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What should be at the top of the Patriots priority list this offseason?

Jan 21, 2014|

Mut and Merloni debate whether the offense or the defense is more of a priority for the Patriots to address this offseason. Mut believes Talib should be the No. 1 concern while Lou thinks getting Brady more offensive weapons is more important.

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Shut our Butler and ID 37 WEEI. Considering the patriots conversation with the guys at 61777979. B 37 AT&T text line. 37937. But do want and it's been a dial had a little bit because. Belichick talked about yesterday in the offseason comes fast on the get the shrine game in the east -- one of these college All Star Games coming up and then. The draft will be around a quarter -- you'll start in March and I think we all agree there's a lot of things this patriots team to do there's a lot of areas this team needs some help and I -- -- reference today Jeff -- piece in the Boston Herald he talks about the free agent process. And he says the patriots going into the free agency period of about seven to nine million dollars to spend. And given that he gets it. The draft picks here at the -- allocate the money and after al-Qaeda draft picks excuse me -- That's not a lot of money so -- we openness I think you have to acknowledge that. If they're gonna have money to spend to do some of things that -- to regain writes about today and and you've talked about last yourself. There's some bodies that are here now double -- a year before heading into next year because. There's not a lot of money to play with me that's why start my patriots off season seven of nine million dollar suspend offseason bonuses -- -- pick up some of that as -- draft picks and if you got a 45 million dollars that's the state needs the NFL Lotta Lotta money to find a quarterback wide receiver and the other needs little had a role. Right immunity include debt that they under this year you can roll over the next year. This and -- need. One thing we were talking about before on year. You know Vince has got one year left his deal. Right and it's cap it is eleven point six. Mean is there a way to kind of redo his deal with think. Here is what one year left. Knows his concern about the injury coming back Q but could you extend it a couple of years -- problem Vince -- -- for two more years. And in lowering that salary cap -- eleven point six. It's a lot to monster number you know Vince heading into a year like that would he be okayed. To refinance that -- double -- as free up money do some of these things -- gonna talk about. W way to do it there are players in this roster I don't think you're going to be here. Isaac Sopoaga only trader for you could say a couple million bucks by cutting him loose in their other players here army at the Vince Wilfork what does interest -- all. You messy year like that become backing look at that hit like you said eleven point six million dollars. You wanna find a way to to knock that down even. Logan Mankins who signed the 2016. Is there a way to. It extend him out a year to east loss and they -- expected to be a guard in this league past 2016. Is there wake you renegotiate with Logan Mankins we -- Arizona money there's ways to free up the money. You know I mean the decadent. Does that think they're gonna go up. It may bring in somebody that's -- have a new guy it's gonna be 1112 million dollar salary cap hit to -- is a reasonable -- as a league it's what the deal. Side I do think there's some guys here and look at it -- Stephen Gregory could say 2.2. Right to bring him back he's a one year left he'd do without Stephen Gregory. Give the job -- of -- of things that you can do I think the panic you know give some wiggle room here the question is. What's more important trying to write a visit to big danger keep Talib -- mature. And again it's like we see this off its crumbling -- is out we see this defense crumbled Aqib Talib is out. You'd wanna bring Aqib -- -- with thick with discussion before. And it's not about off the field stuff anymore with me with keep -- he's obviously while respect and -- You know Bill Belichick. Got to his recommendation you know the least least bought into American leader blunt. Brought him all with thick enough about the man ethic that off the field stuff to me now it's about being on the field. You know last two years Soo -- -- You know I think he's injury prone to -- -- key soft not going to but I wasn't feel her enemies on the field you'll defense falls apart. So -- is daddy's he's valuable to this team. I was the bodies a defensive MVP of the steam. But damn they got to get Tom Brady some help the Mac tickled to -- of the year can -- go to the you'll watch -- go to these guys. We think about next -- -- got the that the rookies -- you openly do you wanna really go the seasons in the gonna take a huge leap year to just rely on that. And hold the drug goes back at some point. And what you do any -- a dole under contract. That that's -- breeze into this again. I don't think he can you can't do that again. At the expense of Aqib Talib I think you are not it's like you're out of your tree. If you view wide receivers are more important position to this team but a lockdown number one quarterback and amusing Talib is example because. He is a number one lockdown corner. Who was on a roster last couple years tangible Li -- in the one corner can't Tripoli. He's the only thing that changed this defense the last two years some they've tried everything. They tried to bringing in guys like Albert Haynesworth they tried street free agents who were sort of over the hill they brought in rookies. They did everything that try to fix this defense to create pressure and do something they get a better defense one thing worked one thing. The addition of a top flight quarterback. They've used all sorts -- wide receivers with Tom Brady all shapes and sizes all. Colors and numbers. It is been plug and play at wide receiver. And it's worked to an extent what has worked as the defense work -- -- -- Talib -- we're at war this year if nobody say. It worked up until gronkowski got hurt and Aaron Hernandez got incarcerated. Those two guys were available for the entire year. Would you be talking about the lack of weapons the Patriots offense. When the air and in his -- was a June. There are living with the ankle Beckham look at look at the timeline of so I understand -- -- this year that was something that. You couldn't play in the hole -- be in the draft he did sign three guys that that played a role. You look at it you count on not having the players I understand that but I you know on the she put all your faith. In in Aaron Dobson Campbell Tompkins and Josh -- taken that next step. What you have. That we wanna go again now yeah I mean how video lottery a cow ski you have Rob Gronkowski and eighties or lying drug product -- they'll get a dog on paper right now you army what. You're getting to a bigger picture -- -- combat you would think he'll be back for the beginning of the season he broke his arm. Any -- weeks. It took a -- months for brokers are a long time or oppose it take for the ACL to get a rely on him be helped the only -- expectation from those around the league -- week one. Other states that listen but you're you're you're making it seem like I gotta get to the center of this are you saying. We you would take a I ate some sort of trade or popped free agent signing wide receiver that would take up a significant portion of your salary cap. Over. Believe or a top flight quarterback that's always the key to leave -- -- we talked about her. Look he looked good at any got hurt -- -- last year against Baltimore he got hurt look great Italy got her and I don't go get a couple more bodies. The defense to me. You know league mail back. We will see Jamie calls does a year later who knows Itar whatever it is you -- fought back. A Logan Ryan look good to a -- it was shut down of course absolutely not item number one forget checked out -- know that -- number 10 cornerbacks but out rather see them go and sign a free agent. The low level quarter I can't watch Tom Brady told these guys again. You watch it. I mean it's freaking painful nobody lets you -- the field on third down you know that painful it is. But you -- let Tom Brady's career and like this for the next three years. This is out Tom Brady's career is gonna end. With fifty papers percent depletion rate. Of -- this. Rely on the running game because it's just. But a 59510. Wide receivers runner on the field try to get a got its open with small windows. I'd kick you watch it anymore and I did somebody and I can't watch the defense sucked without a key to leave -- number one quarterback and not make plays on third down. I would much rather than go after a lower level wide receiving say bring embodies public to that wide receiver. A look at the free agent list. Oddly this defense. Is it a better spot going in the next year than it was say two years ago seat three years ago OC four years ago we've been. You know you've you've you've incorporated some young guys you go according -- their safety got Auburn got some run. You know you get debtor in India Logan Ryan. These guys have come around the last two years you get Jamie Collins you get jail a jolt Rob Ninkovich -- made a name for himself. You gonna have Vince back. So three of four years ago you're wondering what the hell do you have negative mail back everybody was -- all you try to replace all of these guys. Do you start to put some younger pieces defensively in the -- now it's time for them to grow yes you -- need another body corner. But offensively. I'm not count on Rob Gronkowski give me sixteen games. At all I'm not Allegheny Amendola stay healthy. And it shares on up an account on one of those three wide receivers. I'd like for it to happen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- IT TY Hilton on the number ones from Denver number wants to San Diego. You're passing offense in the AFC maybe now the number ones for the Kansas City Chiefs. Yeah I mean that there -- There are a lot this league is trending toward that offensive game we topless for years. And so to say you pick a wide receiver atop what our receiver quarterback. Got a nice that you that they -- -- got to have balance. OK and I feel like you'll you wanna. It was but all this time offense offense offense the -- on defense. Defense wins but he can't throw the ball again don't all the football tonight not a balanced team on the other direction. It will can they really become that complete shut down defense. In and they do that. Our ability trending towards as Aqib -- the guy. That could put him there not that this defense would have been great -- everybody would stay healthy I do. But I still look at this -- civil was going to be good enough to beat anybody but what made this defense is defense what made the defense and ratepayers of the final piece of the puzzle -- -- is going in and going -- it if the patriots had beaten Denver yeah. We that would have a suitable organs Seattle the go to scored 710 point two and a hard time scoring got a good shot out yep they would have. -- -- -- Mean that's it's a fair question but is it that good -- -- -- ten -- those -- Would you admit those defense has only live in the NFC I mean you're you're talking about. I get the opportunity to get to a Super Bowl in the AFC don't think there are those elite defense I think those physical tough defense that -- of the NFC west. Forever now. It'll it'll circled through picture maybe it will buy ice I have seen Brady. Get two games deep in the playoffs and win games in the regular season with guys like Pembroke Hopkins and Austin Collie. And an Allman Allen doing. I have not seen this defense and make one -- free can play without Aqib -- that's the probably he come back to -- say what all what do you do that but if you don't. Is that care Grady writes about it that it made you agree they're more profit laughter Eric Decker is a free agent or try to trade for Larry FitzGerald and take up. 89 delighted our own salary cap a similar pastrami Arizona. And six. Kerry's gotten a single on up there letting in just. Dump large fits at this point. You know -- -- -- Vincent Jackson does -- Tampa Bay you load up with -- Revis and finally rebuilding again and his -- though he thought. You could see him available but that's a huge gap pit. If if if you could tell me go to spend eleven million dollars to. Franchise Aqib -- we'll bring an eleven million dollar receiver I'll take eleven million dollar seek out and out franchise -- wasn't what the ever present future brighter. The young players defensively or offensively. -- -- Defensively right while the east that you make -- -- but the cupboard is bare on offense they spent too high of one high draft pick Aaron Dobson. The second round pick they spent the past on the Korean Balladur twice. Right to keep from can't keep them out keep announce our Korean Allen right QE -- from -- a pass on twice that was think they saw something in Dobson. I thought he was. I like it below I thought onto the field more you can -- keynote next year I dislike him he. When he dropped the second round he better hope that I don't play well all of the of the swings and misses hypocrisy of this team now. They've had played misses a deposition but they've played this the quarterback to what you're telling me. I can bring Aqib -- back at seven drafting a quarter with that first round pick hoping that guy and the big inaugural one quarter. I'd rather see them dip and that the second tier wider series of free agency -- -- real Alexander the big -- from San Diego Jacoby Jones brand of fell. What the only Daniel Sanders route not that player because I PD a bigger receiver. But I would do that that's second theory of a free agency of the wide receiver position. And make sure -- premium blue chip the quarterback well -- to leave whether it's murder whether it's Brent Grimes slide just think that you don't need one of those guys you look at two team. Can you say what's the strength of our team. The straight that in doing the patriots is still number twelve. That's your strength. So. To make you you look to weaknesses how to get them better look you can improve your weaknesses long you'll destroy your strength. And it felt like this year the way it all played out is they took away from their strength. They left it up the Tom Brady to win a game -- of the enemy beta widow with. It's not encumbered up the -- I don't think he was good the other day. And I hit a bad game against against Denver. But if that's your straight don't get away from it is that what the hell are you enough that. I just at the expense of a number one quarterback -- I wouldn't do it I just what now and I understand your point about Brady. -- and you'll probably -- up in nicked up and physically start to worry about little bit less to you I'm not worried you see -- on Carroll's report mass live dot com no structural damage to his -- he overpaid Aqib Talib. And -- if there's any kind of injury defense goes to crap. Art so what okay what's the other option defensively the other option as he crap and offensively is valued -- -- -- -- got to spend a buck so one guy. Eagle released the Denver Denver defense any good. Noble because there's so offensively. It's such a good. That worked for the little comet. You'll want it now re load on offense and say not that we're the way we try to do a 2007 on another defense is a better position right now I think they're better they better players. -- younger players. And it did four years ago. Don't on the older guys who didn't to Walt video drafted every -- in -- the complete NFL. Now it gets and Jessica actually playing in the NFL. But unfortunately. You know weapons and what was your -- right now that you can't throw the football we don't run the football get done. Let's pick up some your phone calls on the 6177797937. The phone number AT&T -- line. At 37937. And RP is maybe swayed by how he felt what it to the game right you said. You were about the offense I -- I was word about the defense team come out of that came Sunday and he be worried a bubble. Up -- indulge over talk and patriot needs for next year like. Hey AI I gotta go a lot cents on that line and I've been a big advocate of getting. -- the art art scene and and really it's -- selling everything down the river. -- I I can give me a couple of reasons why we're not every year -- -- getting in trouble. I mean it's got it right now he's playing on it really bad -- on eighteen except for the current order -- Super Bowl a couple of years ago and I. Tell until ten games this year be fair Mike they work there -- one of the best. Teams -- not make the playoffs in recent memory this year and -- It Iraq and -- EL extraordinary I don't know I remember that they're not by there are accurate started the year. When they weren't doing so well and then went on that -- but I you know where I. I really believe that we Larry FitzGerald here and you're looking at it -- -- year. And I'll tell you -- it's a lot better play. Sense when you're at. Than it is when your. I'm all too well and I and I I'm in full agreement that -- twilight years should be where the premium wide receiver. Is there so much. Just give them one. Just just give him one got one Julie settlement is a free agent he's gonna they gonna guilty to armed elements back. You need more than Julian adamant I would agree but I don't you don't Adolor FitzGerald just -- NN ER we're gonna get those calls you're right. When Karen wrote about it today and a big pictures and Harold liberal gets all excited about Larry FitzGerald just just the way I can still like glare FitzGerald. But just a reminder 2000 Lebanese side -- eight year 128. And a half million dollar contract. Fifty million that is guaranteed. Here is upcoming contract next year twelve point 75 million. 2015. He's 08 million plus there's an eight million dollar roster bonus. On top of that 2016. He's -- 1510020172018. Fourteen point 75 million dollars. Everyone keeps talking about 2007 -- get Randy Moss and Wes Welker. Randy Moss wasn't Randy Moss it was a gamble the patriots -- now worked out beautifully exe was motivated for a year with Brady. You with castle and all fell apart. West what was little slot guy restricted guy stole from Miami. Both guys were seen as premium receivers weren't. Like that's -- look at this and say. Just because you're the top of the line freeagent idealist Thomas. Doesn't mean you're the best. In a -- get away with you know that second -- free agent wide receiver. Again brain in the fell the Dario Alexander Riley Cooper -- and ice here for the Philadelphia Eagles this year. I bring those guys that with crawl with settlement with -- And I -- number one quarterback. Aqib Talib back I feel better about that they're going premium wide receiver Eric Decker is an example the top freeagent listed right Jeremy Maclin number two. And that she put out a cornerback like that's the city's editor patriots fan when you look at this. You got 89 million dollars and soured -- she can't do everything you do FitzGerald. Until much LT -- Eric Decker the big money you not do much else. That's the issue I have so you guys are lined -- the talk about this. At 6177797937. AT&T -- -- at 379 B 37. What's this -- need more is that offense or defense of the offseason your phone calls now. I believe they will this is still a good football team we saw the development of Jamie Collins on defense you could see their drafts are now starting to pay also. The patriots are going nowhere folks until they get the wide receiver to leave the white belt that old they'll go to -- -- that. The ego. Just watch the game TL those third downs. Denver converted. Probably not all by the way George he's a former quarterback of course she wants wide receivers. Not -- 937 WEEI. I want to operate as we see right there I'm bill Belichick's -- this morning. Hate mail we've got a great relationship we've been very successful. Would you please get paid big time wide receiver that is six foot 32 -- -- five pounds. That can help me these small guys out of don't do background that they should all guys are withdraw until -- us all catch radius. And there are hurting I know I missed a couple in the championship game but give me some help. Thank you. It's all -- the minutes of help. Here -- strictly straight what you know what forget this just an overthrow them downfield anyway. Why spend money on receivers. Looking -- throw the ball -- point 1%. 31 the NFL. Yeah and hopefully compact truck. You know Annika you know -- bigger DVR yesterday and you know and so what happened though they have several things on there are well coaches are great season for -- Given everything that they create -- you know all season through the season injury and a great feel for the patriot. Always like that Cris Carter GO. Always thought he made a lot of sense Chris Carter picked the pats this Sunday which use with the little -- straight -- to -- -- that I will say that you know. The the draft. -- -- good with drafting young wide receivers the sport I mean you've already you did debt that this last what was your wide receiver draft. This year in the draft. I would almost stick to what you been good at. That is you know stick with -- -- get another offensive climbing to get some depth -- both lines deep tackle. Wilfork back get somebody to play with him not Tommy Kelly. You know. And obviously you know the draft of a -- back you know that it probably tied and now. But I -- as far as wide receivers give me someone has been in the league the particulate density yak -- go to him. You know and got a couple of options so one guys and seventeen targets. Because he's confident a few of the guys is right now go to next you look at the same thing. -- to be a team option Tompkins and boys they're -- to be young wide receivers again. -- but it takes a leap and hopefully one account and that's fine Amendola regular. Rock. Forget our. And get Tom Brady don't get what he did -- -- did -- simply said the sergeant what they're strong that you mentioned tight end in there yet tight end as you're right. Is that's that's the one out focused on guessing faulty -- -- offensive line. Bell pepper junior has this for. And you ready for this -- mock draft to 2003 fourteen but he got patriots at number 29 would take Jake's a -- Big receiving -- -- Texas Tech. They've got big you get your weapon and first round. Alongside -- back up so that whoo man and Matthew Mulligan no offense Ulster. But Matthew Mulligan is not that mix that we are doing that now to look at these mock drafts. To milk diapers up -- couple months away -- Patrick calling from Concord, New Hampshire high Patrick. On that. -- I don't know how much follow college football or not I would I would look like Abby and I expect them down. He's a physical wide receiver and I watched in double covered all we are still all all out and -- football -- -- -- them. -- he had it -- -- it grows in my opinion. I think offensively. -- -- to -- -- -- is talking about when you lose. Most of it and he -- Al locking our luck ran out like arts there's only so much you can do so little. I really big problem when that that's what it was being one a lot of Obama in early -- -- all their. Yeah I think that I would agree flu though on me is a pay as major state Texas based college football fan Patrick but as a patriots fan we've seen. But the rookie wide receivers take a little while and last year. They brought in Boyce. Hopkins was a bonus and restricted for undrafted free agent and Aaron Dobson so they already spent three draft picks. On wide receivers a year ago I'll be honest an agreement -- and say -- -- lawsuit and jump back in the draft next year -- at least at least early because. I view all those guys is having a redshirt year dawn. And I expected to make an impact next year and I I wouldn't go back in to go with the draft I would like that you know that well for watt receiver Jeremy among good. You've got some youth and maybe they'll develop next year the year after. But it victory gotta go with them. Somebody you know adamant -- another veteran gotta go with I USC tight end of okay with that he gonna need some help there with Hernandez you've done forever. -- pizza back up a wide receiver with you in terms of Mike Evans. And a whole lot about the strap another two wide receiver circuits -- the best of the best Seve walked into Clemson Mike Evans Texas saying them. When he brings him up to got a top after the first -- -- out -- -- -- some of the picture. Up -- -- a car he's up with -- and Lou Mike what -- -- There were on our. -- -- actually have a question for you yeah you know coach. Now he's saying it would be the same caliber coach for known as the same caliber coach without players like Tom Brady. Rob Gronkowski. At me you know all the really -- Still like to go to all is good players would be a good coach probably not that that's at at a. I do think there -- you know theoretically they had Tony we're. And that number. Welcome says look I think almost pretty good. Mike can we read this discussion before considerably great coach. Well no. I don't know and in. I don't mean Bill Belichick should be you know that -- at higher this day and there. Really compare record here. Slow moody put higher unit. And all. I guarantee you would have a baby come up with that would tell you was quarterback was particularly an undersea Ramallah Nike give me a name in news. You know running -- was in. It's if it goes hand in hand. I don't mind in my eight. That. As a result. Probably could not really in the patriot. -- -- -- golf ball at six save weekly uncovered at Michael kind of fan are you. Well. I grew up current account or different. And lately I've -- currently into the forty -- That's good I like that so you pick it as a cowboys fan what you done now is you pick the best teams in the league just root for them. -- -- -- I believe that's Colby and bandwagon fan and and cherry pick a new year UT as five -- Kosher consumables with relieved that players. To help coach probably it's been done well I -- It's an -- it's an age old question what comes first the quarterback of the coach. And EU wanna go back and forth the debate both sides IC opening in terms of -- check the proof is in the point. Head coaching Cleveland you know -- Testaverde and you know eight. Not great came here first year beta team better for the going to be a Super Bowl caliber team we Drew Bledsoe at the Helm vs Tom Brady I don't know. I just think they go hand in hand elusive -- lot the last couple weeks. Coaching quarterback go together it would have been -- great. Quarterbacks without great coaches is my is my argument we consider any great coaches without great quarterbacks. Thank you you'll find more of the good quarterback without the coach and the good coach without the quarterback. Dennis is calling from Maine today he's on 937 WEEI. They are you guys don't Dennis in Europe -- -- -- -- -- -- beeper thing. The -- thing -- took away from that. Game the other day was that our our defense all the help that they're the most prolific scoring machine in history. 226 points. So my view we gotta give Tom Brady and tools and that's what we need we need offense and weapons. -- -- all agree with that but at the expense of a number one quarterback that's the question I posed for -- today you wanna go and spend money and Eric Decker. Or you wanna trade for Larry FitzGerald -- are you wanna sign. Mac glitter -- who the top three guys know in the wide receiver free agency pool. And that stops you from signing Aqib -- back -- number one quarter Dennis are you still willing to do that or you go to a second level of offensive weapons. And make sure you have an -- on the defense second. But we got second level offense and weapons you know. I mean brought these may be the best we ever seen but there's going to be playing sixteen game. -- as far as picking a date toggle the defense is 26 points or field goals I give credit for red zone defense. They held -- a field goals but as far as well get some of getting off the field. Giving up yards let them eat the clock they couldn't get off the field red zone defense you wanna give credit I got to do that that's cool very -- 42. But I just think the that we had brought and eight top flight number one receiver. We -- one actor. I it's it's. If he had gronkowski tight -- just forget the top what what were you when you had -- Russia -- rocket tight end. UN and opportunities score minute and -- one he still wouldn't. It even -- -- this offense are you still stop in Denver. I think at any point did you stop the Denver Broncos after they punted well very often mentions. Was office is seen in the past. Fueled Denver two for six -- red zone yet you probably do. You know because it when we've seen great offices patriots colts -- against one another before -- red zone defense opened up seven give up the three that's a win. There's yet stop them but you can slow down to the six the red zone is slowing them down. It's just that they didn't know the argument that's -- put on the offense I know that it three positions in the second half if five in the first. Of 3.5. In the first at that we look at that game to look at the past that a man in the past the -- he'll maybe you sit there and -- thirteen net and thirteen thirteen at halftime and 73 Brady hit -- what's army and a half the five possessions it first happened at three points. It would Danny's talking about yet but the pictures -- when that game. With a bit of it run the football if we don't blow up with Ridley. And try to run right at night and it wasn't working -- gave up on literally they stepped on the football. Gets really give up or because they were down it was thirteen to create half. Know what didn't crush the editor of the chemo made its point three at that point maybe move on but the first half. No way to run the football. It is that they can't run it. And it gets in a passing game they're done. -- it could win that wiggle five wide of the weapons. To keep up with the man they don't have the guys for Tom Brady -- up there it -- Bart defense of rookie of food they had back there defensively Chris Harris or not. Existed at the guys to go out there and in. Attack -- Continue with your phone calls in this offense or defense focus this team at 6177797937. The phone number and the commissioner Roger Goodell. Who Matt Chatham just despises. The commissioner wants to change the way they score points in the NFL. All run by what he had to say is -- feel like what the commissioner saying about changing something big in the National Football League will do that next.

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