Jan 20, 2014|

today is the one day Pats fans can truly be pissed...and thsi is why.

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Today. A -- for patriots. Went to lunch Peyton Manning stupid Peyton Manning face so to. Most incredible patriots seasons ever. -- -- -- -- career and you -- want him to go home. Gracious you can renamed AFC championship back to the patriots who had been here so many times so if you're feeling a little pissed off today. You should be pissed off don't anybody tell you -- it's crystal ball so big deal. Tom Brady John. -- just being. We went -- thanks so maybe. Important what happened. So go ahead and get this Bill Belichick experienced it's -- -- -- receiver to take. But Q so first possession yeah bills this. Patriots of so yeah. Pistons to be another year until we're back here and that's if we're lucky. Scenario that -- -- your office politics someone that doesn't deserve this blog and FaceBook find when your friends the -- for the Broncos and send a message. First time in your life you actually yeah. New Jersey -- note Peyton Manning is going instead starts. The Broncos are headed to New York. Jersey schmuck patriots fans are pissed off that they're not going you know what. Today. Someone today. It's okay to be pissed off the patriots --

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