WEEI>On Demand>>From the mouth of Dick Sherman? Or Governor Chris Christie? You can play along at home too!

From the mouth of Dick Sherman? Or Governor Chris Christie? You can play along at home too!

Jan 21, 2014|

Michael Holley plays the Dick or Fatty game and does... just okay.

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-- you can tell the difference between quotes from Richard Sherman determine your guy. You're guy Richard -- your your guy and quotes from. Chris Christie easel do you think you can tell the difference Ali Chris Christie quotes and Richard Sherman called a courtesy of NJ New Jersey dot com. All right so here's -- we -- we we have the real audience of weakened. We can see how well you do all right so how many how many guys and I guess the game and one -- finale you know the reelect arts article I didn't have an article that -- certainly gets them. How how well we you do on this. What September 7 is his perfection -- will be perfection -- I'm I'm feeling pretty good I think I can hit five of 75 of seven Barbara seven. -- -- -- Who said this. You must be the biggest ski in the guy in America gives you think that's a confrontational tone you should see me when I'm pissed. All -- remember this now since is that fair to the phone when you remember. This is from his long -- Chris Christie's. Long long long press conference we stood there for like. Two hours and if somebody said is an outside media members and I think Kristi. You must be the thinnest skinned guy in America. -- you think that's a confrontational tone you should really see you -- this near or just got to get shut out I think about that punt after. After doing my best kick start an invitation to talk a lot. What every set out of this process so that won you -- for one you're one OK art. I mean she should really be embarrassed what a jerk she is for saying something like that. Dick Sharma would never threw about one and so -- -- -- again maybe she should really be embarrassed at what a jerk she is for sale at something like that. -- I'm an -- move away from the layups. Ominous start practice -- free -- now fifteen feet at its balance. I think. I think you'd think more of yourself than you can prove. I think that's Chris Christie again and been more of yourself did you actually can pull in my point four years of life I'm better -- life been holed up top. -- -- and you are two for three -- -- -- -- -- charity art you know -- -- can't -- -- and got to focus focus and take this group of ticket if you decide what you wanted to do was put -- showed today let me tell you something I go back and forth -- -- as much as you want Chris Christie. Why he says. Because if somebody in the media challenging him and it's. He was that this probably was on the fan. Talking about except for a guy he was written threats from the New York Daily News a column in theaters like that I think it's the actress. -- -- -- If you decide what you wanna do is put on the show today let me tell you saw that I can go back and forth with you as much as you watch. So we'll only miss one I like to listen pal the beginning of the makes about 344. Get ready dressed up now. For him until I don't get it make it actually I thought. I'm intelligent enough and capable enough to understand the you're ignorant pompous -- testicle creek -- Yeah I'm gonna crush you on here because get tired of hearing about it yet that's that's the same interview mr. Sherman with the skip Bayless got a quote from memory -- that it's not fair. I -- isn't enough and capable enough to understand that you are ignorant pompous egotistical. Cream -- and that's that's really what it comes down to and I'll go to questions on here in front of everybody because on target. The team. As skip says yes and that's what makes me a very good. Television personality -- -- -- -- -- other well yes that's what you after -- for for for. Management I don't know. I know somebody who spells and in the same way he pronounces -- -- So I was -- that sounds he's also money's money should not gonna look at Monday's that I know -- from LA it's somewhere in India now and only does I'd just presents on FaceBook. All it does is post pictures of crazy -- that he sees in India like every three or four days I -- like you know -- 815 or something that I never knew existed and he's got a picture we're -- in India. We -- again nice life with -- money -- are you stupid. Thank you thank you all very much and I'm sorry for the -- over there okay that's got to be the governor the governor. Are going to be very stupid good thank you all very much about sergeant -- over there. Five or six have you are saying here are chipped I left -- money ball. Red white blue ball I've taken out of our seven feet this is the difference between median impressed me saying okay good in our congress and off the glass. This is off the glass and a -- it -- and when he said I am who I am. When I'm not a bull. Tough tests now one that's the first one that's been really tough. I am -- I am but I am not able is that Chris Christie. Does that at this juncture in April but I know I am who I am. But I am not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let me just -- him -- I am not 8 am not a jump shooter. I'm not I'm not shooter at all not really about my rain let's be fair -- -- I am devastating from two to five feet. -- here 2728. Feet from the basket. -- -- I could go back to all all my parents. Guy jump start. A picture -- what I'm not a handy show me the crash German. I am who I am I pop up. Hi hello I'm sorry. Now. That would be -- governor Chris Chris -- tough times those are you were so close. But now. I am one -- not a bully that you have some nice parting gifts for you -- care -- you get your current and New Jersey wanted to earlier this Seahawks 25 years it does get him back that's that you get for your trouble we are at record your calls alcoholic WB.

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