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Rob Ninkovich, Pats DE: On the loss to Denver

Jan 20, 2014|

A disappointed Rob Ninkovich joins Mut, Merloni, and Deossie to discuss the AFC Championship loss, the Welker hit on Talib, and the Broncos offense.

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Heidi is -- patriots Monday we talked to Matthew Slater earlier in the program joining us now on the AT&T hotline. Guy who join us throughout the course of the year hobble the studio and on the phone Rob Ninkovich hey rob it's among low and Steve today Dario. You're really sure are. The supported the loss -- there. So. We're sort of flew off when. You know who else. If you you're told us last week you talked it about your defense and how is going to be important make plays in this game you forced upon. On that first possession of the game and then from there Denver scored. On every other possession after that how frustrating as a defense was its never really get off the field and not create any turnovers against Peyton Manning's offense. All -- -- mean they're they're great off at your credit -- figured there -- you are. -- a lot of weapons very well -- -- on the Arctic strokes alert this thing that they do benefit the water handset so you know. They displayed better then there are deserve to move along and you know you have to prepare you or your credit Egypt and security. Issues from the fact that are a predicate. -- -- Rob obviously other wasn't much pressure on Peyton Manning and I'm wondering was that more big game plan to flood the secondary always that just. Execution yet thought you can get to me just never could. Or even the ball on the circuit each record you can young rock -- at school there so. But -- matter their armor and now the number times each group all. -- -- -- team York's roads are being routes to Latin. Alter routes to grow over the -- So you know there. Are gonna get pressure on. -- all or -- How do you do would -- -- efficiency that they had immunity and will when you get a couple seven minute drives and inches long drives -- -- and they weren't doing anything like you said. There were the only thing. Glamorous or anything flashy they were just methodical in the way how does that affect the defense overall. Forming and shouldn't have a long drug obviously. You wore out that you you know -- -- a little bit more than those drugs. -- -- -- You gotta go out there you know -- or reduced in Europe and beyond Europe where the game against. -- I wanna make any excuses. So that the team. Played better arm on that particular day. Rob Ninkovich joining us your coach was on did his final press conference today went out of his way robbed two. Talk about the Wes Welker picked play on it keeps. That's okay cool -- wheels as a family day today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh you're on the field for the play that -- Belichick talked about today which is Welker you mentioned -- place for Denver they ran wanted to complete pass and I keep toll was injured and out of the game your coach called it today deliberate by the receiver in this case was walker is that it was one of the worst things. He's ever seen as a defender rob how did you view that play with the west and keep. Car. A -- origins to. You know. Wherever absolutely nothing to -- spoke about it won't sit -- he saw shall. Obviously or you got hurt especially -- -- the sender. And you know day. So are. Typical ball field out there are. The bigger you ridicule or whether. So you it -- -- to follow up on. There were right there were. It -- take place and you know obviously. -- there was man coverage then they ran across. Very tightly and you know what Europe and just. It but keep -- in the children. Brokered her. For every anxious and Damon are cigar hurtful and it's some Japanese. Are -- good thing. Did you agree with your coach when he said he thought it was deliberate and one of the worst things you -- I mean yeah I think that. -- talked -- -- there are older or aware of -- which is there what was the court. Rodriguez lost lot of key members of the defense at times some guessing in game a second year old nice chip to blues guy like -- In as a huge effect on you guys who doesn't have that effect mentally on you guys or is it just personnel -- -- or individually personalized news depressed for four. You know Russia Chechnya so. You know again whenever you can execute senator knocking out you or game and knows gonna keep it hurts. Did you guys play over your head this year did you does this -- all these injuries and all the things that capital on the way dude did you guys. Achieve more than most people thought Keaton guys were capable of doing. Mean obviously I think obviously reach you more ordered the real vote can achieve. In that. Us knowing your chip ability on global fuel could -- -- repeatedly unit. There ought to be -- it could be successful. -- but I don't think any other outside people get a chance. Rob for years now you've signed your extension you're gonna be here for a couple years you said that you wanted to do that you got that deal on what will. Well the off season be like how much time we take off before you get back into your preparation for next year. I got through week where you know they -- -- There are deeper into it so. I'll be working out my body back through. Spirit for O'Rourke. Two weeks. To be able to enjoy three you know only full I don't know that the Great -- -- all through. Here. There it is routines. Rob we appreciate the time all year you've been gracious on patriot Monday is here with us we appreciate and enjoy your two week break before -- back to work and a double talk you down the road. Are accurate -- Rob Ninkovich joining this year. Rob broadly by Verizon stay connected to your patriots at home and on the go files quantum Internet. And FL NFL mobile -- horizon. That's power.

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