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Breaking down a Patriots loss in the AFC Championship with former Patriot Christian Fauria

Jan 20, 2014|

We talk to Christian and get his take on the Pats loss, Brady's legacy, trash talkers and how the Super Bowl will play out.

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Possessed by the incomplete. And a feel badly for keep. Politically turned out on Beckham watches which had no chance to yesterday. The problem. There's little overplayed by the receiver to take out the -- No attempt to get open and bullet lead handle discipline on that play it's not for me decide that sort of worst -- -- -- That's also about that. Us bring Christian foray into the conversation former patriots tight end and we might as well start -- only in a million places to go the Christian what did you make. Of the play yesterday that seems to have upset Belichick's -- much Wes Welker taking out Aqib Talib on a pick play across the -- You know -- Was -- the war -- working -- in the Al a couple of worsening guys it will look like. It like -- occur. And -- -- -- -- -- it will make you -- on the sidewalk -- -- ride the bikes you know and you need to know which way to go so the energy going right into each other. And I'll still let it Welker heated. Nobody could control I don't -- water completely collide in to a because that's the the cardinal rule on the pick out a huge you don't even brought flipper I mean like elbow at a -- trying to rub. You're trying to it that -- after you go around here. What happened there. I don't -- conventional. Whether it is the -- Build a -- or not I don't think that's probably no effort to do that expert quicker and you could encourage you to play on the on the back side. Of the route -- the big guy he was recording with the bear arms. Spelled. I mean bad bad play due to call or I -- called -- you aren't as far. But outcome -- Hollywood but who knows how to build more green you could ever happen operate like that. In terms of Belichick press conference protocol. Is generally not -- his moves this is not a go to move where he calls out another player. It says let's -- with the league -- in terms of discipline why do you think he did in this case was Welker. Oh will I couldn't hear what you guys that I would like in the doldrums right out of all the press people I don't know I spoke right now. But. Yeah I know. If you don't they're always been a I don't static. Not -- salacious but with those two guys and you know everything that blocker kind of you know whether it be about you know the -- -- jokes or whether Beatles being. Being benched last year for him that he didn't. But I think bill respects what a lot. -- what the status is of a contract. I think maybe you knock out blow but it -- -- neither are great you know maybe it's like you guys got hurt his main guy got hurt I'd be a little -- -- also. If my guy who pretty much that the old people are who might -- -- other -- how. Effect you know in the first half but I don't know what to do and got to cover all these big strong physical guy and don't feel. But I don't think I think it might look ability to you a little more. I don't know. -- Every bit of a lack of better word to call allow saying when he sees them as good or. Al I don't know what -- called it outward deliberately. Did he deliberately do it. I don't think you delivered it didn't want to get in the way. But I I know for sure -- not wanted to pick out or. We -- it to hopefully build -- upon people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- what was going on Tom Brady yesterday because he was. He was not Tom Brady capital T capital -- what what what was going on with him yesterday. Global means that. If anybody. Will work everybody surprised by this -- He had some good gains booked for the majority of the season. Are you just OK in my book with a lot of agreement passes. Had -- -- rough start all the way through it. You know kind of got overshadowed by the fact that he was able to bring you back and win so that always overshadowed anything bad that happened earlier in the game. But the story of this team specifically offensively. Is the same that was in the beginning of the season. You don't have -- receivers. The guys you have. Can't make a big impact -- take out that -- Turkey could follow this year. But on the ballot measure main weapon or black guy in the middle little little scrappy young kid got an actual got a chip on his shoulder. That guy who -- big time clinic that fit. So and -- historically been disputed the young receiver out big play content options I didn't that was -- like one day accurate and got to make -- a belt. So they -- that it was surprising to me that they were able to. Find a way to win. Even -- have been healthy on people to do a lot. Anybody out still. Olympic surprise that they were able to do what they did because it didn't have the experience. Did they weren't able to make big plays and they got hurt and everything council park and then that by the patriots do they dictatorship to hear it on the running game there will duke. They -- open to win games that way. When I look at the game and I and I called on the loose yesterday. -- I didn't see it. To me it looked like be emperor has no clothes and under look and who conceived and the and the fact that they were able to get by week in and week out keep putting these games. Was remarkable. Calm. With the he needs some help and let pat look at -- -- the running game what computer he missed a couple broke and probably should may be -- -- consult permit yet so. But it kind of you know Matt -- behind I here. Now you're trying to aipac and I'll beat his skill has diminished. But it got to others that day. -- Singapore has a good certainly had a chance last night to work with a couple of your former teammates Ty law and Troy Brown they were asked. How many years left in this this run the championship window how how slim as it is it two years. Brady bella -- two years two more cracks at it and then it's time to rebuild what do you think. My point is that I played with Warren Moon. I swear to god you're forty years old maybe -- accurate and it Welker Seattle it's just a fact that he couldn't grow our but he could go when it was very Smart in nature but it -- -- right -- OK we have 98 days old old hot so -- I think what concrete. You'll always. For amber had a chance to win a championship and win Super Bowl is all our future it's easier to you to court activity and put new coach and I mean. Look around the league a look at the quarterback. We got that the quarterback that the teams that make the least amount of state. Or point to be playing for something court yet. Put Tom Brady. And it's what Matt Matt Stafford and operated Detroit Lions -- what could be your go undefeated. I thought rock bottom doggone. Right because it appeared that people as investors. -- -- -- How like there that you -- that Kabila who Vernon Davis and I want to meet in about. Half and full disclosure. Or what looks like cover college ball right right right when I look at it like he can have a good team I -- for a quarterback. Okay who has. One year experience. And it is in its reliable and don't turn the ball over and it may have a couple good guys credit but it can't be great. Thinking of the -- it's got a quarterback you're automatically -- top ten in my book. You could have -- you can have a free agent you can have castaway running back you have guys who never played even one report that long -- quarterback. -- -- what got a quarterback. What kind of quarterback retirement you know there's been a rapist of it and make the playoffs. Is pretty good quality but you know Eli Manning. It I would Steelers Michael. You know you got a chance -- -- -- to -- -- look crappy quarterback OK to know what it -- for a good quarterback may yet. And make all the difference and it is a big and it worked up everyday and are twelve or the -- but you're not said that -- -- -- and -- -- -- chance. The -- good toward the end it it'd be dangers out another opportunity to beat it and it did and can't. That's and that's what Tom Brady will give you whether he's you 4041 a 42. The most important thing is make sure I like upright may not be a pro basketball like used to. But he's able to manipulate what happened apparently paid on what his guilt that is and what it would. You got to -- around. When the Super Bowl. -- -- -- a lot of Seattle I don't wanna pick against them are all but I don't know I think. I'm gonna root for Denver. I'd love John -- -- look and see Peyton Manning did winner of the ball you and you played for John Fox. I loved all our enemy to fight between the coaches that I loved most aren't -- great experience where are probably remote. -- -- Bill Belichick -- wondering when it obviously I would only there one year really like. Four months from -- -- but had a great coach but he's really you. You know. I can take to a minute message that he said he -- like bill that Berry Berry picker how they approach that it is very relatable -- very you know coach -- technique that guy. Can look at Buick yet all eagle quarterback. Well I don't know what I -- but it could go my heart and on the picked up properly you know the Seattle here. Probably. -- -- but I don't dictate and well. We'll see on Wednesday we talk a lot more about this we'll have two hours together from two to four on Wednesday Christian Fauria joining us via the AT&T Holland thanks and talked to him. Are you weren't Christian Fauria. I'm going with his heart like John Fox I don't plan I'll tell -- -- don't foxes got almost no credit for this point it's all Payton Payton Payton and for good reason -- probably goes back to a 48%. You can change the coach so coming into coming into this season out and go back go back to. Before your Peyton Manning -- Tim Tebow right. John Fox perceived as a nice coat but when Denver Denver hired John Fox after his. Stint in Carolina with reference to move on there. Did anybody say wow. They got a -- really that got John fought each of Fox's coach and a prop open access. Now it's funny like I did did you and hopefully there's only later that same year Seattle was looking for head coach and I was on the -- in Seattle and I said the -- need is John Fox it was a guy was our gala minority Uighur minority because most people look at John -- not that he tobacco nobody -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a great time Norv -- But certainly not you know Bill Belichick right. And Pamela Payton got their patent claim for John Fox like all of this is a match made haven't what is really worked out well now it's worked out well now. You get you'll find yourself 101 of those quarterbacks. It gives -- -- -- that -- coaches are trying to pretend. All I became a great coat without a great quarterback vehicle hit an article great quarterback. It yourself to a super ball well yes you ride the coattails as part of being a great coaches finding yourself a great quarterback that's right I mean you may not be the GM of your team he got a lot of input on that and certainly the finding of a quarterback he's your number one most important thing. Again not just to go back to that that conversational Carol fox etc. Number John Clayton coming on our show the -- Pete Carroll got hired to do you know what. You guys can talk about whether or not he can lead -- -- -- none of that matters the only thing he will be judged on is whether or not he bombings the next starting quarterback for that franchise that yet but to. Not funny but also to but also -- -- that's vintage light but also -- in Canada about the might not at but also Russell Wilson then I went. That's. Does skirts -- -- -- himself for -- but I would never boy but -- -- primary day and it felt like always he was absolutely right coaches are judged and with the finest quarterback. Brady Manning the two involved in yesterday's game right back in your calls -- alcoholic a W yeah.

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