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Bigger dink Sherman or Belichick?

Jan 21, 2014|

John, Gerry and Kirk opened the show by discussing the off field comments of Richard Sherman and Bill Belichick.

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What a great dog yesterday. Fell about 24 hours ago giving Bill Belichick and Richard Sherman. Ever thought they would be side by side in a national help international debate about who said what and what was more egregious and at the other part of the question. Which one do you think based on what you've seen what you read what you've heard what you never heard from Richard Sherman in MM QB. As more regret about their actions. Both yesterday for Bill Belichick and on Sunday with Richard Sherman. Sure sounds like he may be a in little remorseful sure. And apologized. You know sent text at werder that sort of taken the attention of the team. This was about eight hours after. The rams beat the forced the TC forces in the it and it's circled the wagons -- -- the dependency dude -- rock. And then he comes on the apologized I don't expect old. Do you think our Richard Sherman has. An ounce of regret. Mean you think Bill Belichick has announcer and no. And that's a good point -- Belichick is much more well thought out. And calculating. And Belichick's not taking positive attention away from his team. I mean I thought I'd love all of these these. -- EC guys who wanted to defend its charm because if you -- this you know but he went to Stanford at all yet you don't get straight days it's on -- great days in high school you can't be -- -- -- yesterday actually better than -- he -- advanced course right. When we get better Sunday. Minimum straight aided and advanced course you -- -- the iron four. Do extra credit yet but he didn't he did he -- three point 93 point line he's bug a some of these are almost hilarious the defensive him one from the minutes -- cute -- Because he got straight days it's if you think he's a -- you're wrong. It's big lead Richard Sherman isn't -- plug and anyone who suggests. That he's on informed and not worthy of your time. Sharper Sherman is Stanford educated NFL player who started his master's degree he had a four point 20. Grade point average demean the -- as -- -- and ranking second in his class and stop what -- saluted -- stop me when I get to the part that refutes the charge that he's a thug. It was not a dog what do you mean why why is. What makes approximately objectives in its objective agencies at pebble wise if -- Because the -- because of his behavior because they view source and define thought that it's not that I'm not defining thought it would like to define what will look -- up our look up but. It's not mutually exclusive is my point. Well -- -- dubious mark -- -- because that's the behavior on the field and all that. And the way in on the way he acts is not a bug that's fine but he can't say it really well high school. Which is some guys who school and -- -- and had straightens up. Charlie gets straight -- Barca were released Smart guys and like people right. That make enough. It doesn't necessarily not. I'm not I'm not saying it sends a -- are you saying is that all you idiots. I think he's. Posted a marketing use thug that the vote were dogs stuck. That's. His behavior is he's. Reprehensible. And people like of this guy defendants is so she did really well high -- I just don't understand. That exonerates. But -- cutthroat. Or rough the rough the -- hoodlums. Also -- One of the band of professional assassins formerly active in northern India who -- -- definitely not. He's. Asked them Hernandez is a -- I think that's ever that -- okay yeah not out of Andrews upper management and is it like Hernandez -- -- school I don't know. I don't does that matter I think will be able to teachers that. Matters and if you wanna right now earned her name is straight yeah. It's a short course to a -- my only. People getting themselves into pretzels to defend Richard -- But the Stanford and smarts. He's probably don't like charity were. Still out. We saw Sunday afternoon Sunday. -- brought. I'm just. The jokes at the start. Of due to choke sign on the football field your puck move to -- -- -- -- out. Sherman said he said but didn't do the double chokes what you said just this. Let me ask you didn't mean plain steak -- yeah. Just wanted to get. Daylight -- today. Are right now. Will be. In recent boom leads to problems left on base used to be a good. As I've LOB eight definitely on base. Now let me just said that and not gonna choke sign EB a pop yes. And you guys are unbelievable to pump that's odd behavior. To come up with another term it will probably -- -- accidentally -- column up -- Column. Obnoxious loud -- Lot of that little outdated substituted a month anyway -- -- note how you're not much you have much to cool oh. -- get upset about things like this. It's what's the point it's not a matter of getting upset or not being upset thinking is upon or -- she's not a thug punk or bug or whatever the case may be. I find that entertaining I find that. Different than the run of the mill you know we take one game at a time. That's a great you know we -- win all three phases of the game offense defense and special teams are great team tell -- that. This is different I -- finally -- that your choice. -- choice to be the most boring place to be like a patriot to be apart regrets it one of the 00 battleground. In don't know where between where you are -- question. You can be honest and outspoken but to not is -- on -- -- -- to send a case all the way to be honest. I'll say not agree -- like crap -- It is a protocol it is sorry mediocre to take all the attention away from. Cliff may Roland camp chancellor and Russell Wilson and that's what he did it because -- -- -- -- saying after the game the world be focusing on capsule Russell Wilson yes that's yes true it is up -- -- -- all the world MacBooks and Belichick -- -- apps which is what. Whitney. That god. You don't think in the aftermath that game -- detracted from yes he distracted and detracted from the the the afterglow of the NFC championship. Open came about one -- well on. If that's about -- Webster defines pump -- as. -- worthless person. -- -- Very valuable. Practice -- -- -- was -- punter definite. In the first -- definition a worthless person often used as a general term of abuse. The Islamic sentinel. Do you refer to me whenever you speak to me whatever you address me dressed dressed as corporal Stanford graduate he he does and he says -- -- A better life the new. The skip Bayless right -- what does that mean. Skip Bayless to treat his life for future -- a better life then I think you'll. At life that -- would what will skip Bayless is seven years old little bit. Better and better life you were me. I mean I think you -- literally if you would be I think probably better life yet your cards close. -- -- to drug issue of -- grand. Am not Provo. Honest to god he's pretentious. A global sell just that you think you're a better life that I am -- didn't. He's better like I arch will be hitting me on the docket is defend your position to secure better life and -- I think I've. -- things better than Joseph and Tommy decent things better than I you better liked dean on not once assassination. Do you object to a man to chair -- part of our would you swap your life with -- -- -- -- -- thirty years younger and you know of course he would -- -- 39. -- -- What -- twice near Portland. It's on your bad is the that we leeches in the buyers back to the other side yourself and my 3000 years old. So -- -- -- -- are opposites are -- now we don't be offended by god does double choke and calls everybody else. It got dark that he plays against -- takes the attention with -- minutes. If you don't like that girl. You're old but Pete Carroll's friend viewers what you look like I was girlfriend of different Dina that choke sign in the game right remember that he did -- I've seen that did you write -- right and -- for days and -- -- -- I. -- I think that Albert and would not executives -- or why you remember you would not be saying this about Richard Sherman and he'd just on the choke sign and not on the rent. Upper -- -- our ever out our I think he did it is on everything everything he said did after that projects it was worse. -- Belichick said is worse I would agree. -- -- Belichick yet that come up the other accused him as -- -- its its style points that get you to the pop audio it's the presentation. It's Richard -- presentation. That offends you and you guys its Richard -- in his presentation that makes me laugh. It ain't you guys are as bad as deterrent to -- Uga Uga you know that's a great you know but you won't say -- below the -- Indices and you know he's funny. Upon a he's upon -- if you happened in but I there's room for poppy sports Crabtree and head that's at the park. Stood before. The food supply you. Why doesn't -- -- -- logical mobile phone calls made before not bothered by the public can't come upon cannot be bought it's it's easy -- what's what's I don't know when you see. It's like obscenity that's upon a upon a worthless person now that it's not my definition it's your. Okay it says that's not my -- our -- She all these your use Eminem's for a while to come up with a word for Belichick I'm sure we'll be able to find common ground on this one because I agree. What he did. Is worse than I was the snake movement Belichick and the weasel -- and he's wrong I mean it's just wrong. Neat and he knows he's an -- or goggles Tucker Stallworth said. Belichick is wrong and he knows it right he knows he's saying this because it's Welker. And he knows what he's saying is wrong. Possessed by the incomplete. And a feel badly for keep. Politically turned out on back and watches which had a chance to yesterday. And just -- overplayed by the receiver to tango but keep. No attempt to get open and politically handle discipline on that play it's not for me -- decide that sort of worst players absent. Stallone says about that. The sport at the league and disciplined deliberate attempt to take out -- follow up question coach Belichick do you mean take him out of the play. Or do you mean injure him it means -- we've yep we've got clarification. He means -- I guess have you met take him out of the play that it would be a problem because that part of your job right now if you're -- -- -- apple cart and may play. Every play right now but -- attempts to take someone out of every player but I need. Understand. And bill will never share as. It doesn't do anything that's not lot out. Pre thought out. Concocted to advance a particular position or as he'd like to tell you put his team in the best position to win. What was the purpose of this how much time that he's been thinking about. His opening statement this response this was not a ad lib response to Mike Reese's question or somebody else's -- down. He just began his press conference by saying what you just -- which in my estimation means. He thought about it. It was premeditated. And there was a purpose behind it is it just because he hates Welker so much -- decided to take a shot. I don't get it I don't I don't understand why it matters slow it -- caught. And it cost and the game was he said three time to keep playing like he played a key player and his mind was significantly -- the pivotal moment in the conference championship game. And in his mind Welker. Did woody did on purpose. That note saudis -- -- Legally but he certainly wasn't intentionally trying to hurt him like. And and at this time he expressed great respect for John Fox called -- for a so in his mind at Welker did this on his own. -- And hurt there it's an absurd. Accusation. And fortunately Belichick's. Not young and cool and didn't go to Stanford. And he if you were defeated onshore oil -- and guys would defend him on the -- -- taking a considerable amount of heat that's my point out. If you were young and cool with -- which is taking a considerable I'll take it sermons. Got so many defenders and welcomed here and I've no doubt that most people in the country. Were offended -- yes most people disgusted -- what were offended by is that if you want if you want guys who defending them give B eight Z there there all over the Internet and people like Kirk who you know it's too cool that it takes that much to cool about -- -- -- -- -- What's the big deal you know. Right I'm so offended by directory one meal so offended guy talked to a girl and a button off with a microphone after game two cool girl. Certainly knows and yet commodities and so are journalists abroad in a broad picture little definition you'll dictionary. Yes I was seventeen -- mammals for pot. Tell me if any of these apply to you mobile or deck or men and Portman had a fair. All right we start with -- -- -- -- -- -- Now criminal -- well we don't know but -- again. Bought chicken a flop -- I don't know. If he added it delinquent. Definitely not gangster and some dirt and one after the other terror net gangsta. Do. Not put. Up boards and put up again. Mobster. Writer. Rowdy rowdy yeah. Dick Dick Dick Audi yeah Belichick's not no votes roughly. Now like English isn't it it's that sounds rugby player out of this troublemaker. Yes troubled -- -- -- their cholesterol acres yes I got a word for them. Minute hand. You get to dictionary an adult and and announce. It fits. A new analyst at nine idealist I feel old style violence island -- -- you're not us it's like. Nothing has any meaning in nothing yet. We know is a good all August all name analysts are godless -- answer. Atheists but this man which means he and a better life for life -- analyst -- -- It or. Mean as an analyst Eric is the definition. One who believes the exist in one who believes existence has no objective meaning purpose or intrinsic value. That's the -- value is no point in your life you -- I don't agree we're here you know you love your family it's a pig is kind of wander through life the -- -- you go way that is just about right here. Did you hear -- -- characters definition of life in true detective element of the car it's like. A mutation. Human. Consciousness. Is this mutation and evolution. It was a mistake this consciousness we have. You know our -- mean the ability to to grasp your surroundings just. And be involved in life just human consciousness obviously -- other animals and habit where animals we have it. We have souls in the world souls. Right that we hustles. Now -- is another word for human consciousness future. In the in the broadest definition attic most -- talk among the floats up to have right that minute believes them to spoken about. Your -- would be to make decisions right from wrong. Ability to think and you know years to live your life better than -- you know well try you say you're an analyst at. I think -- close that it's difficult supplement kids that's hard from the -- If kids album just it's hard for me of my kids in my spam what -- what everybody else behaved like Sherman after -- soccer. -- to pick up a little soccer game and -- does screaming after she took her helmet off if you. Keep Erin Andrews out of this cut and just play Richard chairman agriculture cut again please and any chairman cup play any cut from as you know career and in and -- here's the big difference and play a second here's the big gives. Between the two that's Sherman is that who purports to be this can be different. Belichick over the years agents say nothing to lose with class we hear all the time yes pumps go check was deceptive yesterday -- -- -- -- play. And he was out of character do you think that we didn't have access to the video that he's the only ones on the tape. Mean I've sought to beat us on the tape literally. Forty time no one that it is not. A penalty in all my prayers right he is not even a penalty it is within the -- can you have. One of the worst cheap shots he's ever seen if it's within the rules. It's not possible we advocate have a dirty legal play at that makes any sense you know like when you hit a punter which economic rule right. They laid out that hunter broke mr. it was he you can do within the rules. And it can be dirty but it just could this possibly call this John Fox click the buy it for -- forget -- -- and bought it bought two weeks -- negotiate again. I don't know I'll look at that -- question right yes yet you can't. Seat at your dirty play can do the dirty play with a 180 pound kind of -- in 20200. Gaga plays out there at full speed and you know what blockers explanations and he was trying to go under him think he'd go over. Makes sense to me when you watch it he he tries to go this way easy eggs -- issues that. And they caught and end of two leaves not hurt it does anyone have any problem with not. In the in the west focused on the patriots and he does the same play the player yet that he overdid that Belichick would get up next thing it's it was some guy did this -- right now. Really there -- -- every Tommy played -- every game every game you players brought injury I thought was dirty year. With the intentional to go low -- -- and communities like you know I mean if it'll all 180 and rock come and I'm gonna go low as well as but he went right at his knees I thought that was. By a factor of ten more dirty more egregious problem Welker yesterday. -- this -- hand point and on TV last nicely on TV. San Francisco Seattle game there was. Two dozen play yeah that were more borderline. That were more egregious than that plagued by Welker it you know it turned out on fortune for the patriots bad break. All right the senate again and 7797937. Text on 37937. Tom Brady will law hear from him at 630. Kevin built to -- -- you're next -- Dennis and Callahan on this Tuesday morning. And when we come back. I will read to you. The thing. Richard Sherman said yesterday. That offends me that worries me that bothers me upsets me. More than anything he said Erin Andrews on the field until. It like -- today.

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