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Tom Brady: "I don't have a rooting interest in the Super Bowl"

Jan 20, 2014|

Tom Brady joined the show to discuss the end of the Patriots season. He said he is always disappointed when they are not the last team standing.

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Our conversation with Tom Brady is brought you by northeast electrical distributors the cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess and crescent credit union com joins us on the AT&T hotline. Good morning Tom Brady -- last conversation -- Under our. Art our. I don't know whether you heard your coach has called out. Wes Welker about the hit on Aqib Talib any thoughts comments or assessment. What you thought about that yet he called it a deliberate attempt to take out totally the worst he's -- -- the worst he's ever seen. Yeah I didn't Yorker where -- -- in place so I. Had a game and didn't. Now I went to our urban on the bus and so all men will assist Martin. Started turn on the TV here so. Art art it's. Or built to ruffle the feathers or throw the big stone into the lake to -- decree the ripples it must be something significant. Is is there's continued personal animosity as far as you can tell. Between bill and Welker. I have I had no idea of you know I YouTube probably at that better than me so I. You know -- they're great player very Brandon. Tate they play a lot better we get there now. You know we certainly didn't make enough plays to an -- Others. A lot of slate that impact. Outcome of the game and we didn't make it a good place. Impact the outcome positively -- It's unfortunate -- he's in the front and my guess. I -- I was sick and burned it it's like a lot better -- -- that's an overview is the missed opportunity at age 36 more frustrating that a missed opportunity at age 26. Now they say they also say you'd. -- I think -- it is different to this morning in in my career -- There's only one thing that matters when you start -- the though. There's very sad about your younger that first -- -- A little bit smaller. You know guys worked really hard. You know get significant contracts and so we're not really fortunate era at both those things over the years senate where you are now for me. There's only one -- You know it says. There are so when a championship and we just fell short. Only once in -- it's secure -- a -- -- and the competition that it every here especially. In the NFL wherever he can only spend our money on players that. There's a lot of things are going here receive it and our team are really are -- priority effort. We get. -- are good game yesterday where we -- we advance then we get in player basket but also. We're play Lotta local forces -- and not. Yeah that's your -- time at the in the AFC title game Tom. I guess you know what kind of what it takes to get there. Do you think oh what will it take to get back the next -- take for the patriots this patriots team to get back in next year other than certain guys stand healthy. Orders under a lot for violations are seen here everything -- at this point. So coach always talks about he brought candidacies and because. Are you put so much you care and every week -- at last we -- a lot into the game -- -- You think about all calories while we're gonna win and then when you lose you know argued there's no all back. We'll have a lot of -- anyway Nazis in what we need to do better and you know certainly offensively -- a lot -- do -- -- -- You know those albeit violated our coaches and individually as a player we could do better so we are self starter. You know we can block you have policies in. Where we maybe we are last. Are you I know we've gone through this many times with many different guys but are you gonna be disappointed if jewel -- -- is not back. In a patriot uniform next year. He had an incredible -- and no one. Could have ever predicted. Or he could accomplish are seen US. One guy who was just so consistent dependable process. Under prodding him because it is now thought he has its security it is work ethic he's a lot of time watch it over the last. You know or years and finally get out here anywhere he could be an every down player. The way contribute to our senior -- it might yet they were. Plates. -- -- -- -- For -- in all that like -- that that takes time. No. A difficult task it is for art scene and make it. A lot of thought they don't hear all of us saying. We'll sort themselves well. You know our knowledge -- the one that makes almost stopped decision. You know I love them and he's one of my part that bothers a lot of time with them. Under prodding him for everything that you accomplish he deserves. He deserves the vast. Tom most people would. Agree that there probably very few things in life that you want that you don't have did you ever look at other teams and see and AJ green Julio Jones and -- like one of them I'd like one of those guys the 6464. And a half -- leap out of the other gymnasium. And Glock and get the ball at the apex. He had an accurate mop -- -- he was pretty good in the the you know there are really unique players that we are still there receivers. And then. You know -- -- late yesterday. You know any -- at -- house though. You know we get clarity. You know areas that we get pretty early in the game but pressure on those on the -- flight from we got behind it it. It much bigger cells also. I wish we get it -- on the first couple -- down to the game. I hit the put some points on the -- that we can. They can look at south -- I'll probably we bought our guys. Like with a lot out there -- a lot of resiliency that all their city and we are. That's not the -- yeah I think that's really the -- coach Belichick when he talks about. You know -- where elect has said that. Yet it felt tries the level playing field every year we always feel like we got a shot. And it -- target I think that one time yesterday had that drop. Overall how would you assess his first season here with patriots. You know it properly evaluate. That our coaches who all that so. You know he worked really hard -- there -- -- -- -- career either here. Or did everything he. Are really into art work -- that could be very. Albert paparazzi. And then. Eric dobbs -- the eight year Ortiz. We got a young core of receivers. It's gonna be up throughout the -- how hard you worked in. -- or football is such that we go -- make improvements and be part of you know prolific offense probably it is. You know when you look around. -- offered you wanna be it seem like Denver that it. Excuse at eye level actually that's what we need to be alert -- that require a lot of work you know a lot of time and you know we're gonna we're gonna put that network in that we -- for these. Tom how long you relax and stay away from the weight room and stay out of facility and stay away from football after a deal like yesterday. There won't be too long I this. All of a year round thing for me I think the way you terrier find -- by the Nazis it is early or -- -- as saying. Now however many we liked what -- gains this year so. Erica White basically every he can't really. You know shortcut off -- and I think that's urgency that your -- spot so. You know it's more like your -- grass and lecture. Like your -- rest a little bit. At that he's a little party you -- emotional energy to expand and are challenging is that you know get up and down there really get up for every game and and you that this sport loses. I bought it feels fine about it goes straight at the come out of a lot -- and then. You know I feel like well I just wish we could play on mortgage. If following up on that continue to describe the shock to the system the shock to the schedule when you're running a hundred miles an hour -- day practice to practice game to game jump on planes -- and bill and then this morning you got nothing to do but talk to us. Yeah that sure that. It's it's it's a very abrupt -- and it's that her. You know thirty teams early some really an abrupt and all the guys that. Don't make the playoffs and and yet there's that wild card round and round and the championship and only QQ left so those two teams really earned it like it over the course all of these. You know on the -- -- breaks them. -- that we get. You know maybe we're playing -- championship game at home in Baghdad as there are. You know that's like Denver really kept the settlement at all he's and they score a lot they overcame so the first BQ it. You know when you look at it seem like that they certainly. It's certainly earned it I think that's you know I tip my cap and because I understand Al it is -- that. And there -- a lot of metal it's outside and that's -- -- ever -- to represent the AFC. If you would beat Miami last month you would have had home field yesterday do you look at it. Would have been different column of the game we're here at Foxboro. Yeah -- been of course that have been their burgers -- a lot of things at play and do. Besides the games and you're right and you look at those gains it back the -- game and yet. In other games that we -- -- also means some sense of -- any -- and amber. And valued the good teams play well over the course -- -- that we like yeah. Like you're not it's the second seat in Italy -- -- and at its mercy. You know and and we -- need to play a lot better we -- yes and let it. It was more out later where -- we late yesterday. It's a requirement that plane when you go on the road but you know look we won game on the road south are. We got their game yesterday where we needed the -- we need to play really well and and we just didn't play well and outside and -- are literally and they were pretty all have fatalities it. We're all over you know they like pretty good concert well I also. Here's just. We Regis we couldn't force and the recommended that plays leaders are all -- -- are really a non factor for both useless. The clothes that were in the yen down there wasn't much of our game. Arms sucking on offense the defense they got the best. They got the best of luck to both of those -- what is it. The overthrow on -- Is that something that kept to a last night will that bother you like for weeks on and it can you put that behind. No that's that's one that you know I think about. You know it certainly outside. Impact the outcome of the game from my stance where I needed. I needed that broke out. That's a -- staple of late here I'd make you know nine out of ten times and it just. I did make it yesterday. You know you get games like this in the market and their slant you got to make those plays I didn't say it. Doesn't get a lot and it's not turn over that it is a side. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the sense at least watching you violent reading at that -- seem like when you guys -- convert the two point conversion of Koreans still two point 660. You got the sense that it was probably over at that point. -- we don't have any. You know much time left on the clock. So you know we're also the onside -- and you know he yeah. You know we didn't we didn't get to your -- which you know make a Syracuse court and we that it made it wants -- input from fresh but I. You know yes. Didn't I didn't didn't. Excuse to play the way that I needed excused myself. -- I don't know if you have the opportunity to watch any of the NFC championship game but it ended in dramatic fashion with Richard Sherman batting a ball to his teammate. And ending the game here's what it sounds like with Richard Sherman after the game. Let me ask you didn't. I don't playing safe -- threw away a lot of. -- -- And made some what do you think about that be would get a Bill Belichick locker room. You know I I don't know him at all. You know he's eased back and the guys so. You know there are I I approach the game and I have respect my opponent it. You know that's the way our our team always plays and we win it. You know graciousness do we lose you know we could do better in a sense he's always he's out there that's not their program and I -- they advance. Though it later. So they are that is the -- -- you know you don't win you are not just say you aren't sure about that and listened to it. -- -- an opportunity down the road maybe that's the source of motivation that. You know they got a good game they've played well all year they call. Now and isolated incident. Will you root for your friend Wes Welker all or we would root for that guy right there enough thirteen days when the get together in the middle Pete Carroll. Yeah I don't know I don't have much of a -- enter or leave it there are a lot. I I don't really see myself -- -- to. -- RC over it. I I'd to reflect -- care less about watching the game. That's pretty much thought -- A game specific question was the third -- three the Slater was was Slater your first option and at the answer to that is yes were you and Josh counting on the element of surprise I didn't see it element. Yeah out -- earlier we are accurate shot. You know yet -- more I want coverage and -- are great route which it just went up there -- -- -- You know -- -- -- it here clarity it's better made it where I'd jump -- but I waited at both. You've got their hands on it just you know again. It's been you know thought -- farther and prosper in the make myself. You know there's some other options pretty tight coverage and sometimes they force you probable or the perimeter and -- -- the perimeter receivers. You know we had what we talked about for the game and actors you know it did make -- brother -- I'd the big question is that when you head out for the Pro Bowl and I are you hoping to play for. Jerry rice's team or Deion Sanders. I'm not -- -- I -- you know we're in today and you might go. Yeah if I can I love it would you know. Yeah we'll we'll pebble Pebble Beach the global on the other different yeah -- Yet -- -- and I got -- -- -- figure out what's going on here in Foxborough and hurt a lot of our caliber coaches and and don't -- opener. Our final question with injuries and circumstances some people can make the case this might have been bill Belichick's best coaching job since he's been a New England that you guys did more with less. Mom and as a result it's a successful season. Fair to say that you'd define a successful season only as one that -- Super Bowl ring on your finger. Well I. I think there's a lot to gain insight he's like it's hurt you know -- -- player -- -- early amber -- where are. There's a lot of things to be gained from it. But at the same time -- our current year I think we established that certain level of play again. That that we're not satisfied unless. -- -- the last scene there. We could accomplish -- this year we we are -- we're very resilient team I mean that you see that their vote for these but I. To eastern now what I'm going to be pretty to support itself. It's a very competitively in you know at the start the year are certain he seemed to have hope. -- we're one of those scenes that always has so. You know we played. Well enough over the courses -- in the care of and officers play. You know it do we let you know we can play -- yesterday so. And that sense you know it's an unsuccessful seat and then. You know looked like we always look I would it would start -- debate broke it then. Oh please you know played cricket championship but erode the goal he gets here -- that. You know and got to try to close the deal there's a lot of things that play into it over the course the -- Carrier partner aired. You know some are bigger than others and yes they would have taken a great effort are you go -- that we get. You know we just came up short. Well time for us to close the deal another one in the books I know that getting up on Monday and talking to us is that number one on your wish list but we appreciate your candor and your available -- all year long bomb has always. Thank you. You know appreciate your -- is. You know real respect and understanding that the sensitivity of the gains. Lou are now partners you know listeners and fans for their support. Over the whole season and we got. You know we got a great sports. Is athlete here -- -- are proud to represent everybody. You know we try to go out there we give it the best we and -- -- become a little bit short but you know we hope we don't play hard and really represent. Art community that that's where that we know -- well thank you guys and you know we'll we'll we'll be back out here is what we know it. In the -- I hope this Celtics in the Bruins bring a lot of good sports that thought he thank you guys. Enjoy your downtime double talking down the road. -- Thought Brady brought to you by northeast electrical distributors the cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess and crescent. Credit union do you want them Alex. On the -- and that would -- when. And it. Without getting that you can tell there is at zero -- the public assurance sure it's coming out was when he got Brady's face yes after the game right that was -- macro. That was one of the most classless things obscene players do after game last night it was during a game -- the game was still going on he got a penalty. Fifteen yard penalty for taunting Crabtree. This is a conference championship game and he's so busy taunting that he doesn't even care that get a penalty the game before the game -- in the middle but do you think two things inning Brady. As annoyed about double play at all. Said he hadn't seen is there's no -- about got a lot of film on pointedly approve of film things like -- I'm sure he's got an idea I -- he's not gonna watch the Super Bowl. You can watch it and I think he'll root mean don't you have to -- -- Welker over Richard chairman. Now exists yet it also brings Manning and your conversation to then it will probably hates me and he hates everybody hates bill Welker. It's good question -- probably has -- built for Sherman gets older I don't yes and Mexico -- definitely a step eight -- I mean bill has probably has some grudges with a few yeah some affinity for you guys he really likes fox to stop hugging a point. An hour after the game. -- that'll do it for us -- patriot Monday mutt and reloading exterminate the stadium or they -- There at Gillette Stadium packing up there in the Super Bowl. Months along now we're aka we were all going it was going to be one hell the time all gonna get caught up in the -- supports it. In New York City -- does not happen PD said -- My -- -- -- -- to send in the -- just saw cars that it's okay I'll bet she's Callahan out that the speaking of stars yeah. Brady every year has mocked in the Pro Bowl and -- come up and an injury list he might play he's not you begin don't. It was didn't entertain -- thought no he's not I don't. Well I like again -- about it he -- that he did you that I got when I go to every school year and every year when he's not the Super Bowl he says. I don't think I'm gonna make casual games Saturday and Sunday Sunday he's in the Hawaii eleven heard that in the team Wednesday. It's a regular way -- her way -- all right it's Jerry Rice so excited I took Tom in economy class sitting at a middle -- all the way to twelve hours I -- -- becomes a good question Pebble Beach or a tough go pro ball yeah I am guessing on -- and neither did you both Costa -- as a must -- itself. I'm -- Callahan that's been ahead -- -- -- talking tomorrow morning at six.

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