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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, Joins NFL Sunday Live From Denver

Jan 19, 2014|

Tom joins the boys to go over the inactives and give his thoughts on what will go down in the Mile High city today.

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But ninety minutes till kickoff AFC championship game in Denver the Denver Broncos in the New England Patriots. Time to bring in Tom. SA NNE dot com Tom -- brought to you by Thomson and Wes Welker -- doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800. Get hair good afternoon mr. current -- I'm terrific I don't look at the patriots -- earlier. And while we're moving and felt very luck in very well. We were actually awaiting the the inactives which are -- literally any minute now and have not yet command. What's your gut feeling a lot of people tweeting from the field saying that -- Dobson look. Fine and limber look at running around out. Well you don't want an airplane could certainly be in Mexico European actors we are 58 -- nine. 589041644590. To eighty I've spoken girl falcons. Will be out but who will be. Al that was kind of a guess that Chris -- said earlier. He was guessing that he didn't think Tompkins was going to be able to play how much does this affect the patriots -- offensive game plan for today. I don't think drastically acting. Outside presence -- you look at this team the way it struck throughout principally right now. -- -- -- -- And you're pampered you feel pretty comfortable and brought people into that linebacker level they get up and -- -- -- -- and play you know me and what goes on underneath. And muddle things up and make those channels operated outside the -- perhaps a -- you may say he kept respect -- up. That's the big -- electric the that is. One of the most important aspects of having bought an appeal but it -- to catch it all for a 160 probably not edit and a map earlier in the week. The ability to catch -- -- -- we'll be racked up which is vital because it's a critical matchup situation -- But if -- does make a bit of a difference. Death so he doesn't have the wrong forty yards to go -- you roster run ten to fifteen an element. Just win the physical matchup down right do you get any sense in watching these guys out of preeminent trust me I know that. Your doctor to be right or wrong right away it's about the stuff to tell from -- warm ups but does Dobson have any issues and is -- does he look all right is he is he favoring anything. Are we can not cannot detect it because it's certainly not -- speech -- that would be elected -- -- victory dance in the ups and is that. No non contact when he aggravated it a few weeks about it was just acceleration. In the kinda gave and we. So. It's one of those. I energy seem to secure infield practice or. Unit out in -- higher erupt into the ticket you're not gonna feel the same kind of person that you were going to try to extend -- chip it. Much was made about the fact that Wes Welker apparently. Was the motivational speaker for his team their final. Up pregame meeting last night. Metz said that even when when the jets would play the patriots they would bring in. The former patriots guys like Matt another guise to to speak to the team did you get any sense from people there what. The gist of Welker his message was. The chip but I thought -- -- seeing now what lecture center immediately when I was with the patriots in 2007. What sort of simple ought not to get beat back in the next here in the next on the next. And I think that that well or didn't work out any. Street don't know an extra they're gonna come around I really think the Denver because that's because of clinical situations. Because of the fact that what circulatory last year and not they go on thirteen and freedom. And the other -- gonna get because you guys think about. September 2014. Little better on paper New England were -- The -- and should -- the patriots have a better roster when you look at it and considerate that's cents. Well well take a Tommy we -- we had actually dead responded to a couple 3 years this morning I thought it was pretty spot on the idea of that you know there are some historical. Things out there about what Denver's run defense has done recently. But the most important thing is more their approach I think against San Diego they really pack the box. The question being -- they feel the same level comfort of doing that against. Tom Brady is they did against Philip Rivers. I think that -- got there because what it is the outside receiver. Look we're good they're good quarterback is that you know the release. Go to separate and played golf because the guy the other side of Libya for Britain. So I think it's really. You know -- out there you're gonna try to play that way against -- now the other interesting aspect of the running game that Denver is a tremendous job. In Lebanon early last week -- But I am upbeat data bet we'll. Anyway there it is. Great to all full guy resides but he also trying to borrow and not make a lot of -- The -- that out. -- -- -- On the line backers of the Denver Broncos. -- significant number 240 pounder in Paris went and got it but now I will be your starting middle wide. Once the that's -- different the Denver Broncos didn't experience with the IndyCar cart. Do you get the senses I do that of these two teams. The patriots would be the one of the two who would much prefer to be able to run the ball today. Definitely I think so and I think the Ike -- while we're going to be. Amenable trying to run the ball well because they don't -- cock blocker but they are now playing at the level I think he's really playing -- simply to play I think it. Between solar. The way to conduct art -- -- a lot different than it would -- rating. But I still think they're -- there and say look we get over on the patriots secondary suspect in various. Capable. Other elevating its way I think that its response seven. You've got a bit. We all the credit for especially situationally. -- the patriots have got to run the ball with some sector that because I think it's all. Bill Belichick thought 03 bout colonel -- and resolute. We'll be in third. For the patriots team -- mile difference. On the patriot -- -- gronkowski and Hernandez 36 is certain twelve. I do find it interesting by the lakers Denver just posted its inactives. Marquis -- is inactive today. Too bad I mean that valuable -- I come. I mean I can he could -- relevant I think in the kicking game Smart player. You know it's split through. That according. Very good -- With. Mark -- earlier this week it really although Pope coming back patriot. Actually -- adding -- required on all. Earlier in the post season and call actually they're not gonna I don't -- you open the new England and they were all on Monday when Denver approached. That you'll follow it up and bring it back please so that was what prompted him to go to Denver. It's a jacks you think though the point about kicking game is as per -- Tommy because. Maybe the feeling is that that is going to be a big part of the game in the event that they feel they don't need that extra defensive back maybe they feel like the pitchers are gonna try to run it we won't -- -- Spread were my fifth defensive back matters as much and even discussed he's gonna kick the ball into the stands each and every play maybe two -- this will be as big part of it. The national sport that I hadn't even thought I immediately think the call Wednesday. The special teams got. You have to -- available on debate who really peculiar about not really going to be in the work -- so. Before but like game day they -- the way. Are you up but another -- -- -- or you would look at the back out there and I picked up to that era you can see the key player. Start to emerge slightly -- and we've been active in the fact that all. It interactive we completely got no real. And got lots cricket going to be you know what I think a lot of people but they'll rub off but I I continue to -- Whispers -- -- case around to -- the patriots are not going to line open to everybody thought they would still. Not from the all the out. Some altered -- some of those some of those quotes I was I was intercept him this week to work both Tom alluded to a vote goes well coach Belichick alluded to does well. They've been made points to him to say were not you know were gonna need to keep cool it in the passing game where were not going to be able to just do that. Now that you are you can only pulled -- stock America line up immediately with doubled in the backfield just run downhill but. I do think there is internally a belief that they're gonna have to do both well to win. And it's always try and a look at that Denver secondary they're -- -- trying national all day long when we can feel late yard. Maybe that that would I don't know what you're not a look at I would go to -- theater. I would try -- a little feel what that you're fifty yard range and are greatly that the road. Maybe Brady immediately and thought it was all wheel at the quickest routes where it -- -- while there's I cured -- or there and let off the -- cornerbacks. Little -- are so there -- I don't know what is it appeared that there's little doubt Specter Rick in they're much on. I'm curious if you had an opportunity to watching you would necessarily watch the the special teams guys out there when they're warming up but everybody's kinda curious about Ryan Allen. How did he looked when he was punting the ball and did you get a chance to notice whether he was holding for Steven -- taos ski kicking the ball. What exactly what you -- unhappy -- -- Nazi. Literally all the or. Likely you are the other great talent out here all here for us out. Here there's tickle you oracle looked -- the -- I. Why I mentioned this earlier Tom but I thought it was possible that Allen might punt but that he might not hold today. -- currently united has got it up to the field goal we're child did you. Thank you got a request to our. We haven't really any indication that they feel pretty I didn't seem to indicate that he was -- -- but effective at the victory. If Tom Brady out all idol cute being quite there. -- other -- Canada being. I mean we're sort of split up -- that it will now I'd rather be Brady in the NL. I mean they'll go with it and bench. What makes something up -- But I mean the game like that that not much written so it correctly if -- that the appeal ball. An upbeat on radio there liked it. -- No. I think I think most of the man -- worry about Brady holding. -- let's be honest is concerned about the possibility or injury but it does seem like a pretty slim possibility does -- Yeah I'm go -- older group by on our -- or. Not a thing where one. It's an interest in LA I was saying I was trying to say the same things last time desk. When guard Justin got -- and a -- I'd literally at the history of four point there're going to Richard so. Kudos but now I I guess some might think from last week in from watching Ryan analogy reactions. To -- it would have been a lot. The it wouldn't be more different than the indication that he's punting tells me he's better I think you might be a little easier on the shoulder to simply grab a snap and put it down of the in the that's sort of impact it reverberates through your body on the ball he originally grabbed the thing. On the free kick. So it showed me that he was being hurt punting the ball and in the event that he's gotten over that hurdle told me he should be okay. Yeah I mean I'll bet it's shot opened or call it or not there. And you can't quite figure out pocketing a day or via the injury and how it got to leave room -- to -- the you know I I don't do -- -- my shoulders because you know what. We need all the ought to. Know about it might get four -- it'll -- out right now. All right Tom thanks we'll talk to next week so -- -- -- are here not -- we -- good at that yes there are literally will be here next week. All our rights are up by putts Tom current Tommy -- from CSN any dot com. Thomas brought to you by his hair doctor and Wes Welker -- doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800 get hair. -- we will take a break we will see what we think is gonna happen in today's game the AFC championship game is. An hour and fifteen minutes -- tantalizingly. Close patriots in Denver against the Broncos. You're listening to NFL Sunday presented by a Penske insurance at the Penske they shop so you'd say is that the Penske dot com today.

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