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Salk & Holley's Four at Four, bad boy arrests edition, Jan. 23, 2014

Jan 23, 2014|

We tackle four topics... today involving Boston athletes and THE LAW.

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-- And now word excel -- Ali swollen already roller board or the -- Fun cleaning. Mean. We'll probably cells can finally got on Sports Radio W -- -- -- -- Change it up today for four Boras always brought you -- seat beyond your technology ally he got a businessman -- -- -- let's see beyond manager technology. Do you recognize the music. So whoever Dan we have today well in honor of Justin Bieber arrest early this morning it -- Jackson's next hood rat. It's all about hoopla that we hold -- pop pop -- I know everything what's -- -- -- general there are added to John's -- and -- that its real name yet. A number and they're just friends. Just friends that to that victim's bodies who's just qualities her into -- labor -- -- -- -- -- acts. Shares. -- hours. So clearly it's all about athletes arrested. -- just the -- an athlete now. He likes the fancy himself a one and it's always like a professional roster pretty close games we get that -- with this gods -- with this on Jackson's acts as an athlete somewhere here. That's about things talk. Creative original question number one what athlete's career -- was most affected by their arrest. And. Most effective. And so far turn and it hasn't. In his eyes and I don't think it ever got it going again we don't we have the girl that won him -- -- with a mean anybody -- never going to play again I don't have to go to questions and I think her name is my TV answered every case. -- Hernandez entirely from the debate. I just take him out removed murderers from the -- no Hernandez no re correct. Who -- is that you -- a rest okay I'd say may -- Michael Vick. Many came back. But he missed two years of his career. I would think that would Michael Vick have figured it out eventually he had gone to jail was gonna figure it out. -- -- Everything -- probably this arrest probably helped it might have helped because after he and it made them stop doing what he was still. We are committed drastically affected his career -- with some of the other names venue wrote down here. Ryan leaf from his arrest or more afterwards right I mean it didn't affect his career it affected the way we view him now. Same of those just singled in his career is basically winding up winding down. Ray Lewis didn't really affect him at all didn't affect and effect on some people's impression of him but it didn't really affect him Plaxico -- definitely effect. Are they got the great when I think that may be. And if we're gonna take away than non -- right and ohrnberger category we're gonna pick where the murders in this in the dog murderer category. Plaxico Burress not only did affect him he was. He hurt himself he shot himself physically. And then he's away. And when he came back he's what the same players I don't ever. Another name for and and I don't really remember that history has been wrote them -- cholera which is an interest in one. But hits it he seemed to be that -- before his arrest right now with this drastic and everything go away every day it is in all. Everything -- -- and so the criminalist the other guy who's who made that made me think of -- probably -- were running back you think of when you think of rest after chorus that absolutely I mean lord Phillips career track was drastically. Files has -- more I you know. -- all I think his problems started. Maybe before it was a rested and to hear some of the stories at Nebraska right. Make your skin problem this horrible -- its -- in. Time does he was African talent but his career with the rail. By everything that happened and he was such. He was a bad guy yet. We've what Dick -- I don't cry while the human body from cry. Cried over Lawrence Phillips about a -- mean you know. To keep your opening pretty much it was considered a scorer. It's. -- I am curious to march least. -- that checks but Ricky Williams he get arrested. Not just refused. Up. Smoked and closure. Of some of them boo -- Michael -- Yes I was I was pretty big effect that that's a big one that's a big one it in -- salt could be seen as one man show -- not a good idea -- I got an issue. We talked about Tyson before I find myself really bothered by the whole crisis thing didn't -- -- That you might that you might have -- what it you. I got a little entertaining like everyone else does but I'm also still like I start a little hard time get over the fact that -- rapists let me address will you address is it now -- really don't want everyone right now Obama. -- -- -- Now he said he didn't do -- he went to jail for rape I'm I'm just I don't take his word for. Already. He -- and he was on DNC's. He also did another interview and federal begun to have in the and the idea into the interview -- another interview he said. Look if I really did it. Pick your would have gotten out of jail as quickly I did they knew they knew I didn't do it according to him out I mean to you by apple now really do -- -- quite. Obama. Are I'd I'd like to see the one man show elected. I that the case is a little Fuzzy to me -- everybody. Most criminals are gonna say they didn't do it. So you just can't say or I said he didn't do it so he didn't believe them but I would just have to look back at that it's been many years -- that 8990 somewhere in there. And I 90919191. I'd have to look back at the case and look at the evidence. I'm one of the -- thing. But -- -- that keep you from killing you. The two weeks before the super -- is a perfect time for football players to get arrested. In your mind which run in with the law during Super Bowl week. Was the biggest scandal. All wars so -- They're river this way and Eugene Robinson out of its hit it you know what made -- what mated so interesting. Is that he was the man of the year. He got the man of the year award the day before -- the same day that morning. He -- that because it's Saturday morning. -- a man of the year award. He talks about how -- this big Christian. Is there with his YE. He's there with these kids. All he had a great guy his nickname with a profit. -- to go around quoting Bible verses that then you put down a man of the year award. It tries to get a little -- consultant on Biscayne boulevard and gets a rest. -- -- he's he's lucky was able to play -- again. Play the game fell asleep. John Elway torched. So that's got to feel like I mean that's the that's the one jumps out -- -- anyone else would we even really be helpful right about Eric Robbins. Oh yeah we'll Stanley Wilson. Yet but those -- ones that -- over the angles they're starting center of for the raiders disappears before the Super Bowl. And then. Wilson relapsed and you know right. Now -- that are probably disappear. He did. In front of a Mexican. He probably shouldn't disappear to Mexico tonight reports of but it like a medication -- right. Like it stopped taking depression medication exactly wandered off right. The Eugene Robinson one is the winner because completely derailed this team. And for everything you just mentioned is a total fraud is just found out that everything he said he was. Claimed to be or or presented himself. Was completely fraudulent. -- -- -- -- -- Without a doubt Aaron Hernandez is the most shocking arrest in Boston sports history. But which happily surprised you the most that they made it through their time in Boston went out and hope it isn't. Does your dog. And this is just doesn't get that negative media -- they might. That negative media. This started out I'll sunny -- right now. But the into court -- right. Well. Yeah. And maybe. I mean if you know some things about the later me understand that Reche Caldwell running gambling ring and he eventually got arrested but you can if there -- Percentage pentagon and the real yeah I think that's got to be the winner you know that good either and I knew it was -- early guys I didn't know it was. Like a ringleader of machetes and gasoline easier absolutely yes that is that is a far away runaway winner it's it's definitely. You remember him talk him into your did you ever -- I didn't cover now -- before here there was a day or that you -- Ugueth Urbina you know and re use of financial. Strangely aboard that he had more -- three used that was that was the only a quirky things about him. It was like a bad all right it was a bad spirit really -- almost all go see that guy what was a lot. Just what to get a -- problem really -- I talked to him he was he was frightening now I didn't know all this stuff. But just something a bottom and that was that team they had a few guys. Is that in that 23 year period for local or 102 right around there -- will Cordero is much earlier yes they had Urbina. They had Michael land saying they had Carl Everett to set a bunch of guys it's been way out. However you can put on this -- but he was never really in much too much. Legal trouble right he was crazy stuff to deal with. You -- there is a legal troubles yeah some legal trouble before Boston right. But it really get many here he would never Boston the guy that I covered was around the most that. Eventually did get in legal trouble wasn't surprised anybody was -- -- and you talk about a negative aura being around somebody Michael. Horrible horrible human need to -- -- just impossible to be anywhere near the guy without assuming that something terrible was about. We've -- terrible happened never never punch during their like their punch me but. -- -- may but I bring him definitely if at any moment it seemed like something like record happened and then what the year after. The guy's been arrested two or three times since -- for doing stuff to -- -- About Alfredo service. Didn't seem like a legal issue doesn't decide against -- maybe yes a lot of textures come up how about what's his name. Now what Tarvaris Julian Tavarez. He turned out to be really great guy but I think most people bought when he first got here that he was. Who Texans go would -- -- gone back to question one we missed Marvin -- in the incident his wife and leave the country and was never the same after. -- he's a big actor let me in Italy that he is the star. Of some westerns in Italy. -- Italian westerns. Spaghetti. Those -- those those are probably cool. The worst joke ever. I don't like I don't know that it was Georgia. It's the question number four anyway and it turns higher -- -- record and that's not a joke -- article spaghetti. Yeah it is it is that's why all those political movies are called spaghetti westerns are filled in Italy. The whole -- known name trilogy although although -- surgery literally at a mall in Italy it's not a joke you're 100% sure that a 100%. There all -- that those are filled in -- that's whether automakers. Filmmakers are right he's like Sergio -- film though that that trilogy in Italy that's why can't -- Emerson students weigh in on this. All right question number of or a line made famous in the movie. The town you've heard about on my colleague it's pretty good movie quote Jack Clark should be arrested because he stole eighteen million dollars from the Red Sox in recent years which players should be arrested for a contract placed here in Boston. Danny Amendola. Crawl towards -- and I gotta go there are Carl Crawford. Talk broker offers starting at the clubhouse leader -- your. But just because I don't like him come -- Jose office. It is an all star whatever. It's not a playoff team. A plan. To go with him I know you're right about -- the real answers Carl Crawford but just if I always could not animal goes off. But the acquisition. That closed at the worst yet to happen. Other people here on the tax I think J. D. Drew -- what a championship it's AG drew with a -- says John Lackey. Josh you can't think people that helped you win championships. -- -- -- because they've. They became disappointing after that you can't say I mean those guys all participated in winning -- World Series. No way you use them for him. Julio Lugo finally was over -- out -- to interject what I you can go with -- Google -- them about it. Josh Beckett and Lackey on a moment ago you logo Mac I've got the winner. This year Richard pitino seven years. Certainly new home. -- -- tell -- negativity that's in this town sucks probably and they started down. When you have a problem if you tell the truth your problem becomes part of your past if you light becomes part of its future. They got their money from being baker voided the contract they got their money. They get their money from Rick Pitino now. That's a way to be. So spaghetti westerns that's accurate I don't know that I'm reading here from Miami DB when a fistful of dollars was released in the mid 1960s the term spaghetti western was coined as a put down. To these brazen new films that dared to recreate the wild west in a place as far away as -- pencil out. Chili's macaroni -- should not have -- spaghetti western there'll filmed it and those movies are great good the bad it was it was all. They go spaghetti westerns to its open every day. Every excuse me and I stand corrected. With a -- and -- thank you Andy. Has -- good it was a wonderful joke. So funny sort of one --

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