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Do you blame the Patriots offense or defense for Sunday's loss

Jan 20, 2014|

Mut, Merloni and Steve Deossie discuss the deflating Patriots loss in the AFC Championship and talk about which unit was more to blame-The offense or defense.

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You can point to a lot of reasons why you guys to understand but at night. -- changed went to lead went down and modify you hit in the -- pretty good. Down on me as well -- words it's -- -- a play and and I was trying to get him to go over the top and I think he was. Think in the same thing I wanted to come underneath and you know distract collided there wouldn't. My deal was I was trying you know they don't murder or anything like that -- -- -- is a great player and no big part of their defense -- Politically turned out on back and watched it which had no chance that yesterday. But just pull -- -- about a receiver -- take the -- No time to get open and politically -- discipline on that play. For -- this sort of worst -- -- -- That's all concerned about that while there's. Actually passed the Marius Thomas any hunt itself a key to lead he clearly moves forward toward. To lead to make traffic lousy deliberately try to take a lot of game delivery trying to hurt him. I think that's a little bit the stretch but he's -- and picks are part of offensive to common thing is just an garlic a lot of. You're welcome your dollar check your Ron Jaworski on ESPN today. Like us to. Disagree with Bill Belichick when he calls that a deliberate hit. One of the worst he's seen a football -- and Lewis -- Osce here on 937. WE -- -- patriots Monday with all your calls at 6177797937. -- get to -- here just the second. So -- it's the break it sounds like if our askew. Who was his game more on -- the offense or the defense. You would put more of this game on the offenses in ability that you would say the defense against Peyton goes to me is no question about it. When -- when I looked at it I was open it to be a commode when the football's wrong. But because if they weren't able to run the football and you talked about it beaten upset a 107 years old right Paris is out. They could pick on the secondary. It's like with who. You know who can nitpick on the secondary with that they reliant on rate dropped him back. Who's going to be the guy image -- Opens injured whatever is huge disappointment. That we gonna go to the optional in the general and the rookie Austin Collie and we. The first few attempts wasn't like Mulligan insulator. Motorola give -- their -- third -- with Slater deep on the right side but. You know offensively there was three and outs early on there weren't able to run the football Tom Brady missed the deep balls that could change this game. 26 points for field goals you'd need to win that football game. And offensively and no it's a combination of -- its lack of -- the and know that guys to throw the football too. But offered today expected wolf what I saw last night subsequently his defense was. Absolutely correct I don't think that. Denver defense is all that good I think that are they can rush the passer samba. But a lot of that comes from the fact that -- -- -- the game and -- much easier rush the passer. Defense that the thing about the defenses they gave up a lot of time consuming drives for that that was forever but. Let's say you complete that pass to settlement. That -- convince doubles touchdown you complete that pass this is a different game you put Denver and in a different situation. You find a way you always had the ball for what 25 point five and a half minutes like that. The defense has come up with more stops they have to come up they have to force. Denver upon more than they did -- -- -- the first possession and then he scored the rest and -- I know I 70% on third down the Broncos heading into the fourth quarter put 70% agreed but it -- if you all the sudden. Complete your drives if -- the patriots. Better than they did. If you complete that pass and then maybe even want to call the on the other sideline. Now you have a different game -- defense defense completely different value force Denver into getting a little bit out of their game plan. But as as methodical and clinical as Peyton Manning was yesterday. I'm not sure that what made the biggest differences do the defense couldn't. It's logos and analysts excellent it was like they were running open on the field and big chunks which is killing them it's. Oh it could go up the fields up the loose -- -- -- starting to show together couple years ago was while I needed defense that can make. Get off the field on third down of four sponsor donated defense just relies solely on turnovers because there are some gains were you just don't get turnovers. Yesterday was that game they could not get off the field on third down they allowed the two longest -- -- the Denver bronco seize up. Seven minutes and eight seconds seven minutes -- one seconds and one of those included a lot of toll before he went down was part of that drive it's not like Manning went down. And all of a sudden currently what analysts and Manning was was good he sucked before he was not a fourteen -- 125 yards before even went down. Almost nine yards per play the government played offensively Ryan Allen -- him three times that he again -- -- not make one free can play. Yeah he was still sixty minutes you absolutely assuming your take at least the reports when this game. And -- points total one. You had to even. As to clear is that office -- the receiving corps was you still assume that they were good for thirty points against a defense it was average at best. I -- get a look at what you expected. -- me you know you're you're going up against historically the greatest offense in the history of the NFL. Okay who has all of there weapons. And than their left tackle Clady and he's been out all yearlong. Every single one of their weapons was intact. In your defense. Not only was missing your -- via YouTube middle linebackers to defensive tackles. But early on you lost your best corner. TCU defense went out there get the best office in history NFL. And you have 26 points I know they couldn't get off the field I don't know what you expected when he looked at that the talent that they had defensively. Offensively what would they missing. -- Now I know -- -- is a huge factor I get it but they are also going up against the weakness of Denver's secondary that's got nothing. And I understand that it's a lack of talent. But they've had this lack of talent all year they've played all year with though Rob Gronkowski. They played the last three weeks to put up 35 to forty points bill without Rob Gronkowski. And to go out there against is depleted defense with all of their weapons except for -- which saved had played with now for some weeks. -- -- -- Offensively play the -- they did. Now I BI I. Actually sit there is I don't defensively Clinton off the field but god bless you. Because they could set a full field goals. -- that -- -- bishop put up 38 points against you guys with him on a talent that you had defensively out there -- right now and a better in defensive backfield well let's jump to some of these calls on and he put blame on -- output more blame on the defense robs in a call argues with -- and -- Steve the -- hi rob. -- Take I think I can also -- are 90% sure that that hid out from Welker was deliberate. Bomb. We'll put yourself Sargent Doug army to approachable when you say deliberate and saying. A deliberate act or don't answer -- intent to injure a look at. I'm -- there's -- and set on the field that there were not privy to a bit bit you know they'll probably both about heard about. But if you are -- things while last year and -- championship. The second to -- went down you could almost unique intern and obviously yesterday. What you know Hewlett and I certainly felt like the second he went down you could either gonna open up the passing game against them. You -- the defense the last two weeks but together with spit and glue and most of -- mean -- -- Abbott Schiller told to leave and now hightower essentially left. And -- and you're not gonna get a -- against against -- so basically just please be taken out and and and they're gonna sort every possession which they did. But the biggest thing is that the almost prove it out if you go back and Mac game I think it would the possession before that article -- before -- was production before. I think it would settlement I can remember not that I want to back. But we knocked out on a -- play. I think those Marty Rogers went out DR a play -- injured on same exact thing except I think -- locker room -- came back. And so that essentially beating knock out of the game with the exact same thing happened. And then turn out that the next possession -- goes on the same thing -- -- lead except -- part you went up for the game. So it was retaliation more than. I I'm almost it was the timing of it was ridiculous he was like the next possession if you look at common element blow up promoter rock -- actually looked -- that you -- replied very laid out typical commercial. He buried many mistake and a missing your player too and it was an out of the game a lot in that first quarter. On again deliver what what what did bill mean to Steve right when he says it's ambiguous was he was a deliberate -- play getting it was was he trying to hurt Aqib Talib. I don't think -- 22 days were for concussion stadium my job here is is very key to leave there's no track record -- other than what Bill Belichick said today suicide mission. Now one -- himself out of the games while one player in the NFL thinks that the case will get to him -- and Rhode Island talking about Tom Brady today I -- They got that -- yup yup I'm. -- you know I'm not have to agree with -- a lot. You. Bringing -- those those three completion not the game changer and you know I got to give credit to a defense that. You know let some place slip but also made some big plays and in the end you make those catches may be -- to open up the running game and record the only game so. You know currently we're blessed to have Tom Brady as our quarterback and but in the end we gotta be honest with ourselves. Those those balls were open to be caught and receivers got open and it's up to -- and make those throws. And he said the same thing through when you -- in this morning on DNC. He's he's got to make those roses though. He's he says directly I'm capable of making those throws I have to make those completions and he knows that -- do we throw so. There were. Ample opportunity for this game to be closer than it was to be more competitive than it was as it turned out it -- mutants do we would seem like a ten point game. No it didn't is it. You know felt like they were rated me that drive you talked about the third drive of the -- -- three and optical three and out. Any misses settlement but they still get their first down because of the long completion element that you had that he'll be it will lose its second or third ten. We -- to whom in the -- of the pick the call for that so rather than European fourth and 14 and Q plus legal port. Now you're out of it shall pass settlement but even then Steve -- surprised. There on the 39 -- -- at 33 nothing game. But I feel like we starting to see more more of this with with with with Belichick and his style ski. But it borderline field -- this has got a hell of a leg weren't Denver it's 56 yards it's a three nothing game early. And they punted nine lead right and -- up hitting a bullet I still 56 jars with the styles yeah I expect in the try that you know. Especially early in the game before you had the evidence that that. Denver's going to be marching up -- -- field will before you before you understood that. In many was good to assemble this defense clinically the -- you did. That might have been an opportunity right there to give a -- 56 yards and Denver's nothing for this isn't there like a 4748. Of the up -- they'll -- he's very good enough of your fuels on at sea levels low. Yeah and whether the deal was OK you can't give Peyton Manning. Perfect field position like that then you'll think you guys do enough to kick it. You think he's gonna miss miss defensive while making somewhat yeah negative thank -- so gonna miss this -- debris amid the ball fifty -- -- you -- that comes into play on every long Google do you have. If you're not thinking about that you're not doing good coaching job you have to think about that. And your decision is do you think. And I know triggered users who from 64 do you think that he has to do the notes are out there. He was sitting for 56 and 58 according to Dan -- -- warm ups and -- what you were saying. That being said I love them punting there because I thought they did what they accomplished they pinned him down I believe that was seven at the seven yard line. You -- -- -- the seven Ryan Allen was the MVP the early Porsche thanking you what the defense did. When he turned the seven in the ten of the 22 of -- drug gave up points and points and points all three times yes. That one can take three nothing game out why -- -- with the pump there but that one Google was before. Was even before I -- because. That was before you had evidence that bed to. That -- -- was -- marches you forced they forced upon the -- forced -- 6177797937. Is your phone number AT&T text line. It's 379837. You guys are stacked up all your calls in and talking a lot obviously. About Belichick's response today he was very upset with the Wes Welker picked play on Aqib Talib -- sanction of the penalty. Jim the -- was it was an official for ten years have officials. While he was an NFL draft will join us less than two hours and now -- 1230 he thinks that should have been called a penalty. We'll get the -- -- take on that you'll join us at 1230 we get back to your phone calls --

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