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Patriots lose AFC Championship to Denver Broncos - Response and Reaction - Real Postgame Show

Jan 19, 2014|

Fred Smerlas, Steve Deossie and Butch Stearns break down a tough loss for the AFC Championship by the Patriots.

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It's. An. -- -- -- to shake. -- team took a Super Bowl Super Bowl forty. Within. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's 26 still sixty. 26 to sixteen the final the Denver Broncos are heading to Super Bowl 48 representing the AFC. In England patriots are heading home hi everybody I'm -- Stearns the real post game show is on the air and it's turned into the real post season show for the patriots because their season after eighteen games is now over at thirteen wins and five. Losses all of them coming on the road that this one ends their season for -- -- Steve DeOssie alongside. Not a lot of good to say about this one guys. Freddie I think you put it best as we watch the second half together. -- kept asking you know did Denver win this endeavor winners and I think you put -- The Patriots offense lost this game they they only scored sixteen point you're you're you're you know you're playing great on the periphery of the ball every time we got the ball. You had to do some more it was -- -- -- by element was wide open occurred at touchdown it and go over three point the second half when it. Opted to who have real goal and then it was a breakthrough 200 sack didn't go for an onside kick -- about eight minutes to go into all the odds that that. Broncos -- 126 point. If you said before this game but they all the toys -- points we have a good chance to win Steve Dugard pretty point that Denver had six tribes in a row where they scored. -- for those were field goals would hold Denver to 26 points I think he got a look at the Patriots offense here for not doing their -- All of -- -- we only scored sixteen points you and perform up to what. Everybody thought he would. But that defense couldn't get the offense off the field could not get that broncos' offensive. Any number of opportunities third and long furniture there's a ton of other 120. You don't do and in that situation it's going to be a group effort that is rarely ever won the or the other when you when you lose like this. Offense episodes and was not as good as you mute. Defense couldn't get them off the field abuses during look at the times. It's dirty five and a half right to 24 choice for eleven and a half minutes. You for a Chapter Eleven and eleven and a half minutes of time of -- older machines thirteen points you know you have opportunities you'll look forward with silent past. Politically -- throws all the foreign element. Huge growth in and the breakdown for now -- in the one on one pass but with a blows past what Americans it's between congress acts so. Instead they have the three points we don't have one you want scored on you have to score was gone VN. Yeah you're right there was we knew that -- he was just who appoints the Broncos -- said patriots have to score touchdowns in hold in the field goals. That -- I think you're both right in your assessment in this regard number one Steve you're absolutely correct to give them eleven more minutes on offense. Tells you all you need to know but Freddy you're right also we've got eleven more minutes. They held them to 26 points as the team that averaged in the thirties sometimes in the forties. This year so that was when averaged forty there were reports. Get in a separate report as history if Steve say if you can't stop on every field every possession you have profit. Is crucial possession. 'cause the other teams are you won't clocked indicate approval scored touchdowns that's how the game went. So if you don't take and you know make the best out of the opera to anybody that kicking a field goal keep pace with them. One to fall behind by 101214 point probable. And it's sort of snowballed on them it was -- in the sector -- couldn't stop that offense but they couldn't give you need. We shall we put out your -- Julio boom we saw that the if she attempts a game last year if in that situation you need a three and out minimum level three. They -- won't stop them on third down income openly be pleased defensively. All those things combined with the fact that your offense was fairly inept today that leads which -- that I'm surprised. -- -- and -- are the real post game show is on here we're gonna be here till 10 o'clock 6177797937. You know the numbers. Time to talk about it unfortunately we're not talking about the Super Bowl. We do will be the Denver Broncos play in -- winner of what's about to be the NFC championship in Seattle. In San Francisco. We're talking about the end of the patriot season if you like to text us on the AT&T text line at 37. 937. The numbers to summarize this one beyond the eleven and a half minutes of possession more for the Denver Broncos. Not impressive for the patriots at any level Denver -- 27. First downs the patriots had nineteen. -- interestingly on third down they're -- almost fifty are more than 50% of -- and more patriot six for twelve Denver seven of thirteen. Tom Brady 24 of 38 for 256. Yards Peyton Manning thirty to 43. For 400. Yards throwing on offense. The number it's composed deceiving. The Broncos were two for six in the red zone thus the field goals literature two for three in the reds. It is also I was a -- Richards does depict right but 'cause. The brought posted with the patriots too big got control the game. And then eaten up the clock in winner and the defense got that run the ball short passes or make a run -- -- get tired. Why go for the big blob what you made a good point by only scored 26 points they still left the door open to open the patriots with the patriots couldn't capitalize. If it. The patriots came out of self rule of law and it looked tentative the first half the toll at the office could do anything but the defense was thirteen point. They look like the Broncos if you're just watch -- game and those collect the rockets put points imports of for a -- episode. The numbers though yard out first round leader obsolete correct dominating office did defense and you look at it you realize. That it was never more obvious. The difference in skill positions. With the offenses today. You had. Three or four guys. At least three or four weapons under a clone of that that may remain ahead and and the pictures to be able to do a phenomenal job covering it up all year the lack of of impact players -- in that receiving -- They've been very they've done a great job of finding ways to get around that. Won't push comes to shove -- in the situation get a great quarterback. With -- great core of receivers that's the big differences if you would. If you had a wrong even one more a threat offensively in that receiving game -- in the -- the most since she went. Size of those as -- -- global problem. The -- you know the period they can catch the ball gets smaller DBs in the governor's you have people won't have -- for the ball and have a running game -- -- director and have all these other people out there that. In in Welker you have this group as a receiving -- there isn't enough well. -- indestructible -- in and they can get the ball told a lot of them might be the best suit your reply that the best offense in the history. Your point Steve about if you had one more -- we have to point one place here's one place to go. Danny Amendola has been a huge disappointment that I mean we argued about when he's healthy he'll be a big factor in this office today here's his numbers one pass thrown to. No catches up in the AFC champion two passes brightness color our student calling. Had six passes thrown -- four catches for 57 yards. Danny Amendola the guy you targeted the money we -- talk about the great season the Julian Natalie and by the way. Fifteen targets ten catches for 89 yards and outgunned by Mary's Thomas who had seven from 134 touchdown and a monster game. By -- talk about -- and embassies and how they didn't miss Wes Welker let's not sugarcoat this they spent the money. On Danny Amendola and he did not deliver through the money that they spent the. If you don't you don't have their computer element to walker. That's like the most -- team but if you absolutely have to compare the replacement for walker -- walker which was Amendola Amendola. Did exactly what. We've seen him do for many years. Good enough receiver can't stay on the field. And meego wasn't that big a factor in this too surprising even healthy -- look at the numbers for the team -- third NFL in scoring. Michael certainly and a fellow -- Denver Chicago -- got a little bit ago the AFC championship game and you know -- rocket trip that really -- -- it doesn't take away what big did for a miraculous things. Covering up all of their or their -- when push comes to shove. And you look at this patriots team. You you really have to be somewhat optimistic about this team going for -- you're talking about. A team that was was decimated with -- injuries who viewed the offensive line of defense to -- they'll be able finished the game today. Any number and and really probably wasn't all that healthy food for most of the year anyway -- who had a decent year. -- forties say okay. What are the odds of them having that many devastating injuries next year right while another got to go to jail you know it's it's one of those things we look at okay. Did they over performed by getting the FC champs of game you can make a very good taste of that. I think that's the talk for this week I don't think we'll hear a lot of that from the calls. On this night because I think people are disappointed that it was a lousy game who's going to lousy game to go watch -- because they're wide at that -- -- -- and then what you get behind and the other team controls the pace of the game the -- up the clock put outfield -- up. You're gonna start solo before we go to the calls for a -- go to the -- -- back. You went ahead Stephen and optimism for the usually go back for second if you will. They're four and five of their last nine playoff games I think about this I know what's different seasons and what's different teams and all that. But here's one common factor in their five losses. They have scored less than twenty points in four of those games. Here's their last five losses this one where they scored sixteen. Last year's -- -- championship 28 to thirteen the loss in this and -- the giants 21 to seven personal effect what you're saying AFC championship -- -- is suitable. The one before heading into jets they scored 21 Vista and I don't 914 but -- -- when he ordered to award itself to get it why can't put what does. What is not my watch -- what is it today on what course of Crocs they're two different stories unstoppable new gonna get a cut out. But in this game they were tentative early -- -- wanna get behind you know it -- -- -- -- try to run the ball a lot of the players up to stop the ball. You know victim remarkable things with this team there were bought last year in the playoffs and I mean if you chipped chipped in uniform -- -- suitable. By all the six -- one once it was. I mean they're big they wanted to. Q what has been working the last few weeks a chance an animal was tentative is the perfect world would a little bit of that. -- -- -- -- Is -- a little too stubborn on the Ramona ability to replace Steve they punt at all three drives not a -- three plays three plays and seven players on the first three drives they've they've been in this situation before where the the you have faith in the game plan and I understand that that's fine and them. It again they lost to a better team lost to a better team that's holders to -- as an offensive is unstoppable but the defense Republican. And Gordon but which -- -- -- the -- -- minus one minus two who to a positive. You know maybe six yards and a couple times a sneak and run it in ninth. Whether it would wanna get a pass for -- the run -- the man coverage. But that. What was it stopped at the line of scrimmage every -- I -- maybe. Maybe hit a play action pass early because are all wait for the run to go -- play though they had a wide open all of -- passes and then toppled through -- That was open and Amendola had that dropped to just just a flat yeah but the one title game for that one element he was he was -- -- -- that was that was -- throw so what is it again before we go to calls what does it say to you that. Again if I go back. Since 2009 in the last six years before playoff games they won. They've scored over forty points and three in the only game they didn't. Was the one that Billy Cundiff missed field goal on the it's noticeable 20/20 so the games we've won in the playoffs in the last. Six years they've had their way on offense that controlled the game on offense scored a lot of points the games they've lost. They scored one touchdown. Or a couple of touchdowns and a few couples couples do score a lot of points ago about -- -- -- games and being with the year to sleep period that was cold game called Hughes all down into the winner's podium cold game was it was typically. It got out here and and also the pigeons were scored a lot of opinions -- That game was protocols Q was it a little closer of them indicated they were down -- export or Bluetooth or six point late in the third quarter area so. I'm not I'm not terribly concerned about the human reports that score this play a game that playoff game. They lost to a better team that was bottom line this team was abuzz about a rothmans. Helping -- as a as a defense that that is. As good as the Patriots defense then. And the fact is your -- your you have an away game you can't miss out on opportunities. When you're playing on the road too scared to him when you do other teams that you really good team will take you all the opportunities. That Denver capitalize on. -- keep -- to replace if you if -- -- it. Easy -- -- mystical element that's a touchdown in the whatever -- he catches -- -- out right that's that that's ten points that's ten points. And now the minute you know that -- that they're they try to go -- -- blanket that's thirteen points because it regards report just. Not even say they have that talk goes a wide open passes especially element that -- should never missed it in in Manning wasn't -- So which Delaware were managed global often home every 130 yards mr. passes. That was a clean day fracture that balls was easy touchdown for -- to throw killed almost two plays -- rarely does that really the pace of the. Pilots go to the cost six or 77797937. Com last week -- Toby -- I asked you guys what the guys -- be thinking had they lost his game at this point and you both said to different degrees. A missed opportunity. And that's what you have right now three times now this patriots team under Bill Belichick and Brady have lost this game. The game before the Super Bowl with a chance to go to the Super Bowl so they got to live with that in the -- -- -- holiday season went. No matter how they'll look at after all the injuries they -- game away from the Super Bowl this is the third time. That these guys well not all these guys but the Bill Belichick has to deal that feeling on that. -- have their guardian today Borges regardless teams. Remarkable what they've done that really shouldn't be here with W and regional Jenkins -- defense and it would toll goes down to three best players. And each position on defense scored now and that's still in the game. So but we all expected more than sixteen points to reach out especially up the last few weeks with a run rough -- most of these teams so I would say. I was I was left flat disappointed that that they were -- little football I think you know the majority Freddie I think most people feel that you -- when -- best -- at -- -- going back that I said. Oh you know you have the other two point conversion -- the pastel blue and missed wide open -- cuts oh yeah. That's an opportunity. And interest that nobody there but for the feral wolf walked out and get sacked. Ole miss up to its ten points right the can't do that. When you're depleted and have a team at all that's the best himself. Let's go to the phones -- fresh -- and Steve the last year of the guys played the game it's the real post game show. On WBI we start in Vermont with -- -- hi AJ. -- hello AJ. Report AJ back on hold not sure -- with him which -- body. Jimmy your -- is Jimmy kicked us off. -- -- don't release CDC's -- -- -- we got shot down in flames. I think we redwood tree knocked ourselves. And it was a good game regular grip when you have a team that. We -- Gordon or whoever executes the best. Patriots have to not make mistakes that you did a bunch of mistakes coverage. They're leaving guys open but she got to capitalize and they didn't it turned -- -- report -- -- a better team right now -- -- all the injuries in -- -- If you missed those opportunities you know whatever people watch the game a map and now. Go to Pennsylvania and talk with Dave who's now -- -- -- and Rosalind -- next I John. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Noon. I am and injury -- -- It was disappointing. -- Yeah it's well I think you're saying he -- -- -- -- right there's two points to what John yes there's two points to what John saying one is when he's not on the field when they need them the most well. You start to question why but it's hard to go there NC -- -- man company you either on the field or not that's a team decision -- to you know to -- rose same right that's. Apparatus to the other point how important he really is to the Steelers ownership promise me. When when he was off you know it was -- based human. -- I mean was he was taken about India do was get frustrated once he came out of the game it was like a true. And when you look at bill what he brings them to the table. I am by no means my questions desire to play if you can be -- if a guy like him is completely camp. It's oftentimes difficult. To. -- that decision where you. Say OK -- 75%. -- much better than my replacement. You have to make a center for decision that much of a question to -- desire to play actually not mean its toughest play but he you know he played it. It's all -- -- I mean all the guys you played against and he was dominate that in the unit Hebert that. Thomas said after that game as I was I was quash rumors that completely I had ever seen in my nightmares. And so when he's got to stop the game why would you want to come in if you care. If a nose -- and I get a reigning light at the I can place like north Riyadh are half the 17 -- -- and -- place. But I like to Mary's omnipresent practically pitcher and he's up hash a little bit off of the guys run a 43 or 45. And you have the cover that's a disaster Dexter says no big money for to leave time to say -- he is soft I don't agree with -- but. It does bring up the point all of a sudden now you're not doing it already very quickly gonna start talking -- off season. Decisions that the patriots have to make it may have a lot of them at a moment lead. And sort of the Denver Broncos and others that the Denver Broncos is live to play another day out how much help Qaeda production do we get down the stretch -- because. Is crop can be healthy enough to play. With human game and drive measured reaction to devote to a neighbor told. You cannot get recovered you need to do it's -- finished about talking about Hernandez he doesn't exist -- pieces. It's -- case doesn't about artists say is if America every to. Every miracle if ever this did happen with those to a field but just were -- -- -- -- -- is he going to be healthy enough. Would we have been open he has but that's a question don't have -- time I looked out of its office look at the difference I thought Jake Ballard was going to be big factor in this office at the beginning in the united you know I don't know what happened what that it. Go to David Pennsylvania -- debut on the real post game show. And good evening guys apparently that has a bunch of things -- has -- -- on. You're right on in the minds of those especially early -- and I do agree. At the moment is an agreement that port appreciative now Google that the points for the go forward there. But I don't know who looked among he's -- that they thought the better team event where I think -- certain -- -- -- that Kinect game knowing what would. Generous attitude there have been a -- that's rather played that -- well daylight although that's why the patriots -- -- the defense is kind of the same but the you know that was miraculous with the weapons and Steve what's the weapons of the with the Denver Broncos have compare what the patriots have them both sides. I'm -- is. All I know that there aren't good at that haven't been gave art Dave hold on hold them. You're you're trying to make the case that the patriots could have been a better team and your two points are. That there were plays he made all -- the field they didn't make them and if I had another seven minutes. They might have been the better team I mean even though Denver scored 26 points let's give all the credit -- -- the ball for eleven and a half more minutes than the patriot. I don't you -- talk about the second half or the second quarter that. -- -- -- in the earlier this year but not there are prepared to one eagle pick up the road crowd after legal pick and -- -- the boys. So let me ask you question did you ever fielded the patriots had a chance in this game. Yeah in the first half in the first quarter they were in that game and it would take there. In the first quarter they went three no three note and two drives and outlook to a school was. Disclosed the only scored seven points but that's -- -- -- Google this and I just don't -- originally thought about the patriots causes game. It because of the the personally have used to play very well that'll make a lot of mistakes are in most games. The Denver Broncos if you compare their offensive -- OK let's say that quarterback support through when you talk a slight edge. They don't weaponry with tight end receivers right on the line it's no comparison to the Freddy -- when we look at this game although I understand what nots in the -- current -- I missed it won a lot of I don't think you're ever in this game. Which -- thirteen not to have effective for -- hold on I agreed with your point and I still do. Holding Denver's offense to 26 points specially when you could Steve's point infinitely. That they were eleven happened is more possession is impressive they will Korda had a chance. But never threatened to -- if anything it was only ten points thirteen three at halftime put the Freddie affiliate -- -- what it -- -- three and out seven and now it. There in the game they don't miss it only -- -- plan like that they're only down by -- believe -- 24 -- -- -- -- pipeline. There are only down by ten of course during the game. Where they plan up to their potential well we thought maybe they would I just before I would don't got my tennis after average two quarters left that you're in the US OK Freddie by by numbers you're right when your only down by ten but -- Here's where I tell you where I thought the game was lost. The Denver Broncos take the ball on the second half. Peyton Manning goes thirteen plays on the opening drive for eighty yards but in seven minutes all -- up twenty to three -- page -- down by seventeen the patriots get the ball put together a thirteen play drive. Eagle 41 honesty -- the biggest computer that would not -- it until I am given the -- like they're never became my point is that's a touchdown pass to element. Richard scored on fourth down when they got stopped but that's hit the game tonight and I came after that they would -- after that. It was twenty to three they -- they answered a touchdown drive with a fourth down meaning it's up butchery. Which detects when you're steps away from home I did this thirteen ten thirteenth -- right -- a touchdown pass to wide open -- agreed to in the game if they have a two point conversion has only -- about once I agree. So what I'm telling you in the second half when Denver scored a touchdown. They counterpart was getting saying I don't think we're anon. Don't they missed the two point conversion if they didn't miss at the royal Dublin what -- into the game Jerry should've been in the game. 'cause the big mall -- that I've been there was one open on -- and for some reason not score but -- no -- about once albeit duplicate bridge. During the games go to -- in middle -- next on the real post game shall attempt. Yes him. Are you I don't -- the network and I never call but in the begin in -- acting. Where and I think it was the second -- the secret to that and when we went out in the -- on third and who are -- I gotta wonder about that game plan and I sent him a call and I haven't seen later on an up and play all these. I'm equally you know and there have been a -- -- -- -- -- -- that. -- agree and then expand on how often the captain and the parent against -- and we know -- out what we saw. But for a couple plays a -- a couple of -- that K well. Two but I grimace -- -- thought the same damage she's Slater -- -- Darby that the guy would match up Ronald Dominique did. It got -- acronym I agree I know I agree retarded know when you look at that drilling him. That's the second patriots drive okay Denver came down and they stopped them they made Denver -- even though Denver had a couple of first announced. Their first intent on their own twenty Brady passes the -- again for six yards but Garret -- goals for one yards -- you got a third. And three now right three -- throws to Slater. And it's incomplete and they punted again. So there quickest way to predict operatives who went in there and we'll get it wasn't for the run right and so. Slater goes downfield in the DB played appropriate I'll I'll use that as another example of where is Danny Amendola. And you know like -- they became planned the last the last three games I just think we got away. What brought -- at that point. It was a very sporadic at it seemed you know a lot of the play -- noted no consistency. And I don't know that I got into -- and. That's what they're trying to make sure they're you know -- children game plan but they -- their weaknesses there's smaller receivers are really of one top receiver. Indy Indy Indy big people -- taken by the game but fish ball to an elective -- You know six foot seven of crop which are possible match -- was so. They try to mix it in the last couple weeks was kind of deceiving because you're running a team that can't stop the run pounding pounding products -- covered up a lot of equities at the receiver position aren't winning game and it. Tom Brady was the losing quarterback is gracious enough stop by and talk with CBS's Tracy Wolfson on the sideline before it went to the locker room. Here's that interview with Tom Brady currencies CBS. Tommy just sent to me tough day why was it's so difficult out there. Composed and make enough plays obviously. Ourselves predictable there. And they played they played really well and they think the governor of football team and certainly it will home has given more credit -- in defense went to leave one out. Well. You know we lost a lot of players frontier and found ways to win and probably got a good offense -- the spread the ball around pretty good. You know things played great today so. And. They just made what they got a. -- -- cut off unexpectedly but. Obviously a somber Brady but our knowledge and how well Payton played and then the question about to leave be an out it's okay. Charged with the -- guys I don't I don't think the defense of -- a -- close enough room to. Don't want to wave to home notes about the protection congress and smashed a couple times and guys. And he made plays a couple plays even made vet frozen IDB's -- got them there were terrible throws but. He made -- -- and had a -- didn't make the throws we did that the first downs in the budget situations and the defense came with a huge drops. The -- started out well they kept a close some operas it looked like the culture arena. The Broncos are gonna run away with that they did it and that was good at it most often have to be at the tool but Steve before we break I thought. Quick comment from you about Manning's game Brady said. I played really well today well. You know he's thirty to 43400. Yards passing two touchdowns but. I thought he'd make a ton a spectacular plays me a lot of third down throws he make any mistakes you I don't see any mistakes. You have to -- particular please -- were methodical in what they were doing there were. Fantastic on third down they were they ran the ball when they had to. The heat didn't turn the ball over they weren't touching him they barely got a but the one pressure on him of the whole tunnel -- -- -- -- pressure -- emotional so many didn't have to be spectacular but. In that the follicle majoring in -- 400 yards a pass and for some reforms -- -- wherever it is if you don't just lose a tremendously by him but it didn't look. As protect dollars and homes we can -- -- -- quarterback has. As a forward yards and then you know what 3243 whatever was set that you don't that that's that's a spectacular day. But because there were so methodical about it it didn't look as protect -- surgeon like. You -- he was finding the open guy a couple of times reported it became an restart but -- -- -- coming underneath other. On a writer rob coliseum he hit Thomas on that a few times up in the Wii is about. Even -- and then Friday at because your corn off the top of the show. As good as they work to -- -- were close to for six in the red -- so the Patriots defense still as much as they got run over all over the field. Did a pretty good job and account I will give you some court I would certainly -- -- did not -- And I'm looking back -- It's thirteen to three -- they're not in this game didn't feel like you realistically there were negated but when you watch your cool did not there's no emotion in this most spot cannot maker replaced Howard in this there was a couple of times at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- And the paper -- keep a close but couldn't capitalize on text line is crying for Larry FitzGerald and Tony Gonzales and trading and cutting and all of this stuff you could talk about the patriots feature if you like where -- 10 o'clock we can talk about the president is 26 to sixteen. Patriots loss in the AFC championship game. The second year in a row there one game away from the Super Bowl. And don't get -- 6177797937. To join us on the real post game show the real pros he would talk to you Steve DeOssie and -- moralist. The real post game show was presented by complaints -- insurance -- complaints -- They shops so you can -- visit. The plan's key dot com today and as it has been all year along the real post can show is brought to you I post foods honey bunches of votes. And by AT&T we're back with more. Each fourth into. Bogeyed seventeen doing what exit. Listen the -- speech was right into the full. It's. -- little cereal. Who influenced yeah. You mentioned -- the year you guys had in everything you've overcome I know it's difficult now but can you look back and appreciate what you guys have accomplished. Both fought hard you know. In all the guys in the locker room are probably one another for a fight. When you don't want and once she gets advance and it's a team that plays the best on this particular day so. It's a tough loss. Forward group defector and Richard appreciate the time thanks slot and you. You're listening to the real post game show -- WEEI right to the calls up trashy guys this question again we. Talk about it last week what it feels like if you lose this game. Ironically you two guys are opposite teams in the 1990. NFC champions -- you play precipitous -- you put the giants. So Steve you don't know what it likes to feels like to lose this game could you played in once and went to the suitable what I lost if you were -- was a locker room like -- and -- routers. We're up by one to two with a minute forty left secret report on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Even if on the other members that are that VW third down I I think it was three. Roger Craig shore and got run the ball they had no time outs left we get this first out told -- Craig fumbles to stop 00 hold on hold on I don't know whenever somebody from this side it's forced to file pleaded forced fumble all hell yes we do. No huge isn't this element. Was a great moment you know that was when little Marshall real ID yelling missile he worried that Indy. Just found this well. Don't affect that. After you know if you get when -- job and so we fumbled the ball that goes -- arriving Oklahoma and it blog we stripped him. Toast or the -- and around it we're never gonna get past look at him based on -- I don't what it feels like delivers his gave us fit and. The Super Bowl. All play it's all what they get the ball or they affording the formal happens it long enough they'll vote Obama just happened it was an accident you treated -- the best defense of the league nobody here I -- is -- -- -- -- if I may not we -- ready I -- -- Fineman I think you're making a really good point there when you lose these games. You start thinking back in second guessing all the things that happened right in shock. And then added that I realized years -- what it -- -- recruitment movement toward their objective subjective back in November of that. Don't want him to have back surgery felt for years ago and came back and played that same season. It's not set to go to them. So but they've got a lot of the game that the game I think did. Giants played. Against Montana India remembered and -- who don't knock -- I go back to the phones the patriots know what this feels like now it's two years in a row that they have been in the final four and two years there that somebody else. From the AFC is going to represent the AFC and go to the -- rule out front with the ravens announced -- talk on the side in my Buffalo -- people have been fourteen years so since they've been in the depths so. Let's go to mole a car -- mall. Hey -- how we weren't so vulnerable. Do well to be along -- can be. Are they like eight record out. Being an odd and even up until next -- yeah you know I'm really let -- -- coming back. I I I think would like being -- -- going down EO -- beat out. I got L I'm like well that's unique he. -- we in the that it would notre hike now like he. The Denver running back not important -- law. And no emotion like knowing dump on a note there was no motion with the patriots. That's up -- look at each other up let's go practice later real quick. If you saw them spread out the in view of the Denver defense to back it is a couple guys are down so they're they're trying to slip -- -- Would you be more concerned with -- I am a goal or Iran or slate are so I think they try to slip one in them because I played that position. Admiral what's awhile you you'd throw player to their trust. Try to keep teams honest -- bureau I don't think that the anticipated tremendous success with Matt -- being your deep threat football rules -- -- cater to throw some out there if you're they -- if there were doing it. Repeatedly video question here is the fact -- offenses and the teams really. Yeah I know you equip our network where you and accurate but the Brady. Is that an -- play -- Not very if you know what it's -- -- -- that really I think you know seven and what we're gonna pay our guys like Grady. Could not waited he got to get alt opt out he made it. What could go to pay for the patriots -- get. Operate the back on. Album brought -- before we talk about this I will tell you this if you wanna keep you patriots stuff up it's only 92 days until the draft. All right -- -- out there would take -- to be here if you put Tom all of those receivers. Forget about it you need in these big receiver get a good slot receiver. And he needs just Qaeda as a lost to a better team today as the economic impact on our pass attendance level last full week model why. -- -- but that was one the fact is the fact is it was a bit routine than the patriots. When you break this down and look at the entire season. The pictures played over their heads to get where they work and I'm not dismissing this loss I'm just telling you sometimes. Other teams are better at this was quick and I think if you wanna go to Brady's legacy -- think -- was going I think losing this game. Actually hurts him less than if he lost the Super Bowl because. Manning now to into against from the playoffs -- go into another super ball -- read but winning doesn't win that next Super Bowl. He doesn't take that step to get into that argument with Tom Brady Brady doesn't lose a lock at -- a bin to others who did -- is the best. Offensive machine in the history of the NFL and they were held -- -- the best offensive season ever and -- it is the best offense ever. But all statistics scoring. I statistic yes how -- -- why I think I would take the 2007 Patriots offense over this Denver office. This I don't have Patriots offense was immersed in what is -- rehearsal this one has -- Americas are scored more points statistically you're right ball great you gotta agree with him -- go to. If you take Qaeda and off of -- units which China is to hold the project go to John in April who's next on the real post can charge on. -- -- But John -- -- on hold got to be ready guys c'mon let's go to Paul in Westfield on the real post game -- hello Paul. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- guys that ethical questions for him haven't separation means that occasion on local radio here but. But quick comment that. We saw -- -- built from. Early on C -- new rookies and confusion over Brady would have been better off throwing catch and pulled out a you know on record and you hit an ailment they showed they were our relatives killed little world and we'll give credit to remain in that you know they were just much better to. And approach and well. I know what your question. Well it was interest in the beginning and it seemed as though they were let the rough up our wide receivers to the point where. They showed our player. Lleyton question not a -- flagged for a pillow fight early on it didn't seem like there was much -- Still on what Welker did pick to leave it there Google -- that contact happened as the ball hit the receiver for a noted it -- Iraq that we'll have to play regular but that was a pillow fight with all the one on Humana it was a joke of that now. They -- that a better case they called Letterman. -- -- from a field that even happened after the ball was though it was live within its polish your point that the refereeing was inconsistent. It won't vote that was and then there was another -- never heard what they did pass interference and then I was obsessed with another as interference but. The guy who supposedly was hurt and that catch the ball -- -- that you know you work. Passage refer to both sides. It was also goes -- trooper don't -- on a plea to remember. And it says yes -- -- and then you have to offset its yes -- -- -- I don't think the ref said that much to do with the most penalties total in the game got this is not a game to talk about -- -- games back all of you -- altered -- B I I agree with you about that. But. If there's you can have -- freezer. That are missing. -- still have a bad game at Google wrote -- only six penalties doesn't mean that it. It was a globe well we're forgive I think -- -- -- that was a factor to label. There's times order for missing a point they missed a couple things are and what do you attribute the number one factor today from better team -- that it. -- that dolphins receiving -- that brought those receiving corps. There's so much but in the papers using pressure would have Toledo and the targeted groups -- -- now -- -- -- -- Gronkowski played when they play the regular season correct. Yes -- are absolutely right to exert -- and was not about you know Jewish -- -- not exactly correct you don't think that's what -- difference to nobody but Steve lobster -- if if if if rocks yet today. It's an over those QBs -- cup social Steve let's acknowledge your point clearly Denver has a better team on the field right. Yeah -- my make the argument against that let's get asked that a few well. That didn't stop them from winning four out of the last five games that didn't stop them from winning -- bowl loss -- -- stop them from what. Doubles team that they played compared to -- You can't compare to those teams will be to Denver okay Troy don't have anything there's an advantage the first time they played demand they've made a mistake. They let her talk about it they ran the ball so much that debt. -- -- -- rhythm when at a combat it's not up again they could do. -- who met in a car who's next hello Matt. The radar to -- And did you -- or actually stopped. He came down hard every time we need to -- all people Archie. You know the guy you know stops and got big play every that we need to eat it apart and we can read our -- our -- money. It's tough it's tough to call a guy soft when he's out with injuries throughout with pain. That's different everybody's playing in pain if you have an injury that prohibits you from doing your job it's completely different. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I understand okay and so what. I got hurt in -- the it didn't differentiate between. Of search engine -- sort of soft. And the big every at bat well look at me rapids home health clubs I want you Barry brought them and I. You know he he -- you want you to know. Hell hole all alone he may be fragile because don't nobody gets hurt he gets hurt. It doesn't that -- -- -- they hit does that -- to look at the hit may hurt him and I cherish something as tipped ball strain is -- so we may be fragile. But when he came out that's it's their first time -- for downfield run with a I did not kick cover of -- touched on to bigger better point saying he might be -- program. I could be you know that same deal across largest to say that's the ground argument that that doesn't mean that the league soft boomers -- called grown softer the Americans agree on soft now the only games you missed the last couple years. I think we need to win this is now several taxed at several halls of we've heard that word. And talking about a lead I think if we translated. Honestly what there's what people really saying in his. They need him on the field through a key player on the -- -- their -- -- winning outright when he's off the field and why is he off the field so that's their explanation that he soft. Don't you appoint Steve he's hurt so he's hurt any injury prone in key times there -- -- players. That can play with it with with pain. In there is different throughout her go to Logan man on an earnings we go to an injury in game first of all right second most of was -- And offered to god and god asked of it -- a little push overcome the best that still trying to -- so if he could try to play in lip and then he's done so. The the the the dramatic impact he has by being out of the game is is is -- failure here to dramatically RE a three more hours here on the real post game show John enabled it Watertown and they can -- it you'll -- up first. A couple of open lines for you if you'd like to join and talk about -- patriots game. The last game of the season unfortunately 2616 they lose. To the Denver Broncos in the AFC championship game the real post game shows here till 10 o'clock and it's presented by complaints -- insurance. At a Polanski they shops you can save visit. Complaints -- dot com today when we come back. We'll hear more from the locker room the patriots final locker room after a game for this season and this post season. I'll have a post honey bunches of -- Player of the game post foods honey bunches of -- is a sponsor of the real post game show as -- is -- AT&T and we're back with more. Anderson the snappy spin -- like. Until the ball. It's. Maybe a little silly. Who influenced yeah. And that break on a real post game show you heard Mikey -- talking about Joseph fish the only truly great seafood restaurant. You've heard us talking on WTI for years about shellfish Joseph Fisher as the received food and sound no bones about it. Now that it's another football post season over for the patriots but each week right here on the real post game show. We have been featuring you the catch of the day brought to you by our friends -- Joseph fish now. Normally. It's been a patriots -- join Natalie did have a touchdown catch in this game as much as we had to do -- the catch of the day came in the third quarter. As you said Freddie was still only ten point game the patriots -- in the game. But Peyton Manning took the ball the Broncos took the ball they went. Thirteen plays eighty yards to start the second half and seven minutes and eight seconds and he hit to -- is Thomas. All over. Alfonzo dinner. Here was. The. It's really students. -- -- He -- mean he thinks it's an inning. It -- three of the textile business you know who. And so after seven minutes to start the second half the patriots put together -- thirteen. They drive their -- but they were stopped on fourth down it was twenty to three at that point that is our. Catch of the day to see the catch of the day it chilled fish check out Joseph -- menu every day. It Jo fish dot net it was a key point in the game right there well why it was the ball going to to. 'cause he had to mismatch without -- in the game correct yeah we've set that up right they I don't -- get a kept before that did. Mayor Thomas. Out of the look it up like on that driving at what three passes. -- -- driver of the opera there are snacking and Dario to lead the united opened the door but here's taken them out single handedly in. It was a mismatch for sorting out. In that drive. To start the second half. No Sean Marino up the middle Peyton Manning to Eric Decker -- Sean ring on the middle Peyton Manning can dim artist Thomas. Monte ball up the middle -- meaning to Decker. On Marino up the middle Peyton Manning to -- is Thomas that's -- Peyton Manning to Julius Thomas Marino up the middle. Katy Manning incomplete to Julius Thomas and then monkey ball the middle for five yards and on the touched pastor Eric regards. My question is going through it let's go to -- It just pushes it through to keep the brain health yes. Freddy's pro Steve DR Syria Johns in -- John what's on your mind of a real post game show. -- -- -- -- -- Any idea I am so that. And of arc and and they. There's a bit behind trying to catch -- let -- Michael grew -- a real hurry up -- and they kept huddling up and wasting a lot of time. We agree with you we -- talk about the break in to fix Freddie and I I don't know are you feel Steve watching the game. There wasn't the certainly wasn't a sense of urgency they didn't go no huddle they were huddling -- a couple of times. I just thought they could have been quicker with that you agree with that carbon it could be in the fact that the news -- harder to. Get the information out there with that loud crowd going they were in pretty loud towards the game. The number of reasons some of these in India had they pulled off or two stops -- the move. The fourth quarter. Very easily could have been different and so if this were also you faced coordinate the two points they're only down by one school. So they absolutely. Had to school that particular time they couldn't pick a chance and not and they still let three time -- plus -- two -- So -- you also disagree with Freddie and -- onside kick it was 926. To go home when Brady hit cattlemen. For the touchdown to make it a thirteen point game 23 to ten. So 926 to go. They get the ball. We thought one of the reasons they should keep the onside kick the were two main reasons one. The Denver cannot stop in Denver anyway she just given -- more yardage if you kick start the morning. And two he might as well take the shock as if worst case you get into the fifty. That's less time they're gonna hit off the clock that's time and all your -- schooled her yards for a few double click it to -- gonna drive anyway it would be my arguable -- and use your time okay -- you have stopped the Rose Bowl time. Not as the odds of the cause of covering a -- -- -- a slim there's slim to Lebanon's. I mean that's reportedly out of school there wasn't there an appropriate really get a touchdown. And I wasn't that wasn't the time I would nominates left on the clock wasn't time for this -- last couple drives like seven and eight minute bunkers are usually Basinger you're basing your hopes on the 5% chance -- -- -- onside kick. I don't mean that the seem like so few -- in you know it's so to your point Steve they did get the ball back. Even though they give up the field goal they did score a touchdown they were a ball to pull within eight so let's question. What happened. They gave the ball -- Shane -- I have two obvious alternatives that if you are a lot of guys on inside the it's in the box why around it. In that situation number one number two if you are gonna wanna give it to Garrett. Oh with -- blunder before that. In the game or I'm just -- the guys at the Midas touch from over recent and he had no touch today the reason they would gold -- because with the reading in the backfield of the front of the house. That's one given to him the ball off there was a hole there there was put dumps and is the reason was slight hole because it looked for the past. -- -- -- you know we're gonna surprise play and it didn't work I get it but still that was the ball game right there are anxious place if I would have thought reaction or probably don't have -- you know they -- -- the -- had -- -- -- for you with me back and you want -- probable -- -- actually natural ball fine with that. Shortened field -- don't have -- -- -- big guys wrote -- -- -- the options were better with -- -- ball the relentless series and haven't backed up my -- there's like at least that I learned at least over the next -- -- from -- You look at the -- you play in the -- and we're pleased that the Unix server. Any number of options they had to keep the scheme. Under control that was a final -- remember that so much of course -- -- golf course could -- in Weymouth is on the real post came Sri -- Freddie Steve nick. Yeah hey guys don't. They do the best secure the players they had. -- already turned over to -- Andre. No no no turnovers in the game. And then. Because actually I thought the -- scored a couple of touchdowns -- would net effect the policy points because that. Get a couple penalties. I thought who could score more touchdowns Denver the patriots. The corner of the winner's -- -- -- two for six in the red zone obviously. I don't know I would talk about the element that was why don't for touchdown and it was ever going to domicile and it would at least for three point correct so yeah. With a personal they had we talked about this before the games -- Steve and I analyze on the -- would -- Mitchell is that you have to play a perfect game. The pick is set to mistake free and capitalize on all those situations because the plan you planning it's a machine gun and you'll never been an Indian -- a rifle. Because they can -- Some young offensive line for general thought were very bad guy at 94. Putting held again and I gotta -- -- those that. You put a lot of part rod is a big party and I. I guess that bit defensive backs. You know -- make any huge whose blood is so. Delighted Beckett did well for Denver in this -- line offense defense that would also. But you know pages and back again because that is going to be no competition in his division. They just got to get and. It's a more receivers but he dropped back some so let me ask you two guys you think that's what we're gonna hear mostly from patriots fans may think about it -- attitude is. They did the best for the players they had like there's no anger there. There's no music -- his anger out there beating anybody I think Oregon today pointed that's notes as you disappointed or angry. I think to support a lot of -- today and again I think that's reflective of you never felt like they were. Even at their best shot are. Our final -- I understood it just didn't feel like it wouldn't miss item in a dual element pass I 6700 -- as well. -- buffalo for the Republican who on that -- -- might well. Yeah -- wide open to all around a minibus that there may not come at a time like that don't want IE RS receiver. And I will have seen too many times and I've learned from you guys about halftime and -- say that he just can't judge and one series or whatever but when that when I saw Denver defer. And the patriots got the ball Mike. I have a good drive when they went three and out that was not a good sign to all and then when they went three and out again. There was likely you're only asking for trouble here -- just net present for starters she's Goran. Even though the even though they weren't getting touchdowns that kept score and they kept the patriots in the game yet what caused the patriots -- gold. That's what they give a lot of put the right in the middle of -- -- -- points -- to the plate. When they play the position to make it difficult for big plays but they were missing coverages on an enormous and now that in on their. Castro -- to pass rushing to market pressure at all that they could smell the rough. Receiver you weren't that good road team this year you're going on the road during the playoffs against the best team in the in the AFC. You cannot let opportunity slip like they did today good to pass of the world were thrown one was a sure touchdown. You know what -- -- -- -- -- version that there're there're a number of plays there at what they had to Denver for 171 timer a couple of second warning in the local first. It also -- that there there were referred for -- gets sacked -- -- report and your -- -- is camps. Win when you're not that good on the road to begin with these -- can't let the best team in the -- of C. Go along without you taking advantage of the opportunities that they give you. Least put some pressure on by scoring make them c'mon girl out there relax they'll call the great game that run the run the ball while the passed ball well. They did make mistakes but not scored touchdowns that was one fault that they have they do that against. Donuts in France over a seat held in the available to go to a Davone Watertown is next I gave. -- -- -- That hit on. We've firewall that you actually that was the clean -- I mean you guys have their little Barry. Area take -- play. Maybe up for the end. No. But -- if you take somebody who says someone bigger than walker. In marketing and amended and that is why you have about the cumulative I mean I'm not saying that Denver would never do this book. Odds are you don't you don't send the five foot ten and 190 pound receiver after a 62 -- to impound. Defense and I -- -- about human I was definitely an effort to block off to leave in free up ominous. That was definitely an effort on that -- -- stand up straight hits to lead in the stomach. Right our electric and elect to audit that was -- Go to. Jolt in Georgia hello Jill. I don't. They all I want to encourage patriot sentiment is one the -- though that you know if you -- your meant it about that you started lining up division at. Much less -- title to -- you have a real real good. And that we we played really really well armed maybe one of the things that -- -- lose -- to Miami early which would give us. All feel today throughout but reportedly business up and a great player replaced his heart out every game we saw what happened -- -- that he's out. And brought it up and to play against the dollar play in the and that you know they get hurt it is what it is the the parity in the league but the team should go down eventually we just haven't I want -- agents and -- that the testimony. To gradient and bella check that combination and the way the -- step bursting. Sounds like even you know Charles Barkley jail. Right and I will disagree you on one point Boston sports fans man caves. They don't have any room for AFC east division banners because there's too many championships from the other teams in order to guys during the signals that. -- -- your enthusiasm and now say they. The way this team has won with him depleted. Player personnel -- now. Is that plate while it's little like -- -- you -- play flawless. He has the better team you're not -- and like most people out there watching that game used to. It felt like you -- seventy enough that even though wasn't it felt like there wasn't any old. On the stretch of back in the game when it got missed two points and all collapse but. You -- play better than that would cobb's role going to be virtually perfect -- out that the all the receivers economic tremendous plays the defense has come up with total. Which stated well that the other that was the other thing -- -- him long for him and I'm looking back again over the last six years in in all the five losses now. They had they were negative and turn over. Games at minus three last year in the AFC championship game. In this game it was 00 -- one internal commit a big difference for them in this game was -- huge yards to go home -- in about a personality amendment passes promised a couple of and prayed that mr. and they were in the second lap the last quarter of the season. I think we all agree were sand down to a season and hear of that -- when they gonna have some turnovers and they started forcing more turnovers on the stretch there. Nothing today it was hurt them that happens to when there's not any praise for what he's not making it in errant throws his roll the ball in -- cup and so. When me and exit culpable or drop. The meeting immediately sacked twenty times this year and was even close to them but he's -- from what sentimental but but even that said it didn't feel like -- to make -- tough decisions. Or quick decisions all game long it a couple of rolls it was so close to a 10 -- Over the corner of the statements about you know equipment except -- one about stop -- couple -- guys we get it there were going now way. Now the patriots way on those bounces. And with his with his with his decisions are difficult. With the price drop him -- Russell jump in Bedford is next and it says he wants to fire bill as soon as. -- -- -- -- I'm serious and I think of Tom Brady is too hung up and there's little nearly light speed needs to retire at its I I have nothing against Bill Belichick just. We think dish of Britain since I'd like that it's just great extreme -- I think now -- -- -- if he was fired when you think -- picked -- -- team to -- farther coaches now and tomorrow scrutinized and plays. Would have booed you wanted you want to coaches teams that. Announced on -- gone before the show. Let's go to our. He brought a team would drive we go out there that accused the best -- -- -- -- himself to be the greatest coach football I believe he has. But and nothing happened today. You know the players -- live up rollout to Tom -- government wide open is that sideline pass they kept the game closer should have been closed and they kept you know it's just not once the book. The whole year they kept. Teams close -- Sugarman post it again about it's it's a -- it was close -- should have been close. So -- -- remarkable job the whole view of what they've had to play with them and keep them in the game and understand what they have to do. The -- -- some like that you know call -- station like the jets -- to listen let's go to Paul in Abington who's on the real post game show hard ball. Hey good evening gentlemen let me give me a regular observation hurt her feelings at all -- that debate with Freddie afterwards. You -- -- the question about angry orchestra plays sure. I'll be the first to admit I'm I'm more angry tonight I was what disappointed last year. And but today -- an eight game -- in the same feeling I was -- years ago. When they lost to the jets and that -- -- router will round game what the divisional. Where they beat though I -- recorded three to three before. All right now they are into the jets won an -- and the jets -- all the jets Rutgers team. But but -- number angry today. I I just think that this was being wasted opportunity you know I would anybody's going to be very. It was about know wasn't it was imclone was evenly matched but I look let's just go to the first part of your Riordan equation. Wasn't much but received court. Everett does okay. What they think that the intent is that they're there they're gonna say it will grant little bit late. Another -- called -- called her the let's call the defense was called defense to watch listen the Patriots defense. Is as good as the Denver defense little -- where you sit batteries which is better whose daughter. Not true so we don't have to -- -- that's not true. All along you're lying to Playboy when they devote my many of whom will be to a better defense. There are better overall apology well polished if -- let's play -- game let's play it let's say that the Patriots defense is better keep Coleman's argument. He would go on alive -- but keep calling this RB if -- -- -- is clearly better. And better weapons. It's an able confident the Patriots defense is slightly down what do we agreed the -- did the defense is war they're both in the you know they're they're they're not significantly better than the other if you're out. The evidence and it hit the a win that game was gonna help you beat the saint -- fairly and accurately that it would look 3431. Games. Let -- -- was our roots -- -- and angry about. Opportunity. You know the wind at all actually at the ready I. A lot of not a good not that not even close offensively there isn't one -- I don't think anybody in profits of receivers is predicted to be was stopped for them two point Dottie but we want our Edmund woods got to we welcome all of -- not one guy on that team. On the offensive receive a cool what Scott for the -- our team which Scott for Denver I got there and how many players for -- -- which got on the defense. It is appointed U don't YouTube -- exile -- interval but going -- what intangible. Belichick and Brady. You -- very compact that's correct and they're calling this guy. Going into the game I would you support blog that we can cause we want we want to quibble with -- about real real quick question pretty it all -- -- -- -- No we don't dollar relative to all we ever agree on every -- ridiculously good outlets actually -- typically -- wrong what you just started the right out of the -- and shut him down everybody's got to -- got by lying when you start out by lying and we're not misinformation and bring him back to compete at the stats of the two teams is not compatible. Glad to only keep it all in all white I'll make you pointed you wanted to debate Freddie. I guess it's a matter they would get one that play no matter what. So we're reading your third option as a running back with Derek -- should have been you know that's not true blood down. We don't know we're talking about -- icicle -- possible questions. Who was a better team overall. Edit more top to bottom. OK okay go on although sector policy and now. The pictures within. Oh wait game they're playing on the road they're not a they're there were four of fourteen going into this game mile ride okay play against a better team. How exactly did you expect them to win that game bouncing it could -- But how do written about it -- to basically your business -- arguments are patriots magic. In Iraq -- at -- had to take a stretch for them to beat them. We have to think of everything you just said was based on patriot magic. Of course all Lebanese Lebanese correct them like sometimes the reason marine was in there is to set up deception. It look like he could come out you wanna keep the defense about the linebackers at at bay by -- authorized limit you put blog today it was a line of scrimmage. That's why -- put him -- -- more of your phone calls when we come back -- -- -- 10 o'clock tonight leading up -- -- -- after the real post game show. I'm Sardinia the card is here atomic clock. The real post game show was presented by complaints -- insurance. At complaints -- -- shops you can save visit complaints keep dot com today when we come back over locker room we'll hear from Julian cattlemen. I -- also over a post foods honey bunches of votes player of the game that is our. Not a sponsor of the real post game show we thank them all -- -- for that and we thank AT&T another sponsor along with -- fish. Of the real post game show. I did some real post game shows back after this.

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