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Peter King, SI.com: Championship weekend one of the best in years

Jan 17, 2014|

Peter King joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the remaining championship weekend and the remaining four teams. He also talks about Manning's legacy and Wes Welker.

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Well we're not -- seven W yeah I would get. Championships on the National Football League. Well earlier the usual. Monday Morning Quarterback Peter King joins our conversation with Peter sponsored -- -- futures by town fair tire. And by Toyota of Nashua. Peter how far back did you have to go to find a final for the NFL flight is good it is a we have on tap on Sunday. Might be 1972. In the over the hill gang and George Allen. A step record start -- Tom Landry in one game. And the undefeated Miami -- sixteen you know at that point. Went to Pittsburgh and at the play eight road. Championship game and the the spending Steelers. In those days they alternate sites it was not me. You didn't. -- -- home field based on your record it was decided before he. So I mean like you could make arguments -- one year that. Eight and Ron Amadon eight. Eric -- -- Kelly Joseph Montana in in last Iraq. If you wanna pick that one that's okay. I guess kinda like the 721 because in my mind. I look at what I look back at that that's one of the first -- I ever remember. I think it really helped turn the tide meet the NFL and to. Kind of American games such incredible. Such an incredible day in such incredible to being. You know it's funny -- that the games back in the day because of what the patriots last three games -- -- -- -- -- game back in the day with the amount of running their doing and not throwing and I was wondering if is that Miami game when they lost graves could then have him and they lost that game of politics at -- -- week. We can't win the ball priest broke as we only know of the weapons to get that and this is what we have to do. Is this who they are right now I think decking -- winning game against the Denver Broncos running the football. I think it took a long time -- Bill Belichick Josh McDaniels Tom Brady disorder. Figure out exactly who they are and if you have a good power running line and you know work that they've got they've got five guys on that front who has proven. They can push people around so you have that if you -- -- back. You know in -- And if you have the ability to push people around the way they -- keep trying to hit square pegs into round holes. There's no sense in doing what's what's winning. Is -- so why not keep running I think there. I think the patriots -- set themselves so well this weekend because I definitely don't think Tom Brady -- on the ball 45 aren't. But I think he knows especially with -- terrorists thought. That at the Euro. He's going to be happy to see either and I mean. You'll never sent this fight six years ago but I think he's gonna be happier to see. Chris Perry on in this equipment he ever Champ Bailey playing more minutes which is what's gonna have more plate which is what's gonna happen on that. Peter what about the game outside the game and -- in the legacy of those involved and specifically. Peyton Manning actually we've talked about all week and in -- and I think that this a goal long way to determining you know -- a win or loss this week -- a loss in the Super Bowl. His eventual rank amongst sports fans at the end of his career. Is that fair do you believe that to be true that there is a lot more on the line from Manning then there is Brady this weekend. I'm right now out of Denver Broncos training facility. -- and I'll never forget the scene here when -- -- trying to make the Denver Broncos and -- for it because I don't remember a year. But he was 42 years old and he was in training camp. And that day that -- on the training camp there were free agent cornerback. Covering -- Wright mean in coverage. And and beating him winning. And it would soon after that I don't know how long that -- very retired. And I mean it's a different story but when I think Gary writes I don't think that he couldn't do when he was 42. And again that inning story. He is is different but not altogether so I think we play so much emphasis. On how Geithner has been very very big games and rightfully so your target about the greatest of all -- make that argument. And Tom Brady has been better than Peyton Manning in big games there's no doubt about it but. I'd say this to people over the last few weeks should we discount Ted williams' career because he never played -- world here -- never won a war here. You don't should we discount the career Ernie Banks and we can end and you know Indian sprouts and all you know. It -- I think that it's important. To consider what a guy designees games. But at the expense of everything helps. And you know the fact that he you know Peyton Manning's. Postseason quarterback rating completion percentage things like that are all better. And I'd like Ian marina Elden and guys like -- start packing everything so well. I'm not saying that you shouldn't take this into account heavily by I think it's silly to suggest that what happens in one game this one game. Twenty years from now is gonna put -- inning -- eighteenth. On the mental all time quarterback list however you drink it for force I that's really what I keep reading this thing. Can Peyton -- be considered the best ever Peter if he does is target this year included does not win another Super Bowl and ends his career. With one Super Bowl championship -- consider the best ever. Probably probably not probably not. And that's where all kinds of subjective. Judgments. We're gonna come into play I totally agree with you if you wanna be considered the all time best -- games you have to. And but but I would also make this point. OK suppose that you know inning put up ticket number 35 points. And the Denver -- just totally disintegrates in Brady score 45. And it's a shoot out Brady wins. I guess writes I don't think you can -- Peyton Manning based aren't you telling me what he wrote that game you -- year in NFL history or use a year. I just think you're watching game that your judgment and also understand that. I can pick out some gains that the greatest quarterbacks of all time and we would all acknowledge that they are has played. That were clunkers. And again he can't afford to play it -- I understand that but de -- -- I don't think his record is so god awful. That it knocks them I mean I think where he went and other Super Bowl or not I will consider him among the top five who ever played but. I won't consider the greatest because you're right. A quarterback don't have to win championships. -- when he said the patriots run ball effectively why change same can be said about Denver the first time first game this year when it played against -- -- -- -- -- and -- change but. Expected to be different of weather's gonna be out in Denver and in this pats secondary keep up with these weapons. Well. Well I think a lot of what has happened and he. You know I think some of what -- the annual call last week. What rightly it was 4227. Or some like that that Iran the pats play ratio. I think some of what he called -- -- work. Some of what the Broncos called and at ridiculously cold windy. Night in Foxboro. Had to do with the weather. And so it's going to be. I mean it is beautiful here right now it's not warm but it's absolutely beautiful equipment started supposed to be absolutely beautiful. And 68 or 69 degrees -- -- wins and so on so. You're gonna see you're actually being -- -- -- engaged both have the ability to open up their play books. And did do what they wanna do. How -- do you think Wes Welker is playing right now Peter based on watch him play last week and in what you've heard around Denver this week. -- You know. That's a really really good question my gut feeling is that. He is hurt he's probably. I remember when when when waiting for bad. Suffered from concussions and he came back and played. And I remember one day after one of those games trying to come back he gets it you know. Don't feel right. And again I have no idea not talk to Welker here this week. I I just got here yesterday but I've not talked Welker but I would be surprised. If he's playing at. You know anywhere -- that 90%. We go to the NFC Peter is that officiating crew are they ready for what they're gonna get in Seattle San Fran. And the Seahawks on Sunday night. I wrote about that in my column to the idea of him QBO is that your teen spirit soaring. You know I've listened to radio here in Denver smarting and it started talking about well. She conspirator in doing. Is doing media. This -- certificate Seattle game and its crew they're pretty light and unnecessary roughness and personal files so. You know they're probably gonna let -- play well. It's not a team spirit or crew there's been guys officiating. And to look the separate. Jean Eric -- umpire bill Schuster about that currency. It's silly to bring out numbers as far as who's getting law. Mean because it's it's it's seven different guy. So but but I would think that this week I believe the NFL got a black guy last week in Carolina. We're all taunting in pushing and shoving at budding. And all this stuff that wasn't call you know in the playoffs there's a certain well let -- play by. When you make -- hopelessly. And I think that game you look last week. You know so much extracurricular crap. And I think that bill Shuster. The umpire like describe sort of a barrel chested guy really tough guy is not get it take crap from anybody stood up all of -- in the NFL and I think. That was a good choice to put in San Francisco Seattle because. It's gonna start chippy and I think they need to call penalties early on to make sure game that we get out of. There are Linear media had picked Seattle -- on the Super Bowl. Do you stick with that going in this weekend. -- a lot of people say. Kicker Mike Greenberg say this -- -- yeah I picked Seattle at the beginning of the year but that's not -- have taken them today. We were all lying when we say how I. -- -- that we make a new year to be this close to get it right stick it up. Yet because this year I'd pick. Seattle overseeing this during the NFC championship England or England over Denver so I mean library changed now I I like a boat. I really like new England's ability to -- multiple. And you know I was in the other thing I really like any other game that I I get stink. You know technically it scalable the other day the Arizona defensive end this played. Seven games in that stadium. Any guess that you can have all the plants or considered -- -- knows everything about playing there but look at how they play. It -- terrible twice in a row now they didn't have Michael Crabtree last time what what's the use lacks the well you're wiped off the face of the map. I mean that. I mean sitting in the air laps Saturday through that game. You realize that. When you're out here you quite literally can't hear any sort group -- go off when he was right audible -- almost every -- -- to screen Adam. And it's just it creates another layer it's called -- playing game so I just think that that. Is going to be a factor in this game and I'd give Seattle's defense -- very very slight edge in part because I think secondaries truly great. Peter great stuff is always Greg Bedard on your website the Monday Morning Quarterback as a must read one of find out how these teams are gonna use picks both legal and illegal. Gotta check that out of the MM QB appreciate your time as always Peter enjoy the AFC title game in Denver will -- you next week. Our guys thanks a lot Peter King joining us and when he does he's always brought to you by our friends at the -- insurance by town fair tire. And by Toyota of Nashua so -- sticking with. His pick Seattle England I injured in Seattle.

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