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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Jane Fonda and Mrs. Obama

Jan 24, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. The guys talked about how our first lady wants to be like Jane Fonda.

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Headlines brought to you as always by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible also by precision fitness equipment shop for the pros do. Precision fitness equipment I was watching -- been around less -- that TV mom. And when these long orders was on the New Hampshire channels under channel eighteen yet this law and -- -- New Hampshire and how one not -- that's that's that's that's the aside. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Those -- British supposed to creek does do interview and Curtis said he would lose at at at a I thought it was pretty doesn't want I like my Mankins. -- Comparison didn't your problem that I probably answer it here and talk talk talk show -- that's what I -- -- -- -- New York Post offices in the middle of the story. We know about there was little left for him in -- residential naval drag racing he was driving a borrowed yellow 2013. Lamborghini -- our god go -- LP 552. Spider. -- young model ship tell Jeffries in the passenger seat R&B artist crazy a little like was racing him in a loner red Ferrari. Critical was also arrested. The celebs crew. Which included -- father and blocked off traffic to create a drag strip today. Cops at beaver reeked of who. Quote at first he was a little belligerent using some choice words questioning why I've been stopped said police chief Ramon Martinez. Why did you stop me -- beavis and what. You're doing this. They blocked off traffic. Create matrix rip in the quiet residential they voted for him and his father was one of the guys -- -- -- attention. You say these guys don't pay enough attention it's their ship until -- that's us that's most of the projects are on Jackson's yet yet the -- is divorced father of Purdue's. Would be surprised if we find them more steal money from him. Election Aventis told them deeper bottler somewhat of drug -- I was drunk and stoned and -- -- -- at 4 AM. He says I'll stop the currency guys can race. -- -- they -- beginning of Ferrari reloaded that charge by the right to come through mutual friend of the normally Jakarta rents for between. 15117100. -- -- -- can't reach speeds of a 190 miles per hour but Bieber was going to sixty miles per hour. In a thirty mile an hour per hour zone. If so remember abused in the review of the California before it has stopped. He -- Jackson yesterday -- finally caught flat no was hurt no kids in the street ever grows up at some point hopefully learns from it. Eric Dickerson also there it's about time nobody's above the law and that the Calabasas to Justin Bieber need to slow his pass it and now. Dances. Of the center for the suspect -- -- was just. Dead -- you think that you're saying dad dad. It's grew up re -- Williams in the game right -- public falcons. -- no -- that off yet. He's told us about it at some critics have a child actor who when it is vote -- money for all of -- right and he got married at seventeen. Macaulay Cullen -- -- opposite when the officer asked. Even a -- hands in the car's roof top -- that he flipped out. What the F that I do why did you stop me I ain't got no depth and weapons. Why do you search me what the -- is this about he refused to comply with -- -- and they had no choice but to work arrest him quote. I grabbed his right hand. And stated to him that he was under risk that the police officer the driver began to resist but pulling his right arm away. What the F are you doing he admitted drinking beer smoking pot and popping anti depressant medication I'll say this about -- dead. Never be -- football. Smart it's not a good -- had some issues right now some mental issues. Policies you know four foot 10112. Pounds so it's a settlement and make him come on he has a good athlete I saw him. I saw him at Foxboro in concert. I can dance. It's a good athlete. -- summit celebrity basketball game MVP who. I mean news -- computer schoolers and 86 Celtics. Michelle Obama was interviewed a couple days ago when asked about her role models. Of people she would like to live like which seven or eight years old chicks who -- on the rich wealthy powerful guys -- for the ride she first was to Cicely Tyson who she recently saw a performance of forget it was probably she's amazed. But she said there's Jane Fonda a beautiful engaged politically savvy sharply to show. No muscle that it got it -- also. And I know that she got guys killed the -- is likely to raise some Vietnam vets and often now 76. With the north Vietnam in 1972 was photographed sitting on. Antiaircraft battery fog denounced US military leaders as war criminals and later call tortured American POWs hypocrites and liars telling him to get a life please vote. If you're new to the party -- just consider this one story which she went and this is to look at this is true -- looked at the prisoners of war they line them up appeared to have been tortured starved. And one of these great men and the -- note. And it is whatever and there are no. Which you do Elizabeth called it third and and got this guy tortured and probably. I'm assuming he is an accomplice to murder she is she's the lowest -- life she she -- in a US -- -- should still be in the -- she should have been tried for treason and in prison and that's no comparable the first lady of the United States a recent celebrated her fiftieth birthday was also in that commercial -- so the Miami -- yes she comes and it looks at the end she wants to be more electric and phone. Makes cents Jerry didn't think his opinion of move could go any lower. Now the -- aligned herself with Jane Fonda is slow I give her credit she probably has no clue. She she saw to it wander in on golden Honda -- you want I know the name announced she's. Sorry to fitness video option -- while she's not traitor is the treasonous. -- merit I'm sure she goes scum she knows that. I think she celebrates her right to speak her mind problem which -- -- which is a insane aid and comfort the enemy. Salaam on apologized that 1982. Barbara Walters -- -- -- -- spam while they were up W who that is you know legs broken I'm sure -- real let's file this under bad ideas. NBC's report about to pick up any sitcom produced in starring Rob -- which is going to be odd couple re. Is that the same probable cause we know so well up to -- need to see is any -- can do the odd couple. With Rob Lowe Rob Lowe and somebody's in the gang. Yeah I'm sure Alex he's fearless and he was going to be the unknowns can -- And into the slot and -- -- -- -- -- -- ever work they do something in. The odd couple great shows ever know that's true that could network now. My -- are right you know might be but why would you do that NBC I plug into it. Along with the so now the -- It CG I guess and it's -- in -- long healthy blood on long. And so on interest in life yes -- to me like ninety. I was missing Alps at one time and -- Regis do. The same with the same some of the same medical professional right he would stay right Jack Klugman. Once -- -- it was loved those stores that. He go that for appointments to sign here. And he would be chicken the times itself but it's -- for a couple races are really committed go back to -- your heated statements. Like at the foxwoods and he would stop at foxwoods on its way home. That he was he was Oscar Madison. And people love them for Iraq on tour yes yes that's of the -- point -- look at this yesterday so every seat. It's going back which they signed Michael J. Fox that succumb to shoot in full year to do it and it's been a disaster pulled a -- yeah I feel bad you wanted to do well. But there's solutions they decide bill Cosby's starred in -- calm again. All all all I can't wait twice -- -- -- little polish. Pops like nobody knows who go to victorious it's. Going to be an insular figures in the going to be these biblical patriarch critical possible. At this point penalty is only 74. There I thought he'd like BEU is really on the first off I spot. Yes you read comics. Is greatest -- of course was Albert means nothing compares. Albert was. -- -- For what is overrated. Over it -- huge hit. One final one this is kind of interest rate went thirteen it was getting ready to cast and put together is new movies western called -- He had specific and Marty loves dismisses as -- -- -- -- like there's a love -- -- Usually people rewrite -- people on mine sent six or seven different actors Christoph Waltz was one it was too often -- -- them Michael Madsen. Brad Pitt was one of them in the it was Bruce dart which is nominated for Oscar and is it good and crazy yet couldn't crazy. There's a bridge during his agent leaked it to another clients. And then. Much of agents are calling Tarantino is represented -- take my guys -- movies Tarantino was so pissed about this. About the stuff coming out -- Belichick shut down the whole movie it's gone it's not happening. Now she switched completely shut down. Statistics and time why did he just wet dirt out of the film and keep going well I think it's a good question at the U -- -- the movie now is she's just frustrating very very depressed. All you -- brave -- you she's. Artist as rallies and I -- east suspicion. It's crabs that's an act right there yet -- that is that's an act my prediction is by 2017. Headlines brought you. By AT&T the cover more than 9% of all Americans rethink possible what do -- Bieber worth. 160 million. True right Domino's ordered putting up they get dollars adjusted -- -- -- he makes. Fifty to seventy million per year he's 1919. Would you be surprised one day if he was bankrupt. I guess that's how would would that bother hanging around I would be as bright as the guys in saint. Is a good question ten years when he Bieber -- thirty years. In thirty easily be 49. Years -- Will he be like Wayne Newton -- a child star nosed growers can regulate these -- current -- and it -- that would shock the wind -- up the grandparents are great kids -- paddle boarding with his knuckle heads -- and these knuckle head today and all had enough -- -- -- quiet moments uses -- -- more -- yeah yeah these parties pretty ripped off like get off that list of the seven most popular women. Listings and residents of TDs and a security has seen him with a shirt off -- orbiters jacked up with a bad for -- at 67 sevenths 79837. Jonny Lester just shocked me last will be right back.

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