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Mustard & Johnson discuss the Patriots vs. Broncos AFC Championship

Jan 18, 2014|

Mustard and Johnson open the show discussing the big AFC Championship game tomorrow in Denver. The Patriots have the odds stacked against them as they go on the road. The guys discuss the keys to the game.

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No -- totally guy's sports center. -- -- Jones and the teachers and -- preacher are here for you. Media and sports Saturday we must -- Johnson on the WEEI Sports Radio network -- WEEI. Guns go. Are just kind of set the countdown clock here what it -- -- being. Also a thirty hours away from kick off Mile High Stadium. AFC championship game it's still Saturday we can't waited till it's Sunday mustard and Johnson sports Saturday Sports Radio. WEE. I am not quite sure Larry what we could add to the multitude of analysis. Discussion insight observation but we are going. Who try our very darkness between now and 1 o'clock you can certainly. Jumpin at any time off for your report six point seven. 779793737937. Is the AT&T TX line. And -- all by you but. This week I have been all what being goal. In anticipation of this game we all have other duties we have to get out -- -- brought. Every other minute -- I've been thinking about this game I I'm not coming into this game I don't think anybody is. Being here in the greater New England area around in the greater Denver area or even in the country of your football -- you're a sports fan. You care about the -- See -- I think the Indy. Chief's game kind of set the tone it was a phenomenal game. Com and we had back to back weekends whip you know we had two games on Saturday two games on Sunday. Pro once I honestly do not think. The games tomorrow will are being over hyped I really don't because it's a quarterback leak as they say. I think you have four are very very fascinating talented old Lyndon who. I'm -- you have Manning and Brady they're kind of old school big she wrong. Accurate experience stay in the pocket type quarterbacks and you have roles and in -- nick all at Wilson's a little more of a throwback but still they're younger they're a bit more nimble -- get outside of a pocket. I think the ER friends is all loaded I I I just do not think in any way that this series is gonna be over hyped. I do feel however. It either Denver is going to win by a lot of the patriots will squeak by that makes sense they're playing in Denver. And that's why they called home field and -- it's not just that though they eat listen. If Manning were playing for the patriots right now in in Brady were playing for for Denver really and truly Brady would say where did you get these wonderful -- I mean this just. Denver is just loaded they Al load as they have a tight end they have a slot receiver they have -- they can go deep short all over the place. They are loaded in anybody who does not acknowledge that day and -- you do you know you're just being too provincial Iranian not giving Deborah credit offer it for what they have yet Larry and I don't conduct scientific surveys Gallup -- not -- -- -- the way I go about -- canvassing. Opinion on this game. Yet I think the prevalent sentiment around here from listening to the callers to listening to the talk show host talking to people. And it in in my environment. I think a lot of people many patriots fans I would say a majority of them against very unscientific. I think that people are very confident going into this game I get a sense what that's what I wanna have today when people call. It it was and I don't care about scores of people keep -- -- I think it's gonna be patriots 31. That's our -- going to what I would rather share with you win with people who call and today is analyzing and dissecting. This game we all acknowledged that Denver has the better talent on offense. What we want to be in the patriots have the better secondary what we want to be able analyzes. If you think the patriots are gonna win how do you think they're gonna win what would your game play and -- If you were ballot check. Or -- it -- do you -- Ryan Moore they've had more success doing that. People keep going back keep keep going back to the last time. The patriots into ever played but then again the patriots had gronkowski and -- didn't have Julius Thomas the a talented. Tie it and so think's changed. But if your ballot check right now Craig what is your game plan. You wonder and I've been thinking about that that's one of the things you know I'm putting myself. In the head. And I don't think anybody could really do that but for this shows purposes will do. The -- -- just I mean talk about -- uses. Raise. I mean I I couldn't believe coach Bill -- Are not cowering talk about kind talent tomorrow we talk about getting on his knees and rolling alum Larry Johnson. Yeah it. -- Bill for -- how mean she inner sanctum so I can he raises accolades upon you -- you know all the greatest coach. The history of sports. Q why do you think that is what electing to putt the bill -- at the power you know why why immediately there was name has not out. Anybody who's ever roam the Iowa and who is dependent and several football coach in their careers don't last that long. They appreciate. And respect. What this guy has done over the years is the perfect now the biggest knock I would have on him right now to this day. Is shame on him did he did not. Supply Brady which some better offensive power. It to rookie EZE drafted might -- -- very good down the stretch but right now it nicked up and give her a lot. They don't have shame on him that when Brady goes back to past he -- and out of an element he really does not have consistent. Weapons Amendola has been okay. That's the only knock I have I don't creek you can't criticize him for injuries nobody can for can foresee that coming. But I do think Brady with stock going into the game tomorrow with some very bare cupboards offensively and that's particularly offensive to you on on all kinds absolutely however. Now this has come -- -- just this is when I like get into this stuff. He. Emergence of -- carried on in terms of the way he runs he's a very physical bone bruising back and one of the -- we had on the -- isn't a bad intentional as he does America and he -- your favorite -- what do you know that was the fight is but it -- finds that -- -- out more about Laurence Maroney are a lot of alternate identity he was on dancing with the style that -- now but what. Blunt has done is in Logan Mankins will tell you this any offensive linemen won't tell you they'd rather right market -- it. In pass block because that gives them a chance to hit back. The ravens game I went to which Baltimore won the biggest knock we had on the patriots as they weren't physical enough. Never to be all over the field -- he last year's AFC II I think tell leave as a physical corner I think he brings that to the patriots game. And I also think. My while we know week in your visor that used to his name -- all -- -- and it is Belichick does Scott revelry and why he has got I recommend that you do likewise he is going to be the key. One of the keys to this game Tamar. Because what you're doing is they're blocking in the C block area which is the area between the tackle in the tight NYC block our car. Between the tackle in the tight end at the backer to the outside leaving the whole Paula Garrett to get throw. Once this guy gets through -- I am amazed that guy this because that would be interest. He should say that though and I will say that. Watching last week's game. In a way. I'm kind of glad it -- a year -- is going off in the sense that was not his. Greatest love that punter explanation I was off road or apps are awful absolutely Brooke that was all cut out where Raymond. Get the ball on the tour guideline or get a safe they are acting king interviewed defense that -- I. That's down ostensibly that's seven points but -- get -- safety. Efforts at five or point in our -- -- logic fails and this week alone why what a relief that was but anyway. What he was saying one of the other ridiculous things he was saying is that right before he was trip which station called -- before his -- the Andrew Luck. Was gaining confidence according to. The very next play from scrimmage of course was the 173. Yard. Our rumble bumble and stumble. As somebody from ESPN might say. But you don't if you looked at his numbers they showed the graphic right before that big that big run he had sixteen carries wary. Or forty yards. So -- and myself. Once had a very good into the regular season in their running game is you know echoes -- 520032004. With Antowain Smith -- Corey Dylan. It's that are etc. But let's see if the colts had a pretty much corralled. Very first play first down right after the colts gave it up 73 yards so that's what I've been thinking about going back to that as well have been kind of wrestling in my head all week. One approach Josh McDaniels is going to take. This week in Denver. Because you know you for all the numbers. The Broncos are much better defensively against the run than they are the past. So perhaps might the patriots. Typical patriots. Start throwing the ball a little bit. Given the fact that the Broncos are much more ball. -- on the secondary than they are in the front that is the problem at the stat in its finance sat at my -- the other day and that is -- OK sit on December -- -- -- just say -- yourself -- -- I -- -- a lot and nobody -- -- -- all of a a a is. Almost throw all that stuff out the window because when they play tomorrow you have some of the same players some different players some guy might have a bad game some guys might not. You can drive yourself crazy what's what's refreshing about the NFL is you know when they stop the game it's on equal for everybody stats fresh. But I do think it. -- want is getting better I don't know what happened to him early in the year when he didn't use him that much of anybody has to admit the last three games. And the kick off this guy has been. Virtually unstoppable at least to get five or six shot yeah carry. That sets up a play action because if if Brady can talked a while in his stomach from now and then and take it back out and you get Mike Adams the safety to take a step up father read. Element can get behind him they're all kind of Pat Robertson is fair I do think one of the things we need to stop doing however is stop saying is Brady and Manning. It's not Brady gets meaning -- Brady against Jack Del Rio. It Brady against tight told -- secondary coach and the same thing we're Manning guy going up against ballot check Matt Patricia. -- our support of the secondary coach. It's it's really not Brady going up against meaning well in that regard gain by right that totally going against different. All right so you wanna throw out the fact that since meaning. Moved to Denver from Indy. Brady and the patriots are two and oh against the Broncos including of the game in November. Including a game -- the last regular season loss for the bronco that went on that big run. Right after losing in Foxborough. -- This work. Next year Broncos guess where they're playing next year. -- for Foxborough -- why always in Foxboro for the longest stretch they didn't remember we used to hate it when they used to go to -- I'm talking about all these Manning Brady matchups yeah. They're always. In the regular season they always seem to be in Foxboro just because of the way the schedule check this out the fifteenth time in meeting debit -- -- for you. Who would know against -- playoffs -- and wanna play off the last time they faced this is by the way speaking of the last. Time they faced each other in the post season that was that -- the patriots were up 2131 point. A wilted in the second half of the old building out Indianapolis. As the last time. Believe it or not this is hard to believe. The last time the patriots have had a play off game. On the road other minister verbal right neutral site was again Indy Indy via their loss that was the last time they had a playoff game on the road in that was an old seven. Now let's talk a little bit about the legacy -- -- I'm really wrestling with this like if if you buck says don't do the -- column this morning I didn't read it yet box set -- allow. Yeah well while while cell Walt Walt Walt timeout no legacy talk -- -- -- I have -- I happen to agree with him I think to define. Guy like Peyton Manning and the stats this guy has brought up went over the years. And then if he loses. Then he's a stiff and he's a child then he never could he did win one Super Bowl but I I find like it. I think there has to be war. Then obviously you want to win a championship that's -- most players are defined by. But Charles Barkley seems quite happy. The mailman com alone is okay. I I doubt China -- had a great column yesterday with a classic line. Any -- will mean ending and that being the Wilt Chamberlain. Of football. On the not -- Monica a couple of championships like desperate. Yzerman is on the court performers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Less -- the woman out there named Omaha. Cup cup. -- That was funny bit you know I didn't realize. And we heard a bunch of -- Omaha as maybe maybe striding toward charity battling everything that really Omaha it's now it is yet yet I wasn't before the game but I guess now it is they have their. The either their favorite numbers or it is that particular phrase or word that they use when I realized that was document my idea my little guy my eight year old we're watching the game. Last Sunday afternoon it was so loud and clear that Omaha. I thought they were using sideline those big boom microphones actually December was Mike Sanders helmet was -- that's what you're hearing. Omaha over. In all over again. So you know it we're gonna talk about our ignorance is sanity he's -- a point to eat -- burger place although it's a lot patriots. Were scared little bit but the it would -- one play obviously turned that team into effectively route. In the fourth quarter. It looked as if -- Don't like is that an EE 1111. Of those we have stance that I -- come up with that probably don't matter about which seventeen punts. Less as a better chance of winning in the in the patriots upon its sixth all right and get all I know list. Kenya where premiums and all I know it should not have a lot of three and out right against number I don't get out right now I'm upon their I'm gonna follow the DN Dere door of up -- the ball on the ball on the two yard line instead of -- -- -- if -- -- produces in the -- and everything -- but it's that. They did you could tell he was trying to back -- you can hear the beat lights. Emanating from your television that he was trying to become like you have a way of spinning it after the break you have -- -- tend to -- -- you know when I say stupid things I mean that's that's collectively you're twisting in the network which is a pretty ugly site now that number on that one timer temperature overnight. The rest during your -- that I did I don't seem to remember all ideal I think it was like Hitler and Omar. Anyway we're gonna take a break a much needed one by the way a sunny analyze who really do I -- dissect. That -- that that's right about football -- -- that because you can you can do a lot of that and it's time. And I'm hoping patriots Koreans will haul and not just be provincial and yet. Brady and ballot -- -- I really you know I he's in in in in let's get into a discussion about. What do the patriots have going for them. What the Broncos have going for them we don't know what will prevail on the -- and by. At least we can analyze and interpret mine we think will happen right so little plus minus chart mr. Muster -- do plus and minuses on the white -- -- through 26 at Wellesley high school do what year. Plus and minus plus for the patriots. Plus for the Broncos and look at the minuses as well if you were teaching -- would you be smoking grass and cut from -- it's perfectly legal problem that well I -- believe that the kids understand and I do believe that it might be for only adults Larry when he won -- -- -- at least I could be smoking I can be lighting up in the in the it would obviously. Benefit from the many insights that I would suddenly have sex once. 77. -- -- -- ID 37 -- must added Johnson we got. Rocky mountain high Colorado all dementia or wherever you are.

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