Jan 23, 2014|

a tet a tet that results in poopie and raspberries.

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After watching the flames and cannot explain Peter Gammons was not impressed and actually tweeted out. In Vancouver last night reiterates why in the NHL is a minor sport and women defender of all things hockey Jack Edwards found out about it he would have responded on Twitter but he was busy calling -- game. So right now. He wasn't exactly sure how to spell as a response anyway. Fortunately he was able to further articulates his point while he was only so can holly. They're there was commenting about hockey is like me commenting about women's fashion he has no credibility. If the guy looked at the wrinkle all the time that you showed us that this show up. Not to throw some blog site out there are still in the third one sport in what you find guys who have an attitude. That they think they're cool priest no good. Well you know you know work for this. You order for it -- not of the hockey right. Appropriate to the man who was inappropriate to do. And appropriate to ban on the use. Do it. It did. Do it. Yeah. You there was they're doing. It.

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