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Christian Fauria, former Pats TE: says Pats will be in Super Bowl next year

Jan 21, 2014|

Christian Fauria joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Belichick's comments on Wes Welker, potential offseason moves, and predicts that the Patriots will reach the Super Bowl in 2014.

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Here are joining us here on the AT&T hotline. Is Christian Fauria who played for the pages plate for Bill Belichick and my guess is Christian you -- you read a couple optic routes in your day as a receiving tight and how are you. What in the morning good morning -- Atlantic -- Out recruited through arts -- -- derail a lot and set the self self proclaimed pretty good and it will be will go looking at film and judge that Christian Fauria you'll never find it both. But before we ask you about what Bill Belichick said. Let's talk about the play itself as you're watching the game on Sunday in that play occurs in any point of view. I think it's dirty any point of view out of out of sorts about what Wes Welker did on the play with a cue to leave. I could just. Districts that we -- I I knew it was going to be properly to talk about it. Nobody told a quick guys talk I just I just want this on game a miracle game rewind delete and OK -- It was -- Blix said that one on direct game to bloggers put up front Ballard and his government Welker they're deeply to collaborators promise. -- -- -- all talk he beat to -- its content so he comes properties what you what to a basketball right hey watch it switch. Okay they were to own. -- -- -- And that play was blocker is looking at -- -- was OK so what his goal is to get to a spot. And stay on that course stay on the outline the key starting to -- -- compare Condit to rub it and keep the lead on Wes -- OK -- I feel like that play happened back in -- -- got to get out of the way. Okay and that was a lap today wanna do under ideal pick because all the time. Throw an elbow at -- that they try to -- Cultural flat so. -- make it look like -- state. Like all the other two guys riding a bicycle on -- sidewalk and you -- know which way to go one guy goes rhetoric I grew up an opinion running into each other. That's exactly what happened was what was going and I repeat. -- police didn't see what what how can would you could. What -- what happened to keep the lead. Covering the mayor's -- and how they're in our operatives goal and -- outlook wide open up the back door. So. I don't think you -- deliberate. I look at it I'd like eight let's -- try to seek out the best quote covered -- that featured at my whole. But some are well I can't control myself I'm going down a breaking up a break -- welcomed it'd take a blow him -- we don't like and look what happened to me. Christian Bill Belichick looks at after the game spends the night wakes up in his opening statement. He makes those comments what was your take when you heard what bill at the center. You know what I usually equal bill speaks -- college yet gotten everybody's listening -- and he he had a point you know what -- Wes Welker he's right did not look to avoid. Contact he -- -- only get a choice. I'll get looks worse. Because it's equally cute Jack he's all laying on the ground. And -- out for the rest of the game. But. The goal is to. We don't -- you don't wanna knock into the -- make it obvious OK but the goal is to make it very typical for -- -- To get open you want him to run all over the top of the route you don't want him to go to order you pick a line -- reference -- -- on line actually. You know you marker or so you'd have a distinct. Jewel what's going on in the -- -- Thomas and robot brought against you so. Don't think it was he was doing his job and I'm not about a million -- Million times and I wanna bump into the got a lot want -- to bump into me but I want to look like you look and act on my part so I don't get a call the local flag. What about the second half of because I mean I agree with. Welcome was looking to catch the ball and it was -- there's there's a pick play but when he said. The league will be -- the league should look into it it's not his call it up to them and it was one of the worst things he'd seen. I don't know I don't know liquids and I I am a card carrying -- waving Bill Belichick but supporter of the all time -- market go to all our. And and our respective -- too much you know it's are treated as a group them by. It didn't look like worst call in my life that I actually did it it definitely. Apollo had a big impact on the cane based on what are scheme was or a deep and lead other gonna try to attack you guys -- -- After that the mayor's -- -- forty. You know. Company's interest advocates are on -- but it was there was definitely damage that they couldn't stop. And but it wasn't the worst play I've -- seen. I've seen worse and that. You know from guys deliver relief you know had a few guys and you know back when you were able to lock people when they wanted to looking you know on the back into the back side of running plays I used to cut ties. That literally put -- fuels and and looking at them you know just. Scream in pain in the outlook will -- and want to hurt a couple legal play it will be a power play how they took that rule out he could do it anymore. I think it's just I think what I look at it as well -- again and I'll I'll talk and you. If it looks worse and it is okay sure you can fly yet he should have been slide at least. It didn't happen thanks. I don't Easter happy about. It's Christian Fauria is joining us and and it is set a Christian you your have a lot of respect for rubella chicken you don't hate to disagree with them but let me ask you misty. Since he does say it right and we all agree a look at it and say you know Belichick's a little bit over the top of caller one of the worst one -- worst he's seen. Do you think there's any chance he's doing that because the person who set the play Wes -- that there is a a personal relationship here Christian that would be a Belichick and welcome the contract negotiations gone wrong. And he watches that play comes in the next day and in the opening statement. Makes that comment and they edit it edit any level it is personal. Because it was Welker -- ends -- -- that's green on Aqib Talib. Yeah in LA. And hours speculating right because I don't really ever built saying anything negative about west when he left it to -- it was quite the contrary. Everybody was saying it is obviously a bottom regardless of what was going on behind the scenes. -- a contract what works what to do what what what the patriots won it. I you know I'm. And in -- if you look at a press conference afterwards. Well but look at that you look at west played what sixty via triggers a mutual respect there and some you know to keep it a recurrence now in they went against other -- to want hurtled. You know but it is incomplete for the Broncos now so we keep doing his job. Again I don't think he meant to hurt -- idols are back he didn't try to -- -- I know for a fact that he did not want a flat. We're talking -- -- that's the last thing to do that because you don't make it obvious don't run into the guy like stopped making -- around here. That's all you wanna do it to pick I'd go around you. You have done your job that this guy look around you do your -- premier comet has a little more space to work with it's easier hedge. So -- user role and he controlled all that she catches. He -- the only place you know but time. I'm not I don't think it was a personal vendetta. All I think he will build -- -- solve this is what he believes is true. Personally want I don't -- -- it. -- we saw that game on Sunday what was your. You're take after the game was it offensively not be able to do anything -- the defense and not enough to feel. I -- -- I think the politely and Ike -- are up they're gonna lose regardless about what happened under today but I just feel like. Abroad or better -- -- fact that is -- in this position was miraculous in my book it was flat out miracle amongst -- but -- in this position. That other skill position players at a better off had better -- as a -- Currently. You could you could be a push at some times they want to keep went out there was definitely they had the advantage. So. You know backed up and couldn't feel you'll look back -- You know I'm missed the exports rose that I think he really wishes he had back could've made a difference in the game -- ultimately I don't think it would matter. I -- in the and on about OK it was just. It was due men -- better team. You know and really the proper therapeutic agents worked under played them but they drove all over themselves -- allowed patrons come back and when Mac gave. Oh -- is it doing it all year. Finally met their match. -- finally kind of caught up and you know. Even though they -- they had the right mindset -- predicting flat. Think that the probably does better you know when you don't replace him into a big popular one. Christian that being said they may lose the FC title game lot of fans would tell you that successor failure -- season. This patriots team is it related to the -- when the Super Bowl or not do you view this season. As a success or a failure for the patriots. -- -- -- if I guess it depends on what a bigger threat is the glass after the blast all. Whenever we didn't have to witness to -- anything less than what it has to hold what failure -- teams. Who went to this rule and law. And I got a secretary wanted to law and we played them. It's a -- yeah yes mr. money in your pocket -- you know you go all the -- player and like I get a moral victory you know it's a failure and less. You win the Super Bowl however. I guess you could take stock in all the big advocate and they've been up against. That and all the other teams that he had injured also yeah it was it was -- -- apple to do here. You know but it just got what you kind of you. -- -- on dirt you know legitimate and -- seated at a restaurant most popular restaurant you know you're not really happy where. With leftover never really happy where does start going to attempt to gain and lose it. Again. That doesn't really. You know make you feel good inside it makes you probably hungrier. That makes you I can I will predict right now but the picture -- a big -- in this election year and it's it is now. Watching that -- watching all the young guys did experience. Learning. Under the critical situations and critical circumstances. And still finding ways to win this will be. They -- unbelievable team next year. It -- well and it didn't take nothing away what they accomplished this year. It is for them to to lure and make mistakes and keep waiting. For a plot. Say that's our bring you -- you call yourself a self proclaimed great. Athlete when it comes setting a pick you -- make a free and make a food analogy I cannot affect the patriots won a super -- I run -- I've made -- look I know what I said one of the best you said you one of the best ever what I heard he did that give us a good analogy any give us on January 21. The patriots and -- all next year Christian that's why we bring you all my -- we appreciate the time. Out it's a authorities say thanks they'll talk peace in our guys are he is great Christian -- joining us on the ATP hotline -- TT covering more than 95%. Of all Americans AT&T. Rethink possible say that -- because that if they go to the Super Bowl next year. Or have and are they want for you first one is not a record it's that pats will go to the super ball out of the AFC.

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