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Mustard & Johnson discuss the Brady vs Manning Legacy

Jan 18, 2014|

Mustard and Johnson discuss the Legacies of Brady and Manning. Is Brady the best quarterback ever? Does Manning retire if he doesn't win it all this year?

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Yes. He's the WUPI. Sports Radio network. He's the mustard and Johnson really. Experience. On the WUPI. Sports Radio network. Yes we can and it means we're getting ever so. Wolves to kick off time. Out of the mile high city of Denver which. Of course has a whole meaning these debates who brought a mountain high yet John -- her -- smiling somewhere -- take care of Omaha studs coming off a little bit mumbled an -- -- -- stride a few things that would be -- very good for the patriot height of my friend -- had come -- from -- Jerry talking about come on from just think what a fantastic story they have a whole coffee -- irony you should try to Craig. No kind of car for you right now little treats and stuff I'm trying to a unit that this not just the thing -- -- after all she's great worker in the airline leveraged deal well I don't have anything like that the offer but it -- -- 86 which happens to be my home state of Connecticut apparently. When my fellow alarms from Windham high school class of 77 says. The pats could be blown out of Denver conference championship games tend to be one sided. Bad weather they have a chance everything looking too good. -- Denver. Given the weather so if they get it took they get trounced Belichick's got to come to the podium and say we got blew out well. Could tell you -- I'll be happy if Belichick leaving gets to the podium if they lose because we have seen. Some of those losing scenarios in the past were Belichick has declined. To meet the media or at least the network that has -- the phones but I'm disappointed tonight giving me any credit as you more credit for what you claim I worship Belichick and the patriots can do no wrong on the did you hear me come out today and I'm telling you reasons that make me every he would OK so out this team I think November is loaded offensively. In I think they're patriots have a better secondary -- be really be mean inning against the secondary. First play from scrimmage man would you rather see Brady for with seven -- bombed down the field that settlement or would you rather -- Take up a ball off tackle in just run over people which would give a better statement from the patriots I think one. Would rather be invisible or fly. Wow OK I mean this is where -- are. Listen I think the patriots can win the football game I don't trust -- coming out because even though the patriots don't have the weapons I don't think they they're gonna be nearly as uptight as Denver is Denver needs the win the game just four Manning's legacy this has been the team all year long they've been. Pre season picked to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. They had some shaky moments down the -- they have the number one seed they're protecting home field. I think they have everything to lose. In a little bit to gain meanwhile. Great point the patriots have anything to Wu music at all point and you think it -- right it really has nothing to get stay low it's a pretty sight more radio are already has the script written if they little right and who would've ever thought. And this is why we went back couple weeks ago and who would have ever thought that. Gronkowski. Now we may be singing a different tune in next time we come back here. If they get blown out and they cannot find a passing game now that's going to be the case -- -- going down against Cleveland ever reset. They'd rather have had Gradkowski stay healthy -- we in the game. We don't want. I think that Cleveland game define him in a lot of ways. To -- two touchdowns down with a minute and what change left comeback and win that game in regulation. Absolutely. Amazing. I'd say doing yet they've been they've been baffling us ever since they baffling since the Denver game I don't know how they're doing it okay to do it again we got. Part of the phones but you know statements you're making way too much sent -- people think we got a different -- want to -- -- about what you're saying is is so was stooped. Culture you're recording the stand by the way I don't know this economy. They lose gronkowski. Am I don't have fun amoeba to -- reckons that checking out the they're running attempts after that. In what happened is -- Garret blunt. Emerged. At this physical wrecking ball all of a sudden now they beat -- -- -- -- scrape by you don't have -- So you have the -- man who's not a great receiver but he come block his butt off in the patriots have become a very physical team -- This is why as much as I've Winamp whom you over the years has every year you say it's bill Belichick's great this year and I've been very reluctant to jump on that bandwagon but you know what I think you just explained. Why I would have the jump on because they've really taken advantage. Of what -- -- and I know next now right coaching got its next man up is just a phrase and I thought it was just the kind of a cliche a very stale one. I think this year really has proven OK we don't have eight. Tremendous force up the middle of the field in Rob Gronkowski he's not gonna be there we don't care what the critics say. What the observers say patriots can't possibly survive that. On top of Wilfork in Mayo. And Kelly and everybody else they can't possibly survive that that's the that's it that's that's that's -- is. As far as the patriots concern yet they just. Find a way and for some reason whether it's through the air -- on the ground. Tomorrow we'll find a way to just the way I can based. While if I lose your power hitter then you'd change your whole philosophy of hitting and you trying to produce runs by stealing and bunting and anything else that you can do. It's called adjusting to the situation right in they'll make that adjustment not at halftime to make that adjustment -- from series to series if they have -- tomorrow. I started feeling that way about the Red Sox in the regular season of all their comeback wins Grand Slam here Grand Slam there. And they were just a juggernaut the rest of the way downhill. Right through post season just rolling rolling rolling. I think that's what's gonna happen the patriots -- -- started in Denver down 24 not in Denver against Denver. In New England on November 24 I think we'll carry the right through February 2 MRI and an average white -- settlement. Tom has just been an -- he should be the MVP of this team this year can cut the cake. -- 16. Oneself I'm also a step in the -- -- -- music other went by so that is a out of right there and -- grow our apologies to average right and they were fantastic that is a Dennis Miller like reference right there Tony Bridgewater transport trailer WE I called Antonio why are. -- on that a big part -- stick at all but that's what I mean so what what -- gold governor what do you think about that he's punting to -- is -- in the superdome. Just take -- first. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not like -- you know so we don't create -- legacy it just happened and it -- it -- great -- -- -- -- -- -- gonna tell you why. You remember the late eighties early nineties which would -- Clemens -- OK I want. I mean -- to get the data -- go right right. Yeah and -- and Brady Brady is Stewart and Manning is Clemens. Went right. But how are they broke during now. They're sitting on a yacht and placed I don't accompanying I don't know our Dave Stewart he was pitching coach for awhile -- and -- -- and had spent and that all of our present Wall Street it's Brady against it because. Did he stopped just out but and it isn't all at play here all right -- -- lot -- the guys that are well we. Way to network and no way to do it did pick Tony I agree you'll call -- I do think is more pressure but I certainly would not call him but I just you're just gonna bomb. At least plausible. Case I thought you compared to Bobby Valentine utter lack of. -- will -- in the the patriots I used -- -- a political what he picks that'll fourteen games at a much or what the guys. I mean we can have a couple all the awards that's what is legacy. Fixed grab and then. Yet there are -- -- admit there were down seven at that time it's not like in the game was tied there were already down it would look. At that. You're okay and you know a lot and in I would think that's a fair comparison. I think Favre did it a little bit more but I did very critical Brett Favre over the years for throwing mealtime Peyton Manning. Peyton Manning is a better quarterback obviously is he's much more cerebral quarterback where he whereas far was the ultimate gunslinger that. But I but I great. Great quarterback opening current market election to Bart didn't -- always come out the actual tapes they all know that they're their political pal Bob Welker and go out the actual game and we'll welcome it but. They're gonna come out there that whether you know heard all would. If -- -- the open but it always comes out a special game to me. A bowl in the league match -- -- you guys do some research -- left gave. Okay in a quarter cup playoffs and export it would at one point to be out there and it let up if not clean the same amount point. I'm a -- possession they just about the same. The patriot. Patriots have 69 penalties Denver has a 117. If your -- checked Tony let me hear from the UN had a time what you game plan. You -- like declaration YouTube CommVault -- that it makes a -- at Larry at the port. The reports that -- -- -- what what the colts that it got like nine in the box but quite a real thrilled to. Rarely -- -- well -- I said but I Larry to your diet that's. Yeah. You are just all the old guys that originally signed on or colony -- Market they do it yet thank god what -- think what did you ever meet the -- I guarantee you'll make about all of the that a lawsuit will sort out there with -- -- back -- -- but I'm all. And it will be decided all on special to me and I guarantee. Well it'll be interesting and you are right that game in November but I can't watch the aero the other kickoffs might not be a factor you you think about even on active the colts game have to be careful receive the colts because people are calling. Of the game this week the calls because Manning is that playing for the other team named after Marvin Harrison playing this he is not. Nor is -- to get a tight end Dallas Clark but Tom. Think about that going back to that -- north. Butchering of the analysis on the -- and but it that that could have a -- out -- his legacy I hope not Beckett that could come down. That could come down to the play of the game if you think about it if the colts had recovered the ball on the two yard line. It might have been completely different the safety actually bailed the patriots out big time so there's another special TO YU's lead to rule of comic case like kick it out to kick the ball and protect the safety now if he'd done that. Would geared up to praised him. It all came out and -- and who knows what I processed sitting here for a minute it was a delayed reaction to them with digital -- -- saying to myself. This group. I'd. Have to call it a problem that are fine now that any good now where we're looking for we don't we don't mean to be unfair -- -- over the years and I've said this many times on the year he was excellent money that football terrific really. Did a great job we have Greg Gumbel on CBS and he will be sorely missed in spite of maybe not his best game. As his swan song efforts that I once I still say one of the greatest trades possibly ever made was Seattle's rate for trading -- leave them like Garrett want to that to the patriots are you think about that we would they be without either -- it's good to have friends in the -- guaranteed now well you know worked for the patriots are like the way. Kansas City used to be a feeder system for the with the dynasty yankees of the fifties and sixties any time. Yankees needed a good player like a Roger Maris Kansas City was always happy to accommodate 617. 7797937. Nick in when he -- this next up -- mustard Johnson of mining act. Yeah you guys doing good how you would -- -- if she got a -- like you should be is allowed Joshi wreck that team. Remember when they came down to like fifteen seconds left -- you just both the -- Allen and in the game to continue his. It convinced his team that doubt give up till the last second -- they have a big brawl out there on the field I think it was against the giants wasn't last year yeah. Note that if if if for Denver win I think -- -- -- the bottom millions of Welker as much as. And our pentagon and the jacket. Mike -- at rolling to Welker is is putting the ball out of his hands because he can't catch anything anymore. The NFL. In most targets. Dropped. You know of most most students mostly seen as. You most -- dropped. Bio white -- I think is eleven or target. Yeah -- I know wins out in that killed every game. Three times to get upon which you can right it detonated back. Backed panel while we haven't. Okay but that's that's the top spot to be -- anyways you know on for the whatever opinions you know even getting the ball on the Kenya that whatever he Glenn Beck interestingly. He dropped to a field goal range. When it was quite it would it would won the game and won in overtime win it would -- in the game. That's right gentlemen Ike -- you just can't say enough great things about this guy not only as a wide receiver for a hundred catches. His high returns he just has some sizzle to him that he just seems to avoid. -- was at tackle or is in and get some doubt it's for them and and Nikki had to be thinking about last week when he dropped that pass on the one yard line. Right in his hands and you know yeah I -- real time it's a little bit more difficult that's right the bread -- -- not a provincial standpoint but who do you think is gonna win and why. Thomas being back right yeah I -- really getting that is if if if meaning he has success with those two guys there's not a guided me innocent. And that and they got a pretty good right -- -- to -- -- successful with those guys he can probably get a lot of clock time and in doing enough to win the game. And then if you beat the patriots since two AFC championship side of. Yet they don't care about AFC championship anymore you know that he's got to win the soup you know what -- -- -- -- at which he said is exactly. Are on the money it's cat and mouse. You if you bring this the safeties up -- tea cup -- to a stop Marino. Venue and you throw over them if you if you leave them back. Them what are you gonna get it all depends on your front what kind of pressure can think of rich and in Chandler Jones. I put on amber are on now Manning. Outpost of the keys that I mean everything is gonna happen -- and we don't know somebody's going to step up in the hero. Last week it was on somebody's going to have to step up beyond Brady OK beyond Brady somebody's gonna have to step up. In the hero because I don't care I'm going on -- Denver obviously has better offensive weapons. So if the patriots win yes what do they have the do I mean we are. Speculate that's -- -- -- -- -- punch Denver in the model that it was like smash mouth so little bought an -- -- Americans -- tortured love him though if this is street fight -- to take number seventy. And he is healthy and that is made all the difference -- you know there were. One of the things that geared up does so well you know we didn't making fun of them little bit -- that very poor analysis on the muffed punt. But he really does understand obviously is a hall of fame offensive line McConnell -- yet and what let Mankins is doing in this one attack -- -- off it's it's hard for me even say it without smiling a little bit. Is you see the old fashion pulling guards -- you seeing sweeps and all that stuff we were brought up in. Many moons ago when running the football particularly in the playoffs was Paramount. So while the New York Jets all kinds of problems on and off the field Iraq has been three up it's a multi year contract. And I -- celebrate he took a trip across the GW bridge might. You know listening to this program has been like so -- like watching consecutive episodes of green -- Junction finished off by the Beverly hills police. Unbelievable. Well a lot of yeah a little room saying if any if Ellie -- wasn't an. Yeah I I urge you used to watch this jokers you might Wear that this is happening right. -- -- out the way Donald misses the. Yeah but you know I was around here -- -- -- yeah how frustrating would get old knucklehead. I feel around. I -- use our first I understand Mike you know the cosmopolitan. Lawyer from park avenue. Forced to move to a rural. Up in area. -- But you can -- can and all comment on any minute now. Must be so frustrating intellectual the paradise person that you are having to be here at anything positive to say about the patriot a. -- put the credit is going to tremendous pressure on Belichick I don't pay a lot. Because it yet don't want anything since spy -- so you have to win something. -- that it wasn't in it so it could end is -- is back in a matter goes after -- don't. Happened there on -- patterns but don't seem better coaching. An end in a locked and we're just lap it up they won't question him at all. So you anticipate. Manning doing to the patriots what Manning in another uniform to the jets in that last AFC title game. Now I think we're doing it a chance if Brady is sitting back -- little -- -- went one last week and I'll put blunt right I agree that art but. If what if Brady sitting in a rocking chair. Just playing pitch intact with the settlement and an an Amendola then -- -- -- -- went with it but if people forget. Up it will dictate quite Hilton. It what I whose name is read in yet another -- called -- -- -- -- -- -- -- pie toll more than wants. Now they had they had no weapons you know that was gonna happen because he's a very quick. -- all receiver which gives Talib. Probable. Like that's my point Larry get the. With the other -- the caught the touchdown pass. Number sixteen yeah it was a good catch yeah luckily a couple of nights in all events -- Portland you know put light oil field right well he was yet all kinds of confidence until that three in -- he got trip in the -- pretty much over after that opening happening now what are we know that. Well here's here's the thing -- any man sitting back in in Tom Brady just looking over his wide receiving corn up that he has tremendous personnel. But that game in people forget about the game before the AFC title game -- seven. He was 26 for 28. He had several touchdowns patriots won easily. And that was against Jacksonville. In Jack Del Rio Jack Del Rio you've seen -- heard the numbers. I he's always seven against Brady if if he doesn't pressure Brady you could have the same situation again in Denver. Well I know that -- say they would appeal Manning wasn't sacked last week. Told the patriots get a rush on him to -- -- -- -- an outright without them. Let's -- for the sake of argument that the -- take too -- Marriott promise which is a debatable point. But they got. All right then you got other guys could -- right we'll take you always enjoyed it but what I wanna know well is that -- Collins that's why I'm shocked that -- -- giving Belichick in the right you're shocked and equipment and we have a minute wait a minute I didn't aren't Larry we're not that they run it. The second. Day you can't just want you always reveal yourself after we -- for a few minutes that you can't give this guy any credit at all. By the way this team has been decimated with injury. Hopefully we -- OK okay whereas whereas I know I racquet who has the better offensive weapons and love our Brady. Traumatic injury and he. How many. With two big ones are Miller Harris -- -- I. Felt like yeah I don't Richards have about five yards that. They still have one of their best players on the field I don't think that's going to be the issue I don't think. It is so difficult the front seven for Denver better than the front seven for the patriots secondary the patriots better than the Broncos secondary it's a wash defensible. I'm sorry -- Do we do if you make a lot of these are going all right look I saw the sixty minute -- -- -- you know it they've got. It got text messages. On record between him and I thought that they got him. However and might I ask that question we won't quite a bit this question that -- didn't answer the question. Why it's illegal landing on him so much -- -- other guys. Explain that to me. I understand that at all I made sure in this is that Depp does this system my observation. I am so bored with this guy I can't wait for him to go away my regular A-Rod both a -- I can help you with a rob but I never the takeover -- Mike.

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