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Brady vs Manning: How one game could define both legacies

Jan 17, 2014|

Common theme this week is comparing the track records and NFL History of Brady and Manning... Michael, Dale Arnold and Andy Hart look into it and discuss...

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My god -- Nazi. Music. -- -- Dale Arnold clobbering time. -- -- Michael -- course like all. Holly got there -- down here and start the point. Palm thank god is somebody's gotta keep the ship flow somebody's gotta keep going so much responsible and somebody get a read the -- -- regular -- from the first our top. And I'll tell you what I forgot governor -- -- -- boy. So I have these. He's come through to about what Tony Dungy said. Very you know he's actually he was critical. But he was also very prophetic. That's his right after a spy gate and he said what's gonna happen. You said. Acrobat for -- -- about Kraft is gonna have to answer questions -- gonna have to answer questions all the time from here gonna. When headsets go wrong which they go wrong everywhere had this at that score wrong and our stadium. But when they go wrong up there are now he's gonna have to answer is it something that just happened where's that -- There's bad grass everywhere but when the grass doesn't grow up there he's going to be asked about it that's too bad about form. I feel bad for young people will look at this organization to see these are people 132 purples that's what we wanna be like but here's his Barry Bonds computers. He was asked if the patriots went for super balls since 2001 dungy said. The media and fans will likely determine how the patriots are judged. That's got to be up to you guys he said that's what I'll be curious to see. We seem to have tarnished Barry Bonds. We're pointed that even though he's a great player is that a lot of home runs because of what some people. That work around him I've done it seems to have tarnished him in the public opinion. We'll see. He also -- video taping not commonplace. You don't have to do that to win other coaches have disagreed with him. He said. Now this it's -- we doesn't mention. This is very conspicuous. Feels bad for a lot of people involved. Says Tom Brady Richard Seymour where brown. Those are guys that talk about our team the way you do things the way you wanna represent the NFL. We have two guys former patriot Adam Vinatieri and Dan Klecko the same way. Got to now be link with the negative that Cuba. Wednesday mr. Bob Kraft and thinking about Belichick until. After the their arms. Around. But if prophetic is not even say this I gave aftermath aftermath that's something that. I don't think a lot of people were able to envision how. Deep. The impact would be. -- seven years later. We're still talking some people -- people knowing -- to talk about it. And unless there and fight for people coming up but something it can't open it up unless you're you're you're you're in a fight with somebody on Twitter. A message board that's -- come as were comes up and that's where you know -- got to know which fight you can win this welcome daily that part. You can understand. I understand why -- -- -- where the ball as if -- -- yes it's all busting has sought the lowest common denominator it's UC effect and you called fat it's it's it's when you wanna rip somebody you get ugly. And this is how you get the ugly list against the patriots. And you can't take that -- that's -- they are part of public record. How much you can do make that go away and try to win this argument and this is tower when the argument or that's what they obstructed -- -- dozens -- New Hampshire was -- -- -- -- to our great. A like I'm about to be -- right now earlier I think yes. Are accurate. It deduct yet through the night here in the intelligent -- share. Would -- game that we can I get a kick out of all of the let people are that I think most immediate I think -- bowl quarterback problem but it. Like it would any other game bikini that I the for the patriots to win this week is not necessarily with the quarterback that I think fit. The -- probably a little -- up right now in terms defense and I feel like 2% to line the line -- occasionally quarterback here there. If they can get some pressure on Manning edit it and I think that's where they've been able trying to make him stumble in the past. And I think that in place you -- I think that's where you'll be able to do what he normally does. That's into the air being out and I'm not have been there. Primary playmaker and Von Miller I don't know we got -- but I think I could the defense and wouldn't step up. And put some pressure on Manning and try to come up with a good looking game plan and it got in Butte. Well now listen I -- it I've got to preach to me is going to be about -- here going to be about pastor. -- be more specific underscore. Underscore for you. And and you got X I don't know why why a black guy like Peyton Manning is a good plan. What what is it again. -- -- Welker still close game once scored I was with -- on the pressure but up until he said the B word. I'm a little hesitant to go as far as blitzing I think pressure's huge and I don't mean pressure you're gonna get five sacks against Peyton Manning he sacked eighteen times -- got on it and but if you're around him get a couple hits on. And I got to tell you this this is trying to directing to set -- accused me like Gregg Williams but. Opposed to maybe a fifteen yard penalty early in the game we you'd knock him down and you took that extra step he's Peyton Manning gets the call. I think you need to make him uncomfortable there I don't wanna do from bullets and I want Ninkovich I want Jones Chris Jones you know another wildcard guy who was sort of pass rush early in the year kind of faded as the year went on the other -- -- yes they need to a -- instead Chet Jones and they need to get the job done and you can sell me on it I mean they I thought they had a nice. Nice game last week and -- and they hit him ten or eleven times there for sacks Jones had a couple hits -- which had a couple hits Collins had a couple hits. But if you tell me you're gonna start send in Kyle Arrington Logan Ryan who have been their blitzers. That worries me a little bit driving out I think he just goes to and they get good run after the catch guys Steve Gregory misses a tackle and all of a sudden tablets was sixty aren't that does -- -- checklist for you -- you gave me. Austin Collie earlier in the -- records don't check Chris Jones and Austin -- you don't know how -- can be rooting this Sunday. -- -- What happened I gotta be tweeting regularly all over the did you see that adds -- boy readily gave his mom doesn't end to settle down now. Not the problem not. Patties in Orlando that assortment. Hey guys -- you know -- let -- calm I have a friend of mine from New York you need this -- -- by -- over and over and over again. I wanted to -- at least as we all are you have a lot of soap bubbles aren't. You win another Super Bowl to pay its nose for the ball it's shut -- 75%. That started leaking -- I feel that I think the patriots have had -- shot it went in the game. On the resort and -- -- shot as they look like a little bit different the last few -- are in the running the ball more and you know maybe it's just me good. I have been on the Peyton Manning. He's really going to be present because. You know -- teams want this game I think patent happy to have this came. And I didn't think he pressed a little bit and -- like I know I'm not the first person it is good. Spell check out your plan -- and everybody else. All right I don't know if Peyton feels like he needs to have it. But if you I think he's under more pressure and embrace it let a -- make him feel that way that's that's your vantage point. But if you look at the record if you just look at all the things his accomplishments of the battery in the right and you don't -- after the brakes were rated beauty. Actress -- guy hasn't a fellow who only had Cris Carter on earlier. Saying he'd take Brady over Manning also saying yeah. Don't want to catch that Welker dropped in the Super Bowl yeah in -- of -- about a. Who he was rendered wordless speechless. When that subject came up then requisite Brady or Manning. Broncos are patriots in the AFC championship game talk but just before -- -- the break in the heart. Here would Dale Arnold you said. There's pressure on Peyton Manning once -- pressure Manning -- Why would he feel pressure. Because he's the leader of that offense it's all it all starts with him. And they are expected to score points they are expected to win this game they are the favorite -- the number one seed. And he has he hears all this legacy stuff even though he avoids the questions. He gets the questions he knows the stories that are out there he knows what's going on it started. On the field last week. And he deflected it -- united -- -- we'll think about will move onto that a Monday and I'm gonna enjoy this one -- it and he knows the story he knows the again narrative. That is being told that it's Brady can stamp his legacy is the greatest ever Manning needs to stay in the conversation. Are flip -- has been around professional athlete. Don't most athletes professional athlete. Like pressure. Almost from thrive on it once. He's a great point. No no absolutely he's a great but -- some some professional athletes don't thrive on pressure they don't like it I don't think. Bob Brady absolutely. Does and about Manning. Man I don't not a Brady that -- sure there's a reason to question him. And and the one thing that has always stood out to me is after. 03041 of those times -- came to -- -- failed in the post game locker room. He was literally standing there just sweat pouring down and yet his tie and he's pulling on his collar in -- is hot here that's what's. Like he looked like a man that was having a anxiety attack -- pressure attack and and that I can't get that image out of my mind years later I just see this guy that seems to be affected and you know everybody likes to joke about you know they didn't win at Tennessee 91 with his team heard stories that. Like he he let a ball go through his legs at shortstop in high school on a baseball team that lost some title because like it. Not a baseball. Nor -- let the big Peyton Manning gets short stuff. -- try to -- the next cal -- but I just. Some -- where he's he's definitely not -- that's that's not in the conversation. The question is is he Russell Wilson. Is he. Andrew Luck to these guys have something. That their careers may pale -- there whatever their records in numbers but do they have that's something that he may lack. There are there are players in and we know they are I mean there there -- the great ones I liked Jordan a guy like bird. You know a guy like Brady they get better when the spotlight brighter big they get -- -- goes up a notch. And there are others who when that's spotlight gets brighter -- game goes down and. Match and you look at you can't just I am of the belief that yes all quarterbacks get worse in the post season because the other team get better -- the defense is better. Why has he been so dramatically worse why is it 81 and done why is -- -- sub 500 quarterback in the OC open. But okay those numbers are are bad can't even you can't even defend them. What you can't defend him is his numbers. His totals. In the postseason. And hasn't thrown more interceptions than than touchdowns. -- strong for a good amount of yards thrown in his his post season numbers because when he's good are close to rate Brady's. You know what's that numbered eight times in a post season game team has not punted. Three of them -- Peyton Manning teams to with the colts -- with the the Broncos last week when he's good he's great he puts up numbers he's he's slowing and it it's like the regular season everything's working. When it's not working he loses. And I think that's something you need to look at is you know Brady. You play great last week and have to at six rushing touchdowns. And you could argue okay will Manning never got those type article did -- coaching. The other Brady Brady played well last week and what what what did you want and what what didn't do well last. I get some questionable throws a party was off on some really Scioscia. And I mean he -- -- he was sub 50% until last through the game. He was a sub fifty completion percentage and again he didn't really find anybody other than -- element to throw passes to some of those are drops you know if you hit. Unit Shane -- in the hands of Hoosier nation that -- and you got to pick economic got to -- to figure. You -- the less -- once shame on me but. I do think there is something to the Manning wilting under pressure or not -- maybe that's the wrong word maybe it's not. Improving doing the David Ortiz doing the Tom Brady doing the Joseph Montana doing the Michael Jordan -- -- he just doesn't have that next phase he stays the same which again. Is -- not everybody does that as you said other -- there's all kinds. I Ortiz is another great example how -- it is a fact he is better. When there's more pressure 88 it has been pro am for those people who don't believe in clutch and I know that there are some of the -- attrition I don't. My -- tell me that that's a clutch player. Some guys -- -- not a -- Manning's not that he has yet to prove that he's that clutch. You know at and that's why one part of this story is. But just beat the pay trophies are Clarkson last year at the beginning of the structure as you know 1011 about Malkin but I spoke to you guys with your tickets by the. I fear here how do you go undefeated or November or December in the regular season and then the one and -- -- -- -- -- -- hold you down a break and if he's not -- and you have no reason to hear him in this game. That's after it -- or is it because I kick it -- fifty plus touchdowns out of my head 55. Feet. Well let's talk to Brian Carter Bryant without. I got I don't -- I despite deep into the -- could irritate you are on vacation and I would talk a three minute can't expect -- Unscientific survey that what they thought the biggest Gilad -- I -- Into the -- -- that everybody knows the patriots take some practice. Well you know that's not true let you know that story we're attracting an apology to our belt -- -- our problem you actually get people like those bank. You're right there your exactly right and it has taken over perception becomes reality yes and I've read something the other day it was one of those. Internet for words it was like 3030. Reasons why you wanna smack the smog off of Bill Belichick or something and one of them was well spy gate. And it was such a serious deal that they lost 21 round picks a -- we -- that's not right at at. And they take another team's practice will look what that's not right either spike happened that's on the record but none of what you just said. Is true and I'm not -- do you have the black mark you have this black mark that's grown into something that it really actually wasn't proven to be. How many people how many people remember the back in 1999. The Denver Broncos lost the third and third round draft pick and and -- find almost two million dollars. Or circumventing the salary cap. Pork cheating quote unquote yup that's circumventing the salary cap. By deferring money to all -- Terrel Davis and John Elway who now you think that mattered much. Now they lost a third round pick and find two million almost two million dollars. It's just but it didn't happen and that guy now runs their team. What you know frustrated and guys its you know we saw just this year -- -- I cop and Mike -- actively -- up on you play. It -- -- football. And it swept the couple weeks the story I don't think when my problems on the battle BER I think moment of -- -- I think. Mean it seems like what we call here we look at cheating on a legal. Thought well that and that's. True generally -- more than a lot of -- and no one cares about all the toward France guy that's gonna matter and -- -- doesn't it doesn't matter who did it. A lot of times since when did it and what their personality -- There's part of that. You know people disliking Belichick and seeing him from -- and and the New York Times says he smiled seven times and he's a bad guy -- -- -- snort at the press is part of that in this. If he was a likeable guy people will be more willing to sweep it under the -- if. I mean I I think about this if if Mike Mike Tomlin did. Was much more egregious than what Bill Belichick in my opinion much force. He tried to -- change up play on a football field he tried to insert himself. On eight was punt returner kick -- return -- punt return he try to insert himself and and and and be part of a play on the field. I don't know -- -- It was a mistake an oversight -- right -- -- even less lots and lots of my yard loss and a you know that's going to -- the big screen so it's like a victory of all there are -- are and it and it and nobody outside of Pittsburgh -- Nobody outside and most people on Pittsburgh in by eighty. Probably -- report bodies of real likable guy. You know you go on to your point Demi needs it by like some like him. Except if I thought I got -- I I don't -- that it had been captured they're put up. Yeah I don't let them. That I want to touch -- a look at Michael and out here are the oddball lol at the whole -- read. King legacy bottom line is to win lose or draw. Commanding. The national media loves them and you'll end up being elbowed out the best quarterback in history and I'll -- psychology at all yet thanks a lot guys. Yeah I agree that I don't feel like given -- without a doubt -- -- yeah but yeah you can't didn't it can be involved in a dialogue like shortly. Aren't those two different things. Media darling best quarterback in history there can be the best quarterback in history without being a media darling -- how we judging the best. Me is that the numbers. That we care about the individual stats. Or do we care about that the championships are consistently take Peyton Manning in Tom Brady out. It was always the Marino. Montana. And Elway got. What -- panic in the middle there Elway was the guy who didn't have the stats look it up there or not that's that not. Manning like or even Marino that I'm close to or even something as if you can always you -- a year compared to what we think of his good now he had bad years a lot of bad years touchdowns interceptions all of -- But -- no way. It was never about the numbers with him he knew he was good and you know we didn't have the team Beckett -- again -- the big game. But she still thought it was great quarterback which Joseph Montana. I still don't know. Tuesday off the top my head I do not know all of the amazing -- For Joseph Montana except for the -- except for -- that's all I thought about Montana. What the winning Terry Bradshaw porno in Super Bowls get two more touchdowns to interceptions -- career. Did anybody really care to know. So is it. We care about the -- -- -- it's -- that some people but many people would just will they won't hit you over the head with that. But they -- 55 touchdown pass in the season. Is that he has so many completions 491 touchdowns he's went five -- it's going to be five MVPs on and on. And they when you start talking about the Super Bowls. Our are you so focused on polls but I almost think Manning would be better off if he had all those numbers but somehow those teams were very good. You know he didn't go thirteen you know every year in in in get to that point would have to decide with a airport it and we're just you know ten and six every year people say well. His team just wasn't good enough around him but boy could you know he could put up the numbers he could do mr. public. But because he got in position to be the number one or number two seed and then lose one and on and leave the playoffs. That sets him up to look. And I and I think right -- and not think I think that's a great point because he would be viewed more like more correct. And Marino had some good teams but the best receiver Marino ever played with. This Bobby Irving Fryer after New England so no Irving prior record without Hendry did Stadler for -- It was during game that some he left early I -- you can get an accident during the game as amazed how. That's a different time as it is and so is there something happened in the first -- ever happen first third quarter but not at the stadium. -- but he never played with he never had the supporting cast that. -- -- -- -- Well we're seeing now with Tom Brady. God forbid he goes to a -- will loses. Now is to 502 mobile quarterback at 33. You know he his his stock is -- he's not the winner he once was. Wedeman it's bad to lose the super -- -- equity as he went to six like it that's that was negative is that they'll lose if you don't win it. Is that eludes them when you don't win -- lemon it's gimme a minute. Jim Talent. Yes but no telling you get it in your wreck wreck if we don't very -- people are spinning -- some people have radio shows in this town and it. Yes -- can't talk about nobody would but some people have radio shows this town in against they believe the crap they spew they are literally. Saying that he loses another Belichick loses another they become less yours. They're they're not as impressive characters for history to look back upon because. 500 coach and quarter -- -- Mike but Mike and I -- -- wait until. He -- he he really does when he's fueled it long enough for five days away -- -- that they had everything. Hopefully we don't have -- asked him like somehow forgetting how to charge people to call but actually believe Belichick loses. Now he's gonna be Don -- And one of them the winningest coach in NFL history right I mean like. People speed -- -- people. People it's somewhat crazy notion that not all -- all the -- people you know I don't know how are mostly -- -- I -- -- quite correctly that's why some of this this is just over think. Manning's great he's great history will show both great. I've really subscribe Michael Robinson do you guys -- it's not a debate right. If if Manning can win this game Sunday. And then -- in two weeks from Sunday begins to become a debate. Right now. There their careers and today. Man and Tom slips off the the brought up the stairs coming off the plane and and Manning steps in front of a car and breaks his ankle their careers and it's not even at the Northrop the -- jar it's not that showed that it got a job I I am I agree with my color. -- not very. It -- not out of the big holes where he gave. Patent could make this real debate. Great news. More move forward -- to at least. Try to accomplish something no other quarterback as the cope with -- means you win the Super Bowl -- didn't. But. We we oversimplify it Belichick and Brady been together forever right now Manning. Has been impressed with Tony Dungy. Went to a Super Bowl Jim Caldwell all his career is over reason to go to another team he's gonna. Set a new record for every passing statistic with a different team -- he's -- in -- but he's not one of the great quarterbacks of all time if if this is that it the gap between them is what it is today. He can't beat out or this oh -- now -- -- -- -- say when the argument is the greatest of all time. Brady wins that argument I'm Michael -- that argument is over until things change I don't know where it is a mountain in the argument -- we eliminating that well or not. Know what he had to go -- it's a bulls never thrown a separate did not eliminate the Joseph Montana at the discussion with Michael Ervin what's of these two guys right. And he said it's not even a debate. Brady is clearly the better of the two quarterbacks right now. Now that could change. Going forward it -- Manning you know wins a Super Bowl wins this one. Wins the Super Bowl he's he's -- begins to be in the discussion this is not like baseball. Where -- Ted Williams never win the World Series but it's still the greatest winner winner who whoever and has an argument about that. Dan Marino sorry he's not the discussion for greatest quarterback of all time he's not. I think how can you hold it guys general manager -- but he had a great head coach. Who was also the general manager. -- -- come on Don -- was was was making the calls even though he didn't have the title. And Don Shula lost it for like Mora -- people's draft picks -- I went back and -- at some of their picks. Us. You know he didn't -- around Dan Marino he didn't commit to Dan Marino and building around him. Totally the same way Bill Polian did in Indianapolis -- speech which he should have done with Peyton Manning textures are saying. Michael -- Tennessee's great quote -- I just gonna and it adrenaline up for you can't be the best of all time if you're not the best of -- time. That was one thing and another texas'. Mark Clayton and mark supermarket c'mon now. Come on now. I would be real real conversation we got messed around about have a real conversation. Part. -- we don't -- them sure. Those guys like Brady has done with the guys here weren't they want Manning and guards in our guys aren't coming out of Austin Collie dog Tammy and Peter -- built those guys created careers for all of them what to think about that come back and talk to me here 6177797. That they protect public to call it if you call added that the case for Mark -- market will protect the capital -- -- -- -- 793 -- portrait of W year. I used it took twenty minutes from now as we look back. Look -- -- but the people and will not remember but couldn't remember some pebbles are probably because each unit. We reboot with the chip. Recruited to record holders will revisit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To change your opinion it. He needs history. And the -- and compensation. Well greater -- time because it can't be integrated the all time conversation if you were not recruited -- Love Michael loved -- Michael -- yesterday gets more fired up Louis animated doesn't. Seem borderline ridiculous so he wins one game and he goes from not in the conversation is about time. All said -- Unless he wins this next -- he's not even it it's not even a discussion point. Yes see that's where I lose him because he says I think there's a discussion who's the greatest quarterback of this time. It radiant and it's it's the same discussion. He says he doesn't and -- clearly haven't said mean. The welcome thing you know he can spin his quote. We'll we'll play them again second quote get them ready and you. Michael Irvin talked about the walker -- himself his kicker was priceless but because all of a sudden say you know Manning it's no one else ever. On Super Bowl two different teams broke the passing touchdown record with two different and yes no question he's the greatest ever -- not a question. In the bay -- it's always -- like a preacher and you give me that yes and yes they never got back went out there apart for a slot that it would definitely got to do it. You're preaching with that. You've really got to give me more as a preacher got to start sweat -- -- -- -- or -- -- organist at the command the other area my son's in first grade. And he comes home from school the other day and they're pretty sure I don't know if our product the other day it was Martin Luther -- Rupert. And he comes on we're talking about it and they did all these things in a civil did you listen to his I have a dream speech in school and -- go to YouTube and cyclic and voted on the stereo listening to. And it's one of those old audio is where it's not just him it's crap out. And so you hear these women amen yeah right at my side -- I thought. I was thinking. Into the speakers like yeah. Usually the -- and I. Here's here's been regarded Jackson records are like attorney -- I'm just like this is that this is this the very interest at -- rate regardless they're worth the preached yeah. Fifty minister about race as a little white kid and a and a primarily wait to retirees. And could. -- How about twelve minutes from now we -- answer the question. I'm Mikey Adams popped in here earlier earlier and as only Michael -- Adams. He was holding the talent when schools story of Eddie says that good news is it. While this is really big -- you can't beat. -- -- see also wanna talk about Danny Aiken. We did city's big fan of snipers. This is so much yet this is what he does on the tracks Eddie you have that. That sound from Michael -- yesterday we were asking him about. The Wes Welker catch or the Wes Welker not. In the Super Bowl how he was starting to defend. You've been wonderful. He shopped. -- don't eat as little about it who can repeat that welcome attacked in the try to take that step behind the and now don't you haven't been good to achieve it. And it. Demands from now. And you and who are desperate so I have pledged to match. Would you have made. And that's -- It let's face it not at all of course that would -- just like maker alcoholic I think about who asked that question. Let's talk to you the thought dom dom with them. All. Job -- there were seven. -- the broccoli and don't put. They played in a time when you could actually touched it received this he can you equate and it didn't wrap it up field even relocate any. I I think you've overstated how good they work. I thought it was fit into that okay. Now you play the game third and 26 illegal contact first down. It's impossible for the secret to prop -- failed. Politically we couldn't let people that's why would the argument once at the pats quarterback watched -- film that we got -- put the ball. It was unbelievable. Well you all so he also where I don't think duper and Clayton fall into this category. Joseph Montana did have the guy who was in arguably the greatest wide receiver in the history of football throat and sometimes the place he was putting the ball was like five yards over the line instrument on a slant in the chair went -- -- -- Button and that turned into a seven yard completion from Montana. It did went to Super Bowls without. Yet burst your Super Bowls know Jerry Rice there are you look at those receivers especially that first suitable. You know -- Clark get Dwight Clark. Earl Cooper. As one of his tight ends at Wendell Tyler is as one of the -- about an eight. To get a fenced area that you know at 25 years old when he won his first 125. There's no Jerry Rice anywhere in the neighborhood. And that's where Internet that the Brady compares runs when and some other older -- David -- an ad compare I Jermaine Wiggins and and I'll just give the the caller this brief example mark duper. -- ten years. Three Robles. To all pro teams -- thank you he also averaged five point nine touchdowns per season. He averaged 886. Yards per season he averaged 51 catches per season I know what's different time and I and I agree with. With a caller in that regard but c'mon now but it's not a different time approvals. Robles approvals all star teams are all star team he -- you were the best. Of your camera even if you know if back then eight touchdowns was great enough -- account -- more than tripled now -- you got a better argument for he was eighty. Five time pro bowler. And he was a five time all pro five -- now -- that's -- -- -- Kyra those half for those were second team but still all pro let our recipe. Got to -- I thought that. He was only first team all day today it was at one time. I've got the Reche Caldwell aren't particularly survived all brought low. I don't remember. Five -- people -- well no not one for original OK guys at the Belmont New Hampshire it was a. It is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What -- that was you know or -- -- -- out the treatment of the great quarterback and then we've got a great quarterback Aaron won one but -- The black -- -- got. -- -- -- -- extension. And he's got ripped it moved on the AFC east. The AFC east -- want to -- not anymore but I want -- -- Optimism to women and so it brought out all the teams that -- newbies it is terrible nobody can you both play again. He looks great. He goes -- what I've done all that. -- -- And he Henri Mathieu I mean we hear the (%expletive) we got a -- -- here. You is that if they used to be in this division used to play all time. -- I don't need to and -- -- and that's what I was talking about the beginning of the show when you start to breakdown Brady vs Manning. At the beginning of the debate you think -- great quarterbacks. And I have to figure out why I prefer one over the other. At the end of the other debate guy sounds like he's forgetting Dan Orlovsky. Terrible court how they have done in the -- pretty good press OK maybe it was not 55 touchdowns and interceptions it might mean. While 47 touchdowns fifteen interceptions maybe there's a bad weather game or two. But it's Peyton Manning what do we talk about us I'll take Brady -- -- Not to many would be second spot crushed again. -- Rome. Nobody's -- it's not that nobody is nobody -- croc and -- some patriots fans -- are some patriots fans think he's like a paper champion the stats are fake -- -- to the all England has -- the only reason Billick took -- it's as a spy gate. Now -- -- are people don't like those people but they're operation itself together tomorrow. No -- the poisoned or you're worried and Madrid al-Qaeda -- -- I -- I was told. That. What about doing yes what about door I don't but I. -- -- retro looking back in the commercials you've missed a kind of leads a couple. Appreciate it we took look beyond the show lawmaker -- Really militarily. Just the big scale on an open three you guys dale and Michael how important do you think this this Super Bowl is too. Brady and Belichick -- it. The big picture what I mean is if you were betrayed. If I could guarantee -- super bubble in five years three Super Bowl in ten years after Brady and Belichick collapsed. For the one which could take. Two Super Bowls in the five years after they leave. Yeah so we're gonna take impaired like that like they've done three in ten or curing you know. And I lose Sunday in -- candidate -- -- -- but I mean you know I mean -- it how important is this one for the fans per hour for you guys. You are for Brady and -- check how important this one. I mean I get this game how important this game alt -- leading to the Super Bowl if I can guarantee you. When Brady and Belichick leaves you know you've got -- in your pocket. Would you take one for Brady and -- checked just one more widget experience. You -- sound you see you make it sound as though you're you're guaranteeing that if you win that's when you are winning anymore after that. Well Charles Barkley told me and -- -- Charlotte market was very. It's very -- about just just tell me you -- microphone in front market oh heck yeah I sent him to give you the same time against Chris rice. You guys are idiots like you can't if you're -- -- patriots locker room post game division round playoffs. And your interviewing -- -- -- there's a media scrum around Charles the likes what he says matters yet. Yet you would -- the reporter that because I got back in and said. Carly aren't great but I did record that that was inappropriate united -- I'd say about inappropriate as if that's like when they're asking Brady about Barkley. Well that's Bartlett had been on -- rat out -- story. Charles Barkley. As entertained. The celebrity -- talking to LaMont gets a bit harder and -- -- fine he's in the locker room and that brought him to. Doesn't it pictured in the capture that it will be the relationship between -- park with Bill Belichick so much so that. Barkley is not a playoff game in the locker room to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- well I don't believe this crap you -- you and a longtime friend of ballots out. Almost right. It's do you knows he's got the first time an NBA hall of -- recovering this team for thirteen years the first time ever post game -- NBA hall of Famer has been in the locker room. Intoxicated and I think about the team by the way I left that part out intentionally because honestly the -- and I'm a reporter I have to report all the facts of the case. He was using vulgarity he was clearly intoxicated. And I think it did did he go to foxwoods -- Mohegan Sun. What I -- probably -- Probably went to both -- up the -- is generally I think he's a proud gambler. We come on the show wants Michael Smith was with filling in. -- today Michael. You like like little more he could start with me. If I've lost a lot of money gambling but what do credible -- -- He yes I think every reporter had to the world microphone guitar -- and got a plus he was. -- the other nothing else to me if you really analyze this point plus years started the paper everything. You're against a Robert Kraft. Essentially in his home. In his luxury suite costs presumably drinking alcohol and -- yes yes and downstairs and you say. When two of Robert Kraft employees people who work for Robert Kraft leave Robert Kraft team's gonna stick. Oh that's not very respectful for Robert Kraft. The guy who you're just sitting next to watch in this market Robert Kraft higher -- to. New employees that are you know keep that the team winning that is utterly disrespectful it was announced that day listening utterly disrespectful you know respect what you think it is we're gonna that's disrespect. I'm impressed with the pitchers organization found -- just like. That they've also limit people. They don't ticket don't know tape and winning programs. Don't do. And everything. Winfield the jets lose. And some great relief and OK go. And so. He also by the way called media an effort bill Belichick's. Yes -- I -- convenient -- but he looked -- -- that I knew Bill Belichick backing Cleveland. Now like all you efforts. Bandwagon jumpers because he's good now. Basically like where bandwagon fans and I give -- paraphrase mr. postal it's less effort to get. A here's the question is coming up next 37937. Senator text come one come all. Any question about anything we want answered Mikey Adams would join us. There will be -- jokes there will be telling jokes all kinds of stuff. Coming up next.

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