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NFL Sunday: Don't Get Bogged Down with Manning's "Omaha's"

Jan 19, 2014|

Dale and Chatham discuss how the Pats D cannot get worried about Peyton's antics and theatrics at the line. He is going to change things up and he is going to try to draw people offsides, but it takes discipline to stay put and only be concerned about those few seconds before the ball is snapped. They also break down some of the other key's in today's game.

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Pretty amazing how he's able to command everything and change your play and China picked up perfectly -- defense you know hole on all things. That's going to be snapped you know either way so whatever his name before and I really mattered is that I grew up there and execute new -- investors who really just stay focused and not on both sides a huge can't you can't do that this -- hurt -- team and religions. Focus on doing their job and that's where we'll go through that one plan together and doing their jobs that they are really. Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich talking about Peyton Manning and what it's like standing on the other side of the line of scrimmage when he's. Going through all the stuff that he does you've stood on the other side of the line of scrimmage. Roosevelt Colvin earlier this week said basically you ignore everything he does and says and to lose like ten seconds left in the play clock it's it's it's. -- more -- and it was a similar come quite frankly when I was you know aside there -- while. Somethings I mean some things don't. The one thing it does make did you stay in your toes because there's this sense that in the event that. A live call comes up colloquy on base running or you see that. That vote the the third base -- given fifty different signals and also meet touches somebody -- -- and everything after that is live you've kind of gotta zone and into the Q is the way of what the word is quite frankly or watching the body language of the receivers to -- think about that everyone feels the stare at the quarterback. Not -- not so much. -- -- at the guy across from you as well. You're trying to -- to the quarterback can move around but when that receiver starts the crowd tree that's -- receiver searched assorted tenants and you know of the balls comment. You know what's about coming right after that's real so you can't use your -- -- -- -- another great -- for guys -- the inside. If profits alarmist signals hunches and funeral and ready to roll. He'll tell you all my daughter's -- he's not sitting there in attendance about the far the ball thing for thirty seconds -- do that quite frankly so. They'll give you a little but he Q overall it's about to come right now. Last week the San Diego Chargers I believe were caught on neutral zone infractions five times during the course of the game. I mean they didn't handle it very well you'd expect and I heard Bill Belichick talking about this the need for the patriots to remain disciplined in and keep track of what's going on and. Regard. Yeah that was disappointing if -- San Diego it seemed like they'd that was some very undisciplined play you go on the role big in the situation where you know it's going to be tough you're trying to be drawn -- sides but. Some situations to world war ones where. Union needed some great get off you know I was welcome back that thing and those those just kind of a dumb mistakes that'll probably kill you especially on the road. Now -- gonna try to take advantage I think you know -- says Matt Light just alluded to was a very big events they have and it's something you can't do was much you know be great if Tom to do the same thing on the flip side. Hard count ever wanna move people around and try to give people to jump. I don't think this is a week where if you chairman Jones or your Ninkovich you're trying to time the perfect snap to a sack patent. You want to disrupt some disrupt them but you don't wanna give away free yards so it's a week where you sit back you do that that the Smart and efficient thing make the plays were there there. What key to dump stuff out which is holding penalties. Also Republicans stuff what isn't it also. And when you look at the patriots history and bill Belichick's history against. Different quarterbacks like they're not a huge blitzing team to begin but there are specially not a huge blitzing team against a guy like Payton man yet and that's a good point because. The thing that your lying to him about is it. Bullets no -- it's cover two for scope for cover warm -- cover five secure move in and out of stuff. But the thing that your and not you know that you're not trying to -- is whether or not a glitzy. You would believe that any way you do it on a low percentage right. So you're trying to move the car Bergeron and away that you know every covers -- -- you're gonna play cover two balls deep and down the middle you're Erica recovered three it's in the seems open numbers ever gonna play cover Warren. It's -- of the outside because the seats can't get -- each one house. A place that your trying to lie to him about. It the -- usually is incredible if it's I'm gonna bullets or not because we know you're the patriots you do on McNeil west and 10% clip. So you move but for reasons for different reasons maybe another squad would. Look at the expectation with a quarterback like Manning the quarterback like Brady. Is that they're gonna read the blitz they're gonna beat the blitz they're gonna know where it's coming from they're gonna have an option to beat it and they're gonna be good that. It does seem and I haven't looked at the numbers but I would almost guarantee that Tom Brady's been sacked more often than Peyton Manning has this year is it just seems as though Tom. And part of this has to do with receivers and getting open and separation and him trying to let them get to separation. It just seems like Peyton Manning doesn't get knocked. -- are very often. I think it's fair and I think it's important because they do a lot of quick -- place you know bid bid is for as the passing game but there aren't a lot of plays were patent -- back there for seven seconds. Yeah you sit down your break down film and you watch say that's a great pass rush by the defense event he called -- one and get the you know and and that's because -- gets a ball that handsome quick there was that the steps of the and again I can't verify the thing -- just a -- by with a broadcasts out but said last week. Where we've -- -- -- and -- -- -- at the regard it's not a record there for the the Broncos that had been spent most of his grew at San Diego he supposedly with sack list for the year voting didn't give up one now he's snowing now he's moving on the pro war had a really nice season. That's one of those things were of course he's played at a high level one and I really I -- the guys I was doing Marshall said he more for his regret -- blocked really well 65335. This is one of the better. Interior offensive line the patriots fronts giving UCL year. But as we mentioned with sort of book sold -- thing in Mankins and what kind of stuff. All of these guys are aided by the fact that the guy behind and get the ball out of hand his hand decisively. So makes life easier for everyone you know every off sensible arm below of that I get all the -- -- who doesn't -- -- -- past and he's also a little bit disheartened because in his past. -- get there. The other thing when I look at at my and we talked earlier about this the mistakes that the patriots can get Manning to make right. And that has much more to do with with confusion and deception. That it does with necessarily pressure on the quarterback as I think back to the interceptions and even in the first meeting this year it wasn't that he would get rid of the ball or he was gonna get hit. It was the patriots. Gave him a look that this was gonna happen but something else was happening. Right and he's looking for a whole. And I think one of the best guys up there on their team obvious to Marius Thomas a producer would categorize each of these guys what they do to her chip. The various Thomas is the big guy can win outside the numbers on a fade if need be. But he also they do a lot of quick passing with them will -- just turned from a -- screen in his run after the catch is incredibly can take it eighty yards. What he's not a guy was gonna go run crossed your zone and fitness and holds virtually west who's one of the best and I think that's why it's important. The -- have a -- Jamie Collins because he's gonna be covered by defensive back he's gonna sit now hole as well as he always does. And then the typical people Peyton is chemist fitted into that little hole before the links than the help gets there which is an inside linebacker or linebacker in the middle of field. So there's guys that sort of fit what he's trying to do he's playing windows which is kind of what Brady does she plays windows he finds the spot and finds a hole gets at their. Before you can. But I think the big thing to understand about Peyton is. Dwindles mistakes happen as you alluded to -- it it's very rarely 'cause he's on his back foot fall away and abide gets sacked. It's because he thinks he has a window -- close to quickly a trap coverage where it looks like you know he doesn't -- the off guy is gonna come down to steal one it would be great to -- to -- you that would got to see him do a little bit more in September October than you've seen recently in these situations big given where he's. Off reading cut out -- -- is used to do kind of sagging off one guy enable help one another and Peyton doesn't realize he's doing opposed the rule advantage. Us to wish you wanna give him. When I look at Tom Brady on the other hand. He generally doesn't make too many mistakes and when he's playing against. You know while any team really but in in the in the Britain Manning Brady matchup we talked about the difference internal or between the two the two quarterbacks that. When he makes mistakes it does seem as though. A lot of times it's because of excessive pressure it's pressure related -- And again I think as they've got a little better with that later in the season a big part of that in the summer your big breaking place. The pitcher to loosen people up where you about the passing yards to become more modest but the big plays that changed the game gaming Yemen dole as big play action pass last week was a bit -- example. It's off play -- so hard so hard so hard sell him at a -- open running across the formation down the field. So the pressure it's slowed by the addition of a run game. Denver never had a run game -- dollars is weird to say for you to rent for two underage Spitzer last time and they killed in that regard but you know what I I think the patriots are perfectly fine with that -- they were but their running game is much like the pitcher -- game had been prior to -- -- little change it was a as a complementary -- they -- in the past that'll kind of thing. -- -- I think that the Denver has a difficulty. Lining up before back pages were we do. And that's the one thing the patriots can do that they don't so well you know they put James doubled in their they put two titans football Mulligan who meant and they -- -- -- And that creates some of those situations were Tom's not going to be under pressure because they're going to be crowd the -- but -- stop runs not to be passed Russian in his face. Denver does -- ability to roll up built that way they don't have a fullback on the roster gets -- snaps. The two titans are both -- Meehan and Julius these are guys are gonna maul you the same way the patriots to tie -- are. It's just simply -- teams are built a little different now one little -- And I think it it'll it's -- a way that the patriots the only pressure we talked we mentioned a moment ago but you know how many yards. The Broncos ran for the first time these two teams -- 284 yards no -- on Moreno was unbelievable. If you were guessing right now which of these two teams has more rushing yards today. While that's a tough one because I don't know if the pitcher to allow that same situation I mean in the event that you told me both of them are going to. Commit the exact same amount of assets in the gonna both try distraught but in the same regard I would say the pitcher to rush for more than just have a better running attack. In the event that portion is conceded -- -- that throws a formula law out the window. I think the patriot -- game is exceptionally better than Denver over the course of the last month month and after -- that weird game about the they had against one another. And I actually looked as is last week it's chargers Monte ball actually started to get more carries in the reds. So he's a guy that scored a -- it -- you know this first round draft pick them got to be a good back in the league but. Marino who's been sort of a third barrel down -- change a -- guys are at this resurgence and now offense. They're not sharing carries a little bit so they have a similar situation to -- the patriots have where you don't throw a good Barack would have been super productive like blunt. Which drew another guy like Ripley who could give it to hurt them in a little bit different way. Monta balls a god if you had a full back if you wanted to committing go that way and you got to try to figure always a score against the patriots in the red zone which late in last time game you couldn't do. He might be that got so you know I think everyone out there should maybe keep -- market ball on the rotation goes on between those two backs CL it affects. Their ability to run the ball does he concern you more than no show on Marino in that regard in the event that they wanna try to at under throw that one -- over -- -- who they did receive a lot of time before they -- -- Jamie Collins has a run defender which. He didn't have to do a timeout he certainly was a coverage more more last week against. Against interlocking -- and Donald Brown there in the dawn when the right on the ball that kind of stuff. If you simply wanted the lineup and say can those two new pieces can -- Jones in like a run heavy look in those guys hold up. Donta hightower added to the position now. That he was before when it was spikes more there. Dane Fletcher all those guys if you wanna test them now way. -- they really have the personnel to do that. I don't know what you know it would it be worth it could be worth a pitcher to I think if they wanted to go that road because. He seems over soaring guard tape also hold up against Beatles -- quest to the better guards that are out there. There's sort -- and about him in Denver how to sober yes. I mean it's a guy that we rejected. -- a -- we cut -- he wasn't good enough to make our team don't tell us that he some big part of the Patriots defense that's how it's being portrayed out there ultimate motivational tool for so delegates to go out and sort of show almost up and I think it it's in this situation where. It eyebrow referenced Terrence tonight a little bit earlier he says it's similar body type who just. You know if he plays well today it won't be US circuit UC Abacha stats from him. They'll be more I think the -- spike for the guy behind for doctor hightower for Jamie Collins -- predict what you because ability ability of flow and movement that -- place. He's a guy who you we shouldn't wanna hear a lot about if you do it's because the broadcast is -- replays of -- pulled off the ball. And he hasn't -- on the last -- he's really improved as much as anyone on this roster. It's funny how -- and we talked about how the patriots have that next man up mentality. But if you think about on this Patriots defense how many guys are. You know solid contributing members of the defense -- whose names you didn't know what the beginning of the season and whose faces you couldn't pick out of a police lineup today. Yeah hi Chris Jones is one of those you know obviously Joseph Avalon always have a great season Gupta this and that quote unquote trip sack last week get a guy that's popped up. Dane Fletcher is actually been here for awhile the CO injure ACL injury last year. Has come back has has sort of been one of those guys who have sort of had ever career -- guided quite frankly you know your -- -- mainly but in the event of injuries. You gotta contribute your rotational linebacker as it is he's come into play pretty solemn week. I think as much as anything in one more little conversation with Matt Light earlier you alluded to Vista. The work that sort of the depth people and those position of group coaches that had to bring those -- more how critical that's been -- of course robo chicks were disgrace. But the ability to get those guys say the first locate them which is in the kisser you issue in the front office. But B then for the oppositional coaches like to Dante's and like the pepper Johnson's in the guys in the second or to bring those Gaza war. And make sure the Chris Jones gets it quickly make sure the form of its equipment -- that your that's oversaw -- it's quickly. That's been the real testament to what this team is medal -- We got an hour ago will bring in Tom Curran from CSN any dot com. Live from Denver in just a couple of minutes and -- -- Sunday presented by compliance insurance at the plants -- they shops or use a visit -- -- dot com today.

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