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Bill Belichick talks to Salk and Holley about the departures of Pepper Johnson and Dante Scarnecchia

Jan 22, 2014|

Bill Belichick joined Salk, Holley and former Patriot Christian Fauria and wouldn't further elaborate on his comments from Monday concerning Wes Welker's hit on Talib, but did speak on the loss of coaches Pepper Johnson and Dante Scarnecchia.

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Bill Belichick in fact joining us right now be the AT&T Colin are you are you enough Alabama mobile. -- -- So it's is this deal. I don't you rather be getting ready for the Super Bowl but do you enjoy the the Senior Bowl atmosphere everyone in football. Being together seeing seeing the the young kids get ready for the draft. Well yes certainly good opportunity to be you know in the neighborhood of ninety players most of them are being a draft that. One time actually playing football you know doing things that they would. The human you know being coached by -- You know -- normal land. Be -- good thing there are similar to it. We're going to be in America -- football. That. Good rule in individual terrorism. Individual vote for quite. -- -- -- only good because perspective are all there together in public policy -- you know. -- players on the team that are our prospects here. Prospect. So that we will welcome. Their life here one. There's. Hey bill what are your least favorite players ever is here with this and today -- must admit that Christian Fauria. As a political. Ethnic votes they I -- outlets across -- the back of these guys are given me a lot of flak. They're saying that is your ex players or read. To interview you afraid to bring our sister I've always said we don't ask the right questions that I specifically -- sat out a wide channels comes up. But coach is for any reason suits that you sense that the guys are afraid to talk to you about certain things. And. And I thought well I don't think the ego is Betty and go leg -- -- That government. Thank you very much coach that votes just wanted to clear -- real quickly. Before we we proceeded with what's your question it and I. Look forward to that question and that was it but. You know bill after the after the Deborah loss. You're very critical of yourself and you talked about some of the mistakes that. That you made you and you said at the next day to. Specifically what what do you feel some of the mistakes you made. That affected the game what were -- Augmented by the results of the game has been. And go the way we we also would go and so. You know when when your kid doesn't perform. You know what at a level -- up really really be competitive. Sort of feel very good about it you know as a coach so. A lot of you know -- everybody -- so there's certainly on Philip Martin. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They do anything here and we could make any place we couldn't. You know I never really got all came. At that -- up slightly more than three. -- those reports were very good at the end of the game we would have made secure. You know picture is so. Not -- that aren't. You know we look down like seventy points only has three points. We then got down there are much I don't think you're gonna beat Denver kicking field goals. Problem. But you know that we let our field goal and -- -- sound that we and a later on those those who have been important points or so. I don't know if that was the right decision. It wasn't obviously we lost -- off for now. It is all that it. Did you ever do anything that surprised you in the game or did they just execute what you knew they were trying to do better than you do it. I think it figure what about the way we -- go you know we thought we'd get. We're not that he practiced that day they gave us I mean they they mix it up on that we do that anyway. The mic to these that we got to -- the -- and I expect them offensively we. We were prepared for. Noble or open formation of the items like well what about all the receivers on the and we just couldn't make some people weighing in on third down. Well. At the right time when we you know -- -- you opted to go off the field. Target of a couple. You know song plays that -- field position and weren't able to make those all consulate. So when you put it all together. I mean it definitely get you know I get several lot of credit they played very well it'd turn all of that -- -- -- missile also. You know we've -- early and -- -- fourth quarter and then. It just wasn't enough and we were able to make all the plays that we needed to make it back in the game right on site here or. You know the cut this off -- the get the ball right back in so all that. When you at all as well. Bill I saw what you said. About the Welker play and believe. Possibly -- discipline him disciplining Welker. What would be appropriate discipline in your opinion that's the first part of the question the second part is. What made it one of the worst players using. All wrote that we're we're. And again I congratulate them Thursday. -- I don't want to take anything away from what they do they -- -- -- this week. I don't have anything else. -- coach. He's so you're you're shifting gears now your data Mobile, Alabama you're down with the Senior Bowl. How long does it take you to get acquainted with the guys coming out in the draft of potential draft picks. Review I've even look and these guys throughout the season are you did a pamphlet filled with with with names and numbers and and information and you're going to look at these guys saw how quickly it doesn't take you to -- Koppel what's going on the college world. Yeah person at the -- I was. Honest answer does it take pride. Three and out month. In -- February march and April and you know others they're different stages of -- there right now a lot. A lot of name certainly if you look to see the players for a couple days in person. On the field. Make -- a lot easier and -- and means what. With the feel of the players president of -- them. And watching film great but again you've got a lot of for about that that help the process. The Columbine and other you know -- -- -- well. Over 300 players for apple -- -- players together. And again that the overwhelming and we sit through it we. Focus more on some -- -- on others and and will now. So. Lately than a month or so of the draft. You're start. You know narrower focus and -- that group. Pretty well. And your -- inaudible -- to the end so. I would say that going into the year that can. June. After the 2000. Thirteen draft. I have an idea what players. Highly rated you have an idea what you hear that they have good years. Might be coming directly. Elect. Oh the horror you know -- like that. But you know some abuse problem zone and then you the -- outrage here one. Some of the shooters that you think might have players like you know the court -- the UCLA only. Didn't or that maybe didn't expect that a quarter. And then an open VP. And some of those guys are going to be. You know I picked that affect you roll. -- latter so. It you know combination of all those things. Oh there's been through a lot and and and then. In the heat. All of whom he may not know much about that request on the guy's got a couple years. But in China China's total. Oh well just to move back in time a little bit to your draft last year you drafted too wide receivers in the first four rounds Dobson employees. What did you -- -- I guess is two part question what did you make of the year they had this year. And what are reasonable expectations for them next year's party Arafat. A lot I think all three receivers -- -- that -- is here. They've -- receivers really really good job. A man from -- -- working our party are all and I'd do. Trying to improve in all the years that they need to improve and to be productive for the patriot they think that they. They work hard all year. Some physical some of that was. The learning curve of the off. And at all. You know a lot of it was just. Well you know going out there and compete against guys that were. -- Yemen and a line of scrimmage that are -- players. He has much of that college notebook it is so. The -- of -- involvement -- -- -- came -- way. And I think there's. Certainly you know a lot of opportunities for broke from all requires so. But they start this year. It's such a much higher level and they were in the in the last year. And hopefully what a good. All season. Physical -- ready as they'll be able to by the time we get through with a -- and training camp practices. And preparation is rated. You know go Holland. And improve on what they did this year though. Much -- little and now you know a lot of factors. Went. I think that it will all be. Well that -- it -- this year. As you can imagine we get we get a lot of questions about Brady we have a lot of discussions about Brady UP 37 at the start of next year. And there's a notion of a Brady's window how much longer can he play. Do you think of of the offense in those terms do you feel. Now that Tom is in and his late thirties. Pressures probably not -- were right word but is there are more urgency. To put weapons around Brady at this stage of his career. Than there was ten years ago. Well I think every every year you'd try to put him on the field that you can. Yeah I understand and that you know there's so obviously got its own between. But moderate -- good. You know on your salary cap and crap and everything else. You know one -- and -- not really talking about but within reason. You know doing all the things you can do. Almost that you so that's what we don't we'll continue do that. -- we've been you know very competitive over the last or whatever than a dozen years. And that would be -- the -- this year so. I have a quarterback position and I think. I like every other position. We all know that we're one play away at any position from. Every place that player and and in -- case you know Ryan has has improved. Significantly in the three years that he's an air -- -- another strong jump this year and at some point you have got up -- -- whenever. I think that he's certainly on on the road and be ready to go. -- -- -- you. As an organization. You know you try to provide your football Davis is an opportunity competitive and -- have a chance. Sort of try to do it at every position which you know there's -- anything we can ignore we got to do with us. And that's -- try to get it out about one position or one guy or one I mean -- -- We want to have a good also one of the good people out there won't have a good kicking game. -- -- have a good running game a lot of good passing game. On defense and at the console of all things are important. And we can't. Address all of them all the -- and have to try to do those things that we feel like like the biggest impact the work. Make the biggest difference understanding what the you know -- then. Of those things are that the draft choices or contracts or whatever -- the -- That that's probably what the next you know four to six weeks. Will be. Big part of our. Discussions in the does make it and and -- relations will be. -- what what we need to try to do and then. You know what what are the options that we'll get those most impact that was. They coach talk about -- Johnson broke quicker no. Obviously he's not on team anymore just talk about how tough was for to have a guy like that though. And is there another guy on the staff that's gonna take a spot or is he gonna bring somebody else -- -- Write what -- weekend. Think we can. Don't handle the situation as it is but that doesn't mean we. Would not certainly not as somebody a master out they'll go. But yet personally pepper you know I caught me. Throughout my career. As a player and of course. All the coaches here and in doing one. -- brings obviously well the problem here as well as the -- unique ability to. Be a coach in the system that it and and for many of us whoever. Is on that other people. With myself. And the other provisions and we. We -- so when we coach we have a lot of experience. They're you know there's a difference between playing and supplement. And coach's system and not plan than that and that's something that. -- brought to us. Able. And again my. Relationship. And friendship and respect for -- pepper. Are you know. Monumental pain is they -- person isn't like that. That's -- You know all the things. Aren't our relationship and in through all the years when he came in as a rookie in 1986 with a time. Well. Kept an -- What -- meant for me personally and to pages organization. The noses out now build that Dante Scarnecchia. -- long time patriots coach and a number of capacities. Is retiring. How did you know that this was his last season before the season started how did you find out and -- just your take on that news it -- is no longer going to be -- with. -- yet you know. We've -- a regular basis. And beer the future and and so for them. But he's very. Very office and it always try to do the best thing for the organization and you know -- away where. That we we news that he was gonna retire. Is he that it is -- with a little bit longer then. Well we at first talked about a few years are. You know with the transition. We knew we were he's making them. And we you're -- -- -- this year and I feel good about the transition that we we may. And I think that the hopefully the all. All the alignment. Will be. Moot. We have a number of people. Not booking office line are familiar with all the things that were you and -- help a lot and so. And you know we we put in this here that will be able Lou made in the communication. Nomenclature then. You know verbiage and and all those things that are even though they found it -- is so critical of if -- if that group so. I think that the transition even though it going to be a big one. Is as bad as smoothly as it probably could possibly cost. You know bill get a chance to talk to you each Monday throughout this year and and granted it was my first -- doing this so you know maybe my impressions are all different but. It's what you really like this team this year that there were some there was there was air quality about this team that especially appealed to you. There really was. My early look away from day one. In the spring. You know met every challenge that we gave them. -- great work ethic the way. They were physically and mentally off. We demand and a lot they responded and in a positive way. Make it uses it without. Well. Really yeah -- -- doubled in the manner as it is. Try to do it again and they -- that age. As much improvement over the course of the season. That probably any. I approach. We went from something we do you really -- -- as different points of the year do. Yeah becoming a pretty good out. Later on in the year and obviously we have some adjustments we estimate. On the scene and very personal situations like. Did have a lot of it here. Have performed very well because everybody was count on them. It's not a way to get it done as many many examples so. You know from top to bottom are veteran players leadership. We have our captain. -- -- You know read -- paper -- with. When Benson and dropped out here and -- have been involved. Along with a lot of the better players but you know those it was -- -- -- I think their coaching staff responded well a lot of challenges that we. As far as. Again personnel and have a defined. The team found that different way to win when we were different. Schematic -- in what we were a year before. It is championship game this year we we played that same game with. Think a lot of different -- strengths -- vehemently you know. You all that. A very competitive. That ought differ from the 2012. And 2011. So. You know I think that that he the that is something coaches and players again. Being able to recognize -- -- and ultimately. Perform a high level. When we're asked to do and -- -- different and obviously. But this shuttle lot of resiliency. All the way they've played at the end of games we were. -- That the -- several arms -- have -- come from -- as we get about we. Weren't able to but we eat. Put ourselves a result of the champs do. So it really went at each of the games. Than I mean even at Denver game you know code of conduct or wants or getting work. Couple things -- a bottle that differently with four minutes ago but. Certainly in the regular season all of those and -- that's all. Within Ford Ranger at the end of the game. And then of course we want twelve games in the regular season. So. -- thought we were competitive every week. Again a hard thing to do this ligament -- in this league and you know part optical. Games -- without. Lately it somewhere along the line. Are working. Unfortunately you know didn't really -- -- some exporters and add. Normally we somewhere along the line -- -- -- To -- compete at the end of the game and change. That's so what about players and you'll make up of the area as well as game. Certain work. -- one of the you have some decisions to make what some of those players and your team. Julian -- men. Aqib Talib is another way to know -- wanted to. Get into that Welker comment again but how about this at today's Wednesday and uses an injury report comes on Wednesday if to leave if you if you won that game could to leave. Have played in the next game Z is he avail does he have to have surgery after that hit by Welker. Yeah or if it. -- -- it up among all I don't think so. But yet. This is I don't think it. We're talking about it injury it. Well you know it back out to. We're ready now and once again it wouldn't be okay Mike as you know. We've been on the road course is no better person. You know what the season's over I mean guys are. Serious. Also bruises. Ailment or. You up at the end of the season and a lot of times now we -- yet to -- when those -- clear and you know you players -- it after three weeks and offseason here they get. They get there. Everything back everything feels good every policy program that sometimes. Those things. And it needs to be. Nagging. Not forgotten we'll hear from for -- -- and that. But we're at it from reaching its full potential and and forming at the level -- -- -- performance that's sometimes you go back 34 weeks. And picking -- look at the injury as well as. Well. Now. On the normal. Take a normal recovery that we expect it to work we want a chance without the surgery. On the following an easygoing. And peace and that part of the policies and our. I would say probably and professional athlete and professional football and it eight. 898 years as head. Some portion of that somewhere in her career and -- -- Christian and he personally. And we'll -- the case though. Well. It is -- it doesn't look like bubble players are -- will be open. And it may not mean that they made it all the -- we might as well. I'll leave -- open but maybe to a three week it'll clear up. Well what you know seem to result also -- and we won't be so that the very very. Here we we just tried all the effort there. Super Bowl now while -- course being next weekend. Best offense in the league this year statistically against the best defense in the league and one of the conversations we were having earlier is. -- Richard Sherman was only targeted twice according to him in the last game. If you're Peyton Manning. And it does -- try to go after him this patent try to do exactly what it on whatever it is that his offense is set up to do does he try to stay away. From some of Mike Sherman how do you see that game playing out. -- -- I'll always -- at all this year. At all. My guess would be you know they'll -- Certain ways it. Matchup will take them there you know I mean all there -- a lot of players. Players that. At some point won't be a key matchup on the -- you know -- on. All wet nosed political call with I recovered I felt it yet. Sure that it can't get the right won't feel. It will relate matchup. Wherever they -- an -- thoughtful. On matchups are more able or sure they'll. A work on those. And the example try to take more. And it usually the way slow. I would expect if they probably a lot of the game or on. How all of that's a simple. If there. Adversity on the advance ticket or -- we are going to take advantage of that. Rick also lauded as well that's I then. And it receivers. I think you know what the -- is well it'll it'll -- We don't have an official question from a listener today but I did happen to be glancing at her text machine while we -- on here with you and I did come across this sort of maybe we'll just finished with this a text -- wants to know if you ever got the clock fixed in your car. -- -- -- -- You know we're we're we're working now. He won't get daylight -- and they go on all actually been able. It has opened up. Modern miracles modern miracles coach thanks so much. Enjoy the off season a joint mobile we'll -- -- against him. Okay great. The only the only year in look forward that's up for instance. Parody or Israel ballot -- go joins us here via the AT&T hotline a lot there'll be right back alcohol is Christian Fauria W media.

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