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Bill Belichick rips Wes Welker. Calls hit on Talib "deliberate"

Jan 20, 2014|

Mut, Merloni and Steve Deossie talk about Bill Belichick's comments from his morning press conference where he specifically pointed out Wes Welker and said that he deliberately tried to take Aqib Talib out.

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Not not not. -- How sad trombone sums it up today producer -- is our bottom what Lou 937 WEEI here at Gillette Stadium for a final. Patriots Monday because the patriots play their final game of the year yesterday 2616 your final is always. On -- patriots Monday Steve DeOssie in the house tournament. How people on the post game last night or they reacting immediately follow in the game is a loss for the page. It was a -- was. Anger at us. A lot of things and then there was a bit of resignation. Think you know. Have to be Willie Williams team played over their head. They did more than we expected as the season folded. And then the role of the people who were angry yet. Everyone from. Josh McDaniels to Bill Belichick a little Tom Brady a little bit so -- there was of absolute mix of emotions as you would imagine. It went when your season ends abruptly like that but there's this sort of -- for development since the post and last week. -- specifically -- at what did what was the response you guys got last night. Two game he did not come back dissipate you experienced that yet I don't know how they felt last night as opposed to how they -- -- Bill Belichick. All of us today and how they might feel about it this morning but also doing very talkative of the events on going out in the near future to game again it was. Zero talk of Wes walker trying to. Deliberately -- dialed you know overall what my feeling of this game was sort of like a little reality check right of edit we said this before when this team goes down on this team loses we will continue we will say that he goes -- they would -- -- what did you expect that the thing but that was one of the most. It dissipated games of the most boring games numbers don't -- just felt like Brady Manning it wasn't ever a moment where it was really -- into it. I was on the -- of my seat that was subsequently here we go. It was like you're reaching for straws all day long -- came down -- that hit. I never once thought I question whether it was a penalty. And then you'll see the replay over and over again it was like simultaneous. I never once. Thought that it was dirty. No I never did we -- and watch it because the best -- you got defensively is now out of the game by never said. Did you Welker you did that intentionally to take him out of the game. Eroding dozens of -- please -- -- -- baltics Denver's better. May because -- bigger receivers or whatever but there were picked plays being run left and right and and even -- got to call 41 that was that was crap they they actually describe a little surprised to hear the announcers called an April 40 flagged for a -- flight. There was very little of me. Again that was a play where Wes Welker yes he was deliberately picking on do running a pick play. On to leave no doubt about it not even a question. The ball arrived simultaneously with this -- there's nothing illegal about. I agree with you guys I didn't think it was dirty I didn't think it was illegal I thought it was unfortunate great waited to put a little unfortunate that it was the key to leave on the end of that hit that knocked him out of the game. Here's what Bill Belichick thought about it not last night he's asked about last night -- discuss it was a big play this is an hour ago as part of his opening statement. Of his final press conference here at Gillette Stadium Bill Belichick commented on that pick play west well -- -- -- Possessed by the incomplete. And a feel badly for keep. Politically turned out on back and watches which had -- chance to yesterday. The problem. And just -- overplayed by the receiver to take out the keep. No attempt to get open and politically handle discipline on that play it's not for me -- decide that sort of worst place I've seen. That's a home -- that. Okay now there's some ambiguity there right was it a deliberate. Sick or deliberate. Plea to take him out of the game take him -- of the -- or take him out of the game was actually I agree with part of it it was it was it was deliberate yes let's say to attribute it to -- just like a dozen other -- like a dozen other plays right that is intent to -- I think it was a play was a -- play. And the La times and replaced -- doing it has no intent on catching the ball. -- you -- him. Up to that point when he says it was one of the worst things he's ever seen. Amongst public votes have been admitted football thirty plus years five years ago. And that was one of the worst thing he's ever seen a -- on that hole was there. Now he tried to injure my player -- -- one of the worst. He seen that play bills this. Not offered a single I'm not I'm not. Really. Saying anything new here but. They're used to be the mentality to try to take guys out there receiver coming over the middle of clothes line. Across the neck. Of a guy. You know you you have extra guys stood up and you take a shot at his head -- -- -- -- -- Divulge any secrets to tell you that they're used to be a mentality. That. If I can take a guy held legally. Legally. And all that much but that's fine. That happened for many many many years you can't do it now I understand that. But billed -- been around the league long enough to see many many times where guys were taking shots aimed at taking guys out of the game it was part of getting that wasn't. Yoga in the back then that wasn't illegal got a guy get a receiver who's up in the -- here use his art is where ribs are exposed. -- the whole global in the ribs its way used to big. Let -- letting letting the league take care of it right. That was the end of it is do you think the league usually gonna do you think the league -- -- -- -- and they announced today they're gonna review it as they review any sort of questionable place to see if they'll be a fine. Against west while they announce that after -- six poker. I'm not that's good -- I just saw -- out today -- to his credit Jeff how the Boston Herald said it's part of all the hits they will review okay over the course of the week all the plays that review -- you don't read all those it was a pick play. -- it was simultaneous that the mayor some -- ball if you fall Mike Pereira. We would do -- in. Says -- say -- -- simultaneous that we can do about it. So what are you gonna review the Wes Welker. We hear it's in the interactive Wes Welker dropped that the crowd was held in his -- -- what what you gonna review is the fact that it very good player it was taken out your game. So let's just (%expletive) you off the political -- Wes Welker because it's a good player it was taken out. What what he did a fine of four. -- there was no flag on the play although we've seen. Players get fine when there wasn't when there would there were flags on the place so I can understand that -- -- -- to delete it make any. Overtures afterwards about we get a review that play I don't know I I am not sure and build boats are put firmly in the league's. Wheel house they're -- to rule on it and marchers and get a favorable ruling on the so much it was going to be a fun. -- we're gonna get erection of this in the rest of the game all day today 6177797937. The phone number can text us. On the AT&T texts like at 37937. I just can't. I don't when Bill Belichick says it's one of the worst plays of a receipt I don't believe. I just don't. I think he says the for a couple reasons one. And it's not an order of importance. Number one is the the player took out affected the game plan and Belichick knew what they never about the feel after that they force one on the Broncos scored on every single possession. The rest of the game actually took in the at the end if this were Logan Ryan or this were Kyle Arrington or this were Alfonso -- pick your. Patriot quarterback not Aqib Talib. I don't believe Bill Belichick calls it the worst thing he's ever seen today more important that is it's pretty clear Bill Belichick doesn't like Wes Welker. I mean this is either receiver if -- -- -- I might want to mention a -- bill that mention by name he called on the receiver guy he sought come here and catch more passes. In sixty years that anyone in NFL history more than Jerry Rice did. During his best six years -- That's a Welker did freeze teams and a year removed from that. He says the receiver and he says one of the worst things that we're seeing a football there's -- deliberate ploy by the receiver. To me this is this is clearly he got initial Welker is -- of the goes out of his way. And because it's west because of the clear history that is I'm sure going to be. Illuminate this week right who's got the first story locally or nationally -- behind it seemed belt or a welcome Belichick things you'd know about. This help Allen west up at -- that's why did today's -- It's Bill Belichick is sold. Deliberate and conservative in things -- he says for him -- and say this makes it even have a sports and if he was a coach that was known for. Of throwing you know gas on the ought to fire. That I understand that he's not that guy he's got its. Not only him but he demands that his players. Do the same thing you don't inflame situations you just don't you. You usually always says you play the game is -- game was merely do business is business is done that's the way you know that they vote. They allow that plays in the NFL right now they don't there's who very rarely do you see a call when you do it's. Neither surprised by you surprised by them calling those deliberate gesture I I. You hear Wes -- explanation of at least trying to to rub off to leave a little bit get the lead to goal. To the outside right to go make him alone wrote try to -- to Mary star which usually happens right -- let's keep to leave is ecstatic heard of that. -- overseas and companies try to go to the insight is his wanna go to the outside and -- -- just two guys that run into one another. To believe that. Wes Welker. No did you intentionally short because it was a -- play but the intent to injure to contact Aqib Talib. Is this that the kamikaze suicide mission for god has got a huge ailment and is coming off two concussions. Is that what I was gonna take himself out of the game to wake up and usually I assume is that where we think really happened. Are you implying that it was simply Wes Welker of his own recorder do you think this was a play that the coaches wanted to wanted to happen that's another step he was ambiguous enough. In news. Wording -- Why would be put the old question of theirs why would the NFL. Find a guy for a pick put Barry -- who said the pick please croquet arena -- was held. Thelma just get heavy hitters can review it right so maybe it won't find them they've included as part of a plays a review you said we heard from welcome this as well we're talking to. Our reporter Vic Lombardi of the that Denver CBS -- TV affiliate out there. After the game he was asked specifically was Welker about that -- play on to leave. You can point to a lot of reasons why he has won this game but I think the game changed when to leave went down and I don't know how you hit a -- a pretty good. You know I -- has caused by his words it's time to run play again and I was trying to get him to go over the top and I think she was thinking the same thing wanted to come underneath and you know just kind of collided there wouldn't. When do question I was trying to you know -- -- murder or anything like that you know just hope he's okay is a great player and and you know a big part of their defense. I noticed in this. Was Walker's tough guy to get -- about that no tough guy -- see him play through a lot of hits we see them come back from injuries he's a tough guy. Is he -- force or is -- CAD it is he guys you're Rodney Harrison is he a guy. That anybody has ever said watch out he might take you out of the game. I can't call it can ever -- tough guy yes. Publisher. Enforcer. Hit man actually costing -- I'll go back to last year didn't we hear from patriot beat writer -- people around the team that joint settlement was playing in front of Wes Welker. Because animal was a better blocker than Welker was they felt like it'll that was more physical than Wes was -- one established deliberately in the running game earlier last year -- respondent. The story that settlement to better blocker more physical -- -- and now bill wants -- to bleed the twentieth two days removed from a concussion. Welker became the guy that was told the -- play head on Aqib Talib. I'm not -- it and I don't believe I don't -- billed as he that I bills dislikes Wes Welker. This -- says that this makes bill look bad and I agree people that dislike Bill Belichick you put this in their column because nationally people sit there and say -- bill. You lost the game Politico you know let it kill me -- me. It's almost like you know if an offense of -- -- call for holding it kind of pulls the player down. And the planet gets pulled down kind of -- happens to a shoulder up. It's like that was intentional it was a penalty or to borderline penalty or help them whatever but. Was there really intent to dissipate the guy's shoulder like you -- the rough play was there the pick was there it's intentional we know the play. But was detected take him out of the game is that -- we're supposed to believe I don't believe that. I believe was a pick it was borderline it could have been called. But -- Wes Welker was saying I demonic kamikaze mission and I take the key to -- out in this is how given a super ball. Nadal in for bill to come out and maybe even. Suggest that. Make him look bad it real -- there is. But it's so lot of character to it's for him to inflame a situation is out of character especially. After a loss in this in the snare you don't. You just you gotta wonder about the motivation got to wonder if you thought he left enough ambiguity in this statement. But I don't think the fact that it is called the worst he's ever seen takes over that ambiguity out of. Well Steve you know him my certainly better than most people in this market okay. He made that statement today as part of an opening statement that was night and asked that question up about it is he sat he opened up and set top law that -- -- -- -- -- And I I had a chance to see -- so that's all that talk about it after he levied that bombshell. It's right out your mind that peace but the minute he saw that replay he -- on that and he knew he was gonna Levy that in his opening statement and that just tells me there was. There was a motive behind it you know there was a motivation to make sure he said early on it like to play in essence I don't like the player in an affected the outcome for our team. It they're there could be some of that intuitive it could be just something as simple as. Although we rare very rarely seen it. Frustration leaking through -- it is public statements frustration and anger. Leaking in to. And does that give you insight. Into what he didn't think so Wes Welker what he thinks it's. There's so many questions about this is solely. There's really not a lot of ways to look at this this just looks looks bad looks vindictive and it and looks. You know there's. There's a lot of reasons the patriots loss of the biggest loss because. That Denver team was a methodical. Offensive machine but he. You don't tell me quarterback post forty yards and what seven recently 5% completion so -- that whatever was. He too I'm thinking -- forty -- there's publishing spectacular plays or maybe couple big place. Really wasn't there and tell me one or two plays the jump out -- chip from that offense and I'll tell you wrong because. It was just it was political -- early clinical it was. They with a couple big pass to -- area still got. -- no shot at one big run right under the -- -- -- -- -- situation a third down part of long third and short third and long again it was just. There was no answer defense -- part of that was toll being out obviously and that's with some frustration comes from. But I think it's one of those rare scenarios where the votes -- might of what his frustration. Leak into his public statements and I don't know. The reason it's. Even bigger nose because Belichick never does that he did it in his opening statement today and it's a player that they could re signed decided not to they brought in -- a guy Danny Amendola it's it's too -- he didn't play yesterday in a -- it played in the patriots shot rolled that in their two leaders are gathered that you basically gave. What two or three times more money to Amendola. And then were taken to sign Welker and -- -- doesn't show up. Is that there -- -- I know you go to break usually you talk about you actually get injured and if the league to league wasn't injured well what would have happened everything else desperate for field goals. OK for a field goal scored 26 points you tell me up for the game rested pitchers when -- -- 3026 to meet. Offensively. That that's I'm sorry they had they did. Nothing new -- been nice to have -- -- suited up. They'll would have been nice huge disappointment but offensively to me nothing zero and a lot of that. Tom Brady lot of that offensive line but that's just the lack of -- period but I think it was offensively just as much if not more I think it was more. Well the reason the defense and I would disagree I think the defense was empathy yesterday when -- talk about all that picked up on their side with your call 617. 77979837. Is your phone number DeOssie -- and Lou we're live here Gillette Stadium.

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