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Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz 1-21-14

Jan 21, 2014|

We go around the city and tackle the biggest stories in Boston sports to set the table for the day... today featuring SI's Chris Mannix, The Globe's Fluto Shinzawa and CSNNE's Tom E Curran

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A look at all the big stories in Boston sports -- those on the inside. -- isn't. Boston blitz. On Sports Radio WG. Hard everyday at 245. AT&T AT&T covers more than 99%. Of all Americans -- possible we start talking Bruins today. With -- -- out of Boston Globe and little start here Brad marsh and been. Their best player for the last few games for the last six goals they score he -- scored with only couple weeks ago that you look like the worst player on the team what do you do with Brad martian. Just given the park. Six goals in the last four games. I think before his problem was -- This decision making was it was really -- you would see him with the puck and a second. -- -- -- to be the opponent prime put it up the wall and get picked -- just making bad decisions that reads. All that stuff has been eliminated from his game I think it also coincides with Patrice Bergeron I don't think we're I was very good for the first. Quarter first -- -- And you look at the injuries that he had in the and -- the short summer and the training schedule that was. Shortened for him I think Patrice and getting back that this is -- as -- Israel them. So without Ryan and the way that they're matching up defensively. Against the opposing a plan to Riley Smith. This play more on the right side and give them every shift he can. They you know Brett -- is absolutely -- I ask you -- though about Chad Johnson got the start yesterday it went over the kings. Is he reliable guy as a back up is -- still a guy that that make you a little nervous though wouldn't win -- is not out there. Michael I think they -- they really did have some concerns. About Chad maybe about a month ago that's that's always Enqvist Edberg come from. From province to the stars played very well. But I think Chad kind of like given them some confidence and again these last. He's got to start from last three games we've gotten pretty much a month. Between starts but it is not as good -- because but you know come playoff is to be opened the door that's which. When it comes to the post Olympic break though I think he's he's gonna have to to carry some games here. You -- going to be coming off the Olympics he might even be the starter for fulfillment. You're gonna have to arrest brass gold in the playoffs so I think -- been very good these last two games. LA is good they've they've brought to paid. And in my view the goals against he gave up yesterday. Yeah I think he he really did open semis back again these last two games. And given that pizza company. -- -- game yesterday it would might see in those two teams play seven Lleyton this year flew missions now he can follow him on Twitter at globe Pluto thanks -- okay. Right no now we go with -- Chris semantics. From a Sports Illustrated talk about on Twitter. Chris semantics -- Chris. I'd love to hear your take on the latest captain. Of the Boston Celtics a lot of people thought it would be treated by now myself included for -- Robin what do you make of. Well it's getting it back obviously. It looked pretty healthy certainly the rusty got on him and the lack of conditioning and take some time to work themselves out but you know what I saw -- -- in the last couple of games -- the guy that. It looked like bad news is fully back in -- we get competence. In that me and that's important to let. That there was going to be trade rumors running Rajon Rondo these contracts to palatable that we got is best. -- still one of the elite players but those wrong reasons I think Boston should keep this guy around -- maybe 28 years old next month. When he doubted that the top five point -- NBA in my thing that type of player you build around you don't ship away for more assets. Jeff Green one of those players. Now not not for -- and really never has been to me I think jet that a good player but he's brought to link it says and I think. To be considered a building block player now you don't just deal him for us today future first round pick or something like that but if you can package -- -- deal. Specifically made for a guy like -- -- a big fan out. Especially what he can do on the defensive side of the floor on the rebounding aspect of the game if you could include him in a package that might net you a guy like -- -- I would give it away some but so I don't think that night that Jeff Green -- that same category good player but not consistent enough to be a franchise cornerstone type player. They're -- are reluctant to party Parker on Saturday vs North Carolina State how much of the game I think duke beat him by 35 points. I realize Parker got a great start this season had been and a bit of Islam but that broke out of it again against North Carolina State. If you're the number one college player -- country -- in your opinion or would you still go with Andrew again us. Lot of what you said there might be the number one college player in the country you might be number one college player in the country but it is the number one pick in the draft. I'm still not so sure we get into the draft is seen in general managers are looking at a type upside in what he's gonna turn into 34 years down the roar down the road now. There's -- to -- a question to meet a lot of people are thought to that -- soccer's going to be an all star caliber player but he he going to be a superstar level player. That's what's so they get little bit to -- -- we start talking about into -- we even though it's -- consisted pocket then this year. -- -- -- -- -- -- He looks like that athletic freak phenom that could emerge as the superstar. -- -- that -- etiquette is still MB I mean this candidate 611 monster that it defensive instincts. -- at the -- to -- playing basketball I regularly for about three years now he's got a huge upside. In a long term as well so I think a lot of independent position Parker could wind up being. In the number one overall pick in the draft report specific team that really like this how we're talking about the best player you're talking about guys that most you can look at number one. I think Parker police still falls behind guys like wade and guys again be in the minds of executive. He's on Twitter at Chris -- SI thanks Chris appreciate it. -- patriots talk with Tom Curran Comcast sports net. Tom pepper Johnson leaves today after want to fourteen years here with the patriots why. Out why why is -- pepper Johnson -- Well haven't come down exactly why and I don't have much too early to cook supper but I mean he's been here for. Such a period of time and I think that there was speculation that he might go elsewhere. -- -- Urged stepped church who was in the future wooden era pepper remain as defense while -- about the coach. So I think after a period side you wanna have an opportunity to get elsewhere into opportunities out their way what are not a mutual party. Separate decision -- stated. Have not been able hurdle that information yet are. A long time to be in the system one place and if you have aspirations. To step up will see it that that come about we're feet. For instance -- Houston -- there's an opportunity there was still apply in or -- -- -- distance. But people that -- well well well we're still trying to restore in the mine you'd -- know this could be an initial drop. -- Tom -- your article patriots magic went up in smoke in Denver. And and then the point is is well taken but I'm wondering what they do now we now that they. The season is over in you don't have to rely on Julian settlement in key moments all the time we don't have to rely. On that Slater on -- third and five. What steps to the patriots take him in care under -- suggested is Larry FitzGerald not at all that's -- what do you think it is. And no -- where the disrespect. To Karen because that works that topic myself great but that is an annual. Which would tell -- -- Larry FitzGerald with the terror the other part of -- going to be interested in keeping one of the best players out so. Opener especially when they just -- Playoffs so players -- I think it. Look at trying to find a complimentary cited for Rob Gronkowski first mission because beginning 2000 -- at the patriots that your I'm no. -- against this eco. They imported here they built an offense around them that came. A prototype for the NFL. Offense is really make your tight -- more versatile rubber 'cause he's obviously brutal. It would be hoping against hope I think he's not going in to get. Injured in different ways over the course of his career just but I would equate or you need to get a -- retired -- the wish you were big receiver that are. You know I think that -- it this -- out just based upon. My experience covered in they're not gonna fail on -- Pumpkins and thought that after receipt and say we gotta get somebody bigger and better. He -- him on Twitter at Tom. Our security others Tom -- and that is today's Boston blitzing and always brought to you by eighteenth tee and brings us back to your question Michael. What is the identity what's the identity they want to -- to they still want to be. A team that it does things differently -- game by game game plan by game plan or is there one direction one other team one other -- you want them to try to imitate. There's some irony here and Pete Carroll going to a Super Bowl Bill Belichick is going home. There's some irony -- Pete Carroll -- people building a defense almost from scratch and in four years having the best defense in the league or Bill Belichick the greatest offense of coach of his era. Is watching Peyton -- just -- team for 400 yards through the air and an AFC championship game so where does is go from here that's axle and Ali WB it's coming back. And who's coming to town. Get the latest -- she's an -- on your World Series champion Boston Red Sox right here. EIA Sports Radio network. -- dot com.

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