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NFL Sunday: Prediction Time for the AFC Championship Game

Jan 19, 2014|

Dale and Matt give their final thoughts and predictions for the AFC Championship between the Pats and Broncos.

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We're talking about what we need to do when the symbolism of Denver's -- unique component they have their own slow play that we have a match ups against on -- There are many other team we match up against. And in trying to do the best I can get our team ready to go out there competing and to populism. Try to tumble when you do with. Bill ballot check before today's game against the Denver Broncos AFC championship game at mile high comes your way at 3 o'clock. Top of the hour we'll take you to the pregame show on Westwood One. And then they'll have to kick off as well you'll you'll hear all the action here on Sports Radio so this is they the part of the the show where we get to make fools of ourselves directly. We get recalled homers by the people on the text machines -- we get to be called you know losers by the other side -- -- -- and that's fine. Right you pointed out to me that Denver is now four and a half point favorite they opened the week at a six and a half point favorite. Home field is generally considered three. So this is close to a pick them I mean it's close to OPEC appoint a -- away from a pick them game which means that the the money. Coming in has been pretty even up here so let's let's get right to see who you think is gonna win today's game why. Well my rationale for why I believe the pitchers are -- oil and -- pick earlier in the week and I think some of things and study sort of reinforce that idea. Is all lose over the top numbers at Denver has accumulated over the season you -- -- last week you saw a -- for a seventeen a little more modest gain a little more grind it out game with a team like saint yager defensively fuel similar to -- with like New England. And the one thing I'll liken sort of new -- develop in the last month that says to me that they can. Keep this team sort of and a thirty threshold that we believe the patriots are usually in and that. Is secondary depth and I think the emergence of Jamie Collins is a matchup for that part of the game is huge but also the fact that you have guys like Logan -- that have done good things for you played at a high level. A -- of Denard had a huge week employed -- well last week to leave walks healthier. The idea of AM according regular bowl for the need to be yet its ruling that depth of the secondary that this particular New England team has. The a lot of the other teams on the AFC said the drug didn't like think they match up relatively well with this group so for that reason. I still see it as a pretty close game but I'm gonna go thirty to 27 patriots. You know it's funny it's something that Tom said that resonated with me and it never fails whenever you try to play along and try to figure out what the patriots are gonna do right doesn't it seem as though. It's just the opposite of what I think as our world and everybody looking at this game. I think expects a whole big dose of -- Garret blunt and Steven Ridley camera and pound and pound and pound. And -- back what Tom said where in any sort of hearing whispering around the team that they think taken probable. -- personnel with -- tell you that they can't. Chris Harris is out their best cornerback you've got Champ Bailey the corner war hawk the slot quarterback who's been frightened off in and out of the lineup all season long with the injury. Feeling they are gonna throw the ball more than we expect that personnel tell you to throw the ball you know when you're looking at at the guys who were defending your double wide receivers now. The legitimate counter to that is -- -- -- throwing too. I have a feeling they are gonna throw more than we expected -- because of that. It's funny because I had written down here before we went on the air today what my score once in fact I was gonna get real specific. I was gonna tell you that they were gonna win 3431. On a forty yard Stephen just how ski field goal at the horn right and that that's how they're gonna in the game and then. Price came in and said 3430 wanna. But I'm gonna do it anyway because that's what I had before we sat down here today and -- what I'm gonna stick with. And yes you can begin with your homer comments right now we won't -- read them anyway so -- Narita to stick them in here I have a feeling. The patriots going back to the super rule. Tom Brady will get played a sixth -- receive analog but -- a similar. Woolsey we'll see what happens to enjoy your conference championship games I'll see one -- and tonight -- -- live tonight at 10 o'clock to wrap this thing up and talk about the game deal. And the Bruins and Blackhawks are tied 22 by the way. Just in case your interest -- about that as well thanks to Matthew Loper who produces this whole thing here to. Chris pricing Tommy current in Denver in two games everybody will -- -- next week.

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