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Former Patriots Offensive Tackle Matt Light Joins NFL Sunday to Break Down the AFC Championship

Jan 19, 2014|

Matt Light is at a live-viewing event for his foundation at Toby Keith's "I Love This Bar and Grill" today and gives the boys a call to help break down the X's and O's for today's AFC Championship game and previews what he think we'll see a little later today.

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Back you're on NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. Dale Arnold and Matt Chatham here our home away from home when the patriots are. Playing at home while we do the show from Toby Keith's I love this bar and grill. And there's an event going on down there this afternoon as well and former patriots offensive lineman Matt -- joins us from there came out I don't. They're very good afternoon well what's up man -- Mr. shadow and what some. Nobody you probably had a question you missed the game at the time -- year but Soderbergh same thing. I I would love to jump in there were those fellows during you don't play Austin. No one football that -- spineless but I'm so out of straight in -- completely. But I wouldn't last more than one -- have -- but this -- also -- excited to be. You know watching this from the sidelines that's the. Her it is fun and you you don't realize. How quickly leave your body. And it takes it seemingly fast speed things out via and in you're not able to those collisions but. One of things dale and I were bouncing around dramatic a little while ago and -- -- future perspective -- heard this from some other players. Me personally have a -- going to elevation did this affect me as much. I'd I'd train up there a little bit and and I automatically do ultimately be a special teams guys like a little more rest but. For dilate Uga had to go wire to large -- like a fifteen play drive. Did you did you feel the elevation change to put up there in Denver. You know -- -- -- out there that this I don't remember that being -- -- -- a little bit early you know you can't notice something bigger more mental than anything else let. You know I think you're also you know ever offered sublime and were out there every single -- but. We're not out there every single snapped like a linebacker or eat that the back -- wide -- army the guys that are given that you know all so you know. More you know what we're excited and not the you know couple feet of -- Threats are you alluding to the fact it's you know run post routes matches that is a horse that's well. I don't -- -- -- -- I have been known to run sub you know department under for the good but no I think I think you're gonna speck of -- guy -- a little bit -- never had to be a factor. Absolutely I don't remember any of the guys heroic talking about it and he petty bickering. -- either you know we were talking about the commitment to the run that the patriots have made hero over the last several weeks and I and I said. Bill Belichick -- guy who listens to the player leadership on this team you were part of that player leadership group. And and when you met with -- check on a weekly basis you could go into that office and sit there and -- -- we need to run the ball more and -- listened to EP set. Yeah you know I think there -- there was never a time we are comfortable going and senators we got to. -- later. But here report that they thought that they were late. That many crimes bill come on technical know what what is -- about this war. You know what were -- this you know this mode start game. -- pretty good about a lot of that comes at me you know. -- meeting at all that aren't up to respect the through the game because. He has a player. You. Attribute that figures that matter Eric Robert -- -- each. Area of the team you know special team you know all its side would be -- side. You see how much war goes -- and what you. She goes but that you go to recruit with -- many I would go in to. You know or banners or a -- go to Oprah and or Charlie -- a -- I how we start the game regular apple. Who is here earlier ought to be caught. You know sort of law and have the blocked our can be slipped and screens and they're always there so. Do you have any sense -- going into this because San Diego -- San Diego got such a different. Approach from Denver Denver really packed the box against them and sort of said today. We set we got here this early from -- would literally hear from the show where they were just point eight dudes in the box the night guys almost in the frame that kind of thing. You have any sense as like as an offensive -- you're going to the game plan of course she'd love to run the ball. But he in the event that math just kind of colts had to play and it doesn't make sense is that something Tom checks you guys out of or assault on this sort of built into change. Yeah you know -- -- a lot of it you know when you're on the road record that was someone that respects in an -- and -- -- are right you can't. You can't do -- -- the check what the kind of stop the communication at the early streamlined although. You know in years past you know are. Having you know some some veteran guys up front a portrait go to do a little bit more about stuff but more also but I think. You know if we're counting game planning and when it comes to make him a little adjustments and an understanding what they're doing with in the game. There's nobody better than than you know what Josh and bill that would -- together. And even even Tommy obviously -- actually out there and make those laps but the decision. -- I mean you you've got a form on them being able to put themselves in the best position to get them. Sometimes I have trouble remembering what I did yesterday or last week but I'll ask you this question anyway -- remember what you were doing twelve years ago today. Twelve years ago -- Probably. Probably battle current mayor C championship game as well. Well actually you worked twelve years ago today you were playing the last game ever. At the old Foxboro Stadium you were playing the -- game the tuck rule game was twelve years ago today. Am I ever met we were awful week because the nine elevenths is an this was different than -- Yeah well well what a difference or you know I'm a stand up near Kobe he's been. Outward up to the crowd in the world wherever there's also breached a good. You don't you don't join join forces all the -- nature of their support or or other over there and opens that'll give back here and hope we also recorded so -- -- the metric gamespot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know my rookie year there could be anything stronger from what you see today what do one -- -- what a long way it would go. Folding chairs there in the old Sullivan stadium and our regional rooms and and deadly seeds in the stadium or where you're sitting in their Matty and Toby keys -- -- -- home of the geography that well but where I mean do you. Where is the nature plays thrill to the world you'll see -- you are we right on top where the damn thing was I don't even remember exactly how what sort of situated. Fairly close on route one -- and it -- the curb a little bit and -- our head north on -- -- and go across little bridge. You know right up there and I mean man I remembered. You don't work for all the data like this thing you're literally on the highway -- Friday Jack right all right but but -- -- you know. You bring back those -- nuclear weapon period to get the old. You know aluminum benches that it does bring going to be cold cold -- -- radiating like negative thirty every single person's body and now. You know you've got you know one of the finest facilities in the National Football League so. Well what what what we're also -- occurred here. You know I had the reason I brought it up more than anything else is I think back to that season and for me that's the gold standard for bill Belichick's coaching job. I mean it's hard to picture anything could ever top. The job that he did at the Helm of your team leading the team to a Super Bowl championship game next year. But having said that this year is pretty darn close with the things he said operate around. Yeah and you know we -- what you're going to be talk about that meant that the spam epic we. We kind of you know discuss that more throughout this week in an even you know throughout the regular speaker talked about the job that. You know but not to go by the way I mean where did you -- -- someone you know valued at about you don't -- The assistant coaches that have been with them for. You know a long primary topic operate in Europe for at least a hundred years is that you know I was about all of it's elements adamantly and instructions of the but you know. -- Is there they don't they are committed the murders ever bitten and as an Al worst you know I wish we beat you into the mine. Bill a little bit more -- You know exactly how he doesn't bring you -- -- even after all the years -- that -- in you know it's still pretty shocking to believe that. You could you know that America at the amount about -- preparation dedication to. You know sport where you. You don't whenever he can possibly do right so that it speaks volumes of him and art. I've asked you this question in the past but for people who were listening to listen and have not heard you answer it. Take me inside the offensive huddle with Tom Brady. And and what kind of leadership he brings what his demeanor is like. It in you know in in that last drive of a game where you're you're down three and he's directing the offense is he is he excited is he yelling as he called what's he like. Now are you know it that it that the unbelievably matter of fact that there really is I mean there there will definitely be. A little bit of horrible homicide under or go out talking about here we got to do. Your your situation you know be mindful of this it on its America the coach -- you know -- comes from him. And and and and what we did not mean this focuses. Literally on you know what happened after the play the teachers called in that played -- called like. You know thirty word them -- and an 800 letters you know also just giving the plate called. You know some quarterback -- -- short birdie on the next play baseball or. Know what you think he's gonna give. You know a group at our completion go to the players -- also you know probably just unbelievably good -- -- you don't both current situation that's because. Become better from the position of -- -- that are trained for this side of you know gone through this a million times in my mind and had practiced. And that's word that you know breakfast preparation becomes in prime reality that you -- of millions. You know we've all been regret so teacher of the bit that -- -- -- -- right. Yeah I I didn't nuts and bolts question here for that I wanted to give in to just because. I know was an offensive tackle all of the make him more which your your weekly prep is like in the things you would be concerned about were you out there this week. I think Denver is a little bit unique situation had you been out there left tackle this week and -- sometimes you could say I'm going to deploy this team mom just watch and a week's worth of film on Von Miller or -- drill whoever would have been on your side and that's it is what it is and I got -- square in America figure amount try to beat him. You know most snaps that kind of thing. Then got a weird situation where Shaun Phillips is a guy I think you played against probably several times. A guy that's their buddies wouldn't have always been on your side he bounces around throughout the course of the game. The use Robert errors who has a former first round pick would that would showed up over the top via. -- Jackson at the point is they've got a lot of -- the bounce around does that make it tougher it's sort of your weekly prep because you really wouldn't be able to zero in on one guy. Yeah you know I'd rather they're one part of that equation -- -- that it is not yet but regardless of what do you have a premiered. You line them up and then they typically don't walk those guys are I mean right know the -- Taylor at the white freeze and that John Abraham -- -- The got nervous at at the elite elite level you don't typically wanna you know that they've -- format your they want stay on one guy. Going with the development may move around it may have movements title -- -- -- -- need -- -- we have a special -- At a certain position you want to optimize you know it all with billiard secret system spot. You know look. Don't got -- -- -- both you know they're they're they're these players that they're there Parker Eva got. Mama -- that spared you or any one -- -- but for a guy like go play to get it and then in college of burglary or double murder. Albert -- -- -- are out along our guys know what you represent the -- A little slippery -- are opportunistic. He's got to try to you know. The play in -- -- -- obviously you know I've been pretty affect the format arms I don't look like either. Look. Adam matchup issue for any of those guys are rightly that. You don't they get all all well you know the -- snapped out there Boehner an open -- all that. There are gonna be fine against that team how they play them because again they're gonna game clambered up bigger out of ago. Matt you won't Wes Welker got -- Denver you're at an event that Toby Keith -- of this bar and grill and I guess you got another giveaway coming up. Yeah well you know we've got. We've got some cool stuff happened down here today you know we're doing this party you know begin an effort to raise money for the light foundation. You know -- are going to be. In a row alongside me here and see in the bank all of that -- throughout the other game and then pre game and the band and all nine. And we've got to painting that we did. That a commission mr. -- are a lot of work you know local sports figures and national. Outlook people well and we get this Welker to Brady's. Meaning that we commissioned about five or six years ago. Both those guys China we're gonna -- at all tonight that they're so. All of that raise money for -- foundation of what we will support we have a undoing what are -- Hampshire woman and her 300 gauntlet game in Denver today. You know Kurt you have rap or raised you know over a 170000. Boe per day and so it just been you know we're we're we're blessed to have you know such. You're great area where people don't really do bigger -- back in support brick on the that good a little while we were Perot vote you don't -- -- are they command Beimel threw that interpret. In an effort to sort of continued applaud him pushing people down there -- -- keys to the lifting up loser any chance you'll be singing The Daily Madden. Professionals and a more audio. Nuremberg a -- -- that it did. -- it's always great talked football league thanks for taking a few minutes and good luck down their Toby -- today. I like our old -- take an ally that is up or pay tree. It's offensive lineman Matt Light joining us from Toby -- I love this barring military and that area you can stop on down there and and watch the game with Madden and the crew like. Don't think that there will be a TV in the place that won't be on this game. And likely with the Bruins game just about to face off the time the Bruins game -- is about the time pretty close to went. The AFC championship will start so you can watch both of them back to back to back. We'll take quick break welcome back in just a couple of minutes here on NFL Sunday present it like -- -- ski insurance at the -- they shops or use a visit -- plants he dot com today.

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