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Bill Belichick is gutless

Jan 23, 2014|

Gerry and Kirk opened the show by discussing Bill Belichick's season ending interview on Salk & Holley. They were very critical of the Pats coach for not answering for his comments on Welker.

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So this is how it's going to be yours in a new world for John Dennis I read today he's never been so happy in his life. He's in love again. Like lovesick teenager. Beat the kids went away last night. And now -- the two of them somewhere so it's just. Turkmen is this the lives for the -- you know the unpredictable -- them pearl in whimsical. We shall work he's the first guy. In my yesterday though it's it's true street yesterday -- But its priorities have changed member of the movement regarding Henry were. -- support the -- Picture regarding. Does that mean he was that -- Wright. Place wrong -- -- In smoke -- things going in the store for cigarettes when the show that he shot in his priorities change he stopped and smelled the flowers smelled the rose smelled the coffee and all that and -- Kind of the the real meaning of life came in the focus that might happen for -- now with just hopefully shows up. You know occasionally. The argument -- -- don't know what the -- shot at what that was you know realize. Partisans are getting as much free stuff for sponsors and I got really give credit for -- for coming that it is nice you know why isn't it via. Wedding date as well as sponsor yes. Polanski insurance wedding date. But it will be answered. And all its objection lumber. They adopt that fourteen year old -- weight battle out there shopping. Online. That's what's the favorite yeah. -- else get married. This he said that sick asked the question -- At least he seems perfectly lovely woman but it still makes no sense they seem very happy together in the in that way right is she said. What were changes. That -- added pressure guys I've spent a bundle on a ratings on the ring. On line on winner Richard yeah a lot of competition -- -- -- what is it like it worked for kids like. If you had a if it were no kids in the return -- a couple of flight did get divorced. Her. This -- -- remember it like this before you were married another relationship she didn't real -- break. Is going to be more than that if you. Break up let's go somewhere else to say screw a move I'm Lehman and but it's still. All they've beat Agassi. Although he Connecticut he -- the -- back to do. Must John -- and -- Massachusetts. In -- old. Leah but their visited the baby needs to get married. Anyone can marry anyone Massachusetts that you know that occurred at a certain age to -- That out well discriminate against Portland or. I'll never come here on campus today but that we reduce outward -- These. -- to -- quick removes or some. Them and products. What have changed why do this she says it needs some more. It so in. Email product well that's good and write notes will be late QB he'll come and soon will be. It's this next six months of talking. The force. Food in new Guerrero in the spotlight now paying their toenails. It is called the easiest Texas in the big leagues he's gonna just do one foot bath together. Double murder. But regarding -- That would be the Indians now become. One of those guys laid back guys. Now now that that's now the sure is happier seem different to -- immediately -- months ago. Now -- is crazies is never no he never ever ever yeah I mean. Think you know he gets -- somebody's it -- roll back. It is bad and fairness though is about as bad as the bodies can be signed on I used to Philly team without jot it. -- -- -- Are they now. Right that -- really haven't gone out with him buried in shallow graves. The -- somewhere. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Packages -- field common and a push it jeopardy experts Alia we debated jeopardy you better not by the way but it just. Throw that game -- mr. mom like that the tanks radio kitty yes it's our little duplicated. -- -- -- -- really pretty and it's luck to let her win. Sometimes I don't advocate the teach you to it was a journalist and don't you. Sure sure -- My daughter was in the chess club which used an elementary school I would she'd let -- let the boys win. That. It's important -- I don't care it's journalists like. She did great perspective she'd like at whatever he does he hopes. I don't care. She is we care about the thing. Thing so you know I was getting their -- yesterday to hear and read more about that -- a good morning it's such -- -- Boston Herald today. A complete with a pictured you know when his bride to be in. Your people in the background than all of that stuff going on and here's what the signs that the signs illness here you know quote from yesterday he talked -- -- and I think he talked to them. Until it dawned on me that she's the one analyst estimate likely. He says I'm getting. I'm going to be shopping browsing my age it's nice fall in love again -- -- 586. Mrs. happy -- I've been long long. -- It's packages. Some people find that sweet -- some people find that touching you see discussed that and you know you'd do your illness and Cuba that you're the Nicholas. I believe you've -- Silas probably announced that by the boy not -- denial that's my understanding. You're the violist in the Olympics is no purpose in life that human consciousness is a mutation of human evolution that's the -- yesterday. You know the -- play the answer is bitterly announced we answer. Well and -- say yes -- Yeah that's what. Chances. -- so they go to Dino is coming in this morning the -- and within the we below hopefully if you know CBS CBS is nearby. And the camera and in. Take care that little error and he will be in but. Well here's what here's what I learned yesterday or one dollar and one explanation there have been a couple of days from Bill Belichick after the the comments on Welker. And to leave and I figured. Chance that the it was a probability for the chance appellate -- make changes to a little may open the door lube it may not say I was wrong. Let's say to be something that that would lead to believe the Belichick is admitting. He might have been wrong he went on salt in all honestly with Christian Fauria. And an. Absolutely was gutless let's be honest justice be honest about it I know Belichick's approach. Give them nothing in who cares about the meaty it's the meat doesn't care. If the fans get the answers they want does not care about that at all. -- what he did. Monday morning. Was open and he did you did sort of this -- it begged for a follow at least one like. Do you really think he was trying to hurt to leave because that was kind of vague on Monday morning when he settings deliberately trying to take out. Too late so you really think little Wes -- was trying to -- guy. I don't I know I understand the Belichick. Acolytes will again in circle away currency ocean nothing screw you cares about the media. But is it or not this every single patriot -- not one and oh yes more and it does not -- an exploration well a follow up what he did yesterday. There's no other word is gutless I mean do you. Said. Wes Welker intentionally hurt your guy right. We think adding a natural fall one natural faults as you've been in the NFL since you whatever 7074. And five. That is one of the worst place you've ever seen you've been in league for forty years and that's one of the worst place you've ever seen. It just seems disingenuous. Right right -- -- so he he introduced this topic. This debate for 34 days right and everybody obviously looked at the video looked at the replay. And came the same conclusion of course it wasn't one of the worst place of course Welker wasn't trying to -- what are you talking about bill. Tell me with the offseason he's in Mobile, Alabama he can't. Answered that question do you really think it was what was trying to -- -- he can't answer that. Here's the question yesterday from. -- bill I saw what you said. About the Welker play and believe. Possibly -- disciplining him disciplining Welker. What would be appropriate discipline in your opinion that's the first part of the question the second part is what made it one of the worst place using. All -- we're we're. And I congratulate them Thursday. They are once again anyway from what they do they deserve really find this week. Are having helped. OK I mean honest to god in this case and understand. Belichick is that doesn't like the media doesn't answer question does do you think it does and opens team. It that not. Require. A follow up to that requires some explanation right those two good questions by -- Belichick gives you the answer to we have follow up to that question. -- coach. You -- -- -- shifting gears now -- data Mobile, Alabama you're down with the Senior Bowl. How long does it take you to get acquainted with. The guys coming out in the draft of potential draft picks. A review I've even looking at these guys throughout the season or do you get a pamphlet filled with with with names and numbers and and information and you're going to look at these guys saw how quickly it doesn't take you to -- Koppel what's going on the college world. It. Leave us and him. That was. I was the next question. -- -- -- is -- that's for -- Ali Michael and Michael all penalties should have said you know what bills get it is we have that's like personable and the publisher beacons. -- -- -- Yeah. Close it. Was honestly I mean. There's no more games right so an answer honest answers distract from his team's. Owners teams you as a terrible and he would have said this first huge distraction even. With the -- in a rolled that we talked to bury our country Carter Gregory that was a distraction for the victory and he violated. And he put them in an uncomfortable. Because they know Belichick said is true they know. Well I was trying to hurt him yet that one. -- against the family. Get -- that you heard courtyard Gregory. -- eighty. It was uncomfortable so we put his players and comfortable spot and he refuse to discuss. Practices now even on his contractually obligated parents will not discuss. That's just pumps in. -- -- He has -- owe you anything. Egypt's. Wes Welker delivered one of the worst cheap shots he's ever -- And wouldn't well wouldn't explain wouldn't. Four that. -- is later used him deeply and you know. The key talks about. It wasn't legal hit -- explain why here's Welker in the slot. In the first potential -- would be for offensive pass affairs and -- -- -- blocked downfield before the ball is touched so the timing is important. You'll see -- run -- route any does appear to angle back tourists to leave and come into his path. Creating that contact. Now we have to look to see when was the ball touched in relation to the contact you'll see here. The contact occurs the ball is touched almost simultaneously. We don't have a foul for pass interference. The other thing he's an unnecessary roughness under the current rules it is and it's not only. So lead wasn't out of the play. Unfortunately it wasn't injuries -- just like in other situations when an injury does occur the competition committee will take a look at this and determine if there needs to be changed. But under the current rules this is a legal plight. We note. Is that it's a course -- confirm that but there's nobody other than Belichick. Knowing that it's dirty could ever cup people say because throw a flag was closed at bat that's fine it's a different argument. Nobody in the world other than Belichick thinks it's the right which the an absurd accusation. And he doesn't have. Thousand fields. Accountable at all like I need to explain and to help people and talking about here just said Walker's 32 under him -- the workshops have ever seen. And obviously affected the game but -- upset enough about that -- just just throw it against -- of the wool. And a democracy anymore honest to god all the rest the questions described. What he thinks about the Senior Bowl -- whatever the two proud of this team mean that's just let them off the hook. And again you know it's difficult for salt and finally parted and apparently there are some affairs that assault at all if we do 1516 interview Belichick after those -- -- -- -- associates to the right if you know whether worthless. It's. On the war and in -- Same way in his -- it's the way it is because of that guy. That's the way it is -- patriots there's not another coach another player who wouldn't at least give you some explanation after. Setting in setting things ablaze on Monday. Wouldn't explain Q what was -- I mean Belichick has disdain for the media that's fine I get that but -- uses the media on Monday to push his agenda across -- -- -- -- -- a chance to follow up on. He backs off. It's exactly what happened and it's amazing to me that walker news but this is a guy who never or rarely lets emotion. Cloud his judgment the most is to stay for book that's welcome that strong. He. Creates this brushfire. And it serves no purpose and it doesn't help this team doesn't help him and he produces. More questions good all the questions. Why he'd do one. Mean it took away from Denver with that took away from the efforts of his zone team this season took away from that that. Season ending you know attribute that people were rating of eight to his team winning thirteen games was the story of the day for two days why. There's a story there question US team right there's some story out there let's get covered floating out there hello Welker and Belcher. It was reported alpha whoever it is or not even if I even if I probably if you -- -- -- somebody -- -- on his daughter -- this house or whatever schools markets bought. You gonna do that on the day after the UFC championship game you can make something up and which is what was making up this accusation that the worst. She -- oversee that was absurd right we'll agree yes even the biggest. Belichick -- even -- -- nation Jerry -- nation had trouble with this one denying yet they have not been able to realty. The during the cases of -- no real defense -- the case for him slowed down -- -- that. They've looked at -- whole time they've looked at all 22 angle it doesn't exist. Which is ought to remember Belichick -- this far off base -- Now. It's it's this is Thursday announced the mystified and stun -- Monday at 9 o'clock -- burst over the Belichick went off on -- Did. Am still stuck there I'm stumped at this happen it's it's logically if you got it -- credit and he got Belichick the great Bill Belichick off his game. You know he got him. Frustrated annoyed emotional all those things that we never see -- Belichick to took this little. This little mischievous little impact. Wes -- to do that -- -- -- plans could not do now we we close the book it's over close the book Belichick said nothing yesterday that we know more fault unless you know NFL films get some -- saying nothing right just for nothing about this this is this -- -- -- nothing -- -- next -- For the Brock was a talent -- nothing. It's over -- I wish him -- and all the and they you know and did their best with him for most of the year same as people before and no one gets anything from. I wished they said you know what he's not gonna like this but we have to ask fall we have to. Push him we have right annoys him if he hangs up the games. Yeah both the follow up you Chester Arthur fault still you'll still -- nothing -- that's what happened you know Michael. The legal handle the discipline pathetic how arrogant that is. A clean -- no penalty no cheap shot just a guy he doesn't like. He he wants he encourages the league to discipline him. The league of course was put and that's spot just because he's bill. That would league do tune. Nothing here I mean it's a pretty sorry bill nothing here bright and like you said like I said you know in the NFC game there were two dozen plays. That were more egregious that were closer to the edge that -- more likely bring a fine or penalty. Then there were then there was on this play and I understand he thinks it was a key play and he lost a key player. But does he did not think that we have access to the replay and video and this idea that this is sort of human moment for Belichick which is five times I think -- have them but you can't just have them and it's you know gone amok in the fall and economists say this in -- -- -- Right it's been united by a personal violates the temple he set for his team addressing stuff. It's likely just leave it open and I guess that's the care I guess he says -- any -- outdoors and Agassi says it doesn't. There it's it'll be over judged on his performance. But. It is it will remain. Perplexing to all of us with a year. You mean you or Jerry for your gonna say. -- -- right why on Monday morning. He do -- after the game why did he think. That was relevant -- think that -- traction and now accused -- Welker were cheap ever. Now of course and I think he did I think he went -- said you know but it was Monday it was a right of the game I -- it on all the richest share of fans keep excusing him is always stick a microphone in the someone's face right after the game. What he expects right courses happened ten million times over the years in rarely do we see. A lunatic. Ego maniac lecture and go off. But in this cage can't say it was -- moment emotional moment. The next it was slow home he wanted to do it was calculated he was to stop -- -- pissed off the whole flight home. Sure watch the replay you didn't treat it going and I have this agenda at this opinion I'm gonna stated and score coupled Clarence. Never seen it before. Not many of how does it again and this is this true this is that we will never see it again. And right probably never get the next October it's it's -- -- said we hear stories about you know drunken Wes Welker. Right -- his daughter psychologist -- -- that's what we but he couldn't leak it. And I guess you could call -- -- -- of the last you know it's good quieter -- if -- -- you know clearly it's personal. Why wouldn't he tell people off the record. One problem well. If you wanna slander of the man. He can't do based on every play a place that every public saw a million times to say he whenever he. He was he was -- you work hard you drank too much. Whatever -- just didn't. In the in state did get with the program I don't know you. -- we can't market for production but now now we don't always root for in the Super Bowl X two now we know that sometimes. Personal feelings play a role Belichick decides to bring -- back. Forgotten it becomes interesting now as we got to roll the star of the offseason. Which do with a guy like so agree I know they were stuck. -- said a few weeks ago on you know which he says which she talks and listen to capture it looks very likely at the moment backed. And apparently -- talked some more people that's more reporting and she says. It's with a -- which is unlikely a new deal keeping Julie element here is on likely. Why why don't think ailments going to be here concede. Isn't that Belichick. -- made him against Welker gets -- I'm at the open maybe Garrett right the guy gets along well Brady seems to like the year is humans get more money -- -- for. All totally eat but he's reached creates seats you know -- there -- what hurts it hurts. The patriots in this perspective. Is -- will look at Danny -- contract. And -- You're gonna want to decide for us this right right. Less money than -- I saw -- -- -- the -- thing he has seen the way things are done here he knows that -- loyalty love and affection have nothing to do. And he's got one chance and he's not. In wealthy beyond his dreams now well. An equal chance that he's got one chance is it it's going to be huge deal can't say to a two years and you know yeah just six million in next time. I mean he's going to go out there lay's body on the line again next year and eventually. He's gonna end up like Wes Welker -- and the big. Who's who agree is who. And limping around. In a flawed that's gonna happen he's that kind of guy like Welker. Who gets punished whose fearless over the middle gets punished so you know what. He's got one chance to make money in this is it now march march 11 his chance to make money. I hope the patriots -- I guarantee you Brady's opening keep them and in a kind of add to that. Wide receiving corps but. He's not taken a -- list stay here -- Emmett -- five years twenty million and guarantee that guarantee it was your element he says a payroll will start there -- and if you re talking about The Beatles goat -- that there's no -- you -- -- Jason mistake with the statement that he sees if he thinks. He's gonna get twenty million years crazy. Again. But you still get more than say. Won't against the patriots about three years and eight million -- -- than a million guaranteed. No -- the out of him right Prius and ten I guess the big number 676. Or seventy achieved for years and two -- Brenda for years and twenty whatever. But the bottom line is he's a free agent he's got there he's talking to get hurt policy it's. I'm playing in the Pro Bowl is an idiot idiot. Croatia and yet. He didn't commit -- -- out some names bill O'Brien is as a perfectly legitimate and it makes sense you can go to Cleveland Josh McDaniels now talking with them I mean there are places. -- -- for. Right now and he's younger than Welker he's faster than Welker in again sees them bigger than Welker -- -- 10015. Catches -- include 120 catches whatever is when you -- the playoffs. He's gonna get offers. You more likely get more offers than -- -- -- younger and he's definitely gonna get offers. With the patriots outpost matched those no I'm at the pictures are to be popular -- I just don't especially when he replaced. Welcome with adamant that the equally McDonald it isn't true that like Brady. Will four. Didn't get the free agency. Obviously Brady did rated -- -- ethical for before didn't know the Mankins didn't. Right he did not -- too. So the guys that keep the guys that paid. I don't get to the open market. And yet and there are -- and there are some other guys this offseason Campbell writes about is what you. The others and good suggestions we'll get it close six or 77797937. Dennis -- telling you dolby year. Later along -- -- patriots stuff you see your calls as well we get the -- check Welker situation and the situation it's Wilfork -- topic. The Yankees are topic would cost the Yankees. Our topic but I gonna ask I -- do this or rent the -- you're an expert. A wanna go position by position -- the end users -- is good as the Red Sox now. We'll do that we it's it's. I mean to an act as a nice addition you know I'm glad they got them I'm glad the -- and so start to feel sorry for them. They were going to be leg below 500 and out of the race by you know and August now I feel like. It's back on well I think they spent 600 million dollars and I'm unsure how much better six. I don't know. They and all and the one thing is going to be a lot more people in the press marks this has got to be one of those deals that's true or this guy goes to you know. -- -- Honey -- donuts in the morning for breakfast in the B 900 camera's fault them boom mikes and everything. Well fortitude are going to be insane personally have a lot of potential for craziness floor with the Yankees this year it is Jeter thing. Still Chansi rugby -- anaerobic minor league complex working -- populous. America. Are two kind of glad they're back on the radar ask yes all -- -- these these kids keep. Fun and much more interesting. Wait and now they're you know -- and spend at all you know as they. You'll campaign bumper stickers. That it is make and spend at all. And that's what would happen in the Red Sox have put the pressure on the Yankees in their spending. Like only like like George. Still alive and kick -- are lots on the table here this point deficit down and a Thursday.

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