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'Answer the question, Kirk': Is Minihane going to Dino's bachelor party?

Jan 24, 2014|

Our weekly installment of "Answer the question, Kirk." Dino's engagement was a large topic of conversation.

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Answer the question Kirk is brought to you by moxie so distinctly different just like our men and live your life at moxie. -- today. -- -- The good question. Really get -- I was sent to me alerts. Sent to you left to right next to the stairs to leave my house this morning. I'm famous I'm moxie I'm gonna give the -- in the air. Oh well that was the plan while you didn't buy it from Scott the C Tyson Uga moxie sent to your house. I got coffee from Joey Kramer. Really arrows -- the guy that CBC shall. It no ghosts of Jim -- Smith. Is in -- coffee it's like organic. Roast couple buddies from Nantucket -- as him or rock -- Well what's wrong with that -- -- hobby that they Scarnecchia goes aborting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Steak and cheese -- -- -- -- -- ST a recipe up he goes home and and lays there on the couch with a cost is an achievement. Makes him next and here's one for you on the ATP -- like -- do you want free pizza I'll -- well I work at -- pop gene knows down the street from Comcast. I'm here all day and I appreciate that but he is a Friday it's not -- Widget but I appreciate it thank you -- an -- it tomorrow -- batteries Saturday and it's what's tonight. This -- is chicken fingers and Estonia my wife worked late. It was me in the kids I mean that -- you need bulbs for the kids some as well I don't will garlic bread. -- -- don't talk about that garlic that you have vote as the new multiyear deal. Lately can stay home with the kids and it's not. -- one is it's an expensive lifestyle. In Lexington and you can afford not now well -- now it's not it's nothing like that she does now. Yeah just a little bit more vertical well yet. -- Joey Kramer's coffee no thanks to helping assemble about technical and -- that -- considered harassment guy announcement guy yeah. He's -- she never said anything. Just just memories yes it. He's -- slots is a big. Equestrian in those kids request for Jessica do you are you ready -- fire anything have you ever stolen anything short. Course -- would these deals. -- bowl of breakfast Chrysler rebel. Author what I did for a little while might regret I hate thing. Is when I was living in California. I have a lot of money was not asked for -- money at the culture at the time. I would go to bookstores. And take new books. Bring him back read them my house and get money. Out Olbermann brought him back yet that's the only. The average. -- actually allowed to do that's called a lot different at the library either the new ones I want to elaborate some new ones not brain often do. Argument library. Period if you don't want to Cairo and I were I would I would denied -- properly -- that. I would take McCain dealers and stuff via W my little. Guy yet thirteen fourteen. Giver. I did it justice that it wants it was a it was a piece of bazooka. Manages -- walked. That was -- Jamal missed work. That's a good almost like it was returning the statues and getting author must also -- -- -- segments -- -- -- possibly he's never stolen and -- -- You never stolen look at -- art you've never stolen and -- -- don't -- please don't tell your heart I stole the ethics guy and you can tell -- you know -- -- I don't think -- We have some kind of buzzer the lie detector when -- when you lie in the bad things stealing of the problem. Do you believe that there was some dignity and some -- produced steel finishing in the store and pull this. Welcome -- was -- The appropriate work so much and -- how would you steal fishing. 01 -- when you combine its students you know at the papers. And stealing my contract which Garcia inaccurate -- stealing money from the opinion -- no question I'd. Next question is -- mind these -- your turn. Would you rather that your son Harrison play football or start a -- -- -- all all all all eighteen year old -- kid porn star from Gloria. From. -- page and think twice about what's gonna have different -- apparently -- concussions the other coaches could I suspect Claudia. If he's on page and it's adequately -- Andy's -- in the is part which is toward that world them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If we sit and play football -- being important. I'll probably -- football because of the diseases and -- He has to think about the -- -- -- is football of course not the answer that's everyone's interests of his day. That stuff and I sit gay just like -- well which is implying that while I don't care gay or straight. I don't have like it in football and pull I don't see people would import them -- want them. I don't see them with the Welker helmets on. Never -- a thing or another help at all about it's about that big received sports that -- -- past fifty. Sure he's over fifty. Completely get viruses over fifty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a -- this news reports restaurant wrestling is not not known -- answer the artists football at its next well. Philosophical aren't you heard the expression healthy wealthy and wise I have no. You can only be one. Not all three not two so just what are healthy right now wealthy or watch -- three right now. I would say the I think I'm -- not to think about how I cannot help I'd rather -- the battle would be I don't wanna be trying to think they'll be stupid and -- I'd rather not help you always Roger -- even opened port yes it. Would say that's the only answer. I think it's only answer right now deal because if you're Steve Jobs he's. Really wealthy yes Smart guy really want us to really well really set yet. So I think you guys which color do you hate the most ever from Brighton Steve from Fall River or John from the -- Probably ever I guess I'm glad that he's not on anymore is the other he's not with not much the other back -- communicating efforts on the retaining -- -- Don't hate -- for. Frustrates me -- -- hot as he brings nothing to the table. He brings something always the same thing about disabling depression required the race card. On chairman Kirk in the movie field of dreams crap or classic I am talking 1000%. Pure crap all -- Now school sucks donkey ball that movies is also terrible idea and brought to let's say this is the -- so they test on whether you have a soul or not. If you hate field of dreams you have those shall I YUS postal it's all parties don't stop the movie's great what's great about it. It made makes me cry. I -- I -- is that correct you'll agree as a sketch would dad you -- -- -- I did it couldn't have a TV commercial you're not you're human it's manipulation it's a united humor that's based on the book I don't wasn't exactly like a true story that knows exactly like the book but when he has to catch would dead. You don't get all -- -- know. -- you let me get it. If you dark heart and soul is now twelve girls it's. It is one of the most over rated films ever made it's what works for films ever rate greater budgets of sports there injuries -- sucks as say as acts as a man in recovery Kirk if you were diagnosed but he terminal illness would you return to using. -- medical marijuana I think it definitely yet what. I equipment -- is a terrible policies smoke we don't we just sit and think of you'd -- giving get you to call an hour if I don't there a couple of hours -- a -- now if we get you through those those real bad spots but -- -- don't you get Aaron. Some people don't. Well -- all like county's future detected sometimes suffer volley on. My mind I would probably get -- drag anything but I do some. Medical marijuana doubles sugar dragon. How would you know you'll note that slight edge to heroin now. Think about it now that's that's that's now that's hardcore that's off. Would you rather go to much kids' birthday party or -- -- knows bachelor party. I want to -- Britain apart fine his wife hate machine and I would say them up about two parties can fund -- -- the president was there though it's. It's a much of listeners much of people I don't know it's -- to be comfortable -- comfortable it's not you know I was a cup I'm never comfortable a comfortable much -- repaid by a full week off like ago. It was the right thing to -- -- -- -- I wanna I wanna go support Kirk honestly how long do you give the -- marriage. I thought about this I think you will be divorced. By march 2007. On my birthday in March. What's your -- seventh. I I mart -- I'm looking at march 18 2017. And -- papers Obama is on you. Sure of this gets on successful marriage for -- That -- three years it would thereabouts I don't know what you get married. This year. What C I don't get mad. Have no idea -- the capita -- equipment -- or go away and not now. Yes talk with the wedding yeah yeah we're discussing are really in -- -- like fifty magazines no no that's no model Google. What'd you think they're gonna make it and kind of background. Yes it -- -- ask your questions and why. Finally found the one we all have a title may -- somewhere in this. We're on this -- you believe that -- it is someone for everyone as the soul mate I really. Seven billion people on earth that you just happened to find that one person for a bike on the college somewhere else. I'd be married to somebody else records dating bill record right now -- thing you know ago by -- I would think all this person's muscle of the crap because then my wife now be somewhere -- some. Did you were you upset that makes sense to you. Such as we -- we happen. Circles that you what did you worry about falling in love with like the wrong person you sure did in in like someone from somewhere else or someone really short. And you're worried about -- -- red. Yet -- to fight fell in love with a red and a little bit cute little that would up and that's not a bad thing but it's it makes life how they look like me poor kids. On the heels of that you don't like the work -- the -- question to you can ask a question to worry about all the wrong person know actually try to do. I don't know if you -- a -- yet to bring home a girl yeah he was yeah you know Jewish how would you be disappointed. She would rub -- in one in Marion about rotten all home she'd be just -- what Baptist yes. Did you mother funnel -- emblem of the Baptist never discussed never brought to my high school sweetheart to a lot of errors to lose -- No problem you think. That's strong and big deal backed and if you brought home but black that might have been elevated an -- -- Pretty already here today say here's what account to be not on. Be tough on you right cost up on the kids to I mean that the -- Just just to have an another but kids have a tough they have a good Catholic mother and godless -- -- he's out. -- typical but it's I think might say Harrison now -- born in 2012. If he -- a black woman -- -- 2000. Thirty states department moments and it's who can care associates hot right. If you mean there's lots Jewish Catholic couples have to figure -- what to do it all on Christmas it just an added. Bird yes but the children be April. When he makes most of the results to celebrate every everything all right and we end with this -- like this Kirk. You're single young man. Would you rather have a wicked -- hot boyfriend right. Or he really really hideous that girlfriend -- -- I thought I homosexual I would say that they have the the ugly girl you would you stop an island with Donna Simpson. Wore. -- Brad -- Ryan Gosling. What can I understand I would choose -- and maybe I usually do with Ryan Gosling. You'd think it's all know what doesn't it doesn't I -- Anderson handsome guys in great shape but you know it is nice guy who did it and and talk but. You'd choose Donna Simpson never even fewer and I would dog -- forty years. Score she's sort of times down. -- double double Greeley street trees can be sharp today that shot back quickly -- -- rather honestly rather just deal. That's true human being -- a couple of books yeah a couple of CDs will -- its -- That is. And the question Kirk yes thank you they're great folks at moxie Gerri I guess who bring in -- -- -- moxie Monday. Where do you answer questions that you to a next week what will -- some moxie a great Oscar. You get much a couple of bombs did you learn that you can get -- -- Excellent rhetorical for a reason all odds opened 61777. -- 79837. Electoral we will talk with you next.

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