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Fauria and Chatham address what the Patriots need to do in the offseason

Jan 23, 2014|

Christian Fauria and Matt Chatham talk about what the Patriots should prioritize as the team heads into the offseason and free agency.

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I believe they will this is still a good football team we saw the development of Jamie Collins on -- you could see their -- now starting to pay also. The patriots are going nowhere folks until they get the wide receiver to leave the what they'll do it old they'll go to assumed a level that. Ron Jaworski he's a former quarterback. I hear money SP and you see it audience PM not -- -- 37 WEEI with Matt Chatham with Christian Fauria. I can play together for three Unix -- -- my works pretty New Year's guest wedding other Ochoa alive. Or some other more road warriors welcome Bartlett before you let you know well on -- service. Together tank fire season also going to be a veteran. Through the front panel for -- for those who -- little Jesse's girl thing -- media. Right forgot about that's that's the -- agree. And -- -- We had it was Jacksonville rate and we ended up all of those were out -- some. Some some restaurant bar that like some lot some eighties band. It was agrees that we -- -- -- music. This is Monday it's like. One night economic data and red blue balloons are like a good enough and I love the color I felt. We got a Super Bowl does well Monday night. Live band and utilities are -- eighties -- of it and I we were all whole team and usually if it's started earlier in the year -- Hot hot here on the back of my neck that's an error in my head words to be accurate but like I go to Canada is on the ground that. Out of the way excellence laid out hunt for -- so so -- -- during the year will begin this kind of always ran the music. He always it was this big iPod is right where guys are doing the mix in the world is stuffed the playable in the in the weight room. It will kind of ran he was the -- Any moment where will we would pull his because he was in the -- was in right behind Willie did an interview would stop magazine to -- even exist anymore. When he hammered me he's sound of music sucks and everybody do -- think it would. He went after me if that's -- very clicked. At that time I was very muted light you know the warrior. -- you know I've ever -- half. Friday -- right -- I'd love it in the best. -- -- the -- just great I mean but I had it in Jesse's girl was. Really played quite a bit of that locker room and that -- that thing that we had to take a tactic that really -- that it really -- all of that -- -- -- -- We've we've saying and I think it's -- one of those dvds. All of you know that the the confetti is put down a -- the pulled out the fake newspaper headlines we were seeing him -- -- you know I. And then as we left the locker room on the way back to the hotels remember that the boss with all the shooters and a half of the team. We were shaken a team -- since almost popular iPad with -- tropical probe must have a reason I became en us and it Mary is those. Mary Kennedy Larry -- well -- our guys are dug up I had to -- -- Butchered it but it was like discounted just trying to get Rick was with us now down memory while. -- backs or they're just reported but actually looking for is that we start this conversation we can I don't know I don't ever how we got -- Chatham jump anyone ask Christian a question. I think that was out Jesse's going out and ask you something quarterbacks equipment. Quarterback scores -- just nickel back. -- Dime back. Worked with constant income from I had a -- to Wiki data Google that and second it's not a totally like there's already challenged yet. The legal challenges and as a it is an answer on Google why they call it. A quarterback. Our -- but you. I don't a half back of the -- back -- it all comes down the letters like when I first got -- colleagues. Into off the corner house like one of those guys it was too but it was it was -- like dude to play touted to slowed when wide receiver Soviet navy or H back. We have like Y -- he would like it was half for is -- world I was I don't know I don't like it's a super eights they needed a letter. It didn't there's still there's no rhyme or reason to it it's just like -- -- can be beat back a community. -- why would the biggest pouring currency thing go to the -- you know said the ball rolled the defense of guys haven't -- back back to stop and stories that are its border with Iraq shadow and Madden at Chatham singing -- science clearly get the two people on the -- since I'm only a first like some minutes he's got his black copyright. Don't or let us we would like -- -- and I droplets thankful skim milk yeah and that series skated dark. I act act act -- but I I. -- -- -- -- try to get this back on track or else the you -- for the break did it's he does not have enough talent missile over chief during the -- under achieved that last game which leads you to. What they have to do here in the off season and I don't know about you guys but I and the top my list. I think it's resigning key to leave the guys in the last two years one difference maker on this defense. It was a top flight quarterback and if it's not resigning Aqib Talib. I think it's going out getting Brent Grimes a -- Grimes who's out there. I think there are a couple of quarters ultra low burner -- two or three guys that we consider. Not have shut down guys but top. A second tier quarterbacks below Revis law Richard Sherman that's second tier of really good quarterback and to meet. If -- only do one thing you do more the one thing but I would tip top my list. It would bring him back Aqib Talib or a similar quarterback to play that -- left to right -- have -- stay on the other side. And knowing you have going into next year -- -- -- defensively. Mail Wilfork a healthy you know last game felt pretty good about the -- and there are banged up they still get to -- AC title game. That's that that's the first thing a cup -- this is Aqib. Right top like orbit it's tough to disagree with that I think prices all the matters that we saw like a ruling depressed quarterback market last year there had four guys that went out I think that was part and -- one to -- came back into the five point five million at the boy and a -- -- symbol that was really the number for the -- -- -- Grimes got his I think -- Brandon Flowers from cancer were couple deals route their. The -- banks setting things -- Revis is it fourteen million cap number. I think all the guys that -- -- plastered on new deals the cap it was around Berkeley did his one year. So we of them though the plan is to go back recruit yourself and help those numbers -- north of ten like here. You're while Patrick Peterson there but I mean those kind of guys like Sherman's point Portland -- short -- -- -- was not a big number but. That idea now is you go back out there and I say -- -- Yes one among my team. Put the price is a big deal because think about this -- you I think cap allocation always comes into play with these guys like how the opposition group of -- that was sort of as a way to frame work. You just had him at five which I think is a reasonable number and I'm not so scared about his future because you are Tom -- health stuff I think the hip will be there are really do. But it is no there's no indication that he's not gonna probably -- 12116 you're sure for yet what I think he's impact for import enough -- that all matters. The problem is if Pompeii in ten million dollars to get twelve games. You know to -- -- only Jim you know seven and a half million of actual play time on the field. If -- painful life. That's pretty good because I'm relieved you know that means it's like I think of -- -- seven -- really dark corner whoever bottom I'm getting the five which is actually what is -- -- field so. It's just going to be tough I think the market's gonna speak to this and tell you what he's worth and if it gets too high above that five. From oppositional group thing and I we -- -- growing to about -- we're talking about Tampa. I don't think any one player in a spread. Sort of NFL is worth taken away one guy when there's five dudes on the doctoral foresee worst. -- shut down corner idea of true or not. Was a big thing when it was one tight in two backs two wide receivers are -- going to have the mixed although some game plan becomes easier. When you got four dudes out there especially in a week like last week with Denver having shut down one guy and in that wasn't happening with the sky anyway. But had you done it did you win is -- worth of cap allocation of blows up the entire position group may be takes trunks on what you can do with the -- of one of the backs or something else I don't think so provided you give him in at around five. Maybe do -- three or four year deal. Guarantee seven rate of it. With a lot of contingencies written into the contract yeah maybe once it starts giving up to ten per forgot to juveniles going to be there for all sixteen games. Didn't have a -- since September the never PB used since the fall I mean that's that's the kind of things to come to the negotiating table trying to beat down. Will be at -- fearless -- -- I was gonna off offers his to leave. Information. If you were to leave. Are you OK with the franchise to fired up about franchise tag you would love it and I think you got eleven million dollars to charity and you get another -- here Andy yeah you. You -- I mean how. Eleven million dollar for corner yeah but do they do is definitely do they use that poker chip on him. Depends on what else they do because right now there are a lot of money quite frank -- seven and nine million dollars and they're gonna have to look at. You know we renegotiate with -- can renegotiate with Stephen -- -- -- wealth -- free up money. -- start to do some of these things I think. At a Christian you try to save yourself enough money were worst case scenario. You'd that's what you deal they it's the for the patriots I believe that's the worst case scenario that you guarantee yourself a top flight quarterback. What you do it ten million dollars -- it is right now three or four years five million dollars per. That's the goal -- but I think he also -- the goal former type contingencies I think that's important number of former winner of a deal heavily incentive -- with the backs of Italy BW want to get -- to take those kind of things because there might be. Better deals form on the market but I think you know what you have. I. Think Hollywood life is -- -- -- so yeah exactly so we just discussed this. During the break -- top -- cornerback. Is -- the top like cornerback because. Even the walker hit that that that everybody's talking about OK we talked about that was the banjo called cater switching you have -- -- leader comes out. -- Tamara Thomas Willis walker over the top OK you don't gonna be a pick play. Don't get to sell picked bail you take that you take to mayor -- -- and then a key to leave you take Welker out the back in thus. You leading the ability of the pick play in general OK so -- of falls off to leave does that he's out of a game. So there's other instances where. He was basically lucky to be in a position where Pete -- just didn't see certain certain guys open that he was covering. And he's always been a guy that is. Overly aggressive. Kate makes a big play but how -- like there's a ticking time bomb okay worry he's gonna dispute blown out either by a lack of covered back technique. The guys it's the best of which which can happen so. The question is top -- quarterback okay shut down quarterback how many are -- -- name three. Two or three neat -- Patrick rivas -- -- that's at. Wind and wishes that -- even look at you murder -- crimes you look at that -- all guys that are free agents this year are all that second tier I'd still considering number one corner. Allocated server shut down the aisle and that's fair looked like Christina needs a number one quarterback I don't think that agree -- I don't think Logan Ryan on the calorie and any of those guys would be and that here with crimes to -- I agree with you but I think that I think the major point is ruling -- drop the solution shut down it's just not out there it's such a rare thing in disguise of one of them if -- he can't shut down when he finds the capsule -- -- body match we've gone through that in the past. And that doesn't mean I don't think you can cover the smaller guys just. It -- you're no longer in the realm of leave me alone with that guy do the rest of the cuts -- He can cover you know that this group of what's his name Steve knew him answer notes that these threats and Johnson Stevie johnsons dismiss the few Arnold and we can't constant Smith now while he's an artist is a tougher time with -- but it's not only Malone the poignant. He can be left alone on a few guys on your schedule bull but unless it was somebody else I think that's importantly we should look at adhere to via the -- to upcoming schedule. Does is it going to be a season or -- you know the big 65 guys each and every weekly you happen to have a dvd you're talking evaluation quarterbacks they're facing next -- Manning. Locked Rogers. Rivers are at least four and ask -- staffers the other went to your face and he says six buyback Calvin Johnson what just -- the scheduled I think that's part of the part of thinks it's not so -- Do you wanna fight atop I think that's the wrong -- it's part of the body Deborah crime Baghran is a good covered I think election tighter routes and to Bebop and isn't some of these guys. But when you play Calvin Johnson we don't match up when you play a you've got Cincinnati and schedule again you know get -- -- -- -- guys match up against him. That's -- -- -- -- Denver Broncos are back on schedule yet covered matters to a not so much does it have to be -- you're gonna need to find a longer six foot plus guy. They can match up that way with. The attitude to match he's got a plan that adds an idea you know. You gotta have a guy here is is that is pretty yeah and it makes I think that the Q. And overlook some of his deficiencies. And it and what he can't do because what adds that he brings to the whole court to the whole group. Of quarterbacks I think you know with any group or any -- -- -- wolves are linebackers Heidi as the receivers. You've got to have a couple of you gotta have a guy that really sets that tone you know at some have three or four Holman the whole group is like that but the guys you're lucky few apple. Here supporting -- Parcells and then in the seat of the patriot. You're and they're trying to make a case you'll push the player -- you wanna share what -- try to make a strong a possible case from your side of the table like the number needs more where were talking. And part of that is a and an interception since -- you know and and you know that the big plays a -- it would drive and number to go to seven pixels subtle or twelve million dollar quarterback. You get three did really won't rule we saw clear for your integral part of what we do we love your attitude your -- you know you're going to have to walk normal those kinds of things. Which can't quantify simple like that and usually just personal Saxon and as a options -- all accounts for much down passes that drives it. And you know this was an important player. What the impact player making stuff ruling stopped. Once the hip injury recur recur so you're gonna need contingencies and a contractor to do your best to drive the number down you do want the player. But in the event the market doesn't believe what it's on tape. And we've sort of more than medium mean that he was certain people on each week which was the case these reports the while one team. But this notion that he was run around -- and -- -- not giving -- open -- -- its interest -- Christians that want the -- I agree -- -- agree with defense because most people outside this -- think its offense to that point I wanted two things we -- back won his refueling -- -- younger and yes -- he's your -- between the -- one is three to -- agree -- is quote today public -- think -- settlement is going to be back and -- might impact this team. On the opposite side and number two you're right. You've set the tone today to -- tone setters. You said -- told by saying you would do -- salt teen challenge live on the air I am looking yellow plastic plate. Full of little to package salt team cracker we have enough for packages we have enough format we did your sixth former. -- thing to understand his Christian is in these objects elevator this guy. I -- I am pro guys got. I've been presented display and he plays the best around -- a new political like a close talker little spit like that's an unfair advantage and you go back and if -- -- it's good drive out competition I don't drive out -- work record -- There's -- government that lets you guys that's been Charlie Weis. He's got stuff that gathers around -- -- -- it's an -- -- -- -- others I organized. Two former patriots on -- a player and a defense -- player they'll go head to -- In -- -- -- challenge live on the air going to be next right here on 937 W yeah.

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