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Breno Giacomini talks about the Seahawks road to the Super Bowl

Jan 22, 2014|

Mikey, Ryder, Lenny, and Dave Russo talk Breno Giacomini. Breno talks about how it feels to be going to the Super Bowl, what it's like to play with guys like Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman, as well as his work with American Football Without Barriers.

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There are planet Mikey show our number three. And as we all know. The Super Bowl combatants have been decided. It you know cause of provincial area. Where all we talk about as the Red Sox and the brewers and the Celtics the patriots. Far be it for us to two -- preclude one of hormone. From the conversation here especially when he is going to the Super Bowl that is a fair and not as a broadcaster. But as right tackle got a note. Today -- dark and plus we really like Italian guys don't why don't man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's supplies blasting the oil Mike gotta you couldn't be you your -- -- comedian on Italian news there should be a fine and the week did you find you for that. There are so much -- -- probable time so it is summertime you know nobody she thanks to -- -- up the program we appreciate that meant that's that Smith in Brazil so you're just a little guy 673 Tony right. Now it's just a tiny little man. -- -- Let people push you around because you know you're nice guy but I don't get Dave Russo and at that the other half of the -- representation here is about half it literally half -- -- But how excited are you right now meant. It's pretty good many yards exciting -- to get this far and and play in the super voice and also. But in trying to keep it is almost possible and the treating this week is there's just a normal week really -- in the our news we -- -- we've been doing. What we you know what we call it soup week every single week. So when we actually do get to a championship it's just feel normal and you know we just we stayed in routine every week and today's his competition when -- -- Just stick to routine. Is a different kind of guy -- me as a coach. There is really good guys don't -- -- -- all that sort. It look plan for. Chairman said I like to dance at practice and he lets me beat me. You know he's like that right. You know he wants to bring the best -- -- -- then. He knows are trying to make anything up -- dollars. He want -- -- needed to be the best that he can be -- so. Excellent you know. Well I didn't say this Brent though as a as a fellow molding guy you know -- and and I have to ask this question is it true that you the starting quarterback from on high school back in 2000 or is that correct. What did atmosphere about it I didn't there was my 2004 must -- but -- -- games there. A quarterback -- that is true. And then but I and I -- also asked by friends from -- we that is who's -- you lead assistant and dress them that's we have. Apparently -- are all about you know is because I heard I mean you have phenomenal athlete make him all the proud I mean you to be inducted in the hall of -- you won the Orange Bowl years you know even pros last three years but I guess is that the with a pretty tough. Sentiment is that correct human -- -- my way I wanted it to go on to win -- I'm really I'm pray to god he's not 67320s. All with you trust protocols that house speaker would you rather they plan the patriots. And ethnic. And related it. And you'd always grown up this was -- he -- though. You don't -- Stadler no it doesn't matter who played man I'm glad that I'm in the so global deal but you put them to get that close you -- was. Don't look at that the school itself disembark and make him. Or recorded a -- oh I have those out there real quick as they begin. American football without barriers this is this is something you start with Gary being average of the Cleveland Browns and it's kind of an under the radar -- doing this for a while others and the getting stars. Lowly I mean him -- the -- of the body from mine but look at school with a mortal. We're actually doing another fund raiser in more bolder in the derby and we just sit and cement dinner and just talking about it at all. Hoopla he's nobody's egyptians and he's at all they love American football and this and then you've been pro right now we need to take advantage of that salutes. Let's go international without so. Kinda sat down and agreed that they were gonna go to go to Egypt into camp. And that started you know there's just started it was at the dinner over European exchanges normal -- and Toby. And we can we didn't end up going to Egypt Gonzales in all the turmoil over this politics and the idea. So we when they're going to China last year we had a really good Campbell there. You would probably DeAngelo Williams Steve Smith was some big name guys and the self -- partisan. -- ties are we had a few guys. It was to more doesn't sold basically this simple easy techniques. Full bore only had to borrow under potential for a -- goes to -- Thanks for you to those kids. So -- pretty cool that you. I -- -- go about picking the country's own music kind of like RB because there's a lot of places where the just say no football. There you -- is despite some you know like because of soccer this somewhat after American football actually. International soldiers contacted them and that we have that big cycle of forty countries on the waiting list. Trust that the Kamal then and this could just throw too big campus and also football stars. Will gold go to Brazil and it's about ten days after the super boy got almost twenty NFL guys that are coming toward us so we're expecting this it could be. Be really good. Something needed to calm racial equality event just let me know. If I bet I know anybody I know you coach is a very proud you know you get -- Colin. I -- voyages Kevin camped ability part to a problem doubtless -- -- very. Very proud you from representing law and I and I know is a mile -- guy I can never vote for Peyton Manning's. Oh definitely that brings me that brings me to question -- broke because there's obviously there's been -- was a a post game. Press conference an -- at lived with -- Erin Andrews and Dick Sherman and it's kind of it's propelled itself into the everybody's foreground here and I don't expect you say bad about your own teammate but. Do you think there's any regrets on his part for the way he came across. In that in that bringing up post game interview. The that -- goes a little bit but. You don't sermon people think that services evil god has something man he's really really good guys Smart kid went to the extensive and all that I've been that -- goes just. Those sequels to the -- battle you know remain so. He kind of went overboard but he's -- he'll he'll learn from me he knows that he's not the only guarded visit so. Does anybody think that he that he might have -- some people over people were undecided is who ruled for over the Denver -- and and robust auto involvement do we gain all of our on this program and I know the beginning of -- what he would do that the idea that. That's that idea you guys are the underdogs did you do you like in the -- usually play in. You know. All right guys doesn't matter you know we're just gonna go up there and play our game they'll be in the on the on the dog and I -- in the neutral sites -- political candidates. But we're just gonna go up there and try to play our best game that we have. -- to date and our preparations. Are started so it'll still good. On the you guys get tickets that plays get tickets and I think lightly -- -- I object I even have a ticket goes up that's not political environment every player gets totally hammered by everybody that's ever -- limited license in our -- that was my point -- got a lot of new friends got a lot of new friends all of a sudden. All men that we we get tickets but there's definitely cut off so that's Saudi. It's gonna cut back on it. April -- what about Tim Russell Wilson and how much she's matured over the past couple years also protecting a guy because it's -- usual Baghdad it's five foot eleven at the quarterback position in itself. I he's there's a great player. We just two weeks and -- block our guys opened and try to let him do what he has to do you know all these. He's great that he also breaking out of the pocket and making huge plays so. You know we we can't worry about what he's gonna do we just got to protect -- on our guys in the they played -- total was really because would have you just never know where he's gonna end up. He's the anti -- needs require this guy I've ever heard on the football field. Will say that he's definitely resolved in every tournament you can't. He's he's definitely maturities in better you know every week I mean. And it all goes back to his preparation that he's he's really becoming a great -- -- Brett -- of the twelfth man keeps coming up twelfth man they get to play that I've never been to Seattle with these guys have been -- yet how how much does that really help you guys. I'm assuming your defense from Richmond and you on the offense went up I'm up at the twelfth man -- guys. This huge then -- either -- they'll come from an offensive -- when I can't. If I can't look at Michael Turner and hear what he had to say that certainly know that you know you gotta be on the same page as an alliance so they're really messes it up at all. Are hurt you guys -- neutral site he has against. Well Bloomberg I don't know are you on the twelfth man don't we going to be there now -- that's true although that's not a very nice airplane flight all the way out there -- the audience uploaded you know it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- Thought that it. Had an important I think that's letting it they get their 56 states in it and now I know I know -- brown the Richard Sherman would never call this show because you know we've had some some kind of bad things about a -- you have got to we'll you don't have I it has and a whole country that lets face it. But I was wondering if you would would ask -- some from me it's just to see his reaction be Unix and we argue when we know what he said. -- correlate that he reminds me I've ever watched a movie Shrek. Yeah okay you know Eddie Murphy's character of the donkey that keeps yap an animal all the time about remember that yeah it does he remind you would all at any given time is it fair to say. That Richard Sherman we can remind people what he talked and now when he's when he's off on his engines all of the donkey on Shrek. Not I don't think -- I mean this is not -- -- is not the kind of guy I don't feel like that at all yet or -- you know you -- you know better -- like -- steady -- teammate -- of course he would -- he's got a great idea on this. Not that that's gonna tell you. Yes he's the articles out there and that's just part this -- part of his game on the middle of his talks. It was a little bit. Had a little bit. I -- a he backs it up a little words this is obviously you know Bradley didn't play like that that he would he would you have the forum to say those things no will be listening acrimony and you know. BC's Mark Russell building store yeah as you know it. Sometimes it gets into -- is as you can see all throughout can shut down the mayor's Thomas deserves going to be matched up against. I think he you know he miserable just horrible so osu would have -- you -- -- -- -- UN Richard agree on that that's for sure that's you know. Always a dream to make a civil both. -- -- it started young would it would Drew Bledsoe out there yeah really you were a kid watching him right. You guys -- that he's actually that's who I grew up watching and then. They are just the local poll of essential the basketball is my first -- and kind of what they can come up with congratulate my coach. Don valley from all -- mother's hundredth career win last night -- That's good I see her little doors on playing basketball -- I heard some a coach that sometime today listen now. I don't know how we can tell you this but. You know please don't scoring more points. There. -- Greta we you know we know you're 6732 money and I guess we found out you're not as much of an Italian disease as the other guys here thought you were. But we got a little bit of bloody week what do guys that you need to get that -- isn't a lot of salad or what. -- -- And whatever it is. And it all right. Exactly my those are great cook and -- -- -- so lover that's great we don't write some beans from Brazil and ill. Now which one was which one was Italian. Grant an antibody okay -- My Greg -- followers and you must follow side okay. Explain that's where the best -- -- name are controlled okay it will get that'll straighten out my friend and we appreciate -- being -- -- program list. -- I wish you best select not only in a Super Bowl but in your career as you go forward as the the right tackle. On a very very impressive football team and good for you meant. Proceed as I mean on the -- talked you have so what he ran up -- -- of media. Calling us from wherever he is not a worry is right now. But still out there in Seattle. Still is yelling at an animate the mark so long -- flight in whatsoever -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- David and I don't know I don't know what I'm just thinking let me know you're ever had to -- definitely been on Sunday. Said drag line if Florida California and yet at a sucked right about a -- you know for the so well you you you pay the price I don't know going to be an actively fly in the way we do.

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