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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question Jerk - 1-21-14

Jan 21, 2014|

It's pronounced "Yerk" if you're from Norway.

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So can -- now. 3793. -- on Sports Radio 93 point seven. Yeah I don't know. It's. Time for answers the question generic answer the question whit Sargent Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question yeah. Not impressed with these questions. -- -- day we've had in terms of questions coming into the eighteenth excellent 37987. Step up your game into the question brought you by heiress restoration specialists. Your property -- facility manager who don't have a cold weather place he prepared contact air at 8774611111. Or go -- heiress her on my -- -- a man what's. Recruited him -- question okay how his heels and there yes. Please lead in the charts for each business. Now. Think their line are you doing it that much. We knew them long fingernails or anybody go. On the mr. Injured in the people we like. To think you know to do only public set time that you do not Republicans. -- -- I think you'll area a clip with you in your pocket every day. Every day. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's and it's also a life. Like people. Like to book signing up like yeah. The public. -- -- Rigors of it if I just too long if your -- and a booklet that our products are these are OK I want from Michael. Think he's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have two guys who would you would you excuse me of dirty and -- would. And mr. -- Dexter. And the commitment -- fears artery. Questions to pretend -- -- -- Genesis Genesis. Go to regional. And don't know Genesis not even -- Really us on the -- and knows what I mean that's just everybody my mom had the theory you've got the -- you need them and you clearly don't understand what's going up. And pictured issues. Circular and the director of the demand that Korea Steve Smith well don't you ask him. So thank you. Weather related question. What what when the weather's like this in a blizzard. If you're OK. It's OK to be a lot of everything works are certain things like a party dinner party. A what is we do -- amounting to mark what is not okay to bail out or -- -- anything you think you can bail out of anything but you don't wanna -- New England. So yeah -- snowstorm is not a precedent. Six pitchers visited Pennsylvania Florida must now it's good to come down to I don't see it if it's if it's five inches. Or fewer -- okay. It's more about the danger if you can't. Did either nobody notable then I went under it would over the value in the assets -- What -- not just that they did dangerousness like okay we're supposed to go to this meeting tomorrow night did that you know we could go to elude to is really important but it just. Postpone it for a week why not. The pain in the had to jump over there's just not on the person to reschedule me but it it's like if you're doing the biggest -- to just meant to. Keep up with your commitments but the reason I'm bill I'm supposed to go to a meeting in East Boston -- -- there's no will be able to find a place to park is of how their homes and their toilets apparently and everything else out bring to Alter the way there's nowhere I can go by different -- -- me. Yeah I got marked. A toilet toilet and Great Britain -- -- -- -- but that maybe this was -- in my. This question would be Arthur or Jean Stapleton I -- Both together there is aimed at. There was huge democratic crazy. She died last years she was the mother on on the family outright she says you know I did. The right insecurity and she was always kind of -- Arthur you know I don't know -- it was a Jean Stapleton I'd take I'd take the the daughter on that show it Maude -- what was her name Adrian -- molester Largo. Wasn't what should -- -- there was -- -- -- she thought she was bought -- -- before -- gold yet Texas original bill on the wake or funeral. Pay your respects -- I think that's great yogi yogi -- -- or go to people's funerals though is there record years. But what it. I gotta go so you know -- I can't weddings funerals and things of that nature. Fine but like a meeting that you don't really wanna do little kid's birthday party -- development stuff and you. Coaches take it personally if you are -- -- other parents who really cares that it currently where you don't go to those parties -- I've seen him about that I would. What do people think little bad weather makes all traffic rules stop disease exists. What what's different rules different rules like free for most -- well usually when you're you -- to the right when you drive -- people tended -- net revenue you know your birthday party -- good news event this is the president and my car and it's no parent -- here's the question that comes in -- what is -- you're trying to get out of right now you know what is that you're trying to get that. On not trying to get out anything right now not now -- -- -- some reports of woods and still is still aren't. The foundation -- -- -- in Fenway Park is a panel discussion that's gonna start in about. It all of the about eighteen minutes eighteen minute. Estrogen use signing this this meeting you'd go. Out there and in this. For. Could throw guys my semester in college starts tomorrow what is the best advice -- him. -- It's a mystery that -- -- my some starts tomorrow that you forgot forgotten what went right. What a great break college students get three weeks and for January plus plus that would semester into it December. You should do they do wrong they shouldn't do that utilization -- that giving -- three weeks in January they should just give you off the whole time between Thanksgiving and course. -- -- I want to move that back reminding me to go home for Thanksgiving moderate. But to be moderate it's way too long to be the same amount of time. As you -- -- -- -- back after Thanksgiving right now that you don't go back after Thanksgiving. Let it seemed like an extra. About the same. Right for call it in my pocket outlook -- -- don't have January right instead of right they don't back January 1 actor writer but instead instead partnership aka Michael. Does that got to go twice the it's a terrible. I've never done my dog with -- -- -- -- targets and this person. That you should not have a right. What are you kidding I can answer that question what are you hearing it actually pick you know I haven't seen my friend Matt it creepy -- -- -- hop I think you're right there. Do I would you watch what you stop your friend was finished that hole. Or a question. It's -- yes of course. And that's disgusting. I wish this friend -- -- -- And it -- things that it really horrible and I am ending into the question for me and our image on that adorable I'm disgusted and horrified by then that's totally disgusted next question we've actually crush report -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to get -- That -- one is coming into the show for two hours certainly on an animal on the hook for now now. He -- people at Johnson does what or whom you work here. Kristen at them full time job at the males and snow. People are telling you the first minister be too -- -- did. Go to start a week earlier. Don't do that didn't include that suffered through a subtle problems so make this second semester a little longer top. I should -- that you're really you're prepared and should ruler of the college students are properly through each and generally about -- salzman and I view of the world and we don't orange Jim sensor. I don't like ours or FR a -- question worker grew quickly given another next next question. Is Michael Crabtree truly mean mediocre if he really -- As determined that these mediocre but he's no lead. -- using the receiver. Jim Harbaugh said he's the best capture of the football caddie urge him all the time he's taken over an all time over anybody in nineteen year old and a visionary FitzGerald the better catcher of the foot or other. And they coordinate knowledge organization historically Gerri right exactly -- want to stop. He's not mediocre but you know -- you there Mike Adams come up for four straight hours you got it for you be with us. From two until four tomorrow catch that about.

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