in Cleveland. Which it is -- -- -- anymore -- this is currently it's not that updates as an active. Talk show host. I'm 1988 president he's. No not a bill -- your your body or doesn't its rocket patriots. The Buick -- -- government they know is that weight and in Vegas now and are responsible to go to Vegas. Where 626. That you never debate that I add up to me last Yuma I barely survives that -- the public and Nashville. -- and it's what I've -- Atlantic City in New Orleans have been in Nashville. I have I haven't been getting more of saving Vegas. She's -- allowed back and I we have just tweeted out the clip of Christian warrior on the show storm the castle. -- and Jozy WEEI. And it plot and UTW -- yeah it's a solar FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash WB -- that you are on a show called storm the castle the audio quite frankly can't do just that you've got a -- the video this. I you've got to see Christian for. No we Olsen gave me yet to address of the costs and go on the show and I guess my brother reward these you most want is old school one piece of the CMOs like under. Like thermal everybody's yeah dead at the hole but but for adults it's an adult ones that Tim Graham. Look at every young and adult ones he yes so are we worth -- was so I've basically ran around. Bet it's it was on the you Russell studios back lot is -- a little more game yeah where is the backdrop was. The cycle house you know and also stop their -- was great we got to run around it was fun. Two days of war all got -- in the end -- Tell you get any money no we lost to what. Quit being -- -- Wikipedia page. What about the competitive that I handed to you if you if you go to Wikipedia page. Wikipedia page for what he had -- just on the castle is Christian mention on the page that's what's known for in America. The show was not notable as future NFL player Christian Torre appeared -- and I. While. He underlined that 42 record fine while. So storm the castles -- having it drawn post Michael Berger who went on to nothing. And driving for future NFL tight encryption forty and his family -- -- we're back to started catching -- the end Google's lead. And Salazar as the youngest Salazar followed by the -- orient -- -- And that's correct worries him Fauria at the sound cool when he says I don't know about but laboratories said it. He could check that out on FaceBook cannot on Twitter and Jozy WE beyond what we pulled it -- the list we well we also -- audio from Christians girl from that -- that. I yeah he's nineteen years old -- -- is not running around ovals remained she's a professional Peter. An employer and there's a lot on the line. You know on the arch Angel I don't want -- I don't like going to. Wendy would yeah but we don't look at we know that a that is. -- shoot -- almost twenty years old starving student. I mean come on either break I got a couple of Wendy woods up on Google image search you -- from the doctors you can look through our Melinda California. 6177797937. Phone number the AT&T -- line is 37937. -- to talk to Mike -- next hour. How we come back again get your thoughts on Iraq we've we've we've followed this story all week. A-Rod -- in the news again and he's suing. The players he played with by suing the players' union to talk about that and before get out of here 1 o'clock provide about 11245 or so. You're not heavily with the biggest Seattle Seahawks fan is and what he has done a frost as a culture that's in fifteen minutes of talk about erotic.

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