WEEI>On Demand>>Jack Edwards with Salk and Holley: "Peter Gammons commenting on Hockey is like me commenting on women's fashion."

Jack Edwards with Salk and Holley: "Peter Gammons commenting on Hockey is like me commenting on women's fashion."

Jan 22, 2014|

We talk Bruins with Jack Edwards, including the resurgence of Brad Marchand, Tuukka Rask's speedbumps, and we get Jack to comment on Peter Gammons anti-NHL tweet which got Jack all kinds of riled up.

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I hit all of listeners and fans for their support over the whole season and we got you know we got a great sports community and we is aptly here swaps and -- -- represented their replies. You know we try to go out there we get the bats to end. -- -- -- come up a little bit short you know we hope we -- play hard really represent our communities that's way that we know out well. Thank you guys. You know we'll we'll we'll be back out here is what we know it. And then it's I hope the Celtics in the Bruins are a lot of good sports that bought. -- yes Tom Brady who's excited about the future for the Celtics and Bruins now I'm assuming then that he hasn't watched the Celtics. You -- said that have you been watching the -- his wife twice he wants in the -- -- he's in the tank they've seen enter everything about Tom Brady suggest tank but he seemed wigand's car. If things are hard and so those guys they must they Michael Johnson Chris Johnson Chris writes for the daily. -- 25 minutes let's look. Just escalates when he fives all the way and I tell you what is good as he was it was not the most impressive Johnson of the last few days Chad Johnson picking up win over the LA kings about governor brought from where I said we're glad you are just there right now hi Jack how -- yeah. Awaited. I don't we did it direct that what do what do I do it got rejected it hurt -- -- Walked away I'm leaving it to you Jack that's my set up it -- brought to you is always by Norfolk power equipment for our yet you know equipment from Johnson's two equipment that's what goes. Jack -- finally looked pretty good the last few games after really really lousy streak. They looked a whole lot better and specifically martian has just out of his mind. Do with him right now on is a guy that a few weeks ago maybe few months ago there was some serious conversations at least among fans as to whether or not somebody that is part of -- -- Future if he's somebody that could bring something back. Now his value was up a little higher as it is it time to think about trading someone like him. Ford had a little I don't know he brings a lot of good things to broaden its. If you're trading him away you'd have to think of all the different elements that he supplies that team and besides the that the goal scoring output which is unbelievable late talkers says he is setting his past -- goal within. He also brings that ability to change your game all the single shift because he gets under the let guys get to the guy pops his top. That so that's a rare commodities because. Every time a player plays that way. And there aren't many of them who do what every top player plays that way especially guy Marcia side. So they might just say is that -- intelligent dangerous way to make a living but he uses that to do it that way he's really palatable for the votes. They Jack Christian story here hockey insider come -- you live from Brighton. Public to -- real quick. Couple struggles. But is he still an elite goaltender. Yeah no doubt they'll -- flat spots you can look at Marquette -- career he's gone through 45 games felt were. He had been -- -- special. And that's what happened last right now what's really important for the -- to -- -- -- that played very well late in his last few starts. It was clear that the bullets coaching staff that lost little confidence in Johnson after related but really soft goal in the Goetschl won at awful it was a wraparound goal electric staffer what was side in the third period and after that. The team just didn't believe them for a week or two and then he show where it is played that he. He can be dependent upon again. And it should be any surprise that two -- get so much lighter load between now and the Olympics. Yeah and that coming out of that whatever they can rest last they're gonna do it right now he's -- 64 or 65. Start paste depending on yet around the -- and that's probably a little too -- you want him somewhere. Uniter sixty -- into the playoffs. They -- Jack I'm surprised you'll -- you answered. Christians question without much hesitation when he went Christians that is the -- I'm talking and well I'm thinking on all Christians think about a week -- I'd -- top three top five. Do you think -- is an -- category I do. But it seems like this year. There's some there's some room for doubt based on his -- What would you rather have. You know I think Jonathan -- certainly that's that's one that you might say you'd rather have Ryan Miller may be when he's playing well with. -- he's been rumored to be somewhat of education off well and he's been an incredibly all the doors but would you rather have them the typical route. Because the guys in the -- absolutely look like I and they love playing in front of that wasn't always the case with. -- -- -- that trophy winner who preceded his arrest although you know -- it performances were actually. Is the other -- personal performances sometimes. They guys. Shrug their shoulders and raise their eyebrows. There really -- too many guys I'd rather have a cute -- I mean I I can't see him outside of the top three or four in the NHL even during this culture. What do Jack -- joining us here on WEEI what you learned about this team in the last week or so. They have the -- the awful trip out west that -- finally on the one win in the in San Jose's. A couple of really awful games in there and then. I've bounced back and have these two really great games in a row what have you learned about the Bruins recently. What I've learned about this little game it's a once again I underestimated the coaching ability of quote Chilean dog -- Doug Jarvis Jeff ward. Father and the entire staff. If you consider and we said that during the telecast. -- -- a lot of other people picked up on it. If you consider that the bottom toward a spokesman for the -- -- in their game against LA on Monday after news. Had an average of 31 teams that NHL experience including that game. That is just off the scale for how well they are playing together and that's what a defense the most duplicate. That's available. Michael's. You know that is the hardest position to play at all. Or Jack I said that no more than fifteen minutes ago. I'm glad you finally come around well I was -- whatever you know well sailors and 35 men who one -- -- screen or stroke trees. That it takes about 200 games. To get. Everything in order to figure out how to play the position well and consistently in the NHL. That's perhaps even then you know I that we out a lot of different department about that then and there seems to be consensus on Paul Martin from. From Pittsburgh -- agreed with that number and -- a lender who's an excellent veteran defenseman with awful that he agreed with that number Shea Weber whose usually in the north and said he agreed with that cover these guys are averaging. Let them how to proceed and experience yet they know what they go they don't want -- say yeah they they have their doubtful but it's really amazing how well. There's the court's point despite the losses of Seidenberg. And outlook weighed in obviously Hamilton nurse and a concussion. -- Jacqui -- That about you talk of the Olympics is briefly reversed him on what guys do is there any. -- it is early off the off ice training that these guys will do to kind of stain shape and stay and keep their wits about and keep their timing. But it any any controlled. Practices -- the players will will will lead themselves are public work went over the break. Well guess is that just about every NHL player can say. At least 45 days off and just get rid of the Dinkins and sit in this sort uses. The way NFL players use to buy we just at least get a little bit our our you know maybe in the NFL so if they -- to put. You know late in in this. Scenario where they're gonna have. What at least seventeen straight days off. They're -- you know like Vatican itself as one of the feature a couple of days. There are cardiovascular conditioning is at such an elite level they don't have to work too hard to get it back. There are going to be practices preceding the end of the orchestrate or not. Just gonna talk out there after 48 hours or they're going to be particularly through afford it practices after the Olympic break and and player retreating. As as teams get coordinated you know more more cuts will come back topic is much. Org about last the only north products in an injury. Immediately following -- break was after PK actual that was part of the 2006. Sweetest gold medal team and they want to have all white all they all like forty its stock old. And that flew directly from stock over the Boston Mike solvent for the model plane pulled down Carolina caught a rut in the ice and a lot of neat. That I could have been prevented just by arresting an extra day -- So it kind of felt that the -- had to have -- point at that point Ellis pretty much the other -- Passion purpose and most of the third -- -- purpose at all. From embryos that three -- -- -- over and over you would talk about the three p.s and -- -- the -- who has I don't know. -- -- A second or Jack I don't know what to do when my friend get in -- -- -- -- my friends fighting each other on I don't know what do play peacemaker try to. Make everything civil unlike you -- like Peter Gammons. What is being. What happened between you and Peter game. As well. You know I have spoken to Peter directly but on the other and I haven't seen -- at a hockey game for about six years -- so. There at the thing you know when when Bob Hartley provoked John Porter relative to relative what you had to -- -- and -- It is five. Fighters out there against five guys that you can either call fighters -- goes for Calgary. And then toward -- completely. Boiled over in what they'll always heard that shifting gate suspension that's what got suspended not. I've got a lineup that was that the chasing down the hallway and trying to get in Calgary room between period. You're damage that this is why hockey will always be martyrs for. You know if there. They -- comment about hockey is like -- comment about women's fashion means it's just absolutely. Not is spectrum he has. No validity he has no credibility. He you know if if the guy were at the -- all the time they'd reconsider his opinions but you know. Necessary though they're okay but -- -- but that's OK -- got devil's advocate if there are a lot of people who don't go to the rank. And follow hockey like it to what what what you have to be there to be credible wanted to have a credible apparent. It because it certainly applaud side on the sport you're gonna pay with that broad brush and speak from a position of being. Wholesale loitering in any sport. You at least old. The guys about what you're talking. The chance to refute your face you know if you wanna write something nasty you wanna say something nasty that's fine. It is your obligation to be standing in front of the truck and all the next time those guys played your. There the difference here it's a jacket and sat -- a -- -- the shore up. That's all that sort of -- side out there from the -- ground at all that's why I always feel minors or. Now there's -- can have whatever opinion you watch -- can be as long as he -- hockey is not a minors -- hockey is is in fact the greatest sport the world. Just as you know you don't decide that can't wait until I could -- wait. I just can't wait until you know until water sports just -- decide that they're above at all you know and -- -- once or. In which you find guys who who have an attitude. That they think they're cool priest no good well you know you know work forward. You know where it has not -- Our Jack Edwards we certainly appreciate talking to every week I know will be doing in next weekend we'll talk to them. Are there any other Jack Edwards is always brought you by Norfolk power equipment. I thought it. I love it as if he's got a got a point on the hockey mentality. From the players point of as far as the Pope don't speak part now he's -- -- a baseball writers are. He's in a baseball essentially believes that nothing nothing it does stinks no I don't either otherwise right now and he says baseball. I would say it Peter Gammons defense in and starring him Jack would move on -- is. Peter Gibbons isn't trying to comment on the ins and outs of hockey buddies -- not saying like what is your lord if you wanna say hey you know what they shouldn't be running this kind of a neutral zone trap doesn't fit the personnel -- he's saying to the rest of the world the people that don't go to the -- everyday. This is why hockey crowd everybody's interest rate was just so so we note would have petered tweeted. Calgary and Vancouver last night reiterated what NHL as a minor sport a 430 -- -- at a 189 favorite right. -- -- You can understand why that comment that tweet. Would upset I just completely do I mean -- book when you are hockey fan and somebody makes a living in hockey you are you're supporting you your sport as you should. But the fact Peter Gammons doesn't show up he's speaking for people that don't show law essentially saying this is why. Yeah you're right I don't show up here's why. I don't like this part of did not disagree with them our -- up part of the game I love to -- the line brawling but yeah suggests not yet it's fair to criticize -- so -- on -- target you know I think -- what you like -- -- right it's an opinion on it now maybe looks at -- as the reporter. Peter Gammons is a hall of fame reporter Greg he's thinking -- not just somebody commenting. About Calgary and Vancouver it's Peter Gammons ripe the great again it's gonna say this he -- it. Because his pedigree and he has to beat their -- thinks Olympic can have. And that's something that. Such as Jack is something that really gets hockey writers' -- Hagerty is always going to people over this well I haven't seen you -- -- it in the in the arena along to so. OK that's one thing but let's focus on the continent and not well well who was there -- a morning skate and this -- my nose clos in who knows Bergeron. Didn't want to -- in this case specifically what Jack was saying hey if you're gonna -- the sport be around -- to take whatever criticism comes back to you -- he has. On the record price -- twelve or the people that are going to be defending hockey -- the players it's not the players -- you insulted me now wanna say something back to you in that regard I get -- you wanna write something about hockey player this guy stinks he doesn't play well -- don't show up in the -- person I'm sure you felt the same way up if somebody wanted to insult you a writer you wanted to be able to talk to them about it if -- so desired but he's saying -- hockey fans. This is what's wrong with your game of hockey fans are now -- -- are allowed to get around feet. Peter -- watched and that's the point I had out so it's like so he's seen one specific incident and in -- -- is -- -- that Viagra -- is really saying as long as this is all I continue to see as long as hockey never makes it to the other than five guys fighting. Yeah it out of a job or they might give me more that it will be cut not a lot -- -- person -- -- Bill Belichick in fifteen minutes welcome all WB yeah.

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