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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Justin Bieber gets a DUI

Jan 23, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today they discussed the breaking news of a Justin Bieber DUI arrest in Florida.

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Headlines brought you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible also of course by precision fitness equipment shop for the pros do. Precision fitness. Equipment to our share or go to the feminine hygiene department CBS worsening -- leak a -- the couple weeks take time late tonight third when it was more like ice is back breaking news. Breaking news music we have breaking news yesterday there was no music that you've been frustrated year we -- I'd rather like at first we wait for them to turn your -- on. It's the fourth time this happened and that Justin Bieber. Has been arrested was arrested early this morning for drag racing and do you why Miami Beach this is just. Good career move yeah to say he's really trying to appear like a bad -- you know right. -- -- In a thug rocker and he. It's just about the lives to drag racing school isn't like cool for OC driving presume that I don't see that don't have that yet a Lamborghini -- -- were to get the post. And that EP Stewart would -- you have to get in the might Miami Herald that's been engaged breaking news. Where does take place mighty Miami should hold. Drunk drag racing says. Is there way guys like Bieber really do. -- I love what he did but what's going on what are we doing here. This -- them well. He lives -- feeling its oats. Is this video from like Alec. Oh all of the police station and be in. The big deal. Do you -- do you -- and drag races trees speeding excessively. To get a police custody charged against him pending the party your club before I pulled over. For drag race if you liberty. Agrees moves suck the kind of ride it is yet that's erected Lambert you. Rand -- you're just beep at us and places. -- he's content to now. But that reason the does decide to open up its image you know Harden -- -- -- -- this this why -- picture of the liberties right read -- it's like your porch. -- resources to AT&T was yellow. We have a -- 30 look at this picture maybe -- yellow -- other languages -- right this or read any. Of three. -- -- -- -- For robbery ms. Lambert you're right it's yellow it's -- to. It seems he says he's now custody he was given field sobriety test scene and bail. -- -- -- -- -- -- Figured out follow the law you were -- -- that money and all these people use this in your ass would be so afraid. You wouldn't be afraid to blow. Is another child started. It's it's so unnatural doesn't make any sense that he's he's never turn out well never knows in the next point yeah yeah it. He's ninety. Say this is like he's -- down the Todd Bridges path on the kids is it worked out for one hour. Shirley Temple you can network that Ron Brooks he racked up again and happy days. That's when he was ME TE was -- were talking about someone who joyful Jodie Foster. Of course but he tried to present because whether that's true. All of them young child stars how many Justin Bateman Patrick there's Patrick cares though this were a fight here. And Padraig -- handsome guy but. At the age well. Not met Jason Bateman as one. Anybody do cheap way out a couple of these. Michael Jackson seemed to be fine and at the cello. Corey Feldman and Corey Feldman is it's so sick that you're -- -- up stuff. Now now mean Harrison could do him. I think him you know geez it's worse than. Football he really wants -- why not me he wants to you why he was drinking -- Harrison was drinking no -- -- was upset. I swear to god you do this Google go to Google. And tight end. Top fifty most popular emails. And see who pops up number seven as the seventh most popular female in the country as. I guess. Lindsay. Bieber. At -- almost the most popular female he's number seven -- now. It is a mole from will go on anyone up it would get to those students -- she's cute. She's assistant special Ed teacher with employment ministry of people at Massachusetts and cry. In her free time she poses new makes money is a model she's been put on administrative leave. Parents and -- are upset real yes issues right here Jerry do you see it unbelievable nice blog where you from. Perjured and what does she teach special needs well I'd make a -- -- -- that we can come up with something you know -- -- Minus all -- just look at -- -- I got east. Needs. This is ridiculous -- teacher is ever that's again that's pretty special needs teachers as a rule is clear -- he yes. God's work yet right usually -- like the unit its -- over pieces on the Spanish. I mean wouldn't you justice. You meet someone -- in the listen to assume they're really good -- she's not real dedicated devoted about a final start dating a girl. She didn't like Berkshire's normal -- some special needs teacher. And got pass because not gonna baggage. The stories -- -- feel bad that's just wanna watch listen sometimes sometimes though. They always say there's someone for everyone. Too much. Yeah -- right well special new usual apple -- just I was just you know luckily I have to buy your wife is special about selling a lot. Exactly. I should really married at such as the apparent to hire him. She's about our -- and but it may shift at its road put. What it really fun did you guys have -- she fired it checked it and administratively. Which not the same as the super tennis now this. Yes she's about it she's like what posing and do it that's much less. Distracting. And -- an eighteen I don't know high school senior you're making 80 you're not -- first I would buyer. It was -- watcher of special needs kids -- -- publishers. -- -- history teacher school which probably meant. That would mean she's good person so might -- the -- to -- don't I wouldn't let me tell you think -- -- secure your argument is -- -- look at the I've -- predicted but they would look at the -- yeah high school history teacher would they bully her. With the keys that are. But they would we're super G a 100% attendance that's true every day a good idea I don't think that I don't I don't if it's legal. You fires and it seems nuts crazy. And tasteful nude. Does make it makes no sense that there's one where she is doing I gacy. But that's OK all to us to -- -- and -- -- that yeah you'll update Jerry about -- but I don't know I think -- -- -- -- I didn't and that ask you get an up though you said you're the headline guy you put your arms around this no wellstone on his every time my hand if you look at me like Obama. -- -- On line. You know that -- spelled backwards is Leon and KG bowl -- Don't think it's appropriate -- bring him -- keep talking because -- lost my story. More complex and I'm an announcement. I've got a -- NASCAR double double -- you can divorce -- -- at that does great start -- forgive me if 5000 what you read what you just paraphrase about the top bureaucrat gets a nice story and wanna. A great story can you all to restore the kids really applies to zero the high school kid who may not like nice -- Gay -- no no no one of the Cuban fighter the kids walked out of its class in protest in support of their. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm malevolent volatile -- as a distraction because he'll walk out of his clubs has problems this month. At worst the debt. And he's in an -- Well good question and here it is. Stupid. Eight year old Pilar do and this is a great story managed to rescue six people including two younger children from migrants -- sent from -- from burning mobile home and upstate New York. A last ditch however effort however to -- to disable grandmother cost the boy's life values on next discriminate gutsy kid a hole that's eight wonderful story. That's ultimately ending heroics grandmother died he died that's great I feel better now gives that your I feel better now -- hero. Yes and I am hoping hasn't seat right next the lord Jesus cry yeah -- yeah but you wish that to you for yeah let's get this. Miss the stairs led the Ukraine is ludicrous. Going parenthood gets to make added. She opened a window and -- -- -- -- mark. She can see and she was gone like this this amount and that's how I can think on -- I couldn't bring. Us. Can't you missed it. He was found in the rear of the home they're laying in the bed together -- tickets for the window. I was so grateful when people about it in -- Pink -- -- well. Where the rockets got that -- -- humble him a while for the next hour I'm -- my -- -- about synthetic outrage building after -- bridge if you should I was a result. The skewed is a year when I was eight years old a different job -- some. It was blind. And now would you baseball card treating him and I would tell them mistreating him a fair -- released he was Roger Clemens like good cough and I was little L I don't I don't believe it helped to go your way. Around is -- is a lawyer is a great guy stole the front. Debuted as you know yeah I had right now yet. Return. -- It's like going cards and -- and -- hole and I -- lone survivor. That's right. Talk about that interview it's you know shows -- apple to bring them yeah. We gonna talk about the back. Not I needed the yeah why are we gonna be done at all times are we will discuss that efforts while we wait for Marcus patrol Jonas that's. Was when he went pentagon contracts only three years law -- is -- -- -- people here in three years. I -- announcement to make out now when we get back.

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