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Terrell Suggs just doesn't understand "The Patriot Way"

Jan 17, 2014|

T-Sizzle was a guest on NFL Network last night and gave a guarded response to what he feels the Patriot Way is. While not his normal explosive self, Suggs manages to weasel a shot or two at the Pats in there.

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In fairness it's only been legal for a little while now and they haven't exactly built up a tolerance yet. Look at what you dale and -- on art house. Did get out at one of those actual tweets but not made up right -- Actual tweets are correct from the Twitter from the from the Twitter -- Was re -- real that's real. I said he would chop off their own stuff. The Broncos what it would take it to that level I don't care jobs fox wouldn't we wouldn't you -- I wouldn't -- -- in the Portuguese -- -- deal -- -- game. Hundreds fans say Peyton has -- cut off. Hum. Did you leave stuff to do it yourself again it's that. Right now. Justice. To. -- -- actually -- foresee that trash talking about. Oh. Talk has been pretty. This week. There the speed changes speeds between. Welker. Was more like out. There. With the players Mike Adams. What. I'm really. Given you some insight to -- defensive difference between. Talk radio upgrade from thing. You know some people read into the some people -- boss breaker that. Manning -- Bill Belichick is the greatest coach ever is setting up an excuse for when he loses. To degrees coach ever. -- -- Mark just look it you see this little note. There's just in the in the context of his or it's a little blurb and a bigger column was writing about Broncos patriots and he he wondered why people consider Bill Belichick such a great coach. When their spite gate -- there's that term again. And people are very critical of Lance Armstrong. And Barry Bonds. So make him the connection between Lance Armstrong Barry Bonds Bill Belichick. That's kind of odd. But to think yes I think it's taking it and I think it's like accusation on steroids to to basically use these terms and play and everybody I think mark understands that bill Belichick's winning percentage has been better sense by gate and it was before. Or that he understands that bill -- comes out this. And it's so he was a little arrogant -- the music cameramen Tony you know. I just don't even see the comparison quite honestly. It is not the first person to say that if I'm mistaken I think Tony Dungy. When it happened when spike happened Tony Dungy. Made that connection between Barry Bonds and his MBP's. Every bill bella check in spy game. And I wonder and and maybe that's just one of things aren't you know dungy in Belichick and quite get along that well I mean maybe things like that. Character off the relationship. And what are the issues that I've always had as there is no it wasn't illegal in baseball at the time. It was illegal in the United States of America so they are four. It was illegal in baseball you was you were using a substance that's illegal. -- broke no laws right there were no laws broken by the -- Barry Bonds was breaking law. Let's Armstrong was breaking any law steroids -- banned substance they are illegal. So that's a difference in my opinion right off the bat. Plus now you find out Lance Armstrong not only was he doping in doing. Should buying races would give a guy a hundred grand if he would you know let up a little at the end I mean to compare these two. Is on. But it and there are some folks will just never. If if Bill Belichick and the patriots got the rest of the country yes I was gonna say we -- -- what I edit on the others and it 44 states. -- they win the next five Super Bowls. That it will always what you tell why it's pretty obvious. -- we were what were watching earlier today and NFL network with Terrell Suggs. And I mean it was calm. He just it just doesn't understand he doesn't understand the the notion. It at that -- you would take player would give up your personal. Statistics are goals for the team. Statistic. That. While that's probably why you're -- -- Suggs didn't. But you know I think part of it was he was on the day he was on the set and a phone networks love the sound that we have on their summer right into. And the event but he was on NFL network's that would Willie mcginnis. Former -- Heath Evans former patriot. Roddy White who sounds like he wants to be. Last year with god shed -- -- -- to each room available on Amazon.com. -- -- belt it -- like I did it for three dollars an hour to 250. Let don't let those guys were saying complimentary things about the patriot way. And some -- As comets is not Randy Moss. And the rest the NFL. Randy Moss in the patriots they got their big season out of them and they gave up on. Most are quite -- happened isn't. No -- you remember how well first of all they get the big season and then and resigned him for three years to a 27 million dollar contract nine million dollars a year pierce doesn't feel like I wish somebody would give up on the like that they're sizzle here sizzle that -- -- -- work. A lot of you know. Some guy than a minute and a film me myself woods is the only thing understand you know I mean is is we don't get it you know I mean and now. You know is -- like something we questioned like in no way it -- really went wrong when white guys there you know NFL lows in on me for some reason when it went that it worked you know Randy had them beat you there. But did you know he kind of got it -- -- a -- I mean we just don't understand a lot of a lot of people love -- No means does this. A lot of things we don't know about it so you can't really comment on things just don't -- above it. Know from outside looking in at the ceremony of C humiliated and win a lot of games and uses. And you respect the wins but is going to save his asylum. This sub account or you know it is a fancy. Oh. I got to answer I have no idea what it means absolutely no idea. What are you talking about everybody -- Randy Moss nominated. Within one -- is this what you would take him from the raiders his career was was falling apart in Oakland. I've no idea what -- and loved him and he's the 11 out of here remember how we shot is way out of town at the end he wanted to -- yeah right. I can even. This hate for Brady at commanders. Pass rusher he's a quarterback who yes he likes to call for flags and he's annoying and you think there's a rule created for him because he -- that is going. Yes and I and I can and all aspects. But -- -- this logic that he's using about the patriots and and somehow they missed treated Randy Moss who was this great. The legend of NFL history. Ridiculous lawyer -- punitive doing. Yes yes while the keys in it who's Thomas said football league is I don't think -- black ball or not but -- sensing that he's not. When he left the patriots that was his career result -- Honestly think that Allah -- called panic. This guy I thought everybody hated the patriots and Belichick's another gonna listen to a because Belichick said notre don't sign him -- -- Both ways either -- the patriots are everybody's in collusion with the. Let's hear your point about the flags though lawyer Malloy had a week. Early in dirt during the plan may have been the wildcard. -- please. Note to receivers. Our backs quarterbacks stop asking for the flag after every single play not whip them into it does become a little burdensome. It's really. You get tired of it ruins the game of a third down -- YE a Democrat and you're like. You watching the -- me like well I can't celebrate this if I'm on the project as they look around received the -- a backside you legalize hands to the -- receivers asked for all it's an all time in order to get some of the time yet but you're a bit negative more than they should let you know. Acted T sizzle and how he feels but the patriots is there anything that can make this team embrace the bull or more as a -- sales that -- -- exits and I think. Winning beyond winning posts by -- Won't quiet won't quiet the -- that -- require that is there forever whether they like it or not that is their forever and then beyond that is just the fact. The -- are there any lovable camps. On the other lovable champs arms and lovable. If you win multiple championships do you think the team. Outside their home area that has won a lot and that multiple maybe the spurs against the kind of boring and the -- people really embraced Jordan. His six titles. That he was Jordan like everybody loved Jordan and everybody was a Jordan fan not New York. On though there's specific is always in his right little area are about in the general US I think more people. Liked Michael Jordan and dislike him like the bulls than dislike and I think. I think that not that Peyton has won multiple championships. But he easy. About to be a five time MVP who's -- -- that I mean he's a great play he's yet possible outside of outside no -- outside of New England outside of rivalries I would agree and sometimes the test I use on this is like moms and wives. Your wife think of -- guy. Would you just watches the game -- you on Sunday or your mother. They like Peyton Manning so I guess yes he's likable when. You watch games with. My mom watches games and all of a touch or watching games with your mom I just couldn't do when one -- falsely we're about prior to the press. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is always talk like Rupert. I think that's exactly and IIU is like one and two year old Nicholas -- -- How we played -- aside here's Roddy White -- looking for a contract with a service. Picked a patriot way because it works in on. They bring people out there in the and they did you Google some level. A play is there you know around the lead to people like things like that. But -- they're always seem to keep winning it you know the pedigree still there -- five players that fit that role you know come in and make plays for them and I mean Tom Brady ain't going nowhere and as long as he's there then they're gonna win a lot of games and as long as he's been there and in this did it ship and bill Belichick's there's. To oversee everything else they're gonna win a lot of games. But things. -- they're gonna win a lot of games I wanna be that catches. But the more I think about how ridiculous Suggs is so many examples he could've pulled -- -- Wes Welker and said. You know they got every ounce of blood they could have gotten out of Wes Welker and they -- -- -- that I victim to the curb. Or you know Richard Seymour built a dynasty for them and then when he started to make money they traded him to -- Moments like that's the guy you're gonna make no sense. -- says the irony is radius from humble beginnings wasn't always the starter was drafted a 199 overall while the Manning's. Are from privilege -- -- -- -- -- and are on a dog story good point -- while overall not say that the he comes from humble beginnings. From a wealthy family he had a throwing coach in the sixth grade a sports psychologist in middle school. So I mean yes he had to fight I don't I don't -- it it didn't everybody I definitely. I bet they don't know I don't think it was well no I didn't -- your own -- I didn't six -- like I don't think he had like free lunch at school 'cause -- parents in the -- So how would exhibit much they'll likely to overstating the wealth factor to it we're not a wealthy family. They they certainly think a lot of their resources into you know furthering -- athletic careers but but this but they had those resources and into. You have Brothers like they chose whether to eat or have Tom with a throwing the F Brothers and sisters tiger cubs are -- you're the oldest and youngest. Is property of the youngest. Younger sister. The younger sister is the only boy yes yet -- sister -- -- you know this. Then they're better and better but I got rolling our lineup and -- I. Got. Our credit could be at what. Different throwing the -- -- I don't wanna do -- -- you know. He had a -- the way he won't be driving. It. If your phone calls -- on the -- -- David what's up. Well I'd I'd like to make a few points here are number one it's very album that the patriot Teri -- a player. Who had a good career wouldn't -- here he complained that it carried it -- your current Smart but that's about it. In the last ten to twelve years. I didn't get -- Curtis -- either by the way right and I -- you sign and that list isn't quite long enough I mean Ty Law had ten picks. The year after he left here lawyer Malloy went to a Pro Bowl to defend Richard Seymour an integral player who went to Tampa. Fire afterward that's 'cause they were already old they let old guys go that's part of their business plan. That it now that the thing about Welker. I used to work for eighteen -- immediately and they did a study on. Soccer players that play for five years between me the 45 and 55. And they found that 67%. Of them -- -- two thirds of -- premature brain aging because of the trauma to their skull. I helical rocker Tommy and then hit him -- you kind of wonder if the team didn't know it. Somewhere down the line he wasn't gonna double -- for any long term. And one last point here aren't strong which probably only athlete that could use any steroids because of the particular cancer eat over did it. These are the only -- to -- a legal reason medical recently could a woman himself. To get to throw that out and. Okay exactly now a year while Welker point. Is an interest in one but I keep coming back to this unless you think the patriots made up their contract offer to Wes Welker they were willing to pay him. A lot of money. And he thought it was insult in what -- wound up being a much better contract though what -- on the table was a much better when that he actually took. And Robert Kraft came out said he was our first choice that we had to go on tour alternative. Any hard dale Arnold and you know coming up with your phone call 6177797037. Sports Radio WER.

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