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Jackie MacMullan, ESPNBoston: Patriots disappointed in loss to Denver

Jan 23, 2014|

Jackie MacMullan joins the show to discuss the loss to Denver, Julian Edelman's impending free agency and Bill Belichick's comments on Welker.

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Much as Lou study 37 WEEI Lou off today. And tomorrow back on Monday. Former pitcher Christian -- in the house Jack and acknowledge joins us brought to you by Toyota of -- great friends there and by commonwealth mortgage. State Jack school. It's it's up much Christian Fauria today how are you -- Crowd about Chris I got Matt Chatham hanging out to -- -- -- a couple of ex patriot today Jarrett had to -- me. You got an enlightened about the new browns coach Kenyan. Who is. It's it's here's a -- to bring -- the got a flyer and I can't that and -- back in life ahead of time in the mix -- Cleveland anyway. On your show and -- I don't know no it's it is our show right now we start with that's got to patriots here in the room Jack ya I wanna get your thoughts on. You around this team all year and I felt like that you're during the regular season you know they certainly. Over achieved and and the the effort you saw Sunday in Denver. Wasn't quite representative of how far this team came this year how much the overcame how did you feel about the patriots season as a -- -- that sore. Well let's pick as a whole it's hard to be too upset with them because it just -- avalanche of injury you mean I'm one of those people. And I admitted that counted them out about four different times when Wilfork went down when -- went down McGraw went down I was sure it was over. And now has drawn almost every time. But I do think. It would disappointing. That that game against Denver because. They just didn't play well I mean they got it. If you kick off the -- like we do. And it's quarterback against all climactic speech especially at the line both lined up -- -- defense line and it stated that there head handed to them. So. You know it's created a year if you lies and sure they'll be the first to tell you. It's pretty disappointing one in the biggest game in the year you don't come up with your best performance that he. You Jacqui talk about Julian element here's a guy that to see there yet out. Your Christian you're in my -- it goes on Mikey and I can't hear you try one more time Christian. Hello there UIRS. Eric Idle this -- -- -- so where to go about -- settlement here's a guy that. You know what I don't think anyone really thought he would have the year he did now the patriots are in this dilemma where. You know do they keep even though they have Danny Amendola and what's your thoughts on the. Well you're right I mean I don't know if you can. You know the way it well you can but the patriots never had let's put it that way and taking on two contracts like that -- specific skill position. So I think it'll be interesting to see what they do I'm not mistaken -- dole has contacted structured it such that if you wanted to cut ties than you could. If you decide to -- -- -- over him. I don't know that's gonna happen I mean its parent and until he you know he was heard all year is no question about that. And so you can give him points for having guts to translate through the problem is. He's -- over twenty games over the last three years at what point she just say you know what. Whether it -- it counted or not he just can't stay healthy now a year ago you might say the thing about element right. But boy what a year he had I mean I was so impressed with what he did just such a tough gutsy I love the edgy hip and edgy -- bit edgy guy and that. A lot from I had done a story on earlier. And on the DP -- tell me that you know this fight can practice all the time and keep the card at all. He's -- and I like that that's a guy on my team. Yes so to that so. Could he find comparable numbers to what Amador got with the patriots out in the open market from another team. That's a really good question and and I am not sure I know the answer I think you'll get some -- the Willie get back kind of -- after one year I don't know. I'm not sure that you know I -- Welker was gonna get more money than he got. So those so called slot the quote unquote system receivers don't seem to get big dollars. Jackie I enjoyed that the heck out of your piece talking about Tom Brady this week and habits of public what does he really thinking and it. As were talking about cattlemen yeah I am left sit and wonder can the patriots afforded they do let him walk and feel like Danny Amendola have already paid him and they wanna stick with him an element of the somewhere else that. How they look at Brady and 37. And it and how they look at him it's there we're gonna take away for the second straight year. The guy who led your team in catches and ask them to rebuild with three were are will be second your receivers. A -- has been banged up and a wide receiver the you to -- has missed twenty games the last three years how hot and they look at -- do that is that a mistake to do that to the quarterback. Well I think it is -- -- you bring in a guy like Eric Decker or someone to constrict the field or is and Decker makes -- one point three million dollars this year. You'd think the patriots have trouble in the receivers those guys have got. You know how they gonna pay Decker after the party paid Welker and they got to two thomas' on the roster and so on and so forth so. Listen I think they got to get more weapons that was the whole point of that column. And I know the patriot way -- and overpaid all that well you know let the patriot way now is nine years removed from Obama pick anyways to went to pupils in and you can't. He can't argue with what Belichick -- and what crafted and or Brady is done. -- because it's 11 to go out and and also pay a little bit ankle that's what I would -- This is just really quick question Jack noticeable did not answer to -- mom -- was Google and what what so what what's the what's the effect of the Hernandez contract going into the next season you know still talking dead money words is that part of -- savings that. I don't think that even to -- -- I think I think that's still up that's still a question mark and targeted I think that's gonna be decided. Well above Belichick and not so I think that's going to be decided in the -- and I I I can honestly don't have the answer for you there but it's a good it's a fair question. I want to -- I wonder if that there sort of a chain effect that happens from now because although it's not a wide receiver technically it's inside production you know and maybe. You don't -- redundancy if you have a Amendola settlement if that things off the books they can hinder you from going to get a second tight end if that was the right thought process but maybe you feel comfortable with both of those. In the absence of her name is sort of albatross around your neck. Not a good play and you know and from what I the research I did -- that the draft. That's -- pretty good tight end and tunnel to fuel pump so you know you draft tight and that's it's it's pretty much built -- how much you gonna pay him right. So I would go that direction we're talking what I think what I think about going out and get someone like -- you think I'm crazy. We kind of talked about a little bit of squeaky -- Decker to me out of give her the bull elephant. Yeah I -- -- but the it's so -- we thought that you know the every team needs an older guy that you kind of keep the -- -- not necessarily keep the younger guys in line but really kind of show them the way -- Colorado workshop a lot of practice show obsolete just really kind of 22 way because it is a transition from college to the -- -- -- Eric -- would be that bull elephant or not he's not necessarily a -- got -- -- -- -- You're facing them for the game. -- up that you're nothing gonna learn from him how do attack. But the playbook how do listen in meetings and how to watch -- and even though he's he wouldn't be he's not Randy Moss I think you definitely have an effect on the young guys. Yet and you know the young guys to keepers right we think I mean certainly what little soft option you think he's a keeper and I don't I didn't I don't know enough about the -- content to tell whether he's -- -- or not but obviously that's the plan to -- to develop these guys. A year from now I won't have to spend the first six or seven games making sure they run their -- throughout the correctly they're gonna get that for next year. So I understand that but I just think. You know I just think they need to do something big on the offensive side of the ball and just really feel like they should think Tom -- deserved that. And a lot of this comes because Wes Welker is now in Denver we're talking a -- the -- PM Boston. Dot com and I'm curious -- what you thought of bill Belichick's. Eyes -- answered a question but it really was and it was his opening salvo and it Monday morning when he clearly he had thought about it premeditated came out and said. He didn't like what west did do Aqib Talib and it's one of the worst things that he -- what you think about Belichick Monday morning. I'm disappointed you know I just -- -- -- all that said the day before saying would stand up guys the patriots hell were after you know pretty bad blocks. But but Belichick would just stand up guy and his post game press contact Bob Brady was the same way. They -- Logan Mankins right on down my -- they did exactly. What you hoped they would do they took it like command they accepted no excuses you know we losses came to a better team that's what they all said. And then you know bill comes in the next state. And start talking about the receiver when he couldn't complain name which -- thought was -- using. And you know it just seems like the blind spot with Bill Belichick when it comes to Welker. I know that class everybody knows that I don't know the -- and out -- bit -- teammates do. But I thought it was too bad because he did exactly what really construct displayed not to do it. As -- added to make an excuse and to do that I like it. So -- -- I sort of put this to rest is all haven't seen on ESPN and really everywhere I look we've been talking about for a couple days is that particular play. Yes or no was it -- dirty play. I don't think realize that you know better than me not agree with you and yet it wasn't -- dirty play and and and it was I think it and it was the worst -- ever. -- Know that and you all that's what's that Brohm will. Come from it -- Celtic and Dick about it -- Wes Welker. And you're wearing a helmet that's like posted here you know Andre the Giant for crying out loud you've had so many hits to your head oh. Okay -- you wanna have a violent police with quality -- when he hit awaken your career being an older I mean come on. Well I'm disappointed and I think the recipe you can be disappointed because up until when they were in a -- -- now they're whiny complainer that's what they act. -- let's get John this year thought this week Rajon Rondo. He's back but the Celtics they've the captain and a little guy -- -- let's earlier it's a boy that's a sign that. Demagogue captain -- trade him this year did you get that same feeling from -- being named captain. Well what you don't know any very well do -- I don't think that means anything other than certainly anyone on that team deserves to be captain Rondo has earned that right. He looks a little rusty to make god bless yeah you'd expect that there was one play he was driving to the basket. He didn't have the list you know and I think it's not that he doesn't have it he's probably afraid to have it when I talk to Derrick Rose when he came back for the short time that he did. Don't want any toll was. That explosives -- up in the air that's what helped me back it didn't feel right to do it so I think runners you know ways off. Nice -- -- last night but -- the Washington Wizards this post be trying to win right. And cynical very 883 points thirty foot -- by job while the try to win it really. I like the -- a shot then regulation of base of foul line extended jumper for. Frenetic and means -- those guys are going to -- they should do it they should be a playoff team -- or not -- you know that last night it was like that the Celtics should be very happy to say they were lucky to get talent. And Oklahoma City Kevin Durant best player in the league right Allentown tomorrow Jacqui thank you as always have a great week able talk to next week are right at tentatively.

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