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David Ross on the Sox off-season and Alex Rodriguez

Jan 23, 2014|

Red Sox catcher David Ross joined the show to check in on his off-season. He told the guys that Alex Rodriguez should stop blaming others and look in the mirror.

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Welcome back doesn't Callahan 6177797937. Count the days on Johnny Miller to tell us how many days until pitchers and catchers report I got it right here rock how many days to the -- well let's do it again apparatus just you know. -- -- 77 days to earlier reports but no that's not true that a plus a month. Right comic I mean that -- the next -- -- -- -- cut -- Red Sox catcher -- is on the AT&T. Hotline good morning David how aria. -- more I don't know how many days to pitchers and catchers report. They were right at. Three weeks right there is some of the month that's about right what do you what do you do get ready as the party gone -- long enough chaos right. Every day -- this where it would ensure -- he's about first experience with this. You know get home and and early November. You're. I haven't been able to do my normal routine I use started January 1 and I did but I -- goods that they have been progressing really well and it -- shape you know I thought I might be behind the eight ball with with play longer but really we get to -- -- -- still part extra Mott we'll plant the highest level. -- extra -- so. With somebody told me that that mindset and caddies not -- a little bit because. I haven't started indicate that felt good throwing arm feels good working out that strong so. Just get ready get thought actually in -- not -- at those guys on that do that's about radiate back did hear some of the light correction in the locker room. David Scott you know you -- the shortened offseason what. What is more valuable to you. Win that downtime takes place is that the man breakaway from the game because obviously you're involved with every pitch when you play game the physical break with which -- is more valuable to you. The great question -- take. I think. For me so mentally drained at the end you know that stress you put on yourself when you're in that situation. And plane and a and a playoff atmosphere like that collectors and every -- does matter right and get get the same lineup out different ways. -- archives it was a challenge so. I would mentally exhausted. And then there was a little bit of a whirlwind of the media attention afterward that you go through so finally I got home I just. Wanted some downtime it just to shut off mentally and they keep your right epic that bodies are -- on its own. We kind of you know you got that state. You keep working out throughout the seat and even in the playoffs which we're still in the weight room once or twice a week at least you know I am and that -- -- it around and I think mentally is probably one of the things that I was ready to take a break. -- have you shaved yet. I do it. Out of just about to say the middle break up that comes with a highly shape that he get recognized this but going to the grocery store and they go to the mall. It was it was a lot easier what I shape to take a mental break because I let it. -- -- -- recognized and having to answer questions until stories about went out about it in Tallahassee where I live. I'm guessing. You seem to get along whatever wants I'm just gonna guess that you get along OK with -- AJ Pierzynski. As an opponent. -- do you see your relationship unfolding as you. Report to camp together. He expects to play a lot he has historically played a lot but I think he's he's older than you he's an he's an old guy man. Houses are you guys gonna divide up the game. Oh where I -- I'm 41 Elkhart. I don't know how that's gonna work I had really heard yet but -- played so many different scenarios are kinda. An all star studded Brian McCann and Atlanta where -- you all the talk about forty games -- a year. You know I don't know how -- got to play out on the report did you know AJ I don't know that much. He's got a reputation of being a tough guy that to get along wit as far as. Opponents go but I actually -- some guys that played witty. And say some really good thing about it -- it gamer and I've got remark about these aggregate you know little being here and take a take a fifty day ideal Stanford being -- you want to win is a great competitor I'd note that he's won a championship so he's one. It is numbers speak for himself so it was negative like popular actor got to build a relationship with somebody I don't really know and that cute you know it in the -- and -- -- problem -- I'm looking forward to it. I think you really complements. Our -- really well on paper be obsolete. In a pretty outspoken OP decent steroids you talk to get a couple weeks ago. In -- about I'm wondering with the story earlier this week that some guys in the union -- the kick Iraq out of the players union is a member of that group -- we among them you agree with that would you want Iraq out of the union right now. But it's up when you know I. I haven't been in the meeting this year with Vienna alarmed a lot of seat and had a -- -- about a month and besides I thought you need to go to meetings. Our union meeting to I don't know what state and talking about how at all and get. Until abreast of that but I definitely I definitely am a strong you know proponent of stricter penalties you know I I definitely. Not happy with what -- died and alleys. You know a bit like he's kinda instead looking in the -- he's. If guys like point -- figured everybody else you know and and that's not how I work at -- you know I'm the first -- say hey you know what I've -- upper. You know what I would not make an error I'd like shall have a bad game I'll be the first one to tell you -- stuck it up so I just like elect got a hold themselves accountable. Our ability it is is a huge -- miso. I'm not really you know expand on how it Allen -- didn't. You know I don't know him personally I think and on his personality but definitely the waste coming off for me just you know note that the game. Their spring training is going to be eighties to the questions about Jeter whether A-Rod shows up in his relegated to the minor league camp. That aside how much do you think David that the Yankees have improved themselves with the additional McCann and Tanaka yesterday. I think it really blew themselves -- saint. You know what you got Al -- that you you guys over and look at look at a player -- there is a dynamic player at the top ally that they already had some good pieces. You know you -- health Berry and in a lot it will get about -- -- I -- economic snuck on the radar that guy is they really really good player probably. From lead atop the Al in and the cardinal lineup was. What Carlos Beltran trance and they added him to bet that potent lineup you know they didn't ask the question mark with Jeter. Be back will really I think they'll they'll do well that park is short porch in right he's a good teammate won my better friends and it's -- -- -- You know. Still Rubin obviously done well over there but. He stood out for yourself over here you guys that effort can't do it -- different Japanese pitcher to everybody that comes over is different some guys get a lot of high. And they're not very good some guys didn't know why they're really good so that's no way to see how that plays out but. In the mix and we're going to be in the mix hopefully him. You know it's going to be on robbery -- -- report -- -- what's great about an American League east it is the best of the best. I think the Orioles got better I think they're going to be good. You know Tampa Bay has always young and feisty and you know it just alive in Toronto I think we'll have a better year they did last year to be obsolete. Well you know David better than anyone the value experience you were a 26. Before you got your shot what do you think when you hear. Jackie Bradley Zander bogey -- -- all gonna start Aldana. Play every day -- does it make you a little nervous that you might not have the experience of may be over in Russian some guys. Into these big roles particularly coming -- World Series championship. Or you OK with that. Well I hate I definitely I'm worried every year no matter you know that that at that then you know every year it's a different. You know question mark are you Q all of our eighteen yard. Are okay you're in your prime year so you should have a good year. -- -- its own unique in the way of every year's different every you know week you -- -- take -- -- so many expectations two years ago. And then not last year -- a totally different outcome. So I you know there's no question mark with young guys but it young guys play well they -- the using our spark in Atlanta. This -- and from experience how I can impact Jason Heyward. Really impact and outcome and that should be you know the real deal you really impact our I have made a lot better. Craig -- some of those guys that adult yet question mark about this post you really good he just got a -- to play out. He now works the great thing I like about. And it -- and John as they always keep did find a way to get and Nate in and likely just he just saw the move would greatly I think it straight. You know depth experience they've brought and and it makes things really easy -- -- that you know okay they're they're they've got a they've got a plan B and that solid property other players that you know. If somebody goes down just like last year mega we got good solid experienced that to back. We're talking with the Red Sox catcher David Ross David John Ferrell came to you on February 18 and said David. How many games in a perfect world do you wanna catch this year your answer would be. -- great I don't know. I honestly -- -- -- And terribly depends on how Vietnam War yeah stated operator that he. You know I don't know I I like it played itself out every year I've had really good success. Some years up at ten years and you know I don't wanna be out there -- make -- out -- -- I wanna be that can't bring McCain down a delicate tricky you know upon contributing. And and and getting good at bat to do my job I've played that -- -- the -- I'm not. And I you know. I want somebody else I really genuinely want to land at the end of the day and I'm happy. Where my role whatever is as long as we're winning that's all I really care. This is an inside catching questions something you experienced last year talk about the process and we're circling back to AJ Pierzynski. Of learning a staff and how that process unfolds when. It that we got to go edit catchers that the time we get to know what I got that your every year's different just like with hitters swing. Every year's different pitcher in the same thing you know last year Jon Lester backdoor cutter came into play a lot more later on in the year for me you know I didn't know. It's sports -- look better -- consumer doubt that he is changeup was really developing. He -- and started the last speaker and midway through the year just it's always a constant learning process. -- All of as a pitcher how -- hitters are adjusting because they're getting out and report to. That's the greatest thing about spring training injured get the feel of what I'd like to do with the baseball and what their outfits is what they get ahead -- What can -- rarely go when I really need a big strike. What Michael won't quit you know John. John Lackey -- it -- -- a -- majority fastball but you know what the back -- -- -- I know you get breaking ball over pretty much any. Anytime he wants that's -- that eight you're gonna have to learn to get confident that. They would Jon Lester I know. He's got a pigeon variety he gonna establish that or seamer and and that part of a playoff that I think he got away from that city in the year forward he struggled. Just little things like that arrived at trying to he can throw that split your slider. My belt around the plate. Anytime in the cal I know he can get -- -- of that little things like that the did you brought to me awhile to get the no match you know because. Of the little political wildcard he was with not knowing how to -- key issues and that -- experience. -- you know I don't know I answered your question about eight it but I have to. You know that's all he's -- -- do -- -- -- -- and the more you catch the more you you know open and are great but -- -- in the -- experience to really knock on our what they like to compete with. Need a short attention to this when coaching our policies so not right now and we're just begin to clock coaching policy so effective when he doesn't seem. To be overpowering. -- -- The second what I'll -- I mean you guys seen a guy that -- 97 to get lit up over the ballpark it's somehow some guy with ninety. It's striking or by Alex in any perception that any. He's got pinpoint control he pitches it's amazing. Out we get out of here with this question it's been three plus months since the World Series what is your view from 35000 feet looking back at last year's season what are people in Tallahassee Florida and Bainbridge Georgia. Asking you and what do you tell them when they asked about that experience. I I just got it they're really hadn't thought and I I really popular he has a really. It's the coolest thing is is I read article this morning that -- -- the same thing people come up here. And they say thank you and it's really it's really hard to to say you're welcome but as an opportune IQ I do want to you know but he. In just so much bigger and after the team and the player in that organization -- -- We sell a walked in this city and that it was bigger than not. And that's what I that's taken from it just so cool to win a World Series one. But to win and the action that help the city appreciate that where they came from last year and with the tragedy here the year it just makes it's that much more of a great. Accomplishment. Or poor me and that means so much to so many people. Any chance you're gonna be it's a Red Sox blocks off the Saturday. No sir Paul will be -- -- LP under an autograph signing. And and New Hampshire on Saturday night I don't know exactly where but I will be open. Your area Saturday and Sunday. But tickets go on sale this week into the Red Sox. Yet they -- all right -- out and we we need to we need our report. Yet they would try to try to repeat -- that's the parenting cannot be repeated I got to come up with some other. -- some other not gimmick that's negative word it appears again Kenya. Now -- know I'll think we do the beard and an outlet going to be our you know that's. That Jonny -- department if that didn't and edu at our guys that are pretty you'll indicted and -- follow suit. David Russell C -- at least out of Fort Myers. -- thought you guys -- out there roster Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T text like AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans AT&T re think possible.

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