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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Cheapshot Edition - 01/21/14

Jan 21, 2014|

We tackle four topics revolving around the cheapshots in Boston sports history, all stemming from Wes Welker's allegedly dirty hit on Aqib Talib.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fun game. Green card. Well we solved it finally got on Sports Radio W -- Then we have an all dirty. Four for today and it's brought you by see beyond your technology ally got a business to manage one I would see beyond the manager technology -- All right question number one patriots players have taken a number of dirty hits over the years. Whether you think the Welker hit until lead was thirty or not is irrelevant but there's been a lot of dirty hits which one has -- under your skin the most. Would have to say. Birdie Pollard. It went after Brady in 2008. It was a borderline play but probably kind of dirty people jumped on Sammy -- releases of them -- NN. Birdie Pollard strikes again. In the AFC championship game. Rendering crop. Eight C 67. It just was in no condition to -- himself as possible to say Pollard Pollard on ground that's exactly I was gonna go on the one. Brady was. Dirty but when it first happened I didn't think it was dirty upon looking back on later guess night. I now know they don't want you to target in that area quarterback but it wasn't really the rule then it didn't bother me as much even though was the most devastating injury or the although the one -- Which about the worst. -- Dirty hits in the playoffs is nothing new has been going on in the NHL for years. From biting fingers to Charles Johnson after the whistle suspensions coach fights goalie fight sport has seen at all. Seniors what sticks out in your mind as the dirty missed them all recent years so we're not going back to can't really you know same as we go back yeah. Because of her racquet and -- -- it -- in geologic times -- -- -- go ahead it's in my recent order in my career Olympic age. Or the -- is Alex. I would go that but for more recently the MacBook. Punched in the face of Marc Savard I still think -- older guys not paying any attention you drop your -- punishment a party get much sturdier than. Odds -- ragged dirty -- Todd Bertuzzi I -- -- Marty McSorley. On Donald -- here. At present there and -- -- -- I wasn't going back FR you that dirty bounce back and it's a thickening you know what I was so far out of bounds I don't include it. That makes that like that's not a dirty hit that's criminal like you can't sleep OK you know what happened to was it Ted green mean Teddy green. Here moss two years in the sixties early seventies. He had in the head with what this day -- just what they Wear helmets they're clubbed in the head with a stick. Camaro back cook for months -- a renowned Shawn Thornton Brooks are there. Shark Norton I mean shark Norton everybody made it sound like it was they wanted to moderately. Difficult back elect yet. Not that reprise this whole thing back and look at it are you surprised. Or -- without -- mean. It you'll remember art was this is kind of like the the punch the phantom punch that Ollie drawn on lifted. And Lewiston Maine. Is still looking for it. That. I didn't see that that really that big. Now your prime right number two if you if you take out McSorley because it's so bizarre and out of bounds you're probably right that it's -- doing sucker punches from all at James is quality I don't really know that tough to watch. History. Our Boston sports teams have had some great rivalries over the years and in those rivalries Lotta times comes cheap shots. Which opposing player -- that she shot against the Boston athlete. Which opposing player -- cheaper shot. In any sport. Sure. I would -- geometry. Check out he -- Joba Chamberlain. Throwing it that he can get it right the first time people -- you -- -- in 2007. Heavily. So if the guy who had. Pinpoint accuracy in the minors without got to the if I guess the makers in the first place we had a great run a control -- So. He got to the majors Kevin Youkilis is there at the plate. He tried to handle. And I. Now about my job -- You missed them. They try and -- and after you go back and you look at the video. After it hit it the second time he glanced over A-Rod. There's definitely -- Joba Chamberlain Iraq he glanced over A-Rod seeking approval would look at it was like get enough that I get it. I think that was pretty nasty this guy throws well -- job growth at its highs mid ninety's. 95 and -- ever went that it had no pictures driving and -- up. Or in the back he was throwing at its head. Why is that what I think of Joba Chamberlain though and you put the name but the words Joba Chamberlain in 2007 together there's only one thing -- can manage it all I can think it is is -- just clobbered by the disgusting bugs. As he's trying to end of the year or about to go to because -- out about the next inning. Dealt with the same thing -- care could go that I have some sympathy that rule and both were distinctly as Mike said Fausto altitude which still disgusting as the bad -- -- the -- the -- America and make some Little League this little bit of a week now as voters grow our guys -- great point that kind of wean us. -- -- Go off and hopefully with -- on rare birth this that he weighed on Rondo always thought there capsule has to -- -- art and it's a pair. If she is a Boston isn't that the cheap shot imaginable hiring somebody ticket -- -- to -- -- fine we want that now. There's an easy answer -- don't promote -- and tunnels that go with the program Garcia Jeff Nelson. Through crop of security well all that. Most of my two I think the number one here and absorbed in the you'd put this on here it's got to be -- -- attack and Pedro Martinez like that. Cheapest thing I've ever seen a new tactic or Martina. He's been in and out there instantly minding his own business you come sprinting amicable and ball and then fall down to try to look at -- as an expert he -- -- -- was -- he was trying to -- to go to -- and definitely the cheapest thing you can -- -- -- people. -- it's. Meanwhile Peter was saying in Spanish I remember. Now warning it is I don't know. On -- appointments and -- about Pedro promised. Lips naturally. Or. Doctors expect. And over the years Boston athletes have been immune to dishing out their -- shirt dirty it's. What about -- is that the category -- that's different and -- in your mind which is the biggest. Boston cheap shot artist. It's a tie. It's gotta be between the Rodney Harrison. And the parties to Brandon. Brandon Meriweather that hit. -- from Baltimore Todd he can't hit on tot he. Was that was like on that Bloody Sunday and it filters so many guys that doctor Robinson got find that Sunday spread of bear weather got nine. Ever got fired it -- that there was another big hit a war highlight moments of the point you start although one day. But Rodney with a dirty -- all the time. It was all under the guise of finishing the play the right way it was always just by the end of the -- have to categorize your editor little bit you know kept pushing helmet down. And I get a shoulder pad into your back immediately like that with an edge all the time big -- -- he has -- -- don't have a brown martian. Mean -- he is a dirty player right I mean he he takes as many. Many opportunities as possible to level ATP it. I'm sure the summit -- there who think Kyle McLaren because of if he gets suspended for parents probably at least in recent memory it's march them. The keys is dirty here and some of these guys. -- we felt if I do a lot of dirty little -- I mean they're not they don't really rise to the level though they're not like things that are gonna get other people. Can Coston and rise to the huge level but he certainly does a lot of them. He does a lot of little dirty things that you agree that. They're not like the big epic gets suspended and everybody takes notice. But there's just like a lot of little dirty things that he does canoneers skin Texas how -- Marion. Cheap shot artist. Where they did. Up and -- to -- only through the world all. But you know he wasn't a Boston athlete at the time current Kermit Washington -- confidently -- the cheap shot behind the -- guys that. Into the. Peter -- Of the egyptians -- -- ask him -- it on the cheap shot artist when you're saying you're gonna -- someone in your food or. It is -- contracts Robert Parish. Because it really considered a cheap shot to permit so without those just Smart. The first thing you got to do is take care of the capture you can't let the capture catcher from behind you got to find a way to knock back guys down the -- that cheap. -- wants to come get you you hit him first Logan Mankins is on a list only the infamous. Junction. Mr. -- yeah that's all ironies of these -- like Derek you know endeavor right. Was -- a bronco. And number. Oh yeah. Yeah that's that's that summer but there's got to really go over Americans are before you back of these calls.

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