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It Is What It Is Cast: Wrapping up 2013 Patriots, looking forward to busy offseason

Jan 21, 2014|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price wrap up the Patriots season from Sports Authority Field, giving their thoughts on the Wes Welker-Aqib Talib controversy, who played well and who didn't in the AFC Championship, and what to expect from the Patriots as they form their roster this offseason.

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Well one final time welcome back to sports authority field here in Denver Colorado. -- Mike Cottrell are joined as always by patriots expert columnist for WEEI dot com -- for price. All right Chris the post -- it's Monday what did you learn watching the game film one final time. Adding the patriots just ran out of gas that toll road on the view that the web sites today it was really just a matter of a team. Reaching the end of the road I mean if this was a team that ultimately at the end of the year this was a final fourteen the probably. How it that the kind of exceeded expectations a little but I know that when they gathered -- -- with the start of the year obviously in training camp you know -- -- there -- going to be able to get to the Super Bowl. All the injuries over the course here. The unbelievably eventful season that this team has had. I think this team basically hit its ceiling the final -- team with no disrespect you know there's there's there's no disrespect to this group but at the same time this is who they York. All right bill ballot Jackie and is post mortem press conference wrapping up the season back in Foxborough. He said it was he thought it was one of the various plays he's seen in quite awhile by a wide receiver on the defensive back. That of course being Wes Welker on Aqib Talib taking to leave out of the game. Later in the the day it was Chris mortenson on ESPN reporting that the league office as per his sources said it was a legal play. You saw the play one more time again your. Thought it was a legal play it'd mean not be. That the most ideal situation if you're patriots in but at the same time. It just looked like two guys colliding in the middle of the field look this is a situation it's rather ironic. Did did Wes Welker learn how to run pick plays when he was in -- in the U became the acknowledged master of the pick play while he was with a patriots. If it comes back to bite the patriots a little bits and yesterday in the FC championship game but. All indications to me re watching the plate hearing from people who are far more informed of your officiate and I am the legal plight so that for the -- Torino. All right looking forward to 2014. Obviously Bill Belichick and the patriots signing several players to future contracts. Today Monday. But as far as the big four at the free agents to be beyond restricted its LB Julian element. Certainly in that group Aqib Talib Garret blunt and Brandon Spikes your thoughts on those four. I think -- comes back and they think they find a way to get to leave back. I wouldn't be so inclined to say to blunt is gonna return because he did have a great year but at the same time. I think he's betting there's a market out their form and I don't think the patriots would go all that far from I think. If there is a good negotiation process I think if -- realistic in his expectations as to what you could get on the open market adding there's a good chance he could be he could return to those the three very think. Have the best shot at returning an agreement spikes don't. All right the biggest areas you see the patriots improving on. In the off season I think the patriots need to get a little bit more depth the wide receiver I think that one of those wide receivers one of those rookies I think will -- out whether it's Dobson TT boys whomever. I think you know between those three -- gonna get a good -- here but I think they're gonna be more depth there. I think a lot of it depends on settlement I think of sediment comes back I think if you would have -- better about where they are the wide receivers but adding Danny Amendola was a disappointment this year frankly I think you look at the body was worked there was. A couple of good games but he was way off the radar especially the end of the year. And five years 28 and a half billion dollars this is not a one year deal one year tender this is up big time commitment by the patriots. Too -- in Dulles somebody who was supposed to replace Wes Welker and obviously Brady. Didn't feel that confident in -- dole on Sunday he only went to -- once and that was a drop. Does the guy who had six catches over the last Sibley was for audiences to post season games and the last two regular season games I don't know whether -- schema -- whether it was a lack of trust them apart of the quarterback. But he needs to step up in bigger games he actually decisions you really. Disappeared for a large stage of the game yesterday security did it here in Denver I think that the need to get a little bit more depth in the secondary as well I think their positions of strength that they have the gold fort. Most of the stuff on the defensive side of the ball because need to heal up if you get Vince Wilfork back it's something approximating what you've been able to do a blast in years you get Tommy Kelly backe talked about it -- wanted to return you get Jerod Mayo back you gotta keep toll Becky feel pretty good about where you -- on the defensive side of the ball. All right real quick obviously they Super Bowl will be played at MetLife stadium on February 2 patriots won't be there for the Broncos and Seahawks. Richard Sherman. Obviously will be something to watch on media day down in New York. Who wins the Super Bowl I think Seattle and I do I think their defense is just so tough -- -- Playing in a cold weather atmosphere at that -- we have to bring that up earlier talked about the Broncos they played magnificently yesterday in the warm weather. But I think you get the Broncos in that cold weather atmosphere to different ball game it's a different kind of team. -- yet it was tough enough to come out of that game with a victory I think Seattle's good emerges as to -- -- All right. That is that. That is a final wrap here at sports authority field in Denver it's been a wonderful season Chris thanks for all the work. And certainly the patriots fall short of their ultimate goal but. As you wrote yesterday certainly I think they reached their level meant when fans look back on this season and about two weeks I think they'll be very satisfied with where this team. Got with what they had. For Christopher price Mike to try -- one final time that sports authority field here in Denver WEEI dot com.

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