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It Is What It Is Cast: Recapping the Patriots and Broncos AFC Championship game

Jan 19, 2014|

WEEI.com's Chris Price and Mike Petraglia recap the Patriots loss to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship game.

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Welcome to sports authority field in Denver where the patriots miraculous run of success dealing with injuries has come to an end. New England Patriots come up short in the AFC championship. To a red hot Peyton Manning in the Denver Broncos 2616. Was the final here at sports authority field -- might try had joined is always fight. Chris prices expert analyst for the patriots on WEEI dot com. Chris what happened was it just too much Peyton Manning and not enough big plays from Tom Brady. I think there's something to better think there was a tremendous performance from paid -- and a couple of different levels first of all he was able to put to give a long sustained drives in especially this altitude especially against a defense. That had more than its share every dripping it ultimately took until we saw that great trip that he was able to assemble the start of the second half. It really effectively ended the game also frankly the injury to Aqib Talib foursome guys -- the situations that BBB should be forced to do at this stage of their careers Logan Wright had to step up -- -- -- had to step up they weren't able to do -- -- give the bullet. And talking to Alfonso dinner after the game he told me that yeah it was frustrating seeing Aqib -- going out on pick plays and I asked. Bettered specifically were you expecting this watching the film of the Broncos to see that many picked plays. If from the broncos' offense. Guy EI I think that the good point I -- quite. We saw Denver run that passing you'd be berated a lot of what political being beaters that stuff underneath of those -- please be aware of look for the lot of success with that. It is ultimately cost the patriots have created a big it was a group. Defensive backs who Beebe worked completely prepared for the state of those -- to do her Bill Belichick at the post you talked about how. Do we have route could have done things better including me especially beating he took a lot of it on himself you work. You're talking to during their press conference he seemed especially. Culpable and I guess is the word -- and emotional exactly emotionally QB this loss I will say that this team. Probably got as far as it deserved to get I think when you look at the road victories and had when you look at the fact that it was going to beat Pete beating out eroded this kind of situation. That's a lot to ask -- BD DPD any defense especially the situation. Did you think point blank that it was an illegal picked by Wes Welker on Aqib -- that's stuff I would have to go back to take a look at the film but it's. It's something that hasn't been called -- the -- before I will say that I think -- could be could argument that it was offensive pass interference. I'd be cubic a real argument that was offered to pass an effort but I gave you have to take a really hard look at the film. I don't get a lot of people have sort of spoken both ways of the situation so I but I think the loss of toll began ultimately was a domino effect I think that. I get a lot of those guys had to step up big plays this did Beckett situation if they work just they just were able to do. Well and obviously there is a very. Eerie. Correlation back to last year's AFC championship. At Gillette Stadium and Talib went out against the Baltimore Ravens -- bowling goes off in the second half and the ravens marched to the Super Bowl. Really it had the same sort of effect I know you're writing or had pointed out earlier that the big drive for you was the first drive of the the second half to me -- The biggest drive of the game to game change of the season Ender for the patriots was that 93 yard drive by Peyton Manning in which McCain they lost Aqib -- for the rest of the game. I thought when they went down and punched it and to me that was just take a killer for the patriots emotionally and otherwise it would. Difficult to overcome in this was a team to when you consider all of the elements they're going to -- good complementary football. They were not getting consistent offensive performed there were getting a good consistent offensive performance. There were able to make the stops on third down will be needed there were -- -- -- good work at a specialty particularly Ryan Allen was able to -- to -- the field in their favor a few times the first half their. But it just wasn't good complementary football by the patriots here the situation. How much of this game is on Tom Brady I think there's there's an element that's -- Tom Brady here he was able to did not connect I think we've cattlemen a couple of nice actually elevated even dole I think some without even dole is well I think this team really a lot of reserves as they begin indictment. They have a dole -- what he was not able to do over the course deceased. Marine was was a consistent offensive presence. Get -- it really was a good consistent effort to present but beating get any Eagles review this afternoon. And I tell you something Chris. In the locker room after words the guy that impressed me as most. Impacted most affected by this was Julian element he took his time getting dressed. He turned around most of his answers at the start where one word and then when the questions began about how tough this was. He had it was very emotional and he physically had to. Fight off tears talking about what this game what this team what this season meant to him. Here's the question that he didn't wanna address and understandably so will he be back with the patriots in 2014. I think he will be benefited the same time there are a lot of other questions that this team -- when it comes to a contractually he would have to free to possibilities. It's not a settlement it bloods who said who told me -- locker graft begin the -- with interest and going back in 2014 to lead spikes they're a lot of questions with Steve. Freeagent wise going forward but it could be really interesting to seize the total -- out this off season. And Bill Belichick said that process when does that began. Monday he is not wasting any time nor does the average one way bill -- check is always gotten over. Emotionally difficult losses get back to work the next day and that's what these New England Patriots figure to do. On Monday they come up short in the AFC championship game a team that battled through injuries all season long lost four starters on defense. And -- Rob Gronkowski and with a month to go on the air. They get to the AFC championship but fall short to Peyton Manning went 400 yards passing on 43 attempts he was thirty to 432 touchdowns the final. The Broncos 26 and the patriots sixteen it's been a wonderful season everybody here at mile heist sports authority field at mile high. For Chris for price some might which rally at WEEI. Dot com.

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