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Peyton beats Brady

Jan 20, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing the Patriots loss to the Broncos yesterday in Denver. They agreed that the Pats were outmatched in all phases.

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Under Madden. Overpowered. Now certainly Tom Brady did not have his best game yesterday but I do all the major defense had their worst. 508. Total yards 400 fruit here but I'll say this for about twenty weeks I guess seventeen games. We -- week after week after week win as the injury tipping point finally. And when and where does the injury tipping point finally bite them in the past the answer is yesterday in Denver now I don't know. Had to -- stated that game and been healthy for four quarters if they had beaten. Peyton Manning probably not I'm unsure what I am sure of is out to leave they had zero chance to beat Manning. All of his ponies out there at mile -- And that's. That's the problem that too -- -- talk about depth. And there is depth there's deep -- up. But it's mediocre yep I mean you know have. If it Aqib Talib goes out and you loosen. And you've got issues because as we see in every game guys are going down as a drop and it's a brutal violent game gets more brutal. And more violent post season. I can't. Mean you got to be ready for this coaching going to be ready for as stolen down and -- next man up you don't. -- have what -- have eight guys when he spreads the ball eight guys we have four or five very viable receivers annual we have one really good right corner and he goes down you have no shot at that point right the only way I had a shot is if they played a perfect game. And to -- could take him various Thomas out on both sides on both sides boy erratic get to replays they lose -- -- The weather was good I think this team is better than that human in the that he saw pages -- a few of those injuries. Wear helmets like I is no way they could stop man here's is it comes down to for me is the pressure. Was not on Peyton Manning in the end I mean that they needed it to be the of the weather was perfect that helps he was home and literally there was no pressure literally they put no pressure. Look -- a little box score funny up to about eight capital hit the cup ever seen this before zero quarterback hits zero. We get -- they never touched I think it's literally wants Taylor jumpstart literally the pressure and Anthony Wright hit -- -- -- -- actually touched it literally never touched the English or after the game and honestly and you you can say this them but what most quarterbacks in the -- if -- if you don't touch if you don't pressure him. And you don't cover the receivers. They're -- Kelly they're gonna gash I mean Peyton Manning was great. But they've made it easy on Miami -- about -- they can make Vizio with the weather the weather was perfect for him but in the end. If three things happened you know they don't put pressure on the weather was perfect and he had lead -- those of the three ways. You make Manning. In a little shaky little skittish you know you pressure him he covers guys. You know the -- in the win whenever the cold affects him. And -- the third way. He just melts. You get a -- or -- put the pressure is tied game whatever you do what you did he do what Seattle did to cap and even if you convert -- -- you convert and get it to 2618 may be at that point maybe there's a little you -- plus given that what's that -- -- beside us right Campbell what's happened -- only saw last week briefly would -- in the San Diego puts pressure on -- you saw last year when Baltimore put some pressure on. He -- here in November. Was there ever a moment where there weren't moon butterflies -- that was a little anxiety. For. They want to edit and I'll take a step further we have looked at a number of games this year where we said didn't you the patriots were down. Have a sense that they -- gonna somehow some -- come back and -- game of it I never thought -- -- second. Had the feeling the patriots had the ability now when this will not him not once -- saying it would break your candidate and it went for the two point conversion even. Before that happened as a weapon make this -- a tape. Ever thought -- part of the equation what they would have to feel army and get upfield quickly there was no way to I was going I -- A minute think I started feeling like like this might be Wednesday when -- -- and -- and arriving at the stadium and he shows up whether -- Arctic and it's over the teacher. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- good teachers know I don't know -- a teacher and he's kind of and I hipster yes you know that Arctic -- reg edit yourself. Her -- she's she's. Ironically with her pregnancy what does she says a swimsuit model Compton and they get out and Stan whoa it's mid January in Denver. And you knew it was going to be thanks Dave but that nice to me were the fans -- weren T shirts. That court Peyton Manning mine mending Manning's mind at ease right away and we can talk about every. Every play of the game but he never. Was uncomfortable. And as you see when you watch the NFC game the key holes sport is making. A quarterback and comfortable and doing things they don't wanna do exactly and went went Culpepper nick was comfortable. -- was kill him he was killed and you know obviously -- in particular to hear -- Killen was beaten animal balance. When he was uncomfortable. He threw six he'd put the ball on the ground he cost his team a chance at the end the chance to go to the soup global. You never not for a moment Peyton Manning and closer to -- was on the field to -- yeah. -- I just felt like that was a factor in the game or maybe fact maybe accurately -- -- they win the game they -- media market and it got kind of be the first to make money to global -- because someone rule here yet they want Super -- -- -- for -- Time and economic and I certainly hope that. I cannot believe. I cannot believe the Denver broncos' favor early in the process. -- -- -- this what's the number I have right here 11. I cannot -- and I know that's the star factor of man made a -- and in New York. And I don't expect the sixty degree -- -- against that defense men who's going to be in comfortable he's gonna really aftermath of these types of alcohol and these negative of any QB hits that there's going to be in that game against that vicious defense you don't have to there you know their offense. Is okay but they don't have to make plays the defense of stat. Line two weeks from today will not read zero sacks. Hero hits one pressure and he was hurry of the bus ticket. They -- him. Three times on 43 drop -- think about that he dropped back 43 times and was. -- -- -- remember any of I think somebody also given dirty look yes get we get me -- yelled that out they. Honest to god -- will never see a quarterback so Oakley under less pressure. Literally technically wrong meteorological -- figured at least figuratively literally all those -- Peyton Manning was great -- taken Hemingway from them. But at what point did the Americans with it it just didn't happen. And my. Picks for the stars of the game would put Tom Brady. Any Amendola Chandler jones' hard -- not ready was the best of the three that's true -- vote. Honest to god Emma the Emma dole Wes Welker thing if I were write like side -- them out there. It look for a sidebar could be M Mandel Welker because welcoming the biggest play of the game. And they -- made no place not rated drop -- drop and I guess if you Tom Brady don't trust them. Instead to trust Austin Collie yeah hold up our cost -- dog. Hospital call that was the only was -- the only -- to him where is Jordan no one on one target what are up 11 so there's many times this later examined all seeded -- yeah -- mean that that is embarrassing almost got the point at the end of the game. They're obviously can just throw it. Don't wanna shovel pass a CD can hold it just so the you know the guy can get in the scores on the score sheet and they're gonna let element walk and bring back in Mandel next crisis. Is enjoying this victory the most but just underneath that -- US -- I mean it is I mean it's you know I am I got a lot of love for those guys over there and and it snow let it. Got to move -- and you know Jimmy happened to be with this team in this organization in name. And what we've been able. Go through this whole season you know overcome in and -- this way there is news. There was any exchange between Welker and Belichick probably not after the game it's a chaotic scene anyway but if there -- -- and welcome would like to say to Belichick. I like them apples yeah I mean -- check. And I don't particularly get to the point worries speaks his mind Belichick was clearly upset at the -- He called that the key of the game -- Paula and get annoyed when someone pushed him on it wanted to have his. Expound on his opinion here but he feels. Like maybe Wes Welker is hit on Talib was over the top yes. I must say this I know I know we're here all day and over and here. We hear this all day that those cheap. And that was a penalty. I watched -- segments were to -- -- a pack of it's simultaneous. And you could say it was a designed play a pick but the ball. It's Tom Thomas and he drop at almost the same time the bit begins -- -- to use -- I mean it it hits Thomas at -- -- -- -- -- and it's time to. Mean by the make it out you can't tell me which happens first Welker. Make -- -- put to leave the ball reaching and I heard all might heard on the radio on TV on the post game penalty. Well what's the penalty. If the ball hits Thomas the same time workers to leave on a penalty and you gonna tell me about the nick and I disposed to -- that was early. And a and an LC and and it that was that was the same time that's -- -- per tweet it's not it's a penalty in the right so it's Andy's look at the replay right by the naked -- there's no way. That you could say clearly that's early and does not currently. I mean you could break it down a thousand times and and -- I mean you'll see it again you know hundred more times it is not a panel. There's no need to break it down it didn't make the impact of that play it was the injury not what would have been -- let's get to have a penalty flag you'd think it would not have scored giving it would not marched down the field it might have -- that one particular drive at six drives in a -- that scored. Was. On a penalty to -- still hard all day. They called. A man who man on a row book or right after that and it wasn't the -- touch anybody know just one of many bad calls in the game but we asked that Friday is which. He will get flagged for the -- them pick as simple rely on those crossing patterns. And clearly they wanted to call on and maybe they felt it was kind of and around them and make a statement you would not allow this but I don't think. Well and who -- wasn't penalty killing Americans a bad call me barely touch the great. But Welker is was. At the exact same time the ball arrived. It was not clearly a penalty that competence and I think the question is mores was of the dirty hit that is more it was more war makes dirty. I mean if the receipt of Thomas catches the ball right -- correct. And it's not victory -- -- -- a Twitter yesterday people what may I don't I don't -- I don't care if you want to say what makes it dirty like a school you know identical muscle we'll hear from callers. Clearly because this is one of those things that people -- -- harp on. A dwell on is the week goes on what would mean I don't understand what makes. -- any did -- if not early. And it wasn't what makes -- Because Talib got hurt all successful cents at thirty welcome welcome -- that's correct now okay all right it's the it's the principles and ball touch and the result again and it did in and again it doesn't it didn't make the difference. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mean he's never real healthy and easy as they should sign him. It's a weird one because you say well he's not healthy enough to stay in the field in big games but yet they need him badly in big games it'll have a one element or -- you can only spend money on one you bring back to -- element and probably -- well I think that they -- find another I think -- -- -- about three times with the culture of entitlement -- -- but the value of sleep at his best I think they think they can replace that which again if -- -- -- dishonestly -- With -- gas and Carmelo that it replace it with -- not a 110 passes and so. Kitchen have settlement like you did last year -- and walker could question is one of the other. When the other want to leave rattled and just they could -- I'd say you know what like I say that the eagle to Bob Kraft the cryptic and we take that. Whatever of them rubber band off the pace of the -- cash and bolt these guys because. Why not why not it's his one conclusion you come to the end of the day is it that the patriots just don't have the talent if you rank the four teams. Let's say that the patriots roster what sports teams on the level of talent right that's the patriots finish about seventh of the four million Carolina might be had to come in an honest to god. You watch Denver clearly has more talent and San Francisco Seattle top to bottom offense defense. In the quarterback is almost it irrelevant if he doesn't have talent on both sides of the ball. If they were go here's here's the consolation prize appear pretty -- and if you would have waited two weeks to watch your team get their -- stashed in right. And it would and you could we get focused on the quarterback all day for two weeks. In the end Seattle what -- Crushed their skull isn't in this agreement which I think it's an adult that it is going to do to Denver I'm rooting for Denver socio any decent person couldn't root against. Richard Sherman the biggest Dick in that football that's that's. A picture that picture. -- -- -- I'm -- Alia the Kenya -- on the outside Lima and at the rate in the top salute child and it does that -- -- having -- the bigger picture a IPO. -- -- -- -- -- anything negative -- after the game that's that's an act that's not real. Act I don't know that hill real military as well all actors when you -- a later on now back -- don't need you on Twitter the stages biggest he's not that. I didn't say it was a dumb -- of -- I don't get -- -- -- I just think it was a are you going to be one of them he earned the right Trent dilfer's got kind of like -- over -- gutless. Ask him about -- he knows. Obnoxious Sherman is he's earned the right to talk like that so another words of Peyton Manning stood at the podium right and you can't stop me Bill Belichick kiss my ass. -- -- That's cool -- earned the right well guess who gets the second biggest crowd at the podium on media day we Sherman -- be Manning Sherman and and everybody is a Sherman is a guy -- -- and and you know what. He sold over the top is probably nothing he could -- going -- that is more outrageous copies already set at this point. Mean maybe six and stupid really step it -- about this to double chokes yeah this is at a fine Trent Dilfer did the earned the right to do the double choked as he earned the right to chase down opponent. And their face after a mixed back on the -- shake hands. In the technology and over. And over harsher penalties here Sherman. Let me ask you didn't. Coming home plain -- -- yeah. Wanted to -- And I just say it's a club Erin Andrews handled it wonderfully. Now yeah epic on our lot we -- yeah that's her best moment -- that is the best -- questions ever it's true nothing to do with the script she said who's talking about Virginia and yeah that it did so like plumber like he did -- the good club and and it is going to be interesting today to see who has the guts to column because ice I'd swear to god guys like Trent Dilfer. Afraid column up because his opponents really Smart and they don't wanna get baldness that no one you know maybe he. I can give your name in chapter and verse on Twitter who were sent in this like he earned the right he's a really good player he made the -- -- if you -- your team -- -- He's a great player -- it wasn't. Does that mean you could be a total -- if you're a great player -- but I don't care is a trip to overzealous cop who because he's black it was a white guy thinking that's another fact that you might feel more comfortable calling I think the -- -- holes -- -- -- semi classical Bill Romanowski right there -- do you think tried to -- said he's -- that no I don't say. There's no place for that in the game that it would say there -- no place for that's exactly for this I will give Richard Sherman credit he has obnoxious he's a loud mouth he's a self promoter he's going to be the star of you know the next two weeks leading up to the -- -- But it takes balls to talk like that and know that you have to go out and compete against the best in the -- and you know why because. Everybody eventually has Navarro Bowman moment yeah some day world Tennessee Sherman's leg bent backwards. And a lot of people Tennessee good and sick is it. Almost -- That's how it is if they you know they say about every sport and it's true. More true more accurate before -- it's humbling. Game will humble you are seeing him get humbled by -- -- double move or burned on a game winning touchdown as opposed to getting injured it was a stupid pass by cap and -- -- Was the best player in the worst player on the field in the NFC game. And he has moments we've said yes that's amazing no one else can do that I've never seen anything -- -- touchdown pass right past that -- sixty yard run the run this mean he's just dynamic he remains in fourth quarter pick it all awful stood in the ball bad move bad decisions. Mean you're you've thrown that -- that you have a chance to to move them feel this is one last. Rate Leo hail Mary. And you throw a fade pattern to -- double covered Michael Crabtree with Sherman in front of them. Just as stupid play play time by my timeouts and running at times but pointed out timeouts time to move the ball time to get it to Vernon Davis -- -- get at the bull and timed run and draw pundit talk -- run himself and run by you and you say. Here's the time -- for the fade. We would like to see Sherman and tickets -- open now it was a prayer it was just frustrating. If you -- You know if you root for if -- -- again but it -- nearly as bad as interception chance of that that was terrible -- that was just awful and Troy -- was right -- what was he throws the ball was in the -- balk was called -- the interception yet she goes right here's and it's why I can't stomach and people say Brady said doctor shows he says he was dreadful. Truffle was capita in the second hour in the fourth quarter three -- -- -- three turnovers right Brady didn't turn the ball whose -- -- statement. They're lawyers probably gitmo be now probably non B minus net is our right Brady standards using an. -- just say it was awful dreadful next the man you look bad I mean when you don't turn the ball over and -- you know. Well for -- -- threes resell them to -- some of keep your game your team in an Aussie I could seems to read that he's okay. -- 61777. -- 7937. AT&T text like 379837. Patriot Monday Tom Brady will join us. In the 9 o'clock hour Kevin Gregg -- Euronext would be guessing you'll kick it off on this patriot Monday when we come back we will review our acts and we oppose. A very important philosophical question for every football fan and went.

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