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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 01/20/14

Jan 20, 2014|

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So can -- now. 3793. Set it on Sports Radio 93 point seven. I don't know. It's. Time for answer the question jerk answer the question whit Sargent Alex is the big question. So -- -- be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question -- I'm -- -- here of course he's got the next four hours cover for -- Mikey you don't Sweden they call this segment on typically studio work. I'm typically it's your -- Turkey -- -- -- people -- are Mikey how are you guys we're bringing to your eyes -- And there's always twist people on radio obviously it can't see it but it's a very responsible but some -- -- Dutch spirited. With respect but with only Swedish at all to tell you what dot U wanna get the Swedish accent on the the first were to practices -- to. -- -- -- -- -- -- They're pretty much. Hewitt -- I don't know if I thought. -- It's breakers over. The questions were -- parents restoration especially after midnight or property or facility manager. I don't have a cold weather disaster plan in place people -- be prepared for contact Erez at 8774611111. Or go to heiress her. You know the patriots should quote yesterday. They are not just because it said Axel line but you know -- -- yesterday which. Was ever at the game -- fuels. Did you -- the new laws that. What the smoke in my office. Not on -- seem like injuries while Georgia knows some people. Some people can I do think there's any correlation between the fact that two states legalize marijuana to. And again be represented in the Super Bowl this year. It changed to smoke a bowl. Is there any is there any corners and its players are adding to those incidents since the poll numbers. Helps you relax right that are Purdue and as Sutherland to work. A stubborn I do like you remember the original -- bull. Your book that was one of our whole two billion -- on Chris Berman to -- as a pretty funny man those good. Agassi and Monica. Washington has implemented the recreational use it to the working on an idea but Washington State. That they don't think I like about Washington they have need an official we got to -- and they're selling themselves -- government sellers aren't out yet replicas so his you know the job qualifications. You have to have knowledge of the product. I'm serious I'm not -- -- it's a six figure position. Futures are. Is it that that's experts like 8590 grads -- may be over yet figured it. -- -- -- Of the state of Washington where a great series at least when he really you're just that we -- and what a great do. Expecting it in public just too much to spinal we'd need Oprah. 5000 emits more than five grand use your spending too much and we yet. A lot of money for your 400 bucks isn't really expensive. If you -- if you let's get an -- every month. Can't 400 times 124800. Box now that you can find it cheaper probably I don't know but no I don't but you know -- you talking about. How much numbers are out there publishes a packeting smokers spend on cigarettes 1050 to 1015 day that's -- -- -- 300 deals. Just for cigarettes smoked both years. And money you're spending ten grand a year. Are probably gonna you know just like things you would have just hit him like yours and I'll probably -- sold. But I had -- people -- all all all the time really you know but they do. -- -- -- got me it was so bad there god you know if you got it is you have to address that you had there all relative to. -- got the threat that the -- out of my house at the crypt after two girls and Karr once. Flag mean can you also think we -- A -- what was it about to go with -- hat with a car was at the John Paul we've on the back your car right. The deadheads are you got your Charles soccer -- your -- of the court which is each and Sean video -- this here's the answer the question that was on the list. How do you identify. Well we personally how do you know. What you look force it long hair. Is it that car -- right now hypocrisy don't lazy it's the way they look at menus. And especially the way -- hanging up in a tackle bill. If they work in there and in looking at that thing like they've had them kind of -- to -- And he's got no supplier. Of fire and putting that those those girls tracked down and yet. What was it about is that made them think. He had -- hanging out of his miles other than that other than that. What people used to people would stop you when you had dreads in an askew view essentially we're we're selling weed the people of all races that didn't -- interest. When we first -- It is kind of -- accurate Stewart. Committed dread most people -- that. What you think. -- -- -- I'll say Jamaica symbols of white people -- to sort of -- -- -- that -- stated racial. War you -- it long long. That Richard -- to determine if he's you know that's what they know it's not that old favorite apparently the text and has the answers -- because in these black keys now. Perfect that's a perfect next question this one's for you Andy since it is Martin Luther King Day can I get him needle mark -- the -- At some point we threw them at some point two missile shield in Europe are relatively the we've before abortion. Or coming to happen and -- happened. Would you rather spend one night with Kate Upton or three nights with Kim Kardashian. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She's jerk. She says. She feels that she's here. Both have been around haven't. Kardashian. Get up and it was. Number matter. Who -- -- -- answers to a remember there did you take it written down. Rightfully Griffin. -- to death those four it's that big for the death of Blake Griffin. -- that it just that Verlander and the -- rockets into the center and the confidence though he did it work here. Saves him a revolution. Were first sent John candidate. Duck congress. There are millions systems of congress party. And a great American -- Not Google which he says that I. While officers that what is everybody had today off why this is such a half past holiday. What are we honor Martin Luther King or not. What everybody gets the day off that why is it like this one of the port Columbus -- for one of these if he almost holidays but not everybody gets off. What should shouldn't they be as big as Labor Day or Memorial Day or July 4. -- is still news. But still relatively panorama hold my question is. -- in honor of Doctor King would judge judge both guys by the content of your character -- told -- what was the other days though not the market for the first year 8586 -- and it's a that's a pretty long time it's been thirty years. We can't make this a real holiday this -- -- -- veterans day is like it is isn't noticed court out. Today. What they want you. The blunt okay. What can I hated to admit Timothy. A happy man how did what about -- and Alabama collar male did not yet read it right. -- You. Smarter -- me to get him in excess. About two or somebody our. Next question IP address you find a pair of underwear on the floor in front of your dress. He smelled them to see if -- -- the depends who's your own fault you know politics. And it article. A little more difficult -- would you figure that the dirty or clean pair. -- Fingerprints on the floors to -- If it's not in my drawer dropped I would assume it's called on the pilot could drop on lottery just assumed over on the doors luckily it's flat it's probably -- and it sold its standing there like which. You know. And it's got some -- to. It. What's the better date movie Titanic or Romeo and Juliet. You're -- pronounced it. Must have been for years have seen your Xena moved you've never -- -- and a minute in their lives. All your life every time valid ballot yes really gets you cried Titanic Jack. Apparently never wrote about an idea of individual who has them about the Friday which there was -- it was a bomb in the jewel of the -- That was so easy now with the increased. -- just cancel probably values moments of pleasure playing with you. You can see some that's only one -- -- elephant in the of those which which version of Romeo and Juliet to. Olivia Messi -- that thing you know we're good version. What would -- -- Romeo must die and have a balance with a gently. It DMX episode I have to win the league greatly yeah I saw that we're damage doesn't get is that the -- -- runs up the pole yet -- -- That was terrible one that came on the -- ninety's is terrible blow Libya -- -- bosom. Which on the right one. That's when I was -- you were done for the day it's as if this compliment and holly your day that would that referred remarks question -- the -- about. It's -- -- -- the kind of my outlook are a -- of the king put it altogether -- quite eat WA for the next four hours will be back these guys tomorrow. At 2 o'clock about.

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