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Former Referee Jim Daopoulos says Welker should have been flagged

Jan 20, 2014|

Former NFL referee Jim Daopoulos joins Mut, Merloni, and Deossie to discuss the Welker hit on Talib and if it should have been a penalty.

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Dot com it really is an expert care meetings and -- Possessed by the couldn't believe and feel badly for -- -- that they turned out on -- -- which -- no chance to yesterday. Yeah. That is deliberate -- not a receiver to take but came. No attempt to get open and then hopefully handle discipline on that it's not permitted to set -- so we're still -- That's at home so that that. Back get a model or not -- 37 WEEI Steve DeOssie in the house the official. Official of the show is our guy Jim the -- eleven years is an NFL raft twelve years as NFL supervisory facials you heard. Bill Belichick there open this press conference today talking about the -- play. That does set a key to leave out of the game Wes Welker was on the giving ended that. And I saw last than on Twitter Jim telling a lot of people we thought that should have been a penalty and obviously was not called the gym nice and up the joint this year. On the program Jim it's much -- is Steve DeOssie today how are you. Our great leader or order would actually as you can imagine this is dominate a large portion of our recap a patriots Broncos I wanna go back to your tweet last night you. You tweet during games you know you talk about these games sodas Mike Pereira Mike -- came out he said. -- got that right I don't think that was a penalty no offense to pass interference you disagreed with that right to think they got that wrong on the field Welker to leave. Well -- -- in my opinion they they dissident and they you know like and I are the same -- so -- and we applaud you know we've been together so so long been. You know it. We we do you do it to discreet and each other and and we -- looked at it was -- and you know and local across the political. She may contact rooted will be prior to all. Gold to the receiver they'll places you know to the same time it was really -- It -- the only issue that I. Is that you know we saw one earlier ran into the first were you know New England number 42 with whom live yeah. Same same exact situation and you know in at all I think all I think that. The people -- literacy -- culture or players coaches and what is they want consistent. He'll be here. And you know if you don't call it. Once -- one -- a -- working the ecosystem Nicole is the other team into consistently low key. You can't call against one team in the political -- yet -- Now university in all -- question of you know when it happened in and I. I can almost assure you that it was released. That he deliberate. Attempt to injure will be I think. Well who was used to what is better he was -- -- -- -- he was for it you get that -- the -- who -- Congress so he you know -- -- the page that Tuesday that is that that -- -- -- it open but decline attack. In the and you have to have contacts you can pick or you wanted yet they'll pick in Dixon laden people what makes it illegal to contact. So you can steer clear it it's kind of -- after all -- if you pick the guy it's so great that you did not initiate the contact. So why is there are no old globe. Hard fast. Consistent. Calls and in the NFL would -- even though -- mean also describe that who ran penalty is a bullfight so. How do you do you have that consistency -- not a of that consistency. Especially -- really tough question and that's what you work for you know. You've got you as an official -- the year in what what you try to do. She each each of officials and officials literal here is you go -- you are feeling when you watch what situations. Now there's this sober kitten and it theaters in. Clearly. We really. Well groups contact. Keep the Denver and at the end -- and that particular rule because I don't think anybody should really. You know you -- all just kind that is so tremendous with these athletes and it's all -- Reno appears so you can watch stepped in to try to determine. The ball come up to the architect Paul wrote it was a receiver first person. It in basically you better make that decision has an official and you would hope that they you know that they would make the correct decision or at least be consistent what they call. So it has do with simultaneous as far as the catching in the contacted him just. A little wonder into that the nature of the hit. Right if you just gotta rub shoulders and p.'s direction. As opposed that the contact that they had does that bring more attention is it more likely to get a call when you see deck on a collision even if it happened the same time. Yes you you are more likely to get that all. But yet there was nothing. You know -- didn't -- about the new beetle or you know in the in the and like a personal foul play situation that you're walker didn't do anything illegally -- or unnecessary roughness penalty. He just basically committed an illegal act -- be. We picked a -- -- and actually committed to -- by bite you know restrict and believes opportunity to play this -- -- -- -- So so when Bill Belichick says that the leak now to look at is he talking about the actual the way the ruling Olympic play. What do you think he felt like there was something there -- that personal file nature. He probably felt it was a critical personal all of nature but I. You know I've looked exactly many many -- and there's nothing that -- to Rory five all at once. Was an illegal pit in should've been a while offered to pass an appearance. And you mentioned that other place in the game joy and cattlemen Jim had a similar play don't want people ask Kia. About that that was not called -- they get that right when -- -- men. Had a similar -- that was able to free -- perceive her right around the time -- Welker blew up Aqib Talib. Just saying -- types -- situations you know they they are so tight in basically. You know I felt they were correct on that all. But you don't get -- it still comes out of the fact that you know. For consistency you know you couldn't you couldn't stop bringing this in the -- so difficult to appreciate. Indicated an official what you're trying to do if you try to determine if someone giddiness and peers are doing something illegal. You know there's a -- -- a lot of illegal activities -- on their football game but -- officials what you're looking for is disappointing and it created by. You know -- well. I its agenda and it's the -- up here. You've pelican happened before the receiver possession if the rest -- obviously thought possession out the same time the that was your biggest issue that's why you tweeted that out that you thought. The contact happened before to Marius Thomas touched the football from Peyton Manning. Clearly in my opinion be contact was prior to all be impressed by the various Thomas. It's a great -- and it -- And urged of people follow Jim on Twitter it's refereed Jim. -- is giving you take as a former officially head of officiating Jim really appreciate the time today your explanation and we'll talk to down the road. Great it would have a great -- guys. Great stuff Jim the -- was a bomb on Twitter refereed Jim. This -- where he would differ from Pereira this -- differ from you and I you know in the league looks at. The rule itself you know where the contact past the clearly happen before the balls touch four to draw a flag and the way I see it. I I I understand Jim's take I disagree I see it is as Thomas touching the ball almost simultaneously. To Welker setting up the contact that's why I thought and I wondered where's the penalty and -- telling us that he felt like that contact happened before. Thomas touched the football -- was so close as to be.

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