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It Is What It Is Cast: Setting the stage from Denver

Jan 19, 2014|

DENVER -- WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price set the stage for Sunday's AFC championship between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots square off at Sports Authority Field. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are meeting for the 15th time.

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Welcome to sports authority field everybody in the mile high city of Denver Colorado Tom Brady and the New England Patriots getting ready to take on Peyton Manning. And the Denver Broncos the eve of the 2013. AFC championship. Can't the patriots make it back to the Super Bowl for the second time in three years -- -- -- you joined as always by patriots expert analyst for WEEI dot com Christopher price. Chris we've talked about the keys all week to the game Tom Brady against the Jack Del Rio defense to me and I think in your estimation as well is one of the big east. It really is when you look at Brady's history against Del Rio until real coach defense of both in Jacksonville. He and in Denver he usually has his way -- those defense it's whether it's a combination of getting a good city performance out of the running game. Getting some good work on defense is getting some good complementary performances from guys who you wouldn't necessarily assume would be a big part of a team and I think that's a big key for the Patriots offense. Defense that we put the -- to look into in my estimation is more rushed for your drop seven coverage or flood the middle of the field those defensive backs try to slowdown the Denver passing it. When Bill Belichick has had success against Peyton Manning has that been the key in the past in the film you study. It really has been I think when you talk about. Trying to take away the opposing team's number one offensive option in this case it's been made it -- -- -- and really you wanna you wanna stop being -- and easier said than done of course exactly I think really the key element but the -- wanna do is they do what does it -- If you're gonna beat us you're gonna be to run the ball you know it's it's essentially pick your poison with -- in so. You let no -- -- do is running but Denver gets outside of its comfort zone that is not where Denver. Is at its best when it comes to running the football they're a good team when it comes to running the football. But they wanna pass the ball there won't be able piled up yardage there would be able score quickly that's what the patriots want to prevent the wanna limit those opportunities there will limit the possessions. On Sunday. As far as the health of the New England Patriots the only player that did not make the trip when he was ruled out before the team even took off out of Logan Airport Friday afternoon for Denver. With linebacker Steve harness. Obviously it's a rookie he doesn't he didn't figure big in the plans of the patriots anyway except for pure depth. But they come into this game relatively healthy obviously. Everybody talked about Brady's illness on Wednesday obviously Danny Aiken also missed with an -- as well but. In terms of health I know you wrote this is this about as healthy she could expect the patriots to be going into the game. They're -- -- I think when you look at the roster are from one to 53 at Vista -- looked everyone's going to be banged up north can be you know under present. This team as is as healthy as you can be at this time we -- I think the big key -- from a health perspective for knowing and obviously we know about -- we nobody can. But I think the secondary that group a defensive backs who really banged up toward the end of the year. -- was off the injury report as of Friday. Standard. -- record he all the those guys have suffered some pretty serious injuries over the course disease Gregory to exactly Steve Gregory the finger issue. They're all as healthy as they can be at this time hearing that both worked very well for the pitcher's going to summit. And if you're wondering about the weather here in the mile high city it's not quite what new englanders are dealing with this weekend where they got some rain and sleet and snow here. On Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock local time obviously 3 PM kicked off. We're expecting sunny skies and believe it or not 59 or sixty degrees for kickoff so weather should not be an issue. Be some wind but there always is here in Denver. I think it's interesting to note that this could be the warmest patriots playoff game of the Belichick Brady are we always talk about how the this is the other end of the spectrum they you know they be played one of their warmest schemes and in in franchise history last week to be more of the same. Week well obviously -- go one of two ways to 1986 or 1985 championship played. Down in Miami the patriots came out winners but there -- a lot of people who thought. When the -- was on in the second half of that 2006 AFC championship from Patriots defense -- let's hope. For the patriots say that does not happen this time after wondering about Ryan Allen. Patriots did not make a move today Saturday 24 hours before the game he will be the planner on Sunday. I don't think that's a surprise I think given the fact that we saw him in practice over the course of the week. I also think that they are holding Stephen does Carlos Diaz the emergency punter once again. -- but again we saw over the course the week he was available locker room which he is currently -- one or two ways but today I think that that's. Probably a bigger deal do we make of that it -- I mean you're you're out yeah -- is gonna be the -- going you know going forward into Sunday. And as we speak on the eve of the AFC championship we are in Colorado. Lot was made on Friday. Couple of news reporters asking Bill Belichick Tom Brady. Getting various responses and what -- what locker room marijuana is legal here in Colorado. Bill Belichick told the team no funny business this is a business trip Tom Brady reiterated that. Any worry in your mind whatsoever. That they would be at all distract. No I don't think so I think this team the one thing that really has distinguish this team over the course of the season. Has been their mental toughness did this is not -- -- before. See it again this is not the most talented teachers seem to have got covered but this is the most mentally tough team I've -- I think in that -- they're not gonna do anything stupid between now and took. Off -- -- well all the -- -- behind us for the AFC championship that'll be. Held tomorrow Sunday afternoon 3 PM eastern time kick off 1 o'clock local time so the -- be out here -- It should be a blast to cover this game and I'm sure all of New England is rooting for the second AFC championship. In three years and the sixth Super Bowl trip of the Brady -- era. We'll see what happens for Christopher price Mike which rally at sports authority field in Denver WEEI. Dot com.

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