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How can the Patriots get back to the Super Bowl?

Jan 22, 2014|

John, Gerry and Kirk opened the show discussing what the Pats need to do to improve in the off-season. The guys agreed that they need more deep threats on offense.

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A bunch of little things to day. Henry Aaron. -- Warren Buffett might friends NASA NFL's wag bag location location location. As it applies to this dorm. I start with this I was prepared. Yesterday. To offer a billion dollars. To anybody -- successful league guessed what my announcement by big announcement. During headlines is going to be. -- am Warren Buffett beat me to it's it it's sort of the wind out of myself I was opera billion bucks. And Warren Buffett said eight anybody with a perfect eighth and March Madness bracket it's about how are bad because I know. The guy you do like I'm in a prediction yesterday you're off the -- -- -- -- no spoilers but I think guys I think no one billion dollars. I think so could have been worse. Could have been numerous. All you could make -- -- a thousand or something you know right now. Kafka and the what is the chance to -- the one office to hand over a billion because he's gonna give a billion perfect NCAA bracket. Com and I assume has to be. Please submit it to him or submitted his -- -- While what is the odds of that happening is that he has insurance right one in nine point two quick. All okay so there's a -- they're such standards and chants -- -- so it's it's million. Billion. Trillions in Oakland two teams -- number -- Jillian is. Bigger than a thousand less -- ZoneAlarm between yet when it was I don't know like or five -- I had an issue we're trying to figure which was larger thousands millions. -- haven't issued now I've seen her do math sometimes you still hear what you want to host it. Bus as I've seen and I've seen you do math I'm looking forward to the big announcement tonight at 730 yeah I know I have to wait another I've sort of thirteen -- that it. You know between a seven iron and glass and I kicked out of me. That he has a big announcement coming and 24 well it's gone up -- -- -- and a out like this and not a bad idea little cross promotional vertical motion. -- about an -- 25 -- an hour and 25 million over headlines across butterflies in your life and you do -- pretty excited my prediction exceptionally excited I don't remember where any of us ever having a big announcement that didn't involve you know the -- all of all of -- I thought it might that I have an idea yet. -- -- -- -- Is that it we are Bob I think you've got three months to. Open its its its like at the resurrection sleep that would be pretty wild -- you'd stay on did work. She car. I'm sure at this time away from you don't know it would sound good in theory I'm gonna work it before we'll talk about it and then tomorrow the -- -- -- -- -- and you look at the clock -- Maybe not a -- just roll over to sleep if you knew you at three months to live well somebody said if it's if a stranger walked up to you. And -- -- book. You opened the -- reading it. And it was the story of your life down to the -- my most minute detail. Would you read it to the end. No no no -- would you wanna know the exact date time you know -- our question now I would I would. Yeah this summer like a -- Affairs in order the -- abide everybody yeah -- All of my dirt he lived over the December when -- -- -- -- I -- I wouldn't want you to tell me -- a month and beat up. Like this and it's not really do about it. I would not want a month ago I would I would bail on you guys I would cash out ridiculous I would. Cruises -- would travel the world I would go crazy -- you wouldn't historically your time. In. There's been obviously a lot of documentation such. People in the months -- months six months and they don't do that they don't co. Skydive and that'll co rocky mountain climb to kids and grandkids and family and I think. I hope Laura Schwartz didn't if you make up with your brother as an example. Yeah my -- I hold grudges are you make up a lumpy. No -- about an -- now you take those grudges to the grave yet -- -- might I think I am Molly Schwartz never went anywhere in every left this house. When he was diagnosed he never but the -- was diagnosed and he died which was how many years and years. Never bought anything in which is -- you think that by some -- by newcomer buy into a theater and it looks like new golf club. No I think people brought ample. Hernandez brought him lots of books in much -- read you read here at three months out of your mind would be great mind drift -- -- -- wasting my time here. As I spoke to a very different mind lastly this series it's it's funny that. Document this today. And and his dad has been diagnosed and at this moment he feels great. There is an old bum. Ill effects emotional pain he feels as good as he ever got -- it was ninety's who slipped a long and productive life. But he now knows that he has in August less than a year to -- What I would suggest to you that you wouldn't want to do anything Monica are you would buy cars or buy golf clubs because. It seems to me once you were presented with that idea. Your Sense and Sensibility regarding acquiring. You know -- and take your money with yeah. All -- I would handed over hand at all or are travel or you know make up with your brother of the human white trousers I want to -- by the. -- cruise they once again I would I would never miss the Boston bullets. I heard as well it's not as you through it you missed. It -- this one. I would certainly -- they're collecting now since the screen in my whole day run it you can run and listen listen you don't listen no background turn everything off tall dark thing that was on this thread millions that -- -- listening to the Russell -- all show -- yeah. It's -- Your house or acknowledge him and I was wait for -- to explain what ratings are though that he did the -- it. -- says -- result in my Bill Belichick passage today and we'll get to the manager of the Mets that may not only respect committee on Bill Belichick bones as. I thought would -- the of the Davidson wrote distribute to the patriots and Bill Belichick. It's not an packages lately that -- gonna have to seek some -- -- some balance. And today its balance. He balances that out and I often wonder. Belichick even. He read that a -- well. I -- somebody who reads it for him. But hands it to him. And says he is what Ron Borges said about you I I think there's probably a daily or semi weekly. Conversation. With somebody that we know. It says here's what's being said here's the worst here's the best in the bill says. Really let me see the Borges article or I don't care about the -- article and it begs the question I would always say I don't care about it would be always at. Right but what I don't you expected that you envision it every time Belichick's told that he's being criticized -- I don't care. It seems certainly it's that then why would you have somebody assigned. To monitor this radio station radio station the globe and herald and report to him with the deet -- of what is being said what is being written. The answer is he does care sure from public perception standpoint or -- He would say why don't care at all he does care there is somebody assigned to keep him -- As I read this Borges article that. It's struck me that. This is like three days after as you said Ron wrote that article and a lot of people were saying. This was bill Belichick's greatest coaching effort based on doing the most with as little as he had. And if indeed. Push comes to shove and Brady retires or whatever the case may be and and and the wheels fall off this patriot wagon. A lot of widespread support on -- line on callers -- champion and that's great Bill Belichick is the greatest if they put together a couple of 08 and eight seasons. Will bill Belichick's. Love and adoration from the fan base dissipate I I I think it does. Some advocate it always goes it's just the way it works and as we've said for years. The the the way he carries himself you know. Round -- rough you know the guy that guy who has this real disdain for the media and gives the fans nothing explains nothing tells them nothing. That works if you win amend that works you can do that if you win you could be the biggest paying guests in the world to the media and the fans. And and reveal nothing it's nothing if you win everyone thinks it's charming. If you lose like he didn't -- yes it doesn't it it's not so cute anymore it's just isn't in that day even if he's one. As he has even if he's established itself as one of the all time greats and you go seven and nine. And you don't and say have a game like Sunday and you don't explain. Don't answer anything and you just don't give the fans anything. -- they become a little impatient yes the -- they did they they've become a little less tolerant. Of Europe stoic I don't remember I don't remember it's been so long remember the reaction toward him in 2000 but he was like that's -- -- to remain oh man called them duplicity on sky album from the fan's perspective it was considered a mistake I think that it. 513. I mean. -- Pete Carroll won eight games Belichick came in 15. And the next year's two and there was five of their -- thirteen yeah. Do you think this is -- -- with cities. Powell who cares how we treat the meteor moment although when they circle the way it is always about who cares we treat you screw you. Would they say that if he were five and thirteen now five and eleven issue. All -- -- bill that would Belichick has right now -- -- change if Brady's gone to some and while he has right now though it is. The fans also like him a because he wins but B because he treats the media with the fans generally don't like to -- -- -- -- -- combination beat the -- sports he hates this guy he hates that guy. Fans hate them -- generally so I think OK with him right. Here's the other thing he has going for him. The requirement that every new coach who enters the National Football League and joins another team is is required to some extent. Sell the product because the product is bad. Kraft doesn't require. -- to sell his product because it is so. People have bought into this people in although I don't know what the waiting line is for tickets but it's long it's like the long long time. Crap doesn't need or require double check to sell the product. But a certain point a couple of eight -- Or what they would like to offend me if they had their druthers they would certainly like them to the crafts -- marketing oriented there. Forward thinkers they don't say but as I say we're good we're good blitzer in the next guy's not going to be like this that I'm looking -- -- another guy who's like Belichick -- how we handle the media would just say this again did you now. But it's it's a good question of how this plays. When it all goes cell which is when -- times I mean they might be competitive they might find somebody. Do the job and doing -- paying the money when the division but they're never going to be. Super Bowl contenders without the quarterback just doesn't work that way but. I think you know yes you do got a glimpse of the Republicans. That effort Sunday was pretty pathetic and you say and and reports to right not to sports is chicken and moans write about it we talked about. Though they just didn't have a horse they can have the weapons that he chose that path you know he let. Let Welker go replace some of them at -- in the -- a bad movie chose to go with three rookie -- none of women impact in the end. In -- that he chose. To not him to go with you know although the little white guys on the outside. And said you know will make it work we have Tom Brady and Brady went along with the program right there if you do that again next year if you go into next season. And gronkowski is probably the -- September I write and you and they start the year and there is and over settlements among them entitlement maybe golf. And that is Amendola here and pumpkins are optional but there. And who man a tight end or or or Mulligan a -- and there will be rumblings. The rumblings will get louder -- has already -- but the rumblings will get it is a shame. That and Tom Brady in his prime does not have the weapons is not have the horses to win. Most of the. For years since 07 -- had those weapons to be fair -- Belichick. What to say about them as these recognize mistakes he treated for Welker and from office and we have a corner guy last year traded for to lead extreme source is a glaring weakness. I -- -- I don't know who it's going to be I think he does communion I guess that it's going to be Larry FitzGerald subs not going to be him it's good but he's not going to be Dobson right or Thomas to be somebody between. So it's going to be somebody that can stretch the field itself history and is -- Indication of how he will do it you'll not do it with 888 splash you'll not do -- with -- Larry FitzGerald he will not do it. Grand Mosque was a splash out to be -- with a particular -- he's out that soccer. My point is you'll do what he did with -- you'll find somebody that he thinks in this system. Will rise above what he has been up to this point in Miami. Welker was no great shakes. Out but it hurt future brighter as he will look for and find somebody hears this work again. A value somebody that he thinks in this system with Tom Brady and go from here to weigh up they are. In this office it will not be eight Larry FitzGerald well -- -- is not currently has good. But as Jacki points that we talked about the of the day Eric Decker is the top -- -- -- -- one not. -- overpay for a correct -- he makes a million bucks this year but he won't next year. It's what's gonna make you one million Huckabee to gather pace again the most negative but the thing about moss what he was sleeping -- and they paid him a lot -- they went and got -- good -- don't actually -- great value so the question is. Who was that moss particular FitzGerald doesn't count because eight team is good good season in fine move on from -- -- is just the name. Hillary so. Eric -- well. Why not too much about it. How do you know you're always a free agent pitched -- bidding -- for the team over Decker I don't know does that does that little panic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm not saying I don't know what the name has been if you get the list of free agents from the sexy down to the boring. Somewhere in the middle of that list is where the gavel come from. Somewhere in the middle it will be Decker at the top wouldn't be FitzGerald wouldn't be Graham would be getting those guys somewhere about halfway down the list we got I think it's like well. I am Emanuel savior strikingly -- Emanuel Sanders Jeremy Maclin. -- an -- that's a good one element -- -- to be bad Golden Tate. Anquan Bolden. Probably. You know -- it all -- they've just acquired Anquan -- years five years ago. At a time Riley compatriots Riley Cooper now that would be an interesting one witness. -- regularly get Eric Decker Riley Cooper Julian Edelman all white wide receivers would that be different in the first. The first. But different this year than anyone and -- fast fast enough it was pretty fast while a -- deep threat to its fast. I'd become too deep polish your. VO I know he was open -- I don't our -- But you're right that there may be guys who on other teams Japan acquired that you can trade for the on rebuilding teams that make sense that are good. And we talked about Vincent Jackson and on it's it makes too much money. I'm not saying it's much if Kirk in front of interest -- Jack what if Bill Belichick -- -- Vincent Jackson. It should be great great addition -- going to be right up. Because Bill Belichick is not gonna pay them as Brady -- made 910 million a year -- that's a lot of money -- They signed him eight you'd come with that contract they signed a contract right may be decides the two objects and he's worth the money may be. Maybe do you think it's gonna happen yes they attribute -- -- Yes I think at this point in his career Bill Belichick the personnel guy Bill Belichick the general manager is going to change his stripes. And and blocked and acquire sexy high priced flashy guy yes I do not while I do not what you call Randy Moss. The second that is also -- she's ready -- is career was was on the down slide -- -- injections in his. Crime I mean we him millions -- the numbers right now good year. How old who will be 31. -- over the hill just heard there. 31 that's about what that's I think that's how old most actual mosque was yeah when he was acquired -- two good years in -- very good yours and you know it's good do which is yards per catch twelve a little bit easier fourteen -- -- night as Lester sixteen good deep threat fighter players all. If they had him -- it's good to have him this will be glad to be play in the be playing in the Super Bowl right now seventeen point four yards per catch seven Bernard among active players and sixty fell to seventeen. There's your answer right there. Now get this contract. Is have to redo. Tampa's rebuilding right do you think Lovie Smith looks at Vincent Jackson said. He's part of the solution what do you think he says I get a deal him well you know for second round or third round of the ones I think he's also -- strictly from. Who isn't. Who isn't. Roll once struck a deal we are -- that's a -- LER I think he has put you got to take a chance he'll host a bigger. Risk than Randy Moss. That's why you've got him -- thick of Corey Dylan -- must have taken some chances. Ochocinco. Though Albert names were worked out well some of them work he -- on some you don't know which of it's injection would he hates the media the conduct the media that's about shorts now. Betcha he's one of those guys that's a little sick lose and and would like to play for good in in news events -- like to you know go to New England play if Tom Brady read your contract and agreed ago. What he says. Like it here. Maybe appeasement that may be doesn't want a modest team maybe he's ripe for the picking. So here I am solutions guide you both look enemy is base salary next few years Sudanese region 2007. Perfect. Buick guys and -- trade -- -- -- obese Shia cleric told her round third rounder. Third rounder and -- Paula you know back to Tampa now I I don't know whatever. Obviously it's less than you think this is Ciena fell on the whenever. Elicit the quarterback you -- overpay. So would that would give him for a third rounder you might third missing a second may -- years 36. Would you trade for second. You do you I've got -- -- up -- up to first for an -- I like trades and I realized I like good receivers like deep threats like guys who go up and fight for the ball you call five and he might be a dink but there was a bigot and the -- came here and it worked -- beauty of freer. Your great great with the castle. Three years to -- to three really good years that's that's all you're asking for. Its rejection can be that guy that -- to go after Tom Brady for three years or to even. And then you know they all grow old and we move on and they rebuilt. I have email. In Mobile, Alabama. I'm pretty sure do have a fax capabilities in the as the center at -- know that -- holiday and their -- they have the man yes this is sitting in a bill Belichick's email this morning. Quote what you pay it. Was put the media focus on something that didn't happen. On Sunday rather -- all the things that did. It illustrated -- -- a little man Bill Belichick. Can be. Accused walker of something he knew was not true. What he knew what was true was it would become the lead story the next day locally and nationally and so it was. It was a bad calculation. In my opinion on the part of Belichick. Is there's really no defense form there's nobody. Was really. Making good arguments could go bill say he's right right. You know he's right you know this is trying to hurt them I mean nobody believes him. As Donte' Stallworth said and we talked about it is that he loves Belichick loves a mobs of respects -- -- -- It says he's wrong and he knows and and boards refers to that if you're wrong and you know. Why you go on before the media and -- or not this. I think sometimes a human being just as that tipping its score in for some of us it's you know. Egypt and others for him if he finally got there he said you know I just it's him score assay model. I don't know what it makes an apple and I think you know that he said I'm probably gonna lose this one is that it looks ridiculous but I don't care again though there can irritate people. He could've done off the record with somebody I think that you know it's he's got -- some friends in the media. He could have done that and he didn't he chose to stand up there without being asked about it. Say it's the worst he's -- he works. The worst cheap shot -- quality wasn't clumsy girl I was on Belichick Ian. -- thought out yet if -- Belichick and I want to get my revenge on this -- for what reason. I call one of my minions and say. You know you're probably wondered what this is all about the -- he showed up for practice he showed up runs from meetings he was eight. Pain in the -- he was high maintenance he week he broke the cardinal rule of giving. Fodder to the enemy -- off beat stuff with rexrodt all those kinds of August. But that's in his mind doesn't have to do that because he is infallible -- right now. What -- what he said didn't make him infallible it maybe the fact that you tipping point may be that they have this dreadful performance in Denver. They lose. And people start looking at him and he but in in this moment of weakness. As oh minutes says his breaking point says. Little weasel -- receiver who heard our -- that's why that's. Why they lost it's a big reason that they struggled Sunday was -- -- one out anyone out because the cheap shot. Maybe not people -- it I mean people buying. Most of what he says or disk contention. Is he was trying to deflect attention by the poor preparation and the ports -- -- and the poor planning for Peyton Manning. By saying they don't look at how badly we played bright look over here Wes Welker because he did something really relieved I had a defense has seemed relieved that I have -- it shredded on the huge stage yes this is his reaction to different work. No I don't think so well it did work and were not spend a lot of time last couple days talk about the fact the Broncos have 500 yards petrol -- possessions and Belichick Welker put -- -- Belichick wanted to. Now. And what happens now happens now deceit going forward tremendously. Eight does he feel pressure to do. As we just -- to bring in -- and flash to make a deal for Vincent Jackson Pete Morgan put the the deal in place for a better place to sign off. Does he feel pressure to do that or next year is -- they get is he going to be Norman dale wants in my team is on the field and we look up and is going to be. You know Josh Boyce and once Austin -- law. -- Austin calling on the Arkin uses -- and and you we know Brady he'll be all in no matter what and he believes in Belichick will that be that kind of thing where. We'll move that's it that would win the division you win the division. But we will all look at that team since there's no way it can win the conference or win the super mobile six. 777 I 793718. -- -- 379837. About an hour away from the big announcement still get to -- air. -- rod Warren Buffett might princess -- -- else wag bag and location location location and by the way. For the very first time in sixteen plus years that Dennis and Callahan have worked together something happened this morning. Prior to us going on the year it has never happened before looks when that we back.

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