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AFC Championship this Sunday: Final thoughts and analysis

Jan 17, 2014|

Michael Holley, Dale Arnold and Andy Hart break down the Patriots and Broncos on the final day before the big Championship Weekend for the NFL.

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Argued -- assault and -- program in fellas. NFL teams aren't the only ones that have scouting missions. We got out here to. We have sent Mike stall. Ahead of the patriots. To Denver. At half the altitude. Which sent them out there. Get the pulse. Of the Broncos. The state of Colorado. Marijuana is legal there -- right and marijuana legal and Colorado in the. So. Why are you asking us well any argument well all in the heart you smoke a couple of no I do not. The government like I can honestly say nevermind you have never tried you've never in my life never never not once dale. Every day I. Did not make the every well I got to Detroit. If -- get through the night. When a minute ago you know that was legitimately the big story of the day tootsie. -- -- -- bit -- to a place where it's legal. There were news reporters from Boston TV stations. HBO's and Eric support and right now it's a cute story with -- it's -- story. The end of Albanians but it's legal -- -- Now but it -- While we don't want an. Any league that had trouble paying management and players are getting addicted and -- all these other. That world -- you. You know I never got a future authorities. NFL PA lawyer I Indiana association beyond next CB -- we don't want more money -- -- more we. I -- at the top the top and had a good day. I was surprised when big band called me today as I didn't realize he wanted to spend this much time breaking down the Bruins win over the Dallas -- I mean I'm ready. I figure Celtics were about an hour and a half and then. Perez Rajon Rondo and then a wrestler so Bruins right I'm ready work and work all Radisson where regard where Goran AFC championship game. Broncos patriots we talked about it all week. There have been lots of conversations about Brady Manning you guys have been part of them I've been a part of them but this is what I wanted to -- from the people who. Have put Brady had a man I don't wanna. So Brady if I had to make it had to make a pick. One guy yes and taken Tom Brady over Peyton Manning but doesn't mean that I don't feel this way and here's a thought I had this morning. For those who say Peyton Manning doesn't get it done any chokes in big moments. If you're up by three points. The patriot drip by three point and Peyton Manning has the ball at his twenty. With three minutes to -- are comfortable. You -- Peyton Manning no one -- -- -- -- -- report in to right that was you know you know zero DO. Yet I fear. I think he's -- and I think the conversation maybe has gone too far because we're talking about the great and sometimes you forget that we are talking about. Something that is top of the line. If you have your your your choice between. A beautiful cars too great cars and you're trying to make a decision you'll wind up talking about one of the cars like -- the -- I'll respect that aren't. -- are still talking about one of the greatest vehicles in the world. But because I'm trying to go down the checklist. I want to make it one of them sound like it is but it's not a Peyton Manning. Manning Brady well Manning's have back quarterback outside Manning is a bad quarterback in the playoffs you know -- will that pick pick in the big moment. But the numbers don't really backed that up with patent and you don't forget. You and if you take Brady over Manning which I will. -- regardless. With football now and I think maybe the bigger question is not only down three well that the question is down three you wanna see it you know he can bring that team down and beat you. I think some patriots fans spin it as I wanna see him up ten. Any time comfortable he's gonna throw that pick that let's -- back in it so patriots fans actually think. They're better off when he has a little bit of a lead like they think what happened 24 points that's -- -- to -- uncomfortable they expected him to choke against the chargers a game that was -- To blow -- I did through the hard part about it -- with the attitude I don't. A little bit scripted radio gets hot it's -- it. -- were picked the other day I was thinking about it what was art so dale we we got this think possibly that's all it's the first week of the bottomless. So any heart was one of the first guest. On the blitz and I said. You mean Brady man. Think he's gonna make an impact in this game. It was. Or or or -- who see a guy like an off the radar yeah off your radar equipment operator right now. No I heard his answer that does -- that question as she handled that even want to criticize myself yeah that's the question. A good memory for a guy who smoked we don't understand how old I got. Yeah and it had a budget that that board unheard of by the eligible company. Include -- aren't we heard about your habit so you at all and I did. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How. That it was a dumb cops. Take funny definitely raised the question it wasn't his -- right as they tried to make it sound and there is misleading the listeners. Aaron Dobson or Austin Collie they're gonna win will be pleased not -- Dobson is not is not that off the radar to mean -- we think he's way out and always he's off your radar because he's been a little banged up yet but in terms of the production of a rookie receiver. Hasn't -- done pretty much what you can expect a rookie receiver to do so big drops the big catches about 500 yards. I mean it it's not Eric -- Bolden as a rookie it's not. You know human Alan as a rookie went. It's what your typical. Second round pick -- receiver -- A rookie receiver who missed now is basically six games I think with a foot injury you know he missed three came back in really do anything got hurt again missed another one. Is now just say what CAC title games time you do well. Step up young son was get out there and do simple way to your -- talking about a guy in colleagues had six catches this year but they're all -- -- -- interestingly enough members -- really. Items on the field making plays -- On the line this week who's making please -- Tom Brady I don't know how to. -- better about Austin Collie and. Any Danny -- Because I think -- mentally is what he is right now he's limited physically. It was last week so is -- 90% of the receivers in the NFL had a long touchdown last week when they cut that defense with pants down he couldn't finish. Is what he has right now. -- the governor of aggressor and growing and it's still dangling member of the whole story he is now completely I -- I -- It's -- totally torn from the bone that's a good thing. Drag wearing part of triples I can I can relate to what dangling directly android don't like -- -- -- -- that -- or damaged cars. So he's that you think his issue is simply physical it's not that yet he hasn't been into the -- that's where the property doesn't trust or he's not that good it's just that. He's hurt he's 80% of himself whatever his -- lacked spark. Isn't really creating separation of getting open I think he just sort is what he has. And I think -- you're gonna meet this offense I mean that the proof is in the last month. It's Julian Edelman and nobody else you get one straight through here in Amendola went straight years somebody else. But it's like 60% of Brady's completions have gone to settlement. You need somebody -- that's why throw at Dobson -- collier. You know even Shane Vereen who had his great run when brown was playing in this kind of petered out lately what do you guys think the Broncos are gonna do with -- coming on and Ebert took a point. Got got Julian cattlemen who had a terrific season but for the Broncos projectile Rio who hasn't really bad record. Against bill -- -- money on Boeing's seven -- that -- Tom Brady Brady completed 73%. Of his passes against Del Rio defenses. With seventeen touchdowns and zero interceptions how bad thing I did it go -- Jack Del Rio. You go to your boss John Fox News today OK don't worry about the record I got something here what is. What is it what would you do now that you got Julian -- do you just say I'm gonna take him out minutes. Is is it that simple I would -- -- I will say that's what I think they're gonna try to do is take out the middle of football field. Because that's -- settlement does all of his his work that's where a lot of Danny Amendola as -- is. They they want Brady to beat him from the hash marks out. And I think Brady's arm strength is fine but that's where I I think -- -- Point about who the heck is gonna catch the ball out there is where the the issue is for the patriots. -- they have to catch the ball outside the hash mark. Caustic. Who's gonna keep you know what you know it went well outside the hash marks and cause the biggest receiver they have right now who's helping. -- Well he's helping I have concerns about his help too because he came back from that injury the first time they threw deep when he tried to put in that extra gear he re injured the foot. We gonna -- era. A replay of that one and done thing where yeah it -- bluntly runs in general Tompkins is he -- he's nicked up. You know he's got the I think it's a hip and any of the concussion so he's kind of limited what he's been of late and he he really trying to. Trended in the wrong direction of the second half -- the -- let's let's yes let's mess with sucked today -- ball harnesses and practice. Only player not a practice leading me to believe that they're gonna make some sort of a roster okay. So what former Broncos receiver could we come up with rod -- patriots could decide just -- mess with -- Allbaugh and I am being somewhat facetious I actually do think they're gonna make a roster moves I mean it's certainly a chance -- harnesses a guy that he's been inactive like. Twelve of sixteen weeks or something like the last ten of the season he is as close to number 53 on the roster is as you could get. And I mean there's legitimate places we could look for a for a body we joked about four we started the punter Ryan Allen holding situation. You know he supposedly has this AC injury and you know if you're comfortable with him catching punts well you also comfortable catching snaps if you know the shoulder that's a little more stress may be. And we joked about I don't know if you actually signing quote unquote holder. To go to a -- right -- it's okay. Addressing him practicing a limited basis I mean it just seems to me if they were gonna make a move to replace Alan muted on that early this week certainly you want somebody taking the -- I think he's gonna punt the question is gonna hold I mean he punted after the injury. He did the free kick. After the safety. And then he went to the bench and he actually got up a good browser says the project was pretty -- to do so now I'm wondering is it catching issue that they had concerns of their with the hands you know you're -- -- had a snappy -- mailed over your head. -- concerned he couldn't get his arms up over his head. We also know he's at a joint injury. -- point in your right because I guess there's a need to go to the -- would there. -- Denver but you guys I'm still. I shouldn't be shocked by it. Because of what the AFC's been this year can register for senator dale Denver's Mikey Adams former radio personal battle to the -- nail clipper. Mikey atoms. For him. Play as soon as they passed the law in in Colorado I was surprised Q was still clear up their -- -- I just there's times. There's an opening to Colorado -- that name out with it you'd beats he would be such a huge star out there. Dale and Purdue and sports stock and 60000 last he's not there yet but I his credit he's ready for a. But you look at it. And I know the AFC. Here if he's open. We shouldn't be surprised by anything we shouldn't be surprised -- it would. If if San Diego -- found a way to knock off Denver and San Diego had won the ANC. It's not shocking yet a look at the patriots here with all they've been through and here we are. Talking about the patriots. One win away from the Super Bowl. Just for -- enemy. It is -- a bit on the crazy. I don't think I mean if you start ranking talent -- where they are now offensively of these four teams a distant fourth offensively. You think overall our offense I think I think offensively the -- better than Denver -- -- -- -- -- -- offense is pretty pull -- relatively easily distant -- yeah Audi sport teams that are left you know how are -- Start right now again -- start three weeks ago he's start for three weeks I'm not so convinced the Seattle. The -- offense that great. You know look at their receivers out you know -- ball -- and now gold and -- I think our guys have been great that they got -- got -- would say it's right there you know if it's fourth. I think they're behind Seattle wouldn't happen in front of the offensively we'll probably are 'cause sub parts that you aren't very reported go to -- right behind Denver. But that just makes it. You know that's why they're embracing the underdog role this week they're legitimately the underdog but I just like they should be. Tell -- since it all the time about -- Opera he would not everybody will only get us and Rodney Harrison with the two best Everett will McGinest. In a game they were favored said nobody believed we could win and when the media said -- you were favored he said he Eddie said that they didn't really mean it. What are you to up. The way they can do that and I -- Brady credit he started at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Picking -- going to be picking. What do you guys. Good. Are you think to properly gonna win. I think that this is dumb I guess but I think the weather is the biggest deal. The fact that that game will play in this and that's a huge difference but you can -- -- -- actually -- Miller who played in that game and was part of the reason the patriots were down 24 nothing with a fumble return. In a strip sack he's not out there. A big reason why their defense stinks right now you lose your top corner and you top pass rusher in -- very good defense yes -- I had a and a guy on yesterday and was talking about the Broncos office which everybody talks about an issue. The offense is unbelievable. And there is a there's a huge difference if you look at what they what they can do offensively with the patriots can do it with Tom Brady. But -- this team scored over 600 points first time in league history anybody's done that. Given their props but everybody talks about the offense and so I asked him I said. About defensive. What do you like about the Broncos defensively name one player now he separatists that Champ Bailey. But he can come to play her but what chance does not even good at what you're walked into the studio right now and sit -- you know why am -- professional football player. You what you would use. The first dollar guessing who nasty -- I'm gonna play your team this week wearing jerseys and his number I'm no quit I still think God's. I think the patriots in terms of just recognizable players whatever that. It may not mean anything nearest known so called no name players were very good. In terms of recognizable players the patriots have a more recognizable defense right now on the Broncos do. I think they have more play makers on -- an uproar caused him. No question. But the problem is it's the it's the delta it's the difference between how good the patriots are defense and how good the Broncos are an offense. And how bad the Broncos are on defense and how bad you might think the patriots are often those are the units those of the match ups in its weakest first weakness strength for strength which is we -- pressed to say but. I think you could argue that the defense right now. Could be the patriots strength. They're -- says help is it's been all year. There to pass rushers are healthy. Wire to wire they made plays against Andrew Luck last week the defense looks like you're gonna have to try to win the game if -- star was born last week in Jamie Collins he's gonna have to be as big a star or a bigger story this week. With Julius Thomas -- he's gonna happen Jamie Collins is is today about that and he is a cocky athletic. Guy who I I just said he you can -- -- Thomas big smile at the what that means I don't know I mean results on and on -- -- policy Leicester South Africa I'm sure it was confidence. What's wrong I don't a couple of couple breaks here -- -- -- that's only the -- can put it very eloquently -- says. What probably pretty guys talking about the patriots were second in the league and scored third and third in points. Was -- directed in the AC third. Third overall behind. Endurance and now. Interestingly enough sense we -- second from week eight through the end of the regular season. The patriots were a little bit ahead of Denver points wise and they were one yard behind Denver. From week -- don't. And the chemistry issues and the young receivers and all that stuff from week -- week eight on the Patriots offense was on a par with the Denver Broncos. Yeah you wouldn't be opening number two. Chicago Bears are second in the bears were second in our offense patriot and points -- -- voted with third for the -- patriots averaged about 28. And the Broncos averaged about thirty. Bill I made a huge -- to bring that up between one and you slash three. -- my favorites that you also see the stat from kick off in the Broncos game with the patriots from that point till now. Patriots have scored 233. Points I believe Broncos have scored 232. Both teams have given up 161. Exact same number of points since that game straight through the policies we'll get to these calls here -- 6177797937. When asked. We have to get back -- points were able to get. It's not great police swayed in the middle of the year when you have Rob Gronkowski and you were being a 35 to 55 point offense that's not the offense right now. How much of about. I told you the first time ever did Joseph grow up with the most irreplaceable player in the NFL. And has been proven true that you most irreplaceable player in NFL out here we are talk about the patriots day care center out of your game let's appoint our. And play into what -- seven right. And they didn't score a lot of points until an -- do the rundown of the got a much different OK I don't want to do now have. It played -- -- candidates score a lot of points last week. This past week yes yes yes turnovers the score a lot of points they finally get back into the turn over -- points in Baltimore yes turnovers acting definitely. Turnovers -- many turns the ball over three times. The patriots will win no question and I think a lot of patriots fans are counting on that a lot of people that are picking -- patriots 31 Broncos nineteen. They're counting on Manning choking they believe that the Broncos will lose this game as much as the patriots who -- remember Aqib Talib after the overtime win. Although it -- it's good at all we've got to we're gonna do it got it going here allotted only can easily do we soccer Manning into running the football -- you know -- make plays. Can and can't -- team play and we suckered him into it and and my guess is that the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning. Under pristine perfect weather conditions are going to be suckered into it again correct. And I also argue that even when suckered into it. They started that game in overtime in remember the big decision Belichick gives them the ball. No -- Marino was a couple here is close on two carries to doing the Ray Rice eighty yard touchdown and I don't think -- would have felt suckered if you opt out of there with a victory because Marino ran eighty yards for a touchdown in overtime. They're kind of back on. Not -- -- and a weekend who's kind of back is what their blood back at about. -- -- -- While the guy carried the ball almost forty times. We get paid -- -- go dominant there work. I showed how dominant they were -- one Republican -- about a -- -- another way of looking at it is. If if you're gonna have that daddy it is going to be that steady dose of notes on Marino throughout the day. You think Denver hand and wants to win that way no I don't think Peyton wants to when that I think he gets into. Even though he did that day I think he did it that day because of what dale said the weather I think that was the second aspect yes they're getting old anyway we couldn't. If -- -- could not throw the ball down with the heat he wobbles as it is and wobbly. Balls in a cold windy day that's just a recipe for disaster so I think that forced him to take what the patriots were trying to -- -- to. If that's a dome gamer that's you know perfectly it's going to be -- he's not be suckered -- he gets -- he wants to throw he's got swept. -- I know we're gonna get the calls I mentioned calls coming up 6177297037. Textures or or more all over the place them techsters they Monte ball as good for a fumble to yes another day. -- a project may be yet that's sort of that are parked your church. -- -- the best. Police man so -- are -- -- -- ball and another one talked about Wes Welker. -- about him much this week -- with all the Brady. Manning's. We will breakdown Wes Welker -- all things patriots Broncos after the Sports Radio WEEI. -- -- -- Dale Arnold and and -- -- -- Giving young people focus. You me and -- policy program the airline's fleet. Are you excited about yeah. If you go you know so if anybody yeah maybe. We haven't talked about the cash effect. I don't know maybe that's. Maybe yes. Tell me what that's all about. Me and limited hours. Hopefully this is a very important game. Listen it's a business -- So thank you so. That we know within the policy moment and -- when you know people there. You know. That's an unthinkable down -- I think you have more questions about -- -- -- out -- and -- about -- With the -- -- and eager to offer you were asking those what don't know. It was a big deal with the report. Reporters simply calorie how easily. Well I got here to. -- to its yet announced the New York he was leading that charge. With the Denver guys don't know I like that. -- avenue it's counseling does a news story. Number the the and spoken. With the failures of your past resting and it. -- -- -- may -- didn't like that line of questioning with Aaron Hernandez was new look at that guy was accused of murder. I think any questions about you're going to Denver two days earlier they got the AFC championship game that's why built on a day early and you're asking about. -- -- -- Go back and they're gonna lead the news we're -- he worked for what station. That was seven. -- seven day. One of the story of the operating. At a moderate I WS I don't. Art art you're excited about. That was wild anyway. Texas' where's your partner -- -- is not here maybe -- excited about. The -- that you -- the Brady -- a big week and if you're -- go to go to Colorado. Smoker for medicinal purposes does that work against like the -- to. Well worked for everything a critical state of mind record. I don't know about you are if you think you've -- -- help viewers got to help. Your phone calls from the six point seven service have a 97 and 837 they'll forget about that twelve minutes we have the Boston blitz or -- around the sports world the Boston sports world to the three top stories in Boston right now let's start off with turkeys and playing field with a Kirk. -- -- Yeah big Sunday big Sunday. I wanted to make frequent point one didn't say about Welker. He had a chance to play two of the greatest quarterbacks ever enough when army which is absolutely ridiculous -- isn't it attack happened also. I'd like to Manning. Sunday on the pages love them love the creative delivery but I just think it's let up in -- union. I know I can't see him blown it in the weather is going to be beautiful. I think he's gonna win it and there it is. In I -- rather have a pretty good. Anything. And that's it doesn't matter are out of -- thank -- it's gotta gotta drive pay any -- may be brought it. Up. Get stepped up. And -- -- I I would. Bet that he has given one thought Eli Manning saw -- -- -- Manhattan Robert Beatty I don't know what is I think kickers and it went. -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot about both the ring and and and I would be it's quite evidently well you can impede them independently. It's his brother -- your opponents say was that games rooting for his brother gave them information -- remember that story about who was a second name. -- has -- -- and he doesn't like it right to warrant shall leave us alone. Austria and I'll have a child a -- I don't go out there I don't know what -- -- to start smoking before the Charlotte have been put. I bet -- go back to back the Providence of Steve. Yeah a lot of circled back on your ranking of the pats offensive against the other -- The other three teams in the playoffs are the only -- focused on Denver let's do that. But take a look at the pats offense you can run -- the district on avenue in front of me but you'll -- alluded to it. In the post second round of gronkowski. -- -- the game that he was injured in May be or maybe not. -- take those last five or six games including the playoff game for each of the teams and what they produce in the last. You know if you will quarter of their season -- the pats offense. Against those other three teams are stack them up against Denver. Well it's one more point -- Denver this week that scored one more point since against it than Denver. Okay to a ranking them behind Denver right now we -- way to we are we talking offense we talking in general we -- while the defense -- -- production sort of at. I'd have to go back and look and remove all the defensive scores. Well OK I have little connivance or you set up against. Well that scoring run that run those years or their parents are really going Communists and slightly since he's mad as we said the Broncos have a good offense apparently that let's I don't know I -- they were the best offense ever broken -- record. You were saying it. That that our defense has may be better than their defense but our offense -- -- -- It does well out there and I did say maybe our defense is better than their defense right now and our offense pills in the era you've got to you know you garlic that is -- they've scored more points and anyone in NFL history -- went up. I'm telling you for the first team NFL history and it talks 600 point out here. If they've had. For defense of touchdowns all year or seven defensive touchdowns all year. It takes him down to the 500 plus ranked -- still pretty amazing. They scored a more points and anybody of football you have to at the very least say they are in extremely competent offense right. Let me give -- the -- -- -- -- just for the fun of it let me -- -- last six weeks Denver 34 points 3720. 51353127. On the back further 28. They they score a lot of points. Okay where we scored. Grammy through wall I I can find it -- I got it right here and I can tell you that if it -- go back same thing. Ice and you wanna go through the last end the season. 344120. 2734341. Not as much as Denver. And I was much -- dropped off -- You can tell on the patriots can win this game I Don't Ask Don't Tell me that the Broncos offense isn't good what -- -- ridiculous arguments it. -- -- -- patriot and I Enron and you want the patriots when you think they can win you can sell yourself you can sell me on it. But don't sell lead at the Broncos offense instantly that's only a paper tiger only one part of the game and buying. Of them may have been edited that part of the game but dale. Started all the show while -- -- -- you know of the munchies and start -- show talking about Jack Del Rio. And John fox and Tom Brady -- that defense and if you wanted to really make a point. Point Tom Brady is -- 73% after. Against Jack -- real differences seventeen and I don't start at zero interception though. Look there's a way to do it and infectious Brady vs the real but if you wanna go overall -- the big picture and a lot of respect for John Fox. I think he'd -- Beyond football Padilla on got to hang out with. But coaching matchup. If you say Belichick vs fox even people in Denver. Even the spy gate conspiracy theorist or the spy gate while perpetual readers -- just wanted to go and they'd. One even that they do that even those folks would say all right I'll give the slight lead from comfortable. Slated to Belichick well I did it was an -- first quarterback is quarterback on the great -- the greatest Saudia greatest ever that means he's better than box. Right right simple. -- -- And you look at defense special team to get special teams got me curious actor and a game which brings suspect to Wes Welker. Now Welker. Are allowed them his mistake allowed them to win that first game or November. In overtime. About Welker. In this offense he -- he came back last week in San Diego court -- look like consult them about two guys that Internet. The only black adds is that it literally did a beard didn't look like himself because he could tell -- but the boxing but in terms of his field pistons play on the field. That look like this -- -- Wes Welker don't. What I don't think he's been the same Wes Welker since the first patriots Denver game I think he came back too soon in that game. To his credit I mean god knows who will say whatever you want about Wes Welker and his hands and he should have caught this in the super ball and that nobody can question his courage and his toughness. He's probably come back too soon before this he'd probably came back too soon for this game no I don't think he's the same guy and you know why. This I have to say it is pisses me off by men and sorry yeah. Use words that I don't wanna use but but it does this mean issues and then we'll take -- while Korean will make fun of his home. Right you know -- look at look at the -- helmet and he will make fun of a guy who try to Wear a safer helmet because he's got a concussion problem. Org or will make fun of of you know guys coming back too soon all look at him while blown around out there. Stop with this in the Bruins did this the other day and I hated it when they get there is no such thing as a mild concussion. It's like being slightly pregnant. You might have a concussion or you don't have a concussion and by the way the art market degrees over. No it all not a generic dude are you my eyes seemed to my players that might. Yeah and others to do you can't say okay he's got to 83 degree concussions he'll be back in three weeks. You can't tell everybody's different for everybody comes back differently every right reacts differently and and this whole you know what it is. It's a brain injury. He's got a brain injury and and he's had a couple of -- trying to play through to his credit he's not the same guy he can't beat and -- stopped it hit. And Indian -- maybe that'll be after Sunday's game maybe it won't be -- two weeks from Sunday but no he's not QC QPSA. -- that's up to him I'm not a lot of guys have said this about concussions you gotta be. -- advocate got advocate for yourself so he's put himself out there if he is somehow. -- skirting the protocol issues that the league is put in place got to put it back on him. -- -- you know but you know what. That's why the -- stride that's why the -- have tried to take this out of the hands of the players and they are there's independent neurologist now that are involved in the protocol process and these editorials and historic. Last week and a couple of guys. They're able to you that they did name them but we try to guess. Who those players were but Wes Welker is going to be huge factor in his game is is coming full circle force. Wes Welker -- went to Denver. And we thought at that time all man this is going to be dangerous. This is one of the patriot biggest rivals in the AFC. And it's going to be a moment when it's patriots vs Broncos and Wes Welker is gonna -- that was the initial thought. Then -- first game happened in November then -- cattlemen continued to blossom and now I'm guessing the feeling on Welker is. Now what we we we worked out all right we we felt we came out of this okay the divorce. And we're happier now without you and of course gonna hear a lot of references. To the ball he dropped in the Super Bowl we talk with Michael Irvin about that yesterday from Lechler didn't think about it. You decide that -- a little bit -- and -- You badly before he chipped up to implement a program he has little about it which -- them welcome attacked. In -- and that's been in the and now though you haven't been doing good strategy and investment bands the mountains. And -- Who -- so I have pledged to -- Would you have made. But I think I. And a guy. -- they -- you know what he wouldn't. They would have made that budgets didn't blow smoke he would may be kept absolutely look who will talk more about Wes Welker. Every every -- out by the way Tom Brady early because they -- -- Denver. -- -- ball harness is out. Within illness with the mayor around they are saying that you know evidently whatever has been going through the the locker room. Amendola dinner -- hightower Mankins and evergreen -- probable quote unquote. Dobson Tompkins and Allen are all questionable. Period so there's -- punter coming in here that -- That means they'll play well we've talked about the patriots. And -- from a New England perspective mostly. Coming up on the Boston blitz we'll talk about the lakers and Celtics. Patriots Broncos and -- -- guy we'll check in with Denver and see how they're viewing this thing Sports Radio WB yeah.

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