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Bill Belichick and the league don't see eye to eye on the Welker pick play, but the Seahawks see his point

Jan 23, 2014|

Bill Belichick may not have gotten the response or reaction he wanted from the NFL in regards to his comments about the "dirty" hit Wes Welker put on Aqib Talib during a pick play, but some of the Seattle Seahawks have taken note of Bill's comments, agree, and may put a greater emphasis on their game plan in the Super Bowl.

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-- the studio today Michael is in Bristol or Michael. I am a good want to make sure. Are you were you nervous at first others like -- that gut check moment like. All this to work right Michael be there I'm sure I'll say his name they'll magically appear on the other end of the line you know my -- I have to tell you I was very nervous. About fifteen minutes ago. As you know ESPN has. Buildings now I have lost count. Well buildings yeah I used to be like four then it was eighth I think it's at that doubling every four years its campus. It is a campus and it's. It's been my -- my college campus there were three buildings. Three bill and you never had to go outside. I never had to go outside during who we Wear short and in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania anywhere short in January this kind of weather because. Two of the buildings were and all the buildings connected by a bridge. So. I've really not familiar with. Finding your way around the true campus so I got a little nervous about fifteen minutes ago I was in some boiler room or something they have. Have but don't they have people in golf carts to take -- you -- to -- I mean it can make your level of royalty and me are -- doing OK numbers never lie again today you and Michael Smith I mean I would become -- know Michaels and letting me. Alma Obama -- my way and my but my brother from another mother was not a bad. Yeah that that the light skinned version of -- was off car. So. And I would about hill and Chris Broussard can tear you were standing in for Michael's -- it's it was us. Guy who -- they often. Only -- aren't so so you guys doing numbers never lie -- re air a little bit later managed to make your way to a two to the right space. I'm -- -- guys today are you. I'm bored guy yes are you running your own board I am running my own boards pieces -- You know if any idea to do that no. Be careful what you -- electric heaters. I have no idea I was an end and you know people never understand that people like me are frustrated. -- -- IA capture. -- I know. I have no idea what I'm doing there are lots of buttons in front of me so what I should do -- leave everything alone. What I'm doing just like. Messing around these different buttons and twisting arms I wonder what that is what with that is. Plural slow your roll there -- and pick up. All you know what I do it that's my next life and my next life I do wanna be DJ. Like a music music -- -- -- -- -- -- Like a music DJ on like an FM radio station or Marty. Like if it -- it would Avery gets married in -- and you don't wanna think about that don't look at it and you know when I married her off the some some chump. Some jumped 25 years from now right. Yes Avery this is we need to have a two party. DJ Michael -- DJ and me. But I but I'll go myself that I have a cooler nickname some DJ each dog or something -- -- something that I don't know -- dollar cyclone overplayed amicable with the -- by then it'll be retro. Well -- what did I don't want to cater to. Families have a lot of money -- OK so I may have to come up with a name that sounds a little bit -- okay. -- pretend I'm classy. So I don't want to would you hire me for a high in wedding we'll know but I also HR. Would hire me at all no not right now but I also are struggling to do my own wedding so as well -- that I just like you -- until did you request. So you would like it was for -- -- respect for you lose control question is would you be willing to play any. Any Brandon Lloyd. Any of his an all cuts at the wedding. Oh Brandon Lloyd Williams -- will at a place and Brandon -- at my daughter's wedding I think that I could see a relationship. Building now that would lead to you being the DJ at that way I think it has to be in that on that and the classic like must have list it's like a grandparent stance that you. I -- -- at that point in my parents have a parent -- come out to do a nice little dance you're like OK here we go this is your opportunity I do this. If for my health and do the fifth when a well. And -- go to bottom myself -- they say B boy act like you bought for himself but when you factor in the family that attitude helped. This report is never played -- down rural -- come to the creative after the break down a panel cool. It's all we ask your question there. In rap when he throws the ball to himself let me jump unnecessarily than earlier in my. Virginity at it is rap game to -- have yet. We don't know what is in his NFL game now. That's essentially the same thing is rhyming one word with the same word which is what he does there it is not is not the football equivalent of -- quarter with quarter being ironic. He's a hero somebody here wants you -- so DJ holly jolly. Last different kind of crowd that's like as a defense that it that's where weddings does not -- -- -- -- -- have a lot of ones are -- have a lot of one available. And I'm talking about. Can't the and and missed it. -- -- You know -- honest I got a real yesterday's Alec mystic that works. They -- about naming my next not a mystic. Don't do that now problem. Here's what we got today. Boston blitz coming up at 245 and a half hour from now. All a cruise around Boston as we should -- a lot going on Red Sox make a deal last night at Grady Sizemore rob Bradford broke it he will join us like that story the Celtics. Touch and as a real quick before we get two up before we get to the patriots stuff -- today. The idea that the Celtics according to Forbes are the fourth most valuable franchise. Right it goes the knicks the lakers the bulls which makes cents three biggest markets in the country right and all three of them owned the building that they play. The Celtics. With the not what are we the tenth or eleventh biggest market depending on how you look at it right and without owning the garden I mean that's the thing that's so crazy to me. The Bruins on the -- the Celtics have to rent. From the Bruins how the Celtics the fourth most valuable franchise. In the MBA. It's all about the banners right apparently. It's got to be the banners. Of -- tradition of the Celtics. And you what you want seventeen titles. And been around for a long time. And those franchises. Is there any coincidence psych there's only one franchise that's this kind of new to the party -- The bulls were well founded in what ninth nineteen did 1960 debate but. -- -- Celtics were part of the NBA they originally MBA and so where the knicks. And and the lakers trying to sort of view if you include Minneapolis. So I think just staying power has something to do with that and then just what you what you have and you herb. In your trophy cases. So I mean if even though the bulls have been around for a little bit if Michael Jordan doesn't give them six titles are they worth that much money and thanks so. No -- probably worth a fair amount just because they -- in Chicago third biggest city but -- -- -- -- -- there's still some value there but you're right without those championships now that they're not -- the same amount. Somebody they're saying the Celtics are worth a lot because anybody -- Irish by sure. Election. OK that's it I didn't know that was one of the stereotypes being Irish -- you know one thing about Irish people you guys -- a lot of sharks while -- -- -- that vessel picture it's because you got you get the upper. There have been get the I get the overly. But. What do what do what a great business deal for Rick and Steve I remember when they bought the team. And they paid a record amount at the time and know that numbers always changing. But it was well over 300 million dollars. And now at their value 875. Million. Even right now I mean you think about the franchise and what does it. What are you hanging your hat on a possible Rondo extension. -- the draft. Picks while last night they were hanging their hat on Chris Humphries he's taken last second shots for the from for the team. But -- and -- thank him but the second -- last shot of the game with a chance to seal it they go to Chris Humphries around the free throw line. I had -- temperature betting on a Washington did a good job of shutting down the number one option. About playing Jeff Green well today. You know when they shut down your number one option it's always good to have a solid number two option like -- -- is a guy that you're hoping to cut a guy that when you acquired his salary the number one thing you acquired it for was to be able to get rid of it that's a good option for your your second the last shot of the game took a look at Washington countered with -- -- taking their two biggest shots of the game. That makes sense he's a shooter is a guy you want you want shoot from the outside Olympic moment. As Latin not a shooter but it does take -- my team can -- would take an economic team to Oden and -- shooting twice to try to win in the leading group. Why he's twice -- -- well you know John wall's not -- then at -- forget about all of the local that that the on -- In Nene is the -- let's let him take the final shot. Anyway. Move on past that would -- -- -- doing little more Celtics a little later we have Bill Belichick on yesterday afternoon com. There wasn't a good mood again. Yeah I thought I thought it was. Any pretty good mood although. Certain things he didn't wanna -- it really wanna get into. That that I wanted him to get into. Now he talked about. More and more extensively than I expected he talked about the injury. To Talib who. You know according to him may not need surgery -- talked about this the urgency of Tom Brady and a long winded way didn't. Directly say yes. I feel I feel. Pressure. To get Tom Brady some weapons he talked about that but what they wanted him to elaborate. I did wanted to get into the Welker stir up more not personality. Not the soap opera. But why if you say it's one of the worst place you've seen I I did want him to talk about it more. Unfortunately when you asked him about it you didn't get much of that you only really got this. Are relative we're we're. And I congratulate them Thursday. They want they're getting away from what they do they deserve it -- this week. I don't have any help. It -- what are you take from that answer. He got what he wanted to initially on the and -- shoals statement about Wes Welker. And that is. A he wanted to point out. The hypocrisy. Or some of the loopholes. In the NFL rules even though -- you know came out and said it's illegal play. I mean what do you expect from the that. A guy who's. Hi to the NFL affiliated with the NFL and in some ways it's protecting. The shield. Even if even if the play is questionable but he is able to draw attention bring attention to that play and I saw Walter Thurmond was talking about it. And he thought it was a nasty play from the Seahawks so that mission a mission accomplished let's talk about this play. And how it's hypocritical. For us to focus on the safety of often to players but not the safety of defensive players and the second -- -- I think -- what the call -- He wanted to say something about -- And in mission accomplished there -- does it change -- result of the game of course not. But he got what he wanted out of it and he was ready to move -- Yes so so where does that leave them on -- so he's made is he's taken its pot shot at west I guess he's now just let us all know that you know like. Brian I mean is like I just want to Alton ill. I either I think he's a traitor or this is I I let him go because I didn't really want the guy or we never really got along all -- mean he's trying to. He's trying to get something up their right -- mean there's there's a little bit more to the message. Dirty player. Or dirty play. Look at this guy did it in a huge game Burris is a dirty play by Welker and watch it or is it may be. Really into little little deeper that's -- -- this -- who boy dishonest. Maybe he's. He's tried to muddy the waters for. Welker in the Super Bowl put in the officials on alert they call this watch this yeah. You know hey you guys may have won the game but. I'm Scott -- to make sure you don't win a Super Bowl look at them -- have the officials. Calling you for your your illegal blocks hitting it doesn't reflect badly on ballot check it well court when the Super Bowl with the with the Broncos this year. Reflect badly probably not. I don't I don't think so because if you're New England forget about the rest of the country this -- think about it. If you -- the patriots. Is your first a your patriots fan. Is if Wes Welker wins the Super Bowl is your first thought CB could have done that for us not a semi personal my first audience. Well you have to Super Bowl rings. With two different franchise could damage if you held onto the ball that was and you hit so I'm not gonna mourn for you. I'm actually gonna -- for myself. Because you cost me a Super Bowl that's what I would. Well I mean unit you know how I feel about that that's always been my drop dead in this terrible is terribly caught that -- And Ed Bill Belichick -- premise and that's one of the worst -- to -- worst plays Justine was in the Super Bowl. Where Wes Welker dropped the ball. Let's call about a net. It's just that I can you imagine you are talking a billion like any other thoughts on Wes Welker can't -- the damn ball at another ring I have heard our rigs. A former it's hate the name -- -- But baffled just catches one. Asked the Chris Collins -- says he catches 100 out of a hundred times. Juan just capped one more ball I have another ring and they had a lot higher I go live on Nantucket not even worry about the crap. It was deliberate ploy by the receiver to take the key. No attempt to get open and politically handle discipline on that play. There and forget about Chris Collins worth what he had to say if you look at that clip which we did last week. The give Vince Wilfork and I think is Gerard Warren was on the team at the time on the bench. Then looked up there's -- Anticipation of guys we can keep sitting here and I'll read it read some -- clock we got at least three maybe six coming up. And then he drops it and all. Their heads down because they -- you know get everywhere Abu back I notice that -- -- added every body knew. That game is going in the wrong direction so what do what do you think what do what do you think bill what was his what was his end game -- via text here that says yeah maybe just maybe he just saw a dirty play commented on it like he's done before the other players. I don't buy that that's not true on the -- Milosevic nominal does -- generally doesn't comment on anything unless -- -- -- specific reason. Why he would comment on. I cannot refer to comment on much on TJ ward. No I don't necessarily comment on the earth. Refresh my memory you guys may have that you you you remember -- I don't I can't remember bill. Talking about somebody being a dirty player or making the dirty -- yeah. Even an -- -- how -- reward Bernard Pollard -- I think he clearly was upset with I don't ever remember comments. As specific as this one to eight lead you to believe because there's no way he thinks this -- is dirty -- than some of the others ran in the league doesn't even say that this one deserves a fine or penalty or anything else to the only explanation is that he specifically going after Wes Welker. The 61777979837. Bob in New Hampshire about. -- -- -- Well when I get Arab culture quote Welker. And I aren't I travel I -- -- Cleveland Erica Washington. And I'm not I'm not. I don't -- pitcher and how great they aren't a great coach Belichick is. One more item to actual list or I'm constantly being told he's here and he's he's the other. And tired of it doesn't stop. It didn't exit the podium. There's just Biden saying you know awhile back. Got to stop because it's making your life difficult. -- I -- -- -- Bob is the other part of that is -- also making your life good by the fact that this team wins twelve games every. -- -- -- guys that you shouldn't they get older I go to games I realized I -- I love it but you know. I think he can he can turn a little bit of a page here. That was illegal that I coach football I know what that cleared the ball was -- at the same time Welker. Utility that's a legal play right. It was dirty but I know it a little. That maybe you shouldn't be. Maybe it's -- good. Luck and our course and a lot of -- and I think that's what they. And that's what I mean Bob I think he knew that the NFL was gonna do anything -- Vicki knew there was going to be any discipline. He's calling it out. Because. He wants to conversation. And it may not be illegal play next year he wants attention on that play. And so that -- to me. That's why he went there in the Bill Belichick ever wanted to. Share his true opinions about this commissioner and and some of the rules. That are in the National Football League. That we can do for hours and a -- would be back. Army he he's got a million -- some of them are even working out in like the PAT is -- -- may get rid of Ph.D.s. Next year a couple of text messages AT&T text like 37937. Maybe that Welker dropped wasn't a mistake maybe he was sticking it to deal. Olympics a little different but I don't we give them making it does go to work out well for them I'm known as a receiver drops. Who drops passes in the African super ball are but I got another -- is another tax my gun and mobile hit on what this means next because I read this one. And I know this person is not alone. I says telecheck after ten years of failure. Is an arrogant ass. They're ten years of failure from Bill Belichick I know this person is not the only one who thinks -- next rockaholic that. You read. It wasn't legal hit let's look at the video on and we'll explain why here's Welker in the slot. In the first potential -- would be for offensive pass interference in a receiver can't block downfield before the ball is touched so the timing is important. You'll see -- run -- route -- does appear to angle back tours to leave and come into his path creating -- contact. Now we have to look to see when was the ball touched in relation to the contact you'll see here the contact occurs the ball is touched almost simultaneously. We don't have a foul for past -- the other thing he's an unnecessary roughness under the current rules it is and it's not only. So lead wasn't out of the play. Unfortunately it wasn't injuries are just like in other situations when an injury does occur the competition committee will take a look at this and determine if there needs to be changed. But under the current rules this is a legal plight. And a lot of times you talk to the head coaches you call them after controversial. Decisions have been made again did you call Bill Belichick after this one. With bill and and we talked about that this situation and the play. And obviously there's a difference of opinion there and something that will continue to look at -- in the offseason. Our esteemed landing you know of the NFL explaining why the Wes Welker hit is not dirty Y in there and you just -- When did that mean so there's a difference of opinion in other words bill -- to me out for 45 minutes on -- phone at the end and we agree to disagree. Good at this David -- probably hung up on them that ended -- agreed to disagree bad news there was it was a it was a big argument. It was a fight. They tussle verbally. You think when they talked about this that this was the only play they came up because -- my impression is. He was willing to talk to bill about this play. And he got to hear about TJ ward and he got to hear about the extra point against the jets and he got to hear -- why don't blame to spread the field goal against the jets and -- got to hear will hear about the Carolina play. And the no pass interference. And in my guess is it was a conversation that was wide ranging. Had just so tired of your consistency you did this and you guys baton on and on -- Yeah bill I can understand your frustration yes I understand. Have a lot of respect for you in the job that you've done yes on and on. But where does that get -- does that get you anywhere. Is that competition committee after the season is over they sit down at the guests at the owners' meetings. Next month then and decide they're gonna change some of these rules. That would happen -- arm and MRI. I don't see that -- I don't see anyway I mean look the I don't see the NFL deciding that they're going to make kicks even more illegal than they already are. I don't see it it would be as far as I know. The only time in recent memory they've made it easier for the defense to play defense and harder for a wide receiver to get -- correct and that's just not in the NFL's best interest. They want deems to be played in the thirties right they want high scoring games they want to -- -- yards passing by every quarterback in every game they want receivers running wide open they don't want big hits and -- I mean this is what they want. He hit -- and it's pretty much square right. So -- calibrate -- it. He's got a low low low -- -- I -- ground it was on a job right I mean he wasn't rolling on the ground trying to take out his knees he had been flagged it with there was Bonnie. Maybe it's the fact that he's he's shorten in to leave leave the hall. And so. You know legislative path directly -- -- all players or your plans to place -- players -- I don't mind I don't sport for a minute -- -- -- to play football but it's about your children promote. Something you said -- Something you said before the break you're talking about failure of the techsters they've. They've failed for ten years and years of failure and that's what but Belichick still -- First question just in Pittsburgh. Patriots. Patriots I think that is an angry patriots fan is not over Sunday and an admired the team hasn't -- And you hear it a lot and I think. In a way. You'd you'd you'd never think this or nobody thought that if you're patriots fan. In in 2001. You win that Super Bowl and you win to war. A few years later tonight you've got your three and four years. I don't think he would stay at the time what -- much too soon. Maybe we should give -- one of these championships. And David. Four. A rainy day five years from now. So then we could say we won two championships. -- at the beginning of the decade then -- or toward the end of the decade -- have another ones that we don't have to say it's been ten years of failure. He -- a problem it's a site. That have won super balls recently. But are good right now get more love. In the patriots who haven't won super balls recently but are still good. What if I ask you this what we phrased -- this -- what if Bill Belichick instead of taken over in 2000. What if you taken over in his first year in 2005. What that was the first year of the Belichick -- OK you wipe away the first four seasons. Per spicy -- first five seasons of the Belichick -- the 2000 Drew Bledsoe year the three Super Bowl years and the 2002 just wipe them off. And what his resume started in 2005. And you got every year Bill Belichick from then until now to Super Bowl appearances will be what four AFC championship appearances and a couple of other playoff appearances and one year old Matt Cassel. If that was bill Belichick's resonate without a Super Bowl win but nine years of -- pretty incredible sustained success. What the conversation be like about -- built right now. I think we caught a Marty shot Marty Schottenheimer. He records Schottenheimer liked figure -- of Marty's never gotten to the Super Bowl but that kind of thing you look at Marty Schottenheimer record. It's a good record the get those wins he's won a ton of games but no Super Bowl so. We knew when you have that on your resume people start to wonder if you can ever get it done the -- -- Marv Levy thing. The Marley he's -- hall of fame. -- If you've got one big give you got a Super Bowl to win. And you've got ten coaches lined up. You've probably pick it you probably pick some floors over over. Marv Levy that -- probably you probably go with you know some other guys lesser coaches right. But who actually won a Super Bowl. Andy Reid is another name that you might compare to adapt when he laden doesn't eagle -- in Philadelphia. Eric finally had the one really bad year that led to his dismissal -- -- Has yet to have anything close to that but it is interesting -- take away those first five years which you can't do you know Mike with -- of these conversations before but just trying to get into the head trying to figure out somebody who is right what bothers him for somebody says well the ten years and arrogance and and failure. Law hasn't been. And and I can kind of understand the point because of it could be here for all that time we were doing. WEEI -- WIP. What we we would say having some of the same things about injury you know it's just time to move on. I I love irrespective everything to everything you did here but maybe it's just -- to move on we need a coach that can win that big game put this team over the top of -- a Super Bowl now and almost say that about Belichick. Because he won three out of the first four. But it is interesting that since then as it does kind of it does resemble an -- But see I don't think arrogance is what we got to stop moralizing here IP arrogant. -- arrogant -- You can be arrogant. And win championships. You can be arrogant and it is still get where you're trying to go. It's almost like. Or do we tell about Bill Belichick he's arrogant for some people because he hasn't given Tom Brady the weapons that he needs and then. For some folks he was arrogant 2007. When he gave Tom Brady the weapons that he needed and then decided oh yeah keep going. No you're not coming out of the game. Thirty points is not enough forty point is that enough let's go for fifty. Well Randy Moss got two touchdowns try to get four. NFL record what you just said it lost -- what you just -- Brady. So. It's it's still it's the personality. Of Bill Belichick I don't think factors into this. Close the deal he would still be if you think he was arrogant 2007. He would still be that. If if they don't if if David Tyree doesn't catch it. When that game and still the same guy isn't what to what changed what changes -- west brokered a bum had dropped it caught a pass. They catch zip pass against the giants in the second Super Bowl. This Bill Belichick still arrogant if you believe -- -- yes nothing changes. Throughout the story there's some there's a story there but I don't think that the. Brian is in his car -- -- -- Uranium that was going on. A third straight like ordered or urged long. She's -- yeah I actually aren't just wanted to share her stupid doing what they had gotten how your irons or Obama so much. We ordered -- look at you know where we aired over the last two years. I feel like you know. -- -- a year ago Eric you. -- discouraged I mean. Quite frankly I don't feel that we belong here championship. Sheer intuitive Archie and you know where -- checkered got nods. What he had to work where I still you might. Your coach of the year already. No wonder you can hear the failure to you like it on the nation. -- -- Yeah. I agree we have. I agree is that failure that's not the right word it. Maybe. It was really wanna have this discussion in and get to it and try to figure out. Why the patriots haven't -- and they've had some opportunities. Is dead. Missing a certain kind of players admit there are they one player away is that it mean. We now with the benefit of hindsight you can look at the last ten years and say well what they're missing is. A dynamic player and if so what Chris -- wrote today the patriots have more talent and that's -- they have won the last three years. We say that now. Because we we know the results but. Where did they not have enough talent. -- guy to -- on Welker I would go to other place in the game but that would just jumps out four minutes to play salted away. Did -- that game because they didn't have enough talent isn't as Wes Welker. He's seen as talented player. So if you criticize. The patriots were not having enough talent. And west brokers in position to win the game are you also the same person who complains about the lack of talent at receiver. And and your bemoaning the fact that Wes Welker talented player now when he wasn't talented. In the last Super Bowl they went to the talented player goes to Denver economy and. So I give yeah I think you make good point I I also think that. That they're text or does not stand for huge portion of fans out there I don't think most fans. Are looking at the last decade is being failure but I do think it's -- saying that it that the last decade since 2004. Has been very compare Balt Indy Reid's tenure may be even more so then then. Than your guy Schottenheimer just because he got to a Super Bowl during that time lost one. In some heartbreaking fashion as well to the patriots it's not exactly analogous but it's pretty similar a lot of AFC or NFC championship games in his case. One Super Bowl sustain success playoffs almost every single year. I was able to in his case even to transition quarterbacks and finally it all fell apart last year and he was like oh. But you know Philadelphia like the Andy Reid but was always a little uneasy with Andy Reid right I mean they like dumb but it's silly so there's a high standard being set and he didn't always live up to it. It's curious that you could make a comparison to Bill Belichick and Andy Reid. Over the last ten years to get back your calls on this coming up there about fifteen minutes 617779798371. Though new member of the Boston Red Sox. He's pretty damn good player at least when he's healthy rob Bradford -- tell us about -- in the Boston blitz an axle and -- WE.

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