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Tom Curran, CSNNE.com: On the future of the Patriots

Jan 22, 2014|

Tom Curran joins the show to discuss the offseason moves the Patriots should make, Belichick's comments on Welker, and on the departure of Pepper Johnson.

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When a team loses -- joining us to get his take on the season and the off season. To do lists of like Tommy current. And you know Comcast sports that had -- joint disease brought -- -- doctor. Doctor Robert lender or call 1800 get here 100 dead here and -- Lou how are you hungry. Oh today it. Apparently put a -- patriots season -- give it a couple of days. To think about this season and how ended in Denver be given the elevator conversation somebody to bar says Tom what you think his patriot season how would you -- Describe what we saw from this team this year. Well at the start crush -- and beginning. In June. They had no business being in Denver for the AFC championship game based on paper. Because the number of injuries they sustain. What what this -- Probably would never going to win a Super Bowl might go on like. Of Roman candle. In New York security proposal we can create it at that are. Built some seriously doubt -- Experience gained by this team. Actually. With some tweaking. A route model black spots. -- it about the best team in the NFL. Early in the car for next you're on the. Well if you look at next year and obviously it is some big question marks to leave entitlement which gets heated discussion of offense vs defense is it Aqib Talib all or do you think that they get -- the -- give Tom Brady some more weapons here and -- and do some things offensively. No I opened opened up and to be concerned and are that -- -- -- -- back there haven't watched as he -- although construction team over the years. I'm -- also by the fact that I don't think you're gonna do that. Not after a quick it will Hopkins paradox and circuit this year makes C ought to be my contributions. And -- well. It looked at team X or the best economic you or are you with. Didn't say you know what it of course not at all or are you get better -- -- to Marat has to be it a little bit more. And we're gonna stick with what we got a -- After I -- and -- are with the clock out and do his job well create separation or not gonna reinvent the wheel. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you are the top five except that you -- -- or being looked at the beginning of the. It and Tom I agree with you I feel like you say what unit is closer right now offense or defense and after. Years of drafting -- plugging implanting the defense is is close I think there one. Top flight quarterback away the concern I have is that. Went to leave it not been in their last June the AFC -- -- this year the AFC title game it's like one guy goes and he means so much of them can they afford it. -- not bring to -- back because I just think they'd be taking a major step back is a defense if they have to go with. Debtor in year three Logan Ryan in year two and Collard did a great slot defender as their top three quarters next year. Well it -- I -- exclusive cookbook they -- a step back currently deeply here. Out school communities shutdown order probably eight to ten of them in the league reconsider back Europe business. And the dimensions ma am so I agree quickly emerged. As -- keep the dimensions of -- Richard sure. You know where he's 61 in and all -- but it would serve him well. It would sure where. Our. You know it's the right to try we. Apologize. Received -- dimension to really. You know they don't poetry because we need them -- Marriott the Marriott pharmacist -- your arm injury Graham's. Just would not go on. Victory here at devastating. Lawyer who can run downhill quarterback -- sent. And make them. Rex way to Patriot Act have to. We I think -- got would you look at that no action early in Russia you know -- -- electric current dumped. And that at some luck. Could barely walk. -- All year and I thought that the shall there was nobody from buying that -- couldn't help. -- to look at -- He's not a he doesn't need replacing. -- like -- and would welcome Ryan. Figured it. I hate to say some good fortune. To make it so with fewer injuries like to have developed. More personalities actually I'm going on but -- tie it up. Thought -- -- -- gave the best referendum on what a player how we like it came import. Sunday and I imagine it's ironic that came from him as he -- -- about what instruction. You know telling rookie you matching its because of what you've seen what they will do which brings me to Julian -- Right and what. Do you do with him what what in your opinion if you throw out some numbers what's -- adamant that in what kind of numbers would the patriots are saying no we're not gonna go therefore. That he's for a twelfth four years twelve million dollars six million dollars guaranteed. Now in Yemen dole. Did not even approach to numbers and effectiveness of Julian Edelman Mauritanian -- is effective and outside receiver. As settlement. Can political slot or outside -- and -- cashing checks you're politically adults and I don't think any and -- can be good player but relative Julian settlement. Torn knee and -- to open represented as a settlement -- will represent -- he gonna say well. OK got to go there probably what they're going to find. Is there. Probably won't be as big markets for him with a pro will be similar market for him as it was Wes Welker which used to say drop. There may be a bigger market for handle the punt return killed in the age factor. At all. You know I don't even know it surely have a little feel it to him if the patriots right of first refusal. You know. I think welcome -- to check it out in match. It's -- but. I think you'll be really unfair. But not unprecedented. For the patriots -- port number -- in a position where most experienced receiver lots of Georgia. We're talking to Tommy current and I wanna ask you about that the cap is missionary and Tom and guys who would be cap casualty before ideal let's just go back to. To Monday morning for second idol -- There are -- here Belichick lives -- but obviously by now everyone's responded to his comments about the Welker picked what did you think. About his approach Monday morning immediately coming out and -- having the strong take that he did it on Wes Welker picked play at a key to leave. So critical. You know that that approach I think people are under our. Thinking that is currently -- spokesman. -- I think that baseball whether release export probably can't do this stuff forward -- -- -- respects we would. Pitches and slides and things like that I think Bill Belichick some electrical I think critics who woke up well it long enough and you see you two guys playing chicken. Who in the last. Two or three strides realized. We're not just gonna -- each other we're not gonna -- worker collide and that's what happened and I think the Wes Welker deliver great. Senate I think Wes Welker go liberal but he blew him up that was result. But I think it was deliberate in -- so. Thank the protest to protect his player. Vote may have to. Go out on a limb and strong and his rhetoric. Particularly players and team how much he values their sacrifices. And -- he has said that. That put us both the ability except I do have an explosive. Take on it. Based on the -- That. It was such a critical players the first question I asked him in the post it was first question -- that was on that play. The one other thing I want to know the first summit at the chance to panel. And our people that last month at the same thing Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie Euro -- period earlier alone except play. -- -- we've got girl whoever at all welcome. What perhaps the ball had a while we're free second I strive for -- -- -- Dominic orders from Iraq. -- that was that was that it yeah you know compare. Yeah I don't think it was a double play but did you what do you feel about that the second half of his statement what -- I kind of thought it was laughable when he says that the league should review it. I'm suggesting that it's fine a bull or sustainable and and the worst thing he's seen. -- secure a ticket expect the worst thing I've seen I think that it again. Coach speak letting your team no hope to Scott you are but what's just occurred. And I think is just about -- -- that's operate it I do that in our current somewhere. Who in my estimation was. Practically defenseless on that play we get a chance school board -- war. In intrinsically what browser opera house is -- -- -- PO I am the candidate for a community championship in. And I can understand this sentiment in a competitor as Little -- each hit yet. To which. I've been covering the week. Specifically or in the Philippines. -- know what the interplay between the -- that is Belichick it's bureaucracy. Takes the legislation it's -- know it all tenor of these people who have. -- didn't in the salt -- who -- Coaches players and GM's other gonna run their teams. Enriched in the legislation. In the little legislator and get a lot of second. No at all condescending. Arrogant weasel. Indicated we get to stick you with all applicants. It's how we're talking about what they have to do we've talked but settlement to leave you know it looks like anywhere between seven and nine million dollars roughly that's -- number based on bonuses and Ernie -- to be paid out but there are a couple other couple players in your mind that. Financial look at his potential top the list cap casualties guys who. Will serve as -- cut them loose to free up money to do the other things this team wants to do whether it's free agents resigning their -- extending the road in the case of a guy like -- according. What I could -- good point when you look at a guy like according. It would be a person who. Cipro would wanna start conversations with your bird is gonna travel safety market. This seat in the patriots went according. When that happens. But don't open jump up to me because I don't think anybody's excessively over eight or footprint by exco. Restructuring -- That's a good question. Because what Vince Wilfork got hurt it was not playing like this wolf with that injury earlier. I don't know open he should be it'll be interesting I don't at all vote -- what they would do that yet. You -- a big role on the team even after his injury. I'll put it might get their match I think -- earned -- keep and shortness. Value. So tired cap number will increase going to be negotiate against I just don't think. A -- don't look at all the money in mind much. And Lou I think you know look at look at the interior are -- on. That. -- significant orbit ethnic probably upgrade its settlements Wendell as some kind of an issue that might feel -- little -- like -- And I think that the probably need to upgrade a little bit secondary is -- -- player that you probably greeted as a safety. -- might be -- except and and then electorate tight end who can at least approximately. The cut its ability upper coast if he goes out and if he doesn't go who can complement -- when they're on the field together. Tom last what for me pepper Johnson leaves your organization was that -- surprised you'd expect other coaching changes on this staff for front office changes. Prior to next season. It was a surprise. But not a -- a long period of time wants to be coordinator and never get the opportunity to do so. Typically the third -- -- -- goes someplace else is. So not a shock I think that what it -- get to me it's he was under the Whitner Brandon Spikes is -- time together I think it. It would further ruler term agreements. And yet there -- -- one. A typical some turnover churning up the coach -- this young guys who might have other opportunities so what happens. Great stuff some great recap of the season we appreciate your time throughout the course of the year that you get a little break here. Why is it is a beat writer on the team another -- -- -- or the Super Bowl. Are gonna go -- well actually not ferret out information few people so when it hit comics we follow it wouldn't you you people were where there Tuesday through Friday the show is gonna be live in new York at media wrote to us. We'll have to. Guess what if -- ability or. Did that we're going to be there we're tracking down and talk -- -- your fixed up. Okay hi Tommy currency's broad -- -- -- doctor doctor Robert Leonard or call 1800 get -- courses there.

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