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Belichick calls out Welker

Jan 20, 2014|

Bill Belichick called out Wes Welker for his hit on Aqib Talib. He said it was one of the worst hits he had seen in his coaching career.

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Possessed by the incomplete and a feel badly for keep. Politically turned out on back and watches which had their chance to yesterday. And -- little overplayed by the receiver. To take out the key note sent to get open and politically handle discipline on that play. It's not for me to decide the sort of worst players -- The council says about that. One of the -- why is that'll be I I admit I'm not as much a football -- as -- Bill Belichick knows how to aggregate Batman knows a little bit more about the game and two can either you guys are callers explain to me. What makes that one of the worst he's ever seen we discussed it. Many times already this morning we all agree hit on to the league was simultaneous to the ball reaching Thomas. So what makes it dirty what makes one of the worst he's ever seen because. I think. I'm trying to rebuild mind here that he thinks it was intentional it was not by accident that Welker had a predetermined in his mind that he was gonna take. To -- out of the plane which she did which he did in the NL only took him out of the game and having bill looked at that said listen. The only snowball chance in hell 63 -- degree day that we have to beat this team is to have to leave. On to Marius Thomas and take our chances with the other Thomas and doctor in the rest of those guys feeling it was dirty -- I don't. It won't what started I don't either I didn't think last night adult ticket today I need someone like this of the I don't know what what's my whole play dirty equal intentional. -- but -- -- but -- -- to -- of course -- intentionally trying to hit them and knock them down and hurt him I mean it's what you do. I mean that's I don't see it did you see the NFC championship game that's dirty that was a dirty hit on every single play well -- Said -- said worst simultaneous incident happened on the big drop at the same time so can't be is -- -- -- what technically. What makes it illegal or dirty why he picked Belichick thinks that -- was trying to hurt to try to injure him -- intentionally was trying to do anything else hurt but hurt I'm assuming right. By hitting them -- -- guess -- had a bad hip. They be targeting a minute let's just even if it's clean hit it's to try to do when every play. That's what they say lower body injury to them exactly where to whack and that what they do on every play -- try to take the guy yeah if he is a good player. And he doesn't get up from that it Yelena was hit a gronkowski -- was -- you know he's I didn't say anything about that present intention. It was a bit. This is bizarre to me because it's he -- -- -- all our questions and answers a lot of questions about the relationships victory -- coming back and we're not -- get an idea that clearly hates Wes Welker. But does that strike you -- a little bit straight he's opening -- -- never it never does -- open in the scandal -- openings hold the line of questioning. He's given -- some. But I need and seriously need some Smart football guy to tell me where the dirty part is on this -- if it had been a second earlier. -- it would have been dirty -- would have enough. -- the same play it happened let's say against Indianapolis for some reason the number -- was active in the game yes if he did the same thing at the same exact time it will be. He'll drop -- same thing happened unit Belichick -- the same now now he likes he like about swept the same thing happened -- was Decker not -- -- right. Yeah that's because really all about Hitler. IE I don't know I guess not but I still. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Would follow -- can you explain what makes that play dirty women can you call. That Bill Belichick has opened -- worms like this for him this is dramatic is not yeah it's for him and in it right it's personal makes it well or. Way up bodies early this year starter earlier this year in the Carolina game remember he turned. The -- jeans and -- -- -- -- -- questions apparently uses the few times this year reads them a little carrots right I mean this is really the penalty was meaning was right right it was a bad call and a he wanted ice and we wanted to penalty -- on this yes OK Paula. Bill what would the penalty be theoretically hypothetically. What would the penalty be. You guys -- answer that for me. -- ago bulletin appearance at the ball out there Iraq where at least he's probably suggesting that he was it was early but that. I think what this is office it's Welker and -- best corner was out of the game. Even if they call the -- let's just give bill benefit of the doubt state officials the -- that penalty at all the driver of the case may be the main. Impact of that play is your cornerback -- yeah weather and I cannot. And he did say they'll definitely be loves to lead the hardest working all that. But if there's no penalties even my rare after the unit a dozen times says. There's not -- call then. How do you hope to be -- can be dirty clean and it was -- in right it was dirty as well girl was -- only am -- running a real -- just going head down trying to take to meet many say they do the -- roots in the recruits and that's a little hard for Reverend -- but beat the ball was there. So don't you just give you credit the timing let me ask us -- timed it perfectly in all games we've seen local play here have you seen him. Intentionally target somebody. Well now I wouldn't put it -- an exceptionally -- plays and imagines him and he takes a lot of -- I think he relishes the opportunity give one back -- just -- just wishes that Ryan Clark Jeff -- that Harold just tweeted it and they were the -- many ways but Belichick's report Welker came during his opening statement was a response to a question so you could legislate again because it's it's memorable. Possessed by the incomplete and a feel badly for keep. Politically turned out on Beckham watches which had no chance to yesterday. And is little overplayed by the receiver. To take the -- you know attempt to get open and politically handle discipline on -- play. It's not for me decide that. Sort of worst place to -- But -- say about that it was a deliberate attempt by the receiver to take out toll. Well if you're blocking. And in -- that's deliver. Is that deliberate potentially a guy out we are blocking when. When they run the screen Logan Mankins lead in the way just -- public you'll hit it hit me one guy's trying to injure another guy seems like. Even if a war and it's legal. Is that part of the game. Trying to means if you could pick up the best corner yes. Get that we see you guys are are peeling back on the return and again absolutely panic -- much worse than -- yeah -- -- -- -- Belichick Scotty -- I just want an ultimate bogeys. Coach coach follow up. What would the penalty be why would the league final. -- He says door dirty dirty deliver to pick him up. We say dirty he's a deliberate to take him out I -- already ever seen right now we're reading where this has been league for a while it's a pretty Smart writers cover and the patriots some. And I think that somebody who go into some more confined fifteen hit by -- -- play the shooter just bad at least. What is are your prayers comment -- on Rodney Harrison and works its -- that before get out of bed in the Moore yeah and the -- that's the worst he's ever seen that tells you -- you know. He's just got to its path and -- just not that's yet it's disingenuous and that's the one of the worst place he's ever seen here's our prayer. Yesterday people are asking about the hit on to leave that is not a foul ball was touched by 88. About the same time -- contact can't be offered to pass -- -- so what would it be. Wasn't a clip wasn't what -- the pill bill thinks its office of passing records. Alec but I'm told you we said this earlier he could watch and a hundred times slowed down yeah frame by frame. You can't tell me extraordinarily well -- -- not get there early and by the naked -- there's no way an official could be expected to say. He got the early he didn't it was the same time but probably not because he tried to get it on a question just. Happenstance and right now if if he was supposed to no problem -- pick him he wasn't posted them that hard right. This -- give him credit for timing if he with the early it's a plaque. -- if you within a little later to leave ready for let me ask you I'm right they throw a flag would be -- feel any differently this morning. I say not. Because you think is just trying to hurt yes yes he they're trying to hurt a guy to -- who he doesn't like -- I understand that that I've -- got a -- Bill Belichick have just said what he said. Had they thrown a flag and penalize them fifteen yards -- would of the case may be passed an offensive pass interference what he said this morning was it. It was a deliberate attempt to take out to the a deliberate attempt to take a toll meaning take them out of the game. Not an out of the play and there will be no disappointment that kept him while not a lot of discipline for. Peels and what I -- feel good morning. Yeah more and I just -- -- -- that every great power but they are afraid of showing all their -- millions so that there was a report. Did -- walker wasn't even more important one more quick -- begrudge the Brady and related compensation from an important groups. Problem you've been playing the last ten years the greatest quarterback in the league. -- you spoke on how big player in regard to implement. Our -- -- on available -- one -- -- championship to incorporate cart it and find abruptly vehemently knock them spread money at some point don't duplicate partly we're in the game majority vote or we are. I'm said he wants to play at least fifty I don't think that is still could talk them out of that -- at the -- -- -- she's gonna talk I think he enjoys football as part of that wonderful life Johnson Cambridge hey John. Man. Somebody did forget about -- and all of them let them know that when you're probably ask you can't we cry -- the same time. I proved to realize that it but I mean -- the coach who. Intensely when -- guard Rodney Harrison for his long rough and tumble ways from the crowd that welcomed holy cow I mean that's just. You know it is to serve and dungeons and -- -- looks like I Welker gets the worst of it. Personable I do think I do think Welker gets their. You know what have you -- a spectator for about and you can't but it's it's not it's you know he could easily say it's got annoyed right he can't say definitively. And this is a tweet from Jim Leonard in on the safety yes. -- -- -- He says look like Welker was on a suicide mission on that pass -- unreal pick he set not sure around not a flag. Okay Jim Leonard you're a football guy can you tell us a flag for. -- -- -- -- -- say office perseverance that's fine but one of the worst place you've ever seen by the way doesn't appear and you -- and again this Welker gets the worst of the would you be surprised would you have been surprised -- Welker stayed down Talib got up. Not mean they collided as president but he got -- collision. They -- the ball went down it doesn't look like an intentional attempt to -- again I don't know the answer this but what do you think had they thrown a flag would Belichick -- said what he just said ten minutes ago down and in Foxboro if it is what happened to say early I'm watching. And over only amount I'm saying this is -- super slow below it is not early. And if you ever if a if a -- -- by nick and I that it was early and there is ahead right there it's really relates to wait too close way it's that doesn't matter simultaneous. -- in Connecticut did -- good morning. David. I think though that a -- It was a playwright Margaret that it is designed Pickler. Which is that most likely yes -- thanks. Don't normally constantly debt. Ebert just try to run and the other could be -- and make double -- and actually public awareness -- -- that happen -- I don't. There on this. It didn't look like Welker lined him up to. That one until. -- to deliver shot and I think that's. What he took exception with the Specter. You wouldn't just your normal you know court Greg -- where he delivered it. But that. All had reached the receiver so we can do that it's okay. It's legal. But I'm not popular -- -- talking about. The intense but what intent. Didn't -- the tiniest technical and act out what happened to her about -- -- -- to put that I don't think that was the case at society he tried that they can run again. Well it looks like -- it does look like an accident like Welker does not want. You know who's who lay MO it looks like a pick play than they both kind of go in the same direction collide. The perfect follow up to Belichick statement when he said it was a deliberate attempt to take up to leave -- been an excuse me coach Belichick when you say take out to -- did you mean. Blocked to leave or injured literally could follow up he would sit ups and elegant the -- probably would. And he said at the end of the statement -- -- mccombs anymore about that leave it open ended but. I pretty amazing that's right there's going to be no fine there was no penalty the review of that by guys like Pereira said the should've been a penalty so what are unify. All the stuff this year Hernandez gronkowski will for a mail all these injuries all the tough losses in biscuits under Belichick -- the one thing that -- -- Wes Welker and as it was in the game changer. And Italy -- a guy doesn't like and -- dull meg zero catches one drop area and welcome makes the biggest play of the game for Denver and it was and it was not big buckets and football or -- John that wall that John. I got played on Ike could sort Bob Welker had any story that should mean. Equal across the middle and I think with bill. -- -- an -- I'm what it is that if you truly in a -- she will have hated -- in Japan bank. I play when the receiver went to catch -- ball. So it was true catcher -- you're looking back the quarterback. And he would grab the opportunity. Picture defender -- quicker here I think that's where they'll come from and that it was deliberate like. I wouldn't -- why would not disagree that was deliberate which do you know delivered was deliberate yeah -- -- And don't perfect if if if the ball's not there yet he's supposed to rub up against them or just. Get in his way -- always there but the ball was there and he collided and colliding is OK at the ball is already arrived in the receivers hands it's called -- Record the second on what they're still letting it goes back to the NFL. Where. You know they are these -- -- stricter rules were arguing defense receivers. Are you know I think that there needs to be. So cool and play for targeting different players. And that includes defensive backs who don't kick -- And you get these guys all the time to run around and you're getting close alliance. You eat you know when they really because don't. I was brought -- defenseless the defenseless part is he'd make -- catching him to two feet on the ground. I mean it's watching all conference defensive player to be defenseless it's a separate argument anyway and it's just -- bounces that you look at this have to approach it doesn't look that agreement says not he wouldn't put it in that game itself he would put in the top ten of his. So many times have you seen -- returned a kickoff returns where a guy is not look interns and spins and peels off and gets DE completed sure by -- lined him up. Much worst -- what looked like -- Dave's New Hampshire it would have force. Chitchat then one on Josh can become pregnant Welker been late culture and -- -- -- -- running straight up -- he didn't. About a bit. -- he didn't Obama sly grin. Mature person to each other. And I just got into the car and talk about Josh McDaniels play calling yesterday. But Mike might pick up with him and I don't know how effective became part of the second hearing purely down by three. It's like third and two front nine yard bomb to later later. You know come on the you know I think the problem all -- a lot of problems all year long. Just you know call -- -- -- -- you know what you need to regard to keep the ball and keep the momentum. Well they they they won thirteen games and while while three up third and three incomplete to Slater probably -- your -- play due to think he was counting on the element of surprise they're Dave. And -- to network to work out well at all. And back he was covered. Are quick to about 61777. -- 7937. Unbreakable join us around 930 Josh Larry Joseph we'll get to next.

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