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Chris Villani Sports Saturday - Patriots vs. Broncos Take 2

Jan 18, 2014|

Patriots head to Denver for the AFC Championship game tomorrow. Chris discusses the key factors the Patriots need to focus on in order to win.

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Well here we are we at 26 hours accounting. Mentally AFC championship game until patriots and Broncos from Denver chance go to the suitable. Eighth AFC title game for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. -- and Brady's legacy on the line you all the story lines. So many of going into tomorrow's game -- to talk about a between now at 4 o'clock. Your phone call 6177797937617779793. Seven AT&T -- -- 37937. In China on Twitter Chris -- 44 Chris a lot of -- on Sports Radio WEEI. Up until 4 o'clock and so much to get into it so much of the conversation. Over the course of the week. Has been devoted to what's going to be on Tom Brady or Peyton Manning's football and stuff. I mean that's -- it seems like about 80% 90% at just around here. The national conversation the national. Just -- storyline over parking storyline for this game is Brady vs Manning. Will this game determine who is remembered as the greater quarterback in. I always look at the legacy -- on on and got -- did a double edged up front on one side yeah legacies are bumper stickers. They they never ever reflect. You wants or reflect all of the different things that going into what makes a great quarterback what makes one better in the other one coach better in the other or anything like that. So I do understand that the outcome of tomorrow's game. And if one of these guys goes on wins Super Bowl is going to go whether it -- or not. Is going to go along way towards dictating where they fall in the minds of -- in the minds of players and in coaches in football stories in the media and everybody else it's gonna happen. Whether it's right or not but. You also have to understand legacies because they are bumper stickers absent of any new ones usually don't tell the whole story in fact sometimes they tell misleading stories we get into that. We get in some legacy type I'm more interested frankly. In talking about this game how it's gonna play out what's important for the patriots and frankly do you feel like they've got a shot and the patriots win tomorrow in Denver as the underdog -- they've been an underdog in the playoffs since 2006. And they going to win the football game tomorrow 617779793. Cents. I think they can't. And back I think they well. And on the gives you five reasons why patriots are gonna win tomorrow and you can tell me otherwise and -- -- why I'm right or maybe it's combination. Of the two never now. I got five reasons that it stand out to me why the patriots are gonna going to Denver went Tamar number one is for all the -- About the weapons that Denver had and I'll pull that off currencies and the records that were set everything else. Just in simple point of fact. Second half of the year the Patriots offense and everybody's good everybody's got. Points they've outscored Denver -- weeknight on including the first week -- the policies and last week 308287. And in terms of picking up yardage is out although almost points were scored by the offense and defense his wares and -- both ways. Yardage or 38 were 37 Denver. One yard difference. -- weeknight on. And before anybody says well you gotta take out the 600 yards 55 point performance for the patriots against the Steelers fine. I got to take that out you gonna take the 57051. The Denver hung on Tennessee and we to play that game all of that just the overall. Numbers out of the patriot topics been every bit as effective maybe put up -- appoint Denver's record setting -- much of that was set. The first half of the season has established a burst after the season that includes Peyton Manning's record that you that he broke this year there's nobody. On the Denver defense it's. Remotely intimidating in terms of stopping the patriots especially stopping the past 27 against the pass this year they're weak in the secondary. Nobody -- to rush the -- no Chris Harris. -- -- Champ Bailey are really in name only at this point. The -- scariest -- they have on defense -- nine Emily Jackson to run stoppers so. -- the first bullet point there is the patriots. Should and will be able to move the football tomorrow. And secondly it is kind of plays into it. The pats balance right now is better than it's been at any point this season now contrary to what you've heard a lot this week I don't believe the patriots are quote unquote running team. They were the last two weeks a lot went into -- last two games to last three weeks. Weather conditions went into it almost all the teams they played buffalo Indianapolis. Not adapt to whatsoever. At stopping Iran especially in between ninth and leak it worked. And -- stick with it because why not. Mean you're getting big chunks of yardage anywhere from early in the game at some of the big plays when Garrett won late and it keeps working you keep going to it but I do expect the patriots to return to more of a balanced. Tom Brady on more than 25 drop backs tomorrow very competent Nat and his team is better when balanced the will be able to run as well this week. Because Denver is better against the run. But the balance for the patriots are running team I'll look at and as a balanced team and a team that can go in either direction would depend upon what the defense is giving. Third on my list of five reasons -- the patriots don't win tomorrow. The Broncos defense -- -- Are not the type of team that is knocked out the patriots in the post season over the last five or six years or not. Imagine night in Jackson. Very good run stopping guys and -- idea he would head he saw. Other charges this repeatedly running into the defensible line last week you saw how effective they can be at stopping the run but. The teams that have beaten the patriots the teams that have given Tom Brady fits all over the years are the teams they can pressure with their front. Drop guys back into coverage. And in try to confuse Brady and Russian in that light that's the giants that's the ravens. That's the jets when they played in years jets this year too I mean teams like that. And it -- defense is like that this year Kansas City was like that Cincinnati to an extent like that even without Geno Atkins. The Broncos are not that type team this is a defense against which the patriots. Typically would have a lot of success worth and this -- very important because the Broncos do have a lot of weapons but the secondary for the patriots is healthy. For all the injuries they've got defensive line linebackers -- The secondary for doing -- patriots coach and help you tomorrow in May be at any point they've been all season long. They keep toll Kyl. It's going to be. A difficult challenge tall task no question. To try to hold down the -- Thomas Julius Thomas Eric Decker Wes Welker no shot Marino and of course Peyton Manning -- -- run and shelled by. At the very least the patriots have something that they will need. Tomorrow which is a healthy secondary they should be able to arbor. Better then. Really any point second half of the year we saw early in the season especially the -- it's probably the guy you'd think at least. On to marries -- when he is healthy. He was able to take Leo Jones out of the game he was able to limit. I like Judy Graham who is big and physical and strong as anybody in the only. A Thomas canaries Thomas in talking about here is a top five wide receiver there's no question. The secondary for the patriots is better equipped to even though the Broncos get their points they'll get their yards and -- -- they're gonna shut them out. But you're better equipped to. At least deal with them try to limit them as much as possible -- been a while and finally and this is more to the intangible point because people bring up Brady and Manning. We've seen the show before you know we've seen Tom Brady and and his team against a high powered Peyton Manning offense -- almost colts teams. That brought in. Not only Peyton Manning but to all of the receivers in Marvin Harrison the hall of Famer Reggie -- probably going there as well. That had all of the weapons seemed on -- it's great running backs over the years and the patriots have come out on top time and time again why. Not necessarily because of Brady vs Manning never on the field together the same time by. Bill Belichick defense -- have done a better job on Peyton Manning then. Whoever has been on the other side it's been different guys over the years. I've done it limiting Tom Brady what he can do so bad matchup is favorable the coaching matchup is favorable. -- Dennis and Callahan on Twitter. Tweeted this earlier in the week Tom Brady gets Jack Del Rio defense is seventeen touchdowns no picks passer rating 118 point three that's what it comes down to. In this is it about Brady and Manning in the sense of tomorrow's game the legacy question and again the football -- don't odd stuff that it gets an agreement. But for tomorrow it's not about that is what -- patriots do against the Broncos defense and what can. The Patriots defense do to try to at least staying in hold down the Broncos offense which has not been. As formidable second after the years it was first half of the year. So are their concerns. Are there a lot of weapons for Denver. Is Denver should Denver be considered the favorite tomorrow -- Vegas is overwhelming. You know for all the the talk that the patriots can't hold on it whatsoever with these Broncos team only five point favorite at home. It sounds like a lot it's really not. When you consider -- the home team in any consider. Some of the toxin the story lines coming into this game. So I do think the patriots can win I do think the patriots will win like this match up a lot Anderson matchups in the AFC that I thought were scary. From a -- perspective. On this one is difficult there's no question about it but scary. -- -- remind you of the teams that have not the patriots out of the playoffs these last few years they don't remind me of at all. And more -- anything it comes down to the Broncos defense because -- the part that's not talked about nearly enough. Our power the patriots gonna cover all the weapons the Denver has that's talked about a time what isn't talked about it not is the fact that. Both three the year on the ground play action everything the patriots will and should be able to move the football tomorrow against a very. Average I would actually -- below average. Denver Broncos defense why am I not tell me 6177797937. On this at least. Getting into why I'm not actually a lot longer than the conversation in the three hours we've got or. Why am -- right. -- the patriots win tomorrow 6177797937. Let's get some of the phone calls Chris -- and Sports Radio WEEI. Let's go to Mike -- -- Up purse this afternoon and Mike. Like. And out of a job like -- -- now -- that -- is that it be a great operate out. I have a college football coach -- division two level. I don't public product app for that are out what did -- -- playing week you know week out here agrees I think the patriot. And went off Juan I think the coaches out that nature but old job all the UL a law. They were and a lot of guys injured and they have got up every single week it got a lot -- I'm I think. Offensively. Remote while working -- do. Everything off that now we can run but all we are all we have a good game we are expecting we replay. Effectively. They have a while it looked very good news that the. That they are or are they can play coverage they can let it into -- -- you'll need -- you don't win. Are better for all in a and they weren't we want they're playing their best football right now. So we're sort -- -- But I think we look at the patriots and the way. They step out for -- -- week in and -- -- In the match -- they're gone this week I think the patriots win this game. I get a different they'd better way act they are not at all or I did. I don't believe the way Belichick. What his program to gather it by the end and -- -- guys that are a known name people. And they are all all the way. They're playing very that. It all for like. 88. And they -- all we week. Your seat -- greater weight gain on the our -- re flock. While I mean greatest we'll see but I do agree a lot of what you at -- -- -- -- I think I may quibble with. Is the idea the Broncos are playing their best football right now I don't think they are. I think they played their best football earlier in the year to be honest and I kind of goes back to the idea that since week eight. The Patriots offense has been every bit as efficient -- in yards and points better in some areas the Denver's has but but that -- gear larger. That all that I -- I would go out. I was on Saturday but it's there on I I think a great job I'd be all that there are out there. -- -- What the ballot as a coach I love the -- I allow light each week. Oh we saw the Everett hit the wind they're gonna do it may play that they don't let the public -- special. It is going to be. Off well. One carry the other for art pop there -- -- -- -- I love that there will -- to put off. And you're apt way to -- sell themselves all we're going to be a spread team were on board now. I think it talks. Yeah and Mike I agree with that second point and act goes to a lot of what I was saying about the conversation this week. I am member watching it was Monday night I look on PTI admittedly I couldn't as a bar circuit here they are saying about it but the headline underneath was. Are the patriots are running TE. And guys are debating while not really now. Not a running team anywhere in their passing team their their balanced team they've always been a balanced team or at least they've been a balanced team the last couple years patients they always. But he certainly were last season they're better when their balance this year if you're playing a week which Indianapolis very weak. Rushing defense and it's working -- keep running the football. Patriots will throw the ball more tomorrow my opinion he should throw the ball more but they are better when ballots let's go to Larry stone -- next on WEEI. But yet -- -- -- well every. I'm great. You know I I agree with a lot -- that you're saying that he only anger skiers need is that I keep seeing -- -- Google's fault going nova. Gregory's head then you know in the secondary. It just seems so content. It's just not focused and they can't have a game like that tomorrow they have yet to beat. They -- -- at a stop me and yet but and yet -- we. We're gonna -- away on the ground and -- you know created in the -- that that's -- got to get their point spoke about that Giuliani at that point that just a little worried that secondary -- -- why not add a second bomb is you know going over those guys that does. Let's say in middle and put it right near where each debate. That's fair but I mean you know going up against Andrew Locke who had some big throws and and had some big plays. He throws the deep ball may be better and any blatantly and I'm including the two guys play tomorrow not these better quarterback went. You -- the deep ball about as well as anybody and there were times where you -- quick strike offense for the colts and you saw defensive backs aren't we all saw a lot of big plays in that game and -- kind of goes back to the point -- -- They're gonna get your yards again get their points I can win any shot out -- hold -- ten points -- The patriots secondary health of the patriots secondary to me is very very encouraging considering the challenge they have tomorrow at least they're going in healthy. And relatively speaking is affected as they've done all year. You don't think -- Munich in dropped out while and like blocked it. I think you do it just as well I mean I think Andrew Luck made some of the best throws I've seen a long time last week. And if I get that's an Andrew like is is as good as Peyton Manning right now of course he's not. But it throwing the deep ball a lot dated as well as any last week at least once it is while they buy out errors -- mean it's big time rose under pressure. -- I mean are cute no question about it but the patriots defensive backs also made a lot of great place. And that goes back to the point of help her one open line it's one that Larry just vacated 6177797. -- 37 Mike Steve John Steve you guys are up next quick break to sports -- for talking patriots. Why can they win or why will they lose -- with the -- four clock era sports -- WB yeah.

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