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Justin Bieber is off the rails

Jan 24, 2014|

The guys discussed the pop stars most recent arrest and his idiotic father who set up a drag race for his drunken son.

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Challenge for YouTube dope I don't we like channel I don't it's the end of the week I know you're tired and or -- honestly -- to what -- 6 o'clock tomorrow morning luxurious -- I got -- selflessly or like I have yet no pills are no pharmaceutical I don't like god -- I don't like substances in my body to. I just don't I'm Harold green tea herbal essence actually -- it's in my in my eight covered this -- sleepy time tea at the sick before. -- difficult it has signed oh equality in narcotics Benadryl. Belichick give that cute cute when he's a cranky yes it was a path -- so. To scrap something itself you know wash now little it McAllen twenty youths. The idea that -- on the weekend news for -- real I can not when your kids come. Waltzing under the -- we -- -- -- cutesy -- -- now. A horrible thing. We switch off what was its sleep onset sleep and it's -- that isn't necessarily. That's so -- those days it tomorrow carrier. Anyway. Harris is up about six and -- up votes. -- -- -- -- five I'm up by six of -- media. Actually you could be you so it's like you know what you know is an extra -- or Tylenol PM to -- -- in the united. Not recreation. By Friday night your your apps and -- Saturday Europe frightening aegis you have one night one night says that's it that you can actually do something you know you -- clear headed right for you -- see a movie tonight and I know -- 6 o'clock comes around her after dinner and assay model. Again not again -- -- -- eases you go to the self the -- grows to Cumberland farms you know go to McDonald's big. Paul Newman log on our energy drink and or someone else now. I wanna office I'm willing to learn on the go to now if you if you want to stop until you are jealous. -- law works but could packets from movie. You know wolf Wall Street which you know long right it is three hours three hours and equal with them. -- -- That's the only -- gestured at a that being good -- It would get that done -- the wealth of chemistry. Is working on it does. At the end of the movie does -- -- can repair the very well it does get all the fundamentals. It's merited stuff does come crashing down that might have to see if -- and that was a second marriage. Well. -- Art imitating life beginning -- in the cruise ship albeit you do that humans other boat you commercial boat. Huge -- about to see -- maybe should -- I agree tonight. C 7:30 PM block another eleven because it's partly met let's go ahead of him by myself. -- -- that's pathetic it is not that I I respected he can focus when you see -- A -- we boys had a juicy that I had a change of heart on Twitter last you know can -- in Ireland. And I knew what happened on on that. I said it was going to be about your party just guys and I tweet about last night after having -- number of our female followers say eight. Why is only guys and -- -- what was I thinking. Of course -- at women that's a shocking to think we should -- never -- -- -- that well I mean you'll start for the guys -- -- -- now pocket -- Not listeners that's for sure right exactly home. Like women would be like. Working women up it started with respect it's about whether or uninvited bottom crashing. 20 yeah I'll cross to strippers I imagine I -- escorts. -- street steamers. You know the whole deal -- -- where you're from. Yeah I'm sure your fiance is going to be all enthusiastic about that wouldn't happen. Women there honey -- tomorrow it just week I don't think we can discriminate I don't think we can say boldly. Dennis and Callahan male listeners -- viewers and got less -- the place to get trashed it was just guys that's true. It's like that -- in the with the book and bronco known of these horse capital should go in they can go crazy and mellowed out reports for whatever reason yeah. I've yet won't be more will be paid their women present right yeah and you know except I think. Yeah -- I'm sure sure. You know -- Well I happen. Let me car broke down flat tire Harrison sick that's right and that is at the -- -- -- the kids like your wife's travel is right it's my turn to -- but the kids my wife -- that sleep in tomorrow to bring buyers. That's not a bad idea all we can again -- Asia -- -- -- -- player -- -- yeah -- -- to -- their political progress that. We get invited Latinos bachelor party they wanna know on the AT&T text line it will be announced. By the way. Box with -- Marty selling might -- protest I kinda get bored. Foxwoods is percolating you really think your listeners are listeners are normal well adjusted people portion of what it'll be fun I mean they won't be -- piece of copper pipe and left in the rule of yours. Still aware of the talked. -- us all -- we will probably end up doing. In fact the Scotland. And I should -- that the numbers are expanding citadel like forty guys and I said how many can you handle heats -- up to 50000. Yeah a program that it would it will lead 151000. It had been a it at Oxley the dregs of society again -- our peeps Jerry are respectful problem. -- -- -- Wrap -- up -- wrap up double -- you've got his guards and security -- issues should be exciting game before it gets there since probably everybody out. There nickel prices can go off that somebody -- -- leave the state. No now we -- Wednesday although it's it's Indian alliance or maybe it's yeah yeah sovereign nation Auburn did you write him yeah okay that we -- -- -- like a Josie Wales that Indian reservation NC. Make peace with what we cut it -- it is. And all of the idea did you know you should open up the bidding invitations. Donations to the Jimmy Fund. You'll win it but the wheels turn and now on the wall of the history yeah -- -- three of -- just you know go to subways. Lunch. -- -- -- -- you know what you're the youngest old man I know play a big golf -- all apple tree eighteen holes without a 36 of them would go home. Golf tournament if we do summer what is going on was a weeklong -- -- could be. Could be the G spot is welcoming the opening their doors. I'm sure Regis yeah Stewart the -- she's had every of the globe -- sure. From Diageo Shelley's mrs. shell Regis she might be there too yeah. I'll start not he's not gonna know what god does not. She's very disappointment well I'm sure she's cycle policy for this party anti -- tortures -- -- Oh yeah this lighting has likewise outlasts yes welcome to run that -- -- says. Can go about my problems and you're gonna get out of a place that you can come like humans via do some damage. And damage our question where this started ten minutes ago. A challenge for -- Is on a rule. And who is not on a roll -- OP out. Justin Bieber is not funny rule right now although I had him mark it's smack it in you know. Doesn't sound like he wanted not the drunk driver and you don't want to drive. We don't drag race and yellow Lamborghini. Picture begging to be -- that you egging for a it took its attention to cry for help. A cry for help -- cry for attention or cry for publicity and some form I mean his goal at one point in my past that now was to. Shed that image of this sure rubric which rubric literally yeah and and become you know kind of AG. Dangerous. Performer you know like -- these hang -- that would rappers now. He was segue right in with the rapper whose name little scrappy. Left him in in. Our -- the little scrappy and the show with dog Schindler's List Scooby Doo scooby you. Scrappy little scrappy right he's now rapper and Al Bieber and his father. Almost like this common denominator guys like that the fathers are left up over the appropriate. He's probably trailing behind him a little little extra equipment that day got busted the more the day before obviously. He was -- arrived with a little scrappy and his father. -- -- -- And the smoke we all day got truck and drag raced as -- game in Miami Beach. Solid good -- -- -- mean obviously this -- needs mentoring he needs -- -- guidance and what's -- doing. And we spoke we'd ride sag I think you know. If you're saying these should be adopted -- -- that may be nice older couple looking to bring it in the house that's not a bad thought there I'll do that you were a hundred million dollars. Yeah. But isn't generally the commons and and I just like Michael Jackson's after the -- Busy beating them. Beating him and he's always left my home we went on -- singer's big hits step oh. On the -- let me Joseph was bogus it was -- I thought if more conservative so suddenly -- -- -- a different Joseph Jackson what is -- a different and we look to -- same guy six Stefano is yes let's let's -- -- Joseph Jackson and that's Michaels -- just don't seem to match up. Iran it was a busy pouring stuff left neglected his son Marco Michael and that a do when little kids get them drunk Jesus juice and -- toys -- -- of great. Tito Francona Jackson just. It's not great guy behind that they're all messed up the whole family's -- seems fine. This -- we've kind of spent time with the kids Campillo make annual music and live like -- only like yours and you Michael preferred time away from Joseph Joseph big disaster there were no other site I don't go to -- true that you don't like -- when they weren't just scum -- scum. As is the original Manhattan the mean. As his Lindsay low -- old man and water and father I mean isn't all almost always the scum of the -- dad is. A problem. This joke sickness might that doesn't. It was good -- and it was good performer but you know you -- the shadow of a record yet that it was Russia as a result -- Well obviously Michael is -- Thriller and killer knows his sons with some much bigger. Deal than jail. So it's been happier now my kid ourselves the father your father gets -- but this has to beat the kid that's what happened to announce that is doing them yes and yes. Well that was saying only shirtless. Like 91 cruises. Actor probably set -- he wrote that -- the -- -- tonight or are we all and what condition our. -- Like this yeah yeah the front -- -- -- I told this when I read this online with Joseph Jackson at Joseph Jackson. What he does now he's an advocate for smoking. He thinks smoking's good cigarettes. -- -- a website is probably not a crowded field no vote -- -- I got a crowded feel like your name as Shaq says you know ten cigarettes a day or so that I read it what would grow right. This was a couple of years ago we talked about this. He wrote. Advocacy pieces of the like that the back and backs -- up with what scientific information yet how it doesn't doesn't see moderation. Is actively campaign against smoking bans double the US and the UK writing in 2005 pamphlet the smoking issue. Smoke lies in the nanny state. He's like an advocate for moderation. In tobacco use it's not bad for you. In the smoking Nazis -- control. We all need something yeah you become a star. Yet to put them in your. You golden years like Phil Collins you know he does it says -- over the Alamo. He writes about the Dallas yes it's not about the Alamo Phil calm cool among the I don't know it's the U glom onto. And golden years now. Approaching you'll meet their -- time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're going hours on the air again it's rather talk about that and whatever happens in sports today from -- choice. Well understand that -- No question but that some outcome rather with the Alamo. -- one -- -- -- -- that that Davy Crockett. It was not the -- Benedict Arnold minutes. Used it launched a law and his sail Boston Crockett to knock in no statistical. But at a ridiculous he added that he hit a lot out of that -- grant for the played violin for him I heard that you heard about that have been the same guy that was it yeah. Learn stuff what is you come to us. We all figured you know is what I would start the beans on a roll all the LI NN and B is not a Bieber is definitely not -- and a I'm just. Sometimes -- -- be prescribed for attention. Front drive in Texas that -- yeah. I mean drug drive right -- if it is speeding in a Lamborghini. That's one there's one thing you could do -- one thing there's always that there's there's one thing beyond that that would you think less smacked a woman yeah and don't you think if your speed -- drag race. In the yellow Lamborghini that you wanna get couldn't win. It's a good question do you wind was against the Ferrari believable. But don't 17100 dollars a day goes by that you begging to get -- if you drag racing. In the yellow Lamborghini and you're drunk I mean it's not like you -- -- get away with our view. Imagine how empowered. This kid must feel Powell has anyone in the last time anybody said no to just MB. True he smokes weed he gets drunk -- -- right -- -- way to Italy my girls are -- girlie zero we can helpers. Or brokered money come. But. Cops you know don't let you go for driving drunk and speeding and real and I'll bet he has been pulled over before and Gail I -- for speeding -- not drawn. Or stone that was my -- Justin Bieber you can't -- -- copies of the CD it's gonna kill someone South Beach and it's gonna come back at me and got to Boston. But when you saw the mug show up with a big smile on the news he's enjoyed in the -- and checked it and she's crossed over it's like Richard Sherman. Yeah that's a good point he's a great Atlantic's ride for attention I love these people that like. These these PC pandering. By unions that are like defending Sherman. And like yours your buddy Richard huge -- shaggy she's changed between two bush arrests. He writes arrests Justin Bieber won Richard Sherman non and it hit me teacher was not such a bad guy you -- wasn't favor -- -- the that we think about it he didn't drive drunk and yellow Lamborghini true. Another check mark in the favor -- share my -- that we lost there mines. But. In the Sharm if you're right if -- children provenance say that is -- Richard chairman Jeff trying to get it. Trying to sell jerseys mortars these followers is trying to it will fall break all of -- -- just to -- who could get more polls everyone in the world was following him I'm not. I'll tell you I used to beaches -- -- a problem it's that I'm better and I think forty million. Can be objective right 49 million as a fifteen million to a million followers for this why would he got a bachelor party whose brother but. Oh -- god. He is not on a roll and you know was on a roll you know like at this current Jonah Hill. Joan -- on the role not only is he star in this willful Wall Street. -- nominated and all that. But he comes -- says he did it for 60000 bills he appears very noble. He feels very appeals. East just -- the fat Jewish guy right in the slapstick comedies which was okay. But now he appears like -- real artist -- wanted to be in this movies that do for nothing and he almost did it. Most of that's always say that you know -- sure Matt Damon says it and and and it was a mixed ten million buck yeah. Michael Douglas as a bad game and saving the world will -- a much to Matt Damon and and Michael -- make for a that -- with a behind the candelabra. TV -- something up more than sixty grand yet probably. Probably that's still I would say that's not a great -- throat there because Matt Damon is big role playing a gay -- Michael but Michael Douglas some exact area. I know -- I'm just my point is did they make more than sixty -- primate of Kabul this guy I was in the blockbuster of the year -- -- Scorsese movie it's a Smart move him. Calculated yet level. For 60000. Might lead to more money line -- portion will know that he's -- -- and other guys in that movie who's gone crazy role Condit. He's gonna win the Oscar. He's -- to -- movies that are going to be Joe's been great reviews he's told the turn his career he's on is big -- Yeah Adams and -- in the Dallas players club I've not what you like movies talks moving again this -- if you look at this. Don't ask that you can say. I didn't like it was true to the real story that's true that is a lot of crap mail here's another term they all we issues like Kraft. And respect respect the -- respect could act as to what your grandson to you know and in in -- and assured it just I just say that he did it in which it did a good job. How many classes did you take -- Leon what's his face in the past. The preakness just -- -- Dennis -- and yeah it got up at least Rothenberg at least rather how many class you take -- on -- none now. Do you think he lacked in the acting president don't -- that he was playing you know -- fairly comfortable probably -- extent I mean if you are playing. Matt Damon's role behind the candelabra. Your I don't think more than 60000 -- that there possibly he had more experience out Erica cook. Coca Thatcher thing with lone survivor it was in two to the story. Because he's an old -- That's a good and that's not directly. On the knowing that even knew the ending was not the end that was my problem. But it was -- little times to rot ride around. Girls so be if it's true the story. And it's rather than okay well no not necessary votes so it's Hillary you want it from from from what the change distort mail those Taliban guys no more no one else I don't. Could. I told this is good this is bad I know I know where the good guys around him so as -- -- the actor. -- You guys on the way it happened exactly what -- -- -- other trading real life the way it happened and one -- understand. Just in film and you know yesterday the head -- -- -- that's. This big -- the New York the one from -- yeah Briscoe right when he used in that it is. And I'm sure I'm sure that the -- and you know. Would when he -- that a good fellas. -- again -- the guys that you -- -- -- I -- -- it's not rodents -- oh yes great I loved it is it -- to the story no let me just isn't enough there's some truth out there will be some truth in -- I haven't so why. That was why he gave to me -- one of the reason that's the main reason is why things like that chick from California to jingoistic metal -- -- I -- I don't don't payment of that brush I loved those those guys the greatest -- -- particularly warm showers were well they're part of the reason. That's correct I'm on their side that you slot the reason you gave Thabeet is -- took liberties with the actual truth. Which you did not -- -- which trade further from the truth goodfellas and real story -- but. Probably good fields although it it's pretty similar but probably get felt problem for a civil rights totally strayed from the true. It's a portable. -- -- You think it felt better moving on survivor and you're absolutely nuts now because all that's right that was -- yeah you're right it's a -- -- -- -- problem with you with you Jerry is that you organ and the federal survivor to the death you if you thought it sucked you defend well it didn't -- would you with a -- my money. So you're out you're a credible I might did not know -- right that's a hypothetical I don't deal in hypotheticals. Right it didn't suck. And I I'm exaggerating goodfellas was just as good news wants about the bulls get a clause in my book good for you know every critic in Hollywood just like -- -- him. They would never give -- -- -- -- all know why all you know because then when they went to common they went to parties you know Bill Maher. Might look at them askance -- in doubt worried that yet that easy you know one of you know her. -- will lead with several ways. The most over re act writer in America it's Amy Nicholson from the weekly. Amy Nicholson. Well believe she's won them -- Zora had yesterday there was -- half but does yet critics out and thought you know that just -- those Taliban would be so I have to harbor chicks named. Dish yes yes yes I'm sure she did it just getting our music you want -- element to the vessel party majority OSHA -- RD circuit said she's come. Really yeah -- suggest that we invite burning close our daughter. And some diversity the Dodgers went -- who's not. -- that -- you know whose pictures in the -- on what the political rap at the security and and he will take it's seriously well five days ago -- told you. Well. Future rules changed a little changed at 17 September seven. 93 so does this -- could be able to come likes yeah it's gonna join us at this year's match. Offensive line coach for thirty years. You said coach for a -- a couple about -- day after after experiencing that doesn't particularly right right two games companions. Which posts and we'll ask him. -- wonder that the guy's brilliant coach. Absolutely. -- By every as -- best in the business. Why -- coach again. I mean would you have more faith and you know ruptures -- -- exactly what that this clinic discard it like he received -- -- it was just comfortable and manhood comfortable in his own skin immediately ultimately right join us like we talk about offensive coordinator Tom -- yeah offensive line coach Tom Brady may be like that. Wife like that neighborhood they lived with his -- made. Like a million bucks a year. That's what do you think man is he was the assistant head coach maybe 758. And have -- say alumina and money. We settle a lot of years right yeah up and US commitment twenty years ago that but he may seminary million bucks the last decade but he doesn't have a lot of money were probably up. In when he goes and he's probably when these guys who goes. Wal-Mart anyway just talk about what you talk about is it coming to a halt with -- but you know we talked to Tom on Monday about well season's over there is no place to be nothing to do. Pro Bowl if you want Pebble Beach if you want when the case may be you have no wording. How about him thirty years of this grind but twenty hours -- day knew it was. Done and I'm Belichick told Brian hall Brett that they knew it was over but typical. He didn't wanna make a big deal if he if he -- than a month ago. Every day the B side bars stories cameras look and and see how -- hold an up on the last day. This is this is the only way for a guy -- got an acute angle of -- quietly yeah. And the hasn't knocked anyone know right. Just a sauce at 7 o'clock that's it. -- o'clock hour. I'll tell -- unilateral. It was really on a -- we it's it's our general org or not sure yes this is yes absolutely on torture can meet and who she was among -- I saw her on the -- -- for another guy dumped. Really and she's that she's afraid she's going to end up -- And Taylor Swift thing. It's somewhat for everyone right median age. Yeah senators -- issues that he's a moral calculus zero for golf course. So how could you say that she's released struggling she's on a roll everything's working on up a lot of criticism -- he's six he's trying to dating this girl. Interview Madonna for nearly thirty years ago or the only way they're trying to be. Raids and its work and somebody is on a bigger role than even that public split when we come back away. Which -- discussed the -- it was late in into the party literally yesterday. Source I'm -- slipped my mind Richard Sherman what -- -- Richard Sherman where it was entertaining Richard Sherman who was added 350000. Twitter followers since his interview with Erin Andrews and by the way is a -- Cyrus is now in the top ten of the jerseys sold these general. Watched me we needed a name for that what he did is it just what Miley Cyrus is done right in Germany. Chairman sure Manning via Germany -- were you watched me yesterday.

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